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UniFlame 360 sq in Kettle Charcoal Grill, Black

UniFlame 360 sq in Kettle Charcoal Grill, Black

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<li>360 sq inch primary cooking area</li><li>176 sq in warming area</li><li>Adjustable airflow dampers</li>
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Be ready to tweek it before you begin

I've been looking for a charcoal grill at a afordable price for a while. I love to grill & know you don't need all the bells & wistles on a pit for indirect & smoke BBQ, just basicly something to hold coals that could fit on a apartment patio. I walked into my local Walmart & saw this marked down from $138 to $40. I couldn't believe it & ran to the door. I got this set home & putting it together was a sinch, they provided everything and the instructions where beyond simple. It snowed for a couple days here in Jersey, but it was finally time for the test run, I had the wood chips soaked, steaks ready, chicken marinating, I was set. Well, not really.... The grill pretty much disapointed, it wouldn't hold heat, and even with the safety latch in place just gave up all the smoke. It was pretty disapointing. I came up with some fixes like changing the Uniflame cooking grate for a uncoated metal one & wrapping the coal grate with heavy foil as the opening for the ash catcher is to large letting to much air into the coals making them burn out to quickly For $40 I really can't complain & am thankful I didn't spend the origional asking price. If you're just looking to cook outside, invest a little more in a gas range. If you're looking to grill using any low & slow method just be ready to tweek the thing, or buy another cheapie without the catcher.

Buy this grill, it's the BEST!

I had the option when buying this grill to either buy it already assembled or in the box, I bought it in the box considering the size of my small car. It took about 45 min. to put together, it even comes with the tools you will need such as a phillips screwdriver & lil wrench & easy instructions. I already grilled/smoked a whole 5lb. chicken cut in half & about 12 baby back ribs all at one time & there was still room for more, I didn't even have to use the other rack which is a warming rack situated above your cooking rack. For 40 bucks it is well worth it. What I also love about it is the slide out ash dispenser, so easy to empty out. It also has a locking latch so it stays securly shut if you want it to. My only recommendation would be to buy it already assembled if you can't afford 45 min. to put it all together yourself, other then that I would reccommend this over any other more expensive grill, Buy it!

I was amazed

For what I paid and what I got, this is fabulous. I have already convinced a good friend to get one, she was in the market for a new grill and I told her how pleased I was with this one and she has gone and ordered the in store pick up. Speaking of which - your ordering online and in store pick up can't be beat. Easy and wonderful too!

Best buy for the price and performance

I have been through about 5 gas grills and one charcoal grill before this one. The charcoal grill was a MECO rectangular I bought for 19.95 at KMart. It lasted about 15 years. It cooked for my whole family and friends. It was still good when I put it by the street--lasted there about 2 hours. Then I went through 5 gas grills in about 15 years. Never was pleased. Thought about a high dollar kettle grill--you know which one. Saw this and decided to buy it. Has lasted 3 years and still going. I'm grilling burger right now. Fantastic. I can buy 2 of these for the price of 1 high dollar one and they last as long and do just as good. Love it!!

Poor Quality Junk

This was bought this grill last year. It's stored inside when not in use so its not exposed to the elements. And yet it's got all kinds of rust on it. The bowl itself is ok but the the vent on top is rusty, the ash catcher is very rusty, and worst of all the bracket which holds the catcher to the grill rusted off! The upper warming tray is a nice thought but is flimsy and has a habit of coming off, once fell on top of food that was cooking. The plastic handle for the ash catcher is broken as well, the plastic housing that the top screw goes into broke off. I don't even know how. This from a grill which is cleaned and not left outside. I'm going to scrap it and buy a Made in USA Weber. You get what you pay for.

Older model was superior for fire control

Many changes to this newer model...most are for the worst: Light-weight stamped steel lid hinge assemblies are very flimsy...old model was die-cast aluminum; One handle on front of grill, on the lid, so you can't safely wheel the grill even a few feet while cooking...can't say I'd trust the snap lock/latch on the lid to hold while moving it...old model had two handles on the front...lid and bowl; Ash reciever air intake controls are not air tight enough to hold down the fire when cooking larger pieces requiring extra takes off like a freight train, and once it's too hot, it's too late. Also, there are only two intakes instead of four, which translates to hot spots on two opposing sides of the grill, while the perpendicular sides of the hot spots will allow the charcoal bed to die out. Combustion air is very un-evenly distributed throughout the coal bed, and the old model had a rotating ring with 4 holes inside the ash reciever which is controlled by one lever...not the best, but far better than this newer version, and gave much more evenly distributed combustion air, hence a more evenly burning bed of coals; ***The upside is that it has a porcelain cooking grate, unlike the older model which was chrome doesn't last very long before it wears off. I used my newer model (purchased a year ago to accompany my old grill) 2 or 3 times and decided to put the new unit's grates into my old grill to upgrade it. I haven't used the new one since, and don't plan to. I gave up fighting the frustration and nearly ruining my ribeye steaks and pork chops. Newer models are built entirely too light-weight, and it doesn't take much abuse to break them. If you want a really good grill with an air tight cooking chamber intake control, go with a weber kettle. I have a 18.5 one touch gold and never had an issue or complaint. From indirect pork loins, to steaks, chops, chicken and has such fine adjustment of intake air, and such an air-tight chamber when the lid vent is closed that I even use the grill to put hot coals into from my smokers and other grills to snuff them out so I can reclaim them to use another day. That takes a tight grill chamber to kill briquettes, and the weber kettle will do it in about 2-3 minutes. Incidentally, with an 18.5 wbere kettle, I can cook as much f0ood as I would in the 22.5 Uniflame simply because there are too many cold spots which won't cook anything at all if you have a reasonable amount of control over the fire. So, smaller grill, less briquettes, and cooks just as much food, then kills tyhe briquettes for another day. How can you beat that? I recommend staying away from this one (or any of the "cheap" grills) if you are serious about outdoor cooking. Spending even twice as much will yield a very enjoyable cooking and dining experience, and with proper selection, they will grill/roast most anything your heart desires, and last for years and years. Enjoy your summer cooking with a good grill. By the way, I live in N/E Wyoming, and I cook outdoors all year, 2-3 times per week average...rain, sleet, hail, snow or shine. Why? Cuz it's too good of food to pass up the opprtunity to create it. Note: in the review where it asks how often I used this product, I clicked never, because I won't use it again...

Not worth the money

When I took the grill out of the box to assemble it, the bottom bowl and top bowl were crushed on the sides and had a few large size dents. I debated returning the product then but decided that I had received what I paid for since it was inexpensive. I don't really feel that way anymore. I assembled the grill and used a mallet to bump out the dents. I had to use sheer strength to pull the sides of the bowls apart to make it as round as I could. Of course the bottom bowl and top bowl do not match up now. Because the paint had chipped in all of the spots, the grill immediately rusted the first night outside.

Very bad design

The grill works fine if you can keep the legs on it. The screws that hold the legs on are not a good match with the holes for the screws. The grill also wad dinged up and everywher there was a ding the paint was chipped off. Takes a while to put together.

Buy a Weber. This one is cheesy.

This grill is inexpensive and cheaply made. My mistake being penny wise and pound foolish. After one season the ash catcher is real rusty and won't last more than another year. Everything about it is rickety if you move it around even a little bit. The metal is too thin where the legs are screwed in. Everything about it is light guage. The lower grill that holds the charcoal is looking pretty rough. It certainly isn't air tight when you close the cover meaning all your unburned charcoal will burn away. The cheesy vent is neither air nor water tight. It does work OK for cooking. With a Weber, if you close the cover tight with the vent closed, the charcoal goes out and you can use it next time with added fresh charcoal. It saves a lot. I probably lost what I "saved" buying this grill in charcoal. It's a shame too because there are some decent design features that are poorly executed. I think it was the higher toasting grill that got me interested. Don't buy this one. Get the similar Weber or some other higher tech, better made grill.

Love the dump feature

I'm a hamburger, chicken and rib griller. I love the feature that lets you dump the used charcoal/ashes from the collection "hat". I only wish the actual grill had options for lowering the food closer to the charcoal. The bottom of most of the lower priced charcoal grills, or the ones w/charcoal grate, tend to burn out after a year (I grill year round). This one is holding up great! I put it together in about 30 minutes, and need to re-tighten the nuts & bolts after using this summer as it has become wobbley, but that's more my fault.

Don't buy, period

I got this home and the holes didn't line up for the rack at the bottom. One was on the very edge of the leg, the other wa centered. Also, one leg had no threads, the bolt just slide right in with no resistance. Took back and will wait to find a better one from somewhere. The only redeeming quality is it came from wal-mart and they'll take back anything.

Love it!

The only thing i didn't love was the grill grate is not adjustable. I love the ash cup it makes keeping the ashes cleaned out, assembly was simple the grill is sturdy and I am happy with my purchase. I am not sure what fell on it but there is a large chip in the paint very fast...consider a cover.

Great value.

Hard to beat the price and shipping was cheap & fast. Assembly was a bit of a challenge. The design makes it difficult to move after you fire it up. The latch is tough to work when it's hot and since the handle is on the top and not on the bowl, it must be latched to move it. Overall I'm happy with this grill.

Great grill for the price

I bought this grill several years ago and it does a great job. I'm getting a new one because now the ash catcher's handle has rusted so badly I can't get it to pull out. And that's my fault I'm sure, because I don't have a covering on my deck and waited a year or so before getting a grill cover. Still I was surprised at how short a time it took to rust on the handle (it started being difficult to pull out the first year. But in general, this is a great grill and cooks well. I will probably get this same grill as a replacement this year, but will keep it covered from the start.

A little beat up

I am really pleased with this BBQ. It is worth the money that I paid for it and it was fairly simple to assemble. The only thing that I am upset about is that the top has a dent in it and the paint is scraped off because of the box being dropped during processing.
I like this grill especially because it has a catcher underneath the base for the ashes and is easy to pull out to dispose the ashes.

Ash Receiver has proven to be defective!

It's nice to have the ash receiver, but I've purchased this grill twice within 6 years, and both times the ash receiver rusted off. No rust on top of grill, just around the ash receiver. When I called the manufacturer to report this defect, their reply was just don't buy the grill again. I told them I like the grill except for this one defect. They did not offer to report this to their quality control people or anything! Why would the same part fall off of each purchase? My answer, defective! And they don't stand behind their product.

Summer Kettle Fun

This product is an excellent kettle barbeque at an excellent price. The product showcases a removable ash container at the bottom and a ceramic coated grill. Assembly was moderately difficult and time consuming. ETA assembly was 2 hours. The only negative associated with this product is: I wish it was four inches deeper. Marinated meat sears quickly on top of open flames using mesquite charcoal. Chef must keep turning and moving meat to prevent burning. A kettle slightly deeper would eliminate this negative quality. Howerver, no one can beat the price.

EXTREMELY Cheap Material

I purchased this grill AND tool set thinking it would a decent buy and realized it probably wouldn't be a terrific grill. Well, after putting it together I realized it was even cheaper than I expected. Two examples, 1) I sat the lid down, resting it on the side and next I knew, the lid was bent. Keep in mind, I didn't slam it down, I "sat" it down. 2) After getting it put together I had it sitting on my patio and the wind came up. The wind blew the grill over and dislodged the warming rack. The lid was so flimsy that the brace on the warming rack pierced the lid. In addition, the grilling tools were terrible flimsy as well. I took both items back!

What's not to like?

My grill was everything i would expect from a grill for the price (which is all but impossible to beat). It assembled easily and arrived quickly right to my doorstep. Having the ash catcher makes post cooking cleanup a simple and uncomplicated affair. i highly advise one to buy the charcoal chimney lighter to compliment this purchase. It elimiates the need for lighter fluid to start the briquets burning.
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