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Summer Infant - Bestview Digital Color V

Summer Infant - Bestview Digital Color V

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Summer Infant - Bestview Digital Color V
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First off you can purchase additional camera's for this system, up to 4 total. I never saw this in the description and I thought it would be helpful to know. They give you a phone number in the manual where you can order additional camera's. The best feature about this is the panning and zooming feature, it works perfect and doesn't seem to disturb baby when the camera is moving. Also they have little lights on the front of the monitor that light up according the loudness of a noise the baby is making. So if for some reason you are in a really loud room the light indicators can help you determine if it is a loud cry or soft, I don't know that this feature is all that helpful but its there. The handheld is rechargeable and comes with a pretty long cord on the plug in making it convenient to plug in most areas. The sound is very clear and a lot of the time I can even hear baby breathing which is pretty awesome! You can control the sound setting by pushing the menu button on the monitor and it will display it on the screen, took me a minute to figure that out :). Picture quality is great, also so you know it automatically switches to night view when the lighting gets dim so you don't have any control over the night or day view options, it just does it on its own. Which is no biggie but I was looking for a switch assuming you did it yourself, so to save you the trouble of looking for it :). It works great and has a good range. I love it and wished I had it with my other children!! It gives me a lot of comfort, before I kept baby in what ever room I was in and he would wake up frequently because of noise and I would try to creep around all day. Now I can place him in his bassinet, dim the lighting and watch him where ever I go, so I get piece of mind and baby gets better rest! Also this is the best price anywhere as of to date on this monitor set.


The reason I gave Summer's Best View Monitor 5 stars was because I couldn't give it 10! I ordered this product for my wife after our 6-month-old son was twice found lying on his stomach, near-face-down. I cannot emphasize enough how completely satisfied we are with this product. If you're expecting this to look like your 60" High Definition Flat Screen TV in your living room then yes, you're going to be disappointed. My wife and I absolutely LOVE this product and I cannot emphasize enough the peace-of-mind it has given us. I know because my brother died of SIDS, and the emotional scar it left on my mother is not something I would wish on anyone. Our son's bedroom is pitch-dark at night, and this camera makes it appear as though there is a spotlight shining on him - his face is that clear and bright (isn't technology great!!). After a few nights using the 2.5" hand-held screen, we wanted to experiment with the Audio-Video jacks provided so we plugged them into our 32" HD Flat Screen TV in our bedroom. Well... let me tell you.... this is the cat's meow!!! Now either my wife or I can simply open our eyes and immediately enjoy an absolutely incredible image of our son at rest (and can hear him over the TV as well) - it doesn't get better than this!!!! ACTUALLY, IT DOES GET BETTER - YOU CAN PLUG IN THE AUDIO/VIDEO JACK (INCLUDED) AND RECORD YOUR CHILD TO DVD AS THEY PLAY IN THEIR CRIB!!! After watching our son on our bedroom TV as he was playing one morning, my wife made the comment "It's too bad we couldn't have this recorded". I recalled seeing an A/V cable in the box and I immediately retrieved it and plugged the audio/video jack into the monitor, then the DVD recorder, and wah-lah... we now record these precious moments for posterity. It is absolutely priceless to now record these before-unseen moments as he plays in the morning sun after waking. We've recorded him learning to activate the carousel by himself as he struggled until he finally achieved his goal, as well as him talking to himself and all the other adorable things he has done (he is now 14 months old and we bought this when he was 6 months old). Thanks Summer for thinking ahead to add the audio/video jacks and for designing such an outstanding product that helps parents everywhere prevent SIDS with such a high-quality monitoring system as this. (Comments added 4/23/11)

great video monitor

We needed something to be able to watch our active 6 month old in his crib, and this works well. The video resolution is very clear and the zoom function is quite good. The fact that you can move the camera position around to locate the baby in the crib is very helpful. This has saved me from tip-toeing in his room and disturbing him while he's drifting off to sleep. Love the wireless feature, the battery-save auto-shut off, and the built-in stand. It even works in our backyard! Would buy again.

Wonderful Monitor

Great Night vision. Picks up the slightest niose in the room. The range is unbelivable. I can walk into my neighbors house and still get clear reception. Being able to rotate the camera is a neat feature, but you will not use it to much. The quality of the screen is less than desirable because I have been spoiled with "hi-def", but is adequate.


I ordered this product after seeing my friend, who uses it. My little one sleeps soundly in his crib and I can check on him without going and bothering him. I like that I can watch him if he wakes up in the middle of the night and wait to see if he is going to go back to sleep on his own, or if he needs me to come get him. The quality of the camera is wonderful! And with the rotating feature I can look around his whole room. The handheld part if it is pretty durable, I've dropped it a few times and it still looks new and works perfectly. The sound is adjustable, depending on what it takes to wake you. The battery life is perfect. My little one will sleep 8+ hours in a night and the battery still has plenty of life when I wake up. I strongly recommend this product!

Great for every stage

We bought our video monitor before my son was born and now he's almost three. This is probably the most used "baby item" that we have. It has seen us through teething, climbing out of the crib, and into his big boy bed. The quality is great and in my opinion it has been worth every penny.

Why didn't we get this before?

When we hooked up this video monitor, my husband asked why didn't we get this before? We love seeing our little guy playing with stuffed animals and settling in for a nap or for the night. The night vision works great, we can turn on the video at night if he cries to see that he's still lying down. It pans around his entire room, which is why I wanted the video capability now. He climbed out of a pack & play recently and is hiking his leg up on his crib. We want to be ready for him to have the run of his room.

Awesome Monitor for our 2 yr old

My husband and I recently charged our daughter's room from nursery to "big girl". We ordered thus monitor so we could keep an eye on her while she plays in her new room. It's awesome for what we need. We have full of her even when she's moving all over.

AWESOME Camera - but.....

I will be the first to admit, I am a Mom whom wants to see what my baby's doing in her crib. I'm not happy with just hearing...when my husband purchased this I was skeptical to say the least. Now I'm extremely happy with it! I can see her clearly, the zoom is wonderful (a little grainy at times, but found that it's more an issue with lighting than anything). The features are: Zoom (AWESOME when wanting to check to see if her eyes are really closed) / Screen Brightness adjustment (great for when you're moving from inside to outside) / Adding more cameras - Maximum of 4 (a double edged sword... Great option if you want to call Summer company and order them at $80 each.) In the end, I'm very happy with this camera. As for some of the other reviews that says they aren't receiving the picture in color, it's probably because they have the lights turned off in the room. When our daughters lights are on, everything is in color, but when she's sleeping the room is dark enough it sends the camera into 'night mode' giving you a blue-grayish screen. To me, it doesn't matter, and if you're not picky about what color your child is being viewed at, you won't notice.

Great monitor

This is a great video monitor. I have an older model from this brand and it has worked great for two and a half years and needed another 2 for my twins (bought the monitor package with extra camera). This monitor has a great picture. It lets me see what the babies are doing and I love the ability to move the camera from the monitor. My old model didn't have this feature and I'm seriously thinking about buying another camera to replace my older one because that feature is so handy. I currently use the older one to watch my son as he plays in his room but have to manually move the camera to capture most of his room. With this camera I can scan the room from the monitor. So Great!!! With this monitor you can add up to 4 camera and set it to scan each one for a few seconds. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star rating is because I haven't been too impressed with the battery life. It does say to plug it in overnight which I didn't do on a few occassions. The battery said it was full after only using it for a short period during the day only to be woken up by the low battery beep. Additionally the labels printed on the buttons have already rubbed off which isn't a big deal but you would think would last longer than the few weeks I've had the monitor for it's price. The bundle deal for 2 cameras was the cheapest I could find and overall I am very satisfied with this purchase and would do it again!
Overall I really like this monitor. The only part that I'm disappointed in is the battery length. Sometimes it doesn't even last through the night, depending on how active the baby was.

Great camera, love it love it love it

It is so nice getting to see your baby when i go room to room. I leave the camera on when she is playing in the room so i dont have to go back in forth. Dont know what i did with out it for so long. Excellent product.

Love the panning, hate the pixelation

I was very excited to get this new monitor to replace my Summer Day & Night video monitor. The Day & Night was a great product until it stopped working, it had a sharp, crisp picture and felt "solid" - it had been dropped and knocked off the dresser alot with only a few scratches to show for it. The Best View monitor's ability to pan around the room is AWESOME! This should be super helpful for a toddler who doesn't stay in his crib/bed. The digital network with no static is also very nice. However, the digital network has significantly slowed my wireless internet connection. And the image quality is much, much worse. I can see my child, but I can't make out details and it is very pixelated. With the Day & Night, I could see a fly in his crib! I could also tell by the movement that he was breathing. And the screen on that one was only 1.8" instead of 2.4" The Best View is so blurry and has a constant movement of the pixels that you would never be able to see either of these things. The Best View also feels cheaper and flimsy, I am afraid it may not survive a fall like my old one did. I wish I could have a monitor that has the image quality of the Day & Night (analog instead of digital) and still has the camera that pans around the room like the best view. But until Summer makes one like this, I am returning the Best View and getting the old one back!!!

Absolutely Love it!

We absolutely love this monitor and wish that we would have bought it a long time ago! We can see what he's doing when we put him to bed. It was the only one we saw that you could pan & zoom from the handheld monitor and we love this feature! Our son is almost 2 now and we have a 2 story home, and if he goes upstairs alone, I am able to see what he's doing by scanning his room. And if the light from it bothers you at night, you can push a button to turn off the video and just be able to hear the sound.

Great product

The Summer Infant - Best View Handheld monitor is a great value. The product works as expected and was available from Wal-Mart online $50 cheaper than other stores. The color camera is clear and the range on the handheld unit is great. Sound quality is also good. The advantage of the pan tilt zoom functions are a must-have. PROS: -Color daytime camera (black and white night time) -Pan/Tilt/Zoom functions are available from the remote unit. The pan/tilt has a very wide range. -Visual indicator of sound, useful if you want to mute the volume or have it set low. -Great range. This will transmit through many walls and even allow you to go out in the backyard. -Solid kickstand and belt clip on the remote unit. CONS: -The zoom feature is not really what I expected. It is NOT an actual movement of the camera lens, instead it is a digital zoom that has only two settings. Zoomed, and not zoomed. -Battery life while the camera is on is only about 2-3 hours -Video view turns off automatically when the remote unit is not plugged in. This is to save on battery life I am sure, but is annoying if you want it to stay on.

you dont always get what you pay for......

I had the model previous to this one. When we found out we were expecting again( 10 months later), we wanted to purchase an additional camera, however that model had been discontinued. So we spent another $175 for this one and also spent another $85 for the additional camera. I was very happy with the first summer infant video monitor and expected to like this one as well. The range isnt great on these (cant go far outside), but I like the picture quality. We have the cameras hung on the wall above the cribs. Out of nowhere, 5 months after we started using it, the hand held part of the monitor stopped working ( in the middle of the night, I woke up and realized the monitor wasnt on and when I got upstairs the youngest was screaming in his crib, for who knows how long :( our house has thick walls). Summer infants service department took care of the problem because it was under warranty. They would not send me a new one however, until they received the broken one, so that really put a crimp on things in our house. Our bedroom is downstairs and the kids are upstairs, so I really depend on the monitor to hear the babies get up at night. 3 months after receiving the replacement, the same thing happened. Thankfully not in the middle of the night :) This time though, the rep I was on the phone with informed me that their policies had changed and now it was the consumers responsibility to pay for return shipping. I'm guessing because they must have SO MANY returns..??? They also encourage to use a shipping service that has tracking on the shipment,because if its lost in the mail, you're out of luck, so I spent $24 at fed ex to send the broken one back. Once again, we were without a monitor for a week, so I ended up going and buying a cheap sound monitor. That was 3 months ago.....and yesterday the monitor stopped working again... lol!!!!! Keep in mind, we have NEVER dropped it, or abused it. Haven't left it outside....nothing. Summer infant claims it could be wireless connections causing the problem ??? Funny cause we dont have wi-fi. This time I insisted on speaking to a supervisor, because I am refusing to spend more money to ship this piece of junk back, and summer infant will only replace the unit, not refund my $$. I was polite with the rep on the phone, even though I felt like screaming about the inconvienence. (FYI.. I was on hold for 20 minutes before anyone answered the call and in total the call was over 45 minutes... EVERY time I have called) I was told this morning, the supervisor couldn't take a call, but the rep assured me the supervisor would call me back in the afternoon... it's now 9:30 pm and I haven't received a call. I have spent over $400 in the last 2 years on this company's product and I think its a real slap in the face, which is why I've decided to start writing reviews. I dug out an 11 year old graco sound monitor that was at my mothers house (so we have one in each bedroom) and it still works like a champ... I guess you DONT get what you pay for with this company.....

pragmatic baby video/sound monitor

I've been using this product about 3 nights/week for the past two weeks, and am very happy with it. WARNING: *This product may interfeer with cordless phones using the 2.4GHz frequency. This should be stated on the outside of the product and WM's website too. *900MHz and the newer DECT 6.0 frequencies will be fine. *B/G type wifi networks may suffer some speed reduction. I haven't experienced this (I have Verizon Fios and am using Verizon Fios supplied wifirouter which is a B/G type), but I remember reading other people complain of this. Maybe these individuals had an old B type wifi router? PROS: *Night vision so you can still see baby sleeping/moving/waking-up at night; its black & white. *Day time vision is in color because of the availability of light. *Remotely control the video camera to get a better picture of your child: up/down, left/right, and a zoom function. *Limited supplied hardware to wall mounth the video camera: plastic anchors, screws, plastic cord directing anchors w/ double sided foam tape. *Li-ion battery; these last longer and can be charged many more times than ni-cad and nimh type batteries. *Video duration. If monitor is plugged powered by AC cord, video will stay on all the time unless you press the video on/off button. If monitor is operating by batteries, the video will turn off after the factory preset duration of 2min (I think). *A total of FOUR monitors can be synced with the video camera. Don't know the cost of the monitor. CONS: *Would like the remote monitor to be charged via mini or micro USB, as I am usually at my desk. *Current speaker is adequate, but a better one would be nice.

It's awesome!!!

I did my research before purchasing a baby monitor and this one came out to be the BEST overall digital video baby monitor on many websites! I totally recommend this monitor! I especially love the night vision...there is no need to have a light on or even a nighlight....its is super clear to see! The sound and sound indicator lights are good as well. Overall this monitor is quality and I love it!!!

Great little Baby Monitor

This baby monitor set works well. Video is very clear, you can pan and zoom along with scanning up and down, left and right around the room. The audio will wake us when sleeping along with the light indicator displaying when our son is crying. The monitor's charge is adequate will keep it running all night even when disconnected from power. The only true issues I've experienced was due to the fact that it slightly affected my wireless internet connection within the house. I had issues with connection disconnecting from the router on my Blackberry and laptop. (this device operates at 2.4GHz, which is the same as some wireless. (Wireless N standard should be ok if the router has dual band utilization.) Overall, the wife and I are very happy to have purchased this baby monitor and think it's a good value.

Great device - no reservations about recommending

I read some earlier reviews and I was worried about how the screen image quality would be, but I was pleasantly surprised with a great image(and sound) - even in my back yard furthest from the room in use. Another review also commented on how it interferes with wireless networks, but I use a Wireless-N system at home for 5 devices, and the two have no issue operating at the same time. I've left my cell phone right next to the receiver and it had absolutely no affect on the sound or image quality as it does on our older Summer analog monitor (although that still is great for what it is - analog). The pan and tilt work nicely with minimal motor noise in the room where it is (tested it at night while in the room myself - just be sure to turn your volume all the way down to avoid feed-back if you try this as well). The zoom is digital, so not crystal clear as the analog was, but you wouldn't complain about it for sure. Mount it closer if you need to. Mine is 5 feet up, and the image is fine. I still also use the old analog for another child, both receivers next to each other, no problem. Love it!
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