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Am I using it right?

Customer review by Ilovemybaby2011

2.0 stars by Ilovemybaby2011

I wished this worked. I'm a new mom and don't have the opportunity to shower every day, but this didn't work for me. I have short, blode, fine hair and it just made my hair dark and oily as if I didn't do anything. Maybe I'm not using it right?

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lifesaver. use every week

Customer review by BoomerSooner88

5.0 stars by BoomerSooner88

I have very thick hair and it is highlighted blonde. I have been using this particular product since it came out a few years ago and love it. I wash my hair every 3 days (or more often if I work out) and in between washes this stuff makes the roots not look oily. I highly recommend it! I have tried a few other dry shampoos and none of them are better for more money... it is annoying that this Tresemme brand has gone up to $5 though because a few year ago it was $3. ah inflation. great product, will keep buying!

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Austin, TX
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Age:25 - 34
Ownership:Longer than one year
Usage:Every few days
Love it!

Customer review by beingguided

5.0 stars by beingguided

I have a problem with oily hair, but washing every day just leaves my hair at its worst. This is a great sub to shampooing.

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works great

Customer review by km38

5.0 stars by km38

I have long hair. On days I don't wash my hair, this product freshens up the hair around my face.

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Love the dry shampoo!

Customer review by NativeNYer

5.0 stars by NativeNYer

This is the first dry shampoo I've tried, and I'm loving it! I blow out my hair, but I chose the dry/curly formula over the oily/straight because I thought that with the dry/curly foam I wouldn't have to spend a whole lot of time styling my hair on Day 2, and it worked out well - the foam just isn't that "wet", and I suspect that the oily/straight product might be more "gel" like. Even though it said to lightly pat your hair with a towel I didn't need pretty much dried on it's own in a few seconds, but didn't leave my hair "crunchy". My hair has more body on Day 2, and although my hair's not very oily it certainly took away that little bit of oil that's inevitably there on the non-wash days, as well as the slight odor (even though there is not any noticeable fragrance). I will not be applying it to my ends so I can't say whether it will dry out your hair. I will be monitoring what, if anything, it does to my color.

San Francisco, CA
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Love It

Customer review by debskeeshonden

5.0 stars by debskeeshonden

This product is great! it leaves my hair feeling fresh and clean and it styles beautifuly. If any one out there remembers the old waterless shampoo from years and years ago and are leary of trying this, don't be! This is light years better, and I love it!

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Perfect in a pinch

Customer review by Elli

5.0 stars by Elli

I tried this product hoping to find liquid gold, and I found it! It only takes 60 seconds to let the product do its magic, and a few extra seconds to blot it out, and your hair will feel and look completely refreshed. And for such a cheap price, it's going to be a permanent staple in my beauty collection. For anyone wondering, I have shoulder length thick curly hair. Also if your hair is slightly dry, this product helps a bit with that. :)

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Customer review by Jojo

5.0 stars by Jojo

Friends had told me about "dry shampoo" but I had yet to find a product worth trying, this one is a must-have! Way better than I expected and exactly what I was looking for :)

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Love this!

Customer review by raeaela

5.0 stars by raeaela

This is a fantastic product. Its takes the grease and oil right out of my hair and lets me skip a day or two of washing, drying, and styling. Even when my hair is straightened this does not make it curl.

Eugene Oregon
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Love it

Customer review by shampoogirl

5.0 stars by shampoogirl

My friend introduce me to this product and it was the best product ever

Houston, Texas
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great for sick people

Customer review by Lala75

5.0 stars by Lala75

I've been in the hospital for up to 2 months at a time and this waterless shampoo is so much better than the stuff the hospital gives you. I also use the next day spray to keep my hair soft and smelling good. I love that I'm able to look decent while stuck in a hospital bed.

Philly, PA
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great product

Customer review by yami

5.0 stars by yami

very useful for those days you don't have time to wash your hair.

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You have got to try this!!!

Customer review by bandcmom

5.0 stars by bandcmom

This stuff is WoNdErFuL!! I am a licensed cosmetologist who has tried many waterless shampoos in my life. This product, by far, is the BEST I have ever tried! My hair is fine and naturally curly. I use several styling products in my hair daily. This waterless foam cuts through them all without leaving flakes, stiffness or greasy hair behind. Great to throw a bottle of this stuff in your bag if you're going camping too! Thanks for this GREAT product TRESemme!!! :)

Edgewood, Ia
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Customer review by Curly91

5.0 stars by Curly91

This dry shampoo has saved my life on soo many occasions! I have curly hair and if i don't wash it and then style it everyday it's a mess. I often get up late and don't have time to wash my hair. But I just apply this stuff and TA-DA! nice, controlled curls again :) It is also an essential when camping! So glad i found this product! :D

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fresh braids

Customer review by Befabulous

5.0 stars by Befabulous

I am African -American and I sport braids at least twice a year. When you wash them with water they become less vibrant. If you don't wash them your hair will eventually smell awful. I love this product for keeping my braids tight and my scalp/braids clean and smelling incredible fresh. If you like to keep your braids looking gorgeous for longer I definitely recommend this product. The other dry shampoo by Tresemme, with clay, is not recommended for braids because it dulls the shine of your hair. This product is a life saver!

stamford, connecticut
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Excellent Product for Dry, Curly Hair

Customer review by Puck77

5.0 stars by Puck77

I was a bit skeptical to try this product; having curly hair my entire life, I've wasted hundreds of dollars on new items that never do what they promise (or, at worst, make my hair look even crazier than it did before). Since my hair gets super dry in the winter, and shampooing it daily, even with a very moisturizing product, dries it out even more, I figured that for the price it was worth a shot. I'm so glad I tried it! My hair gets its curl and bounce back, has an added sheen, and smells wonderful (lightly citrusy for hours, not the least bit overpowering or offensive). Depending on how I've styled my hair the day before (if I haven't used the full arsenal of creams and gels, etc.), I don't even need to use a defrizzer or moisturizer. If I have styled it heavily, I just throw in a little of my standard moisturizing cream and I'm good to go. Try it and you won't be sorry! I wish I'd known about this foaming waterless shampoo before throwing away three other similar items costing more than three times as much.

Worcester, MA
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Fresh Start Foam Shampoo

Customer review by RosieD

5.0 stars by RosieD

I absuloutly LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great for my hair GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!

New York, NY
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My Favorite Product!

Customer review by Chigirl1

5.0 stars by Chigirl1

This foam is amazing. It leaves my hair fluffy, manageable and smelling great. Thank you TRESemme!

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My New Favorite

Customer review by ChrissyC

5.0 stars by ChrissyC

I tried it for the first time and fell in love with this stuff. I have very dry, very curly hair and i cant wash it everyday because of the damage that normal shampoo does. I was told by my salon to condition it everyday, but shampoo it about 3 times a week. This works great on the days that i miss a shampoo. it makes my hair soft and even tried it on my daughters hair and it looks so shiny and bouncy and she has curly hair like i do. I wish this stuff would have come out earlier. This stuff is great and i plan to get more

Seneca SC
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Great, but...

Customer review by teachmuzic

5.0 stars by teachmuzic

I love this product. It is perfect for when I have to return to work after a lunch workout and when I am traveling. I just wish they made it in a 3oz or less size so i could keep it in my carry on.

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1-20 of 77 total reviews