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105 reviews | 4.6 out of 5

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1-20 of 98 reviews
Fun For Starters!

Customer review by Fluffy4050

5.0 stars 7/26/2011 by Fluffy4050
by Fluffy4050

This was my very first set into starting the police theme and I was very proud of Lego! This set is very fun and I had oodles of fun but quickly got bored so then I went on a lego hunt for fun. I like how thi set comes with a dog and 4 people! Wow 4 people was a lot to me because normally I see many lego sets that usually come with 3 or even 2. I really liked how this set came with a dog too! I was excited with the dog because To me it is rare to find a cheap, but nice set that comes with an animal! What I mostly recomend is if you are going to by this you should get something else too like the small car because you or maybe if you have kids will get bored within maybe like a week thats why I bought something else a couple days later. Anyway to wrap it all up I really LOVE this set this to me screams STARTER! and FUN! and also when I got this set it made me a mad buyer of lego city products get this you will love it!!!!!

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Cops and Robbers

Customer review by LegoSkyGuy

4.0 stars 8/6/2011 by LegoSkyGuy
by LegoSkyGuy

This is a fun little collection of 2 police officers and 2 robbers. It comes with an ATM and some LEGO cash. The ATV that the police officer rides in is pretty cool. I like the white and blue colors. Also, the tires are pretty big given the overall size of the vehicle. The driver has sun glasses on the minifig face. I like the handle of the flashlight because it is a black lightsaber hilt. I like the "scruffy" faces of the robbers. I think the dog in this set is cool. He has some black markings that give him a German Shepherd appearance. The ATM is awesome because the cash tiles fit in it really well. The robbers have a crow bar to bust it open and then the chase is on... Overall this is a fun little set to collect. Pros: 4 minifigs 2 cops, 2 robbers 1 police dog 1 ATM with cash tiles 1 ATV 1 black flashlight handle Cons: Only 1 dog and 1 flashlight. Should have had more money pieces or at least different demoninations.

Niagara Falls
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Good set

Customer review by goldenlegobrick

5.0 stars 1/9/2011 by goldenlegobrick
by goldenlegobrick

I got this set last week at Target, I was very Impressed with it when I got done with it, it took about three minutes to get completed, and to be truthful, I love this set, it comes with a new crowbar piece, a new, more detailed dog ( also my first lego dog piece), a new crook torso, and a new backpack piece. It also had the new more detailed baseball cap too, moving on to the kit, the ATV is pretty good, I wish the stroblights on the ATv, or any other vehicle, was red and blue not just blue, because here in America it is rare to have just blue lights, so I changed one of the stud pieces to red, the ATM is pretty good and simple, and now pros and cons: Pros: New dog Lots of minifigures new pieces :D new torso new dog Cons: could be a little cheaper ( maybe around seven dollars) make vehicles more American styled Include a little more money Final rating 8.5/10

A zombie Infested city
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Lego City Robbers!

Customer review by mctie

5.0 stars 12/28/2010 by mctie
by mctie

First I will talk about the police equipment and officers!The ATV driver is different than the old 2009 one and it is more detailed!The ATV itself is bigger and carries a small road block.If you remove it there is enough space for the captured criminal to sit!The officer comes with a flashlight,handcuffs and a K9 German Shepard!Too bad he comes with baseball hat,though:(.Now to the criminals!One of the criminals has a regular face and holds a crowbar and another has a sac on his back with a regular crook face and a jacket.He also has a gray hat,not a regular black one like most crooks have.Finally,the ATM!The ATM comes with 2 one-hundred dollar bills!The ATM also has a slot where money can come in and out!The bottom can still be opened,though.Overall I think that this set is worth every penny!

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A Must-have for any Police Fan

Customer review by LegoReveiws

5.0 stars 6/16/2011 by LegoReveiws
by LegoReveiws

If you're a fan of the Police sets, or you'd like to expand your police station, this is a great set to get. There are lots of neat accessories for your city Police station, with handcuffs, the brand-new crowbar, backpack, Police dog, and money printed pieces. The ATV is good looking and runs nicely on your driveway/wood floor, and the police officers are cool as well. The only con I could come up with is that the ATM looks... odd. It has grey and white pieces, which don't look well together, and the screen looks different than a normal ATM would look like. But I was really surprised when I saw the price, because it is a good bargain at $10. Pros: Price! Lots of additions to your City Several minifigs and dog ATV is great Cons: ATM looks weird A great set for any Lego Fan!

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great for little builders

Customer review by TheGreatKhanArtist

5.0 stars 5/1/2012 by TheGreatKhanArtist
by TheGreatKhanArtist

This set is reviewed from the opinion of my niece, not an AFOL. My niece is 5 and recently was gifted a pink brick box and some Friends sets. She has fallen in love with Lego and wanted some "boy sets". This was an excellent set for her; we assembled some of the larger sets together at christmas, but she lacked the attention span to finish them. This set has the minifigs she craves and 2 little models to put together. She will be able to put them together without the instructions after doing it a few times, which is great because they won't stay together long! This set is best when paired with a brick box or equivalent. This will allow much more roleplaying opportunity and fun. Jails, hideouts, get-away-cars and more can make this a great intro or expansion set.

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Great value!

Customer review by Jaker1000

5.0 stars 6/4/2011 by Jaker1000
by Jaker1000

You can't go wrong with four figures for ten dollars. The two cops are your standard cops and are very nice compliments to a city collection. If you have Star Wars or alien sets invade your city these guys work well with them. The police can asset the good guys and visa-versa with the robbers. The dog is really cool and kinda hard to find elsewhere. Nice little addition to story-lines or city appearance. The bank is nice. Get what you see with it. The car is nice dosn't look the greatest but gets the job done. The bills, crowbar and the back sack are the cool accessories that are very useful in play. Pros, Four figures for ten. Dog Car and bank. Cons, Not the most exciting set and is really for complementing other sets. Thanks.

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Another day in LEGO City.....

Customer review by Tipitoes

5.0 stars 11/6/2012 by Tipitoes
by Tipitoes

...Oh no! The robbers are trying to break into the ATM on Red Brick Street! But those crooks better watch out, because when the LEGO city police is around, every crook will be behind bars in notime! This set amazes me from every aspect: The minifigs: Police 1: White helmet, specialty clothes and an ATV make him really cool! Police 2: Handcuffs and flashlight make great accessories, while his loyal dog helps him with everything! ( even eating donuts ) Crook 1: Grey outfit and crowbar are part of his style! Crook 2: Common garments, but the backpack sure comes in handy you wanna hide the money! Overall, awesome set; 10/10, great addition to your city or an awesome start to your city! --Over and out--

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Lego City Police Minifig Collection!!

Customer review by Gveedelgado

4.0 stars 12/1/2011 by Gveedelgado
by Gveedelgado

Hi it's me again and I'm reviewing the minifig collection! Very nice add-on or start. Very easy to build. ATV: Very cool. The wheels are a bit too big, but to make up for that, you can separate the bar in front and attach it to the lantern, to make a CLUB!! Great! :) You can also un-build it and create a portable (with wheels) police tear gas cannon (like I did), and upload it to the gallery! The instructions are too long for this review, but if you rummage around, you'll find how! Hints: The bar is the cannon, and it's tilting upward like a real cannon! :) ATM: Very useful for your city. Needs more bills though--a couple more would be great. Minifigs: I call the policeman in a jacket the "motorcycle policeman" and he's one of my favourites. The other policeman is the canine unit guy. The first robber has a cool jacket and crowbar. The other has a relaxed face and carries the money. Personal Play Experience: I found this set very fun, I can play that the robbers and policemen are fighting, also the tear gas cannon was very fun! Pros and Cons Corner! Pros: Everything! Like: -ATM, ATV -DOG! -Robber with crowbar and jacket -Dog man -Bills! -Two handcuffs -Many minifigs Cons: -Not enough bills Overall and rating: Nice add-on or starter set. Many minifigs. Rating: 9/10 Hope this review helped you. Please read my other reviews. Happy Shopping!

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Nice little set for your police force

Customer review by captainamerica

5.0 stars 12/28/2011 by captainamerica
by captainamerica

I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this set. I don't buy too many City themed sets,but this one had a few special pieces to draw me in: The criminal minifigs, the crowbar accessory, and the new dog piece (which looks a lot like my dog!). I also appreciated the new backpack piece and the black lightsaber handle/flashlight. The ATM is a nice quick-build accessory. My only criticism is the police vehicle included: it's small and non-descript to the point of looking silly: it looks like the Lego City PD gave some rookie a Go-Kart. But don't let the Police Go-Kart keep you from getting the set, it's a great set overall.

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Stop, Your under arrest!

Customer review by cactus

5.0 stars 6/20/2013 by cactus
by cactus

A great little set, nice detail on the quad , and i like the variety of police and criminals it includes. To be honest, i cant really think of any bad points. Its nice to have a reasonably affordable set that can boost the police in any city. Pros..... Nice minifigs, good variation, I like the dog, there arnt many sets with a dog Comes with equipment such as handcuffs Small, cool viechle Atm is a helpfull city addition, i still have it now! Cons....... Er, well, none! Can someone please say what a top 1000 contributor is plz Hope people have fun with this set and lego in genral!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
A nice addition

Customer review by Kromagv0

5.0 stars 8/1/2013 by Kromagv0
by Kromagv0

This set is a nice addition to a lego police force. My son really likes this set as he has a bunch of other city legos and this adds a few more things for his imagination to run wild with. The main benefit of this set is to add to you mini figure population and when compared to the "City Police Accessory Set " set #850617 it offers a better value. Both sets have the same number of mini figures and both have a dog. Granted this one has less handheld equipment but it more than makes up for it with the ATV and the ATM. This set is also cheaper than #850617 and comes with more pieces.

apple valley
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Such an awesome set

Customer review by Georgia

5.0 stars 4/5/2014 by Georgia
by Georgia

It is very good value for money, I bought this a while ago in-store. I still play with it today and it is very easy to build. Pros: 4 Minifigures + a police german shepard dog - Makes it fun The vehicle is easy to build and you can change it around The ATM can be used as many other things e.g mailbox There are 2 pairs of cuffs and extra lights too. Cons: Nothing to set them up on so if you have an uneven surface the ATM will fall over when you make your minifigures use it. Overall, awesome set, I'm sad that it's retired, I guess you just have to get in quick.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
A Great Minifigure Collection

Customer review by DnRreviews

5.0 stars 4/8/2011 by DnRreviews
by DnRreviews

This is a great improved minifigure collection. The other one was OKAY, but does have the cool minifigures like this one does. It has a new design of dog, and a cool ATV! Cool new sacks and crowbar, too. One word for this set: COOL! Now for the pro's and con's Pro's New Police Officers Dog Money sacs ATM Crowbar ATV White reversible hat Con's Money falls out of sacs ATM a little vague, can't really fit in to your town that well. THAT'S IT!!!!! D&R OUT!!!!! Matthew 10:38: And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.

Planet Earth (too vague?)
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
It's a steal

Customer review by johnjuan

4.0 stars 7/15/2012 by johnjuan
by johnjuan

As with many other LEGO sets at this price point, this one does not have a very labor-intensive building process and would be perfect for the younger and inexperienced builder. The police quad bike should take under 5 minutes to assemble for many builders. The figures are a great addition to other City themed sets. What I like about this set above other previous Police themed sets at this price point is that not only do you get the typical quantity of minifigures (4), but you also receive a dog figure with a special print design.

Kansas City
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Very awesome city set

Customer review by 1a2b3c4d5e

5.0 stars 3/25/2013 by 1a2b3c4d5e
by 1a2b3c4d5e

This one of the only city sets I own, but I think it is very aweosme both of the police are awesome, what you would pretty much expect from a police from lego city, not much else to say. The robbers are very cool as well, one has a black hat and a slightly grey suit, the ohter has a grey hat with a more grey torso. The ATM is a very nice addition to your city, the small vehicle is a greata addition to your police force. The dog is very nice, but for some reason I wish it had posable legs. That sums up my review of this set.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Terrific Item

Customer review by LegoIndy123me

5.0 stars 4/23/2011 by LegoIndy123me
by LegoIndy123me

It's a great item. The motorbike is great for playing with and easy to build. The MiniFigures are good enough to keep forever. The ATM is easy to make. All it is is five pieces. I think it's a great Item. The price is too high. I would give it something like $7. But it's a great set. Here's what it comes with. :4 MiniFigures :1 Dog :A Motorbike :An ATM :$200 (brick money) :2 pairs of handcuffs :A Flashlight :A Bent Bar It's a Terrific Item with Terrific Things! BUY IT NOW!!!!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Police starter

Customer review by viktorka1999

5.0 stars 8/1/2012 by viktorka1999
by viktorka1999

I got this set to start up a Police Department dor my brickfilms. I must say, It worth to buy this! The figures are more or less special. You get a double printed ATV driver, A double printed Outlaw in disguise, a standard outlaw, a cop. The bancomat thing is great, a must addition to your city Bank. ATV is useful and you get one also in the police camion, but this is a cheaper way to get it Dog is GREAT NO DECALS!!! Pros Dog Outlaw with disguise ATV Driver Cons NONE!!! 10/10

Lego city downtown
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Lego police minifigure collection!

Customer review by Buildboy601

5.0 stars 7/11/2011 by Buildboy601
by Buildboy601

I got this set in april i belive. first off it had 4 minifigures! thats alot for that little set! it also included the police dog. the bag that you can put the money in was nice and the quad bike was nice too. The ATM was good considering you could put money in it and break it open. Pros 4 minifigures and police dog Insert money into ATM or break it open Quad bike cons could of used another dollar for the ATM. Overall a nice set especially if you collect lego police sets.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great little set to go w/ "Prisoner Transport"

Customer review by MommyLovesLego

5.0 stars 1/17/2012 by MommyLovesLego
by MommyLovesLego

Bought this set for my younger son (age 4 1/2). He built the mini figures while I built the little vehicle and the ATM. It's a very nice set for younger builders. I thought it was a great value for $10: it comes with a little vehicle, 4 characters (2 good guys and 2 bad guys!) plus a dog. It really complements well the "Prisoner Transport" van, which I bought for my older son. Between these two kits, my boys were playing "cops and robbers" with their Legos for HOURS.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 98 total reviews
1-20 of 98 reviews