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71 reviews | 4.4 out of 5

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1-20 of 68 reviews

Customer review by secret1028

5.0 stars 12/29/2011 by secret1028
by secret1028

I bought this for my grandson for christmas. We love LEGO!!

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Manhattan, NY
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Age:45 - 54
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Fun, well-made

Customer review by FamilyThyme

5.0 stars 7/10/2011 by FamilyThyme
by FamilyThyme

This set meet all of my expectations and then some. Aside from the main truck, there is a robber, a getaway car, a motorcycle, two policemen, a moving satellite, and some props like a safety cone and a safety railing with police "lights" on them, a little jail on the back of the trailer, a gold bar for the robber to hold, even a coffee maker inside the police trailer. The stickers for the inside of the trailer are cool. This being my first LEGO set, I was shocked when we pulled it out of the box what we get for the price. The box is way oversized. But once I saw how intricate the set is, how well it's made & organized, and how kid-friendly the instruction booklets are, I reluctantly justified it. They provide extra pieces here and there too. It took my 5- and 6-year old about 2 hours to put this together by themselves with me helping them locate the pieces they need. My 6-year-old could probably assemble this by himself now after learning what all the different pieces do. Aside from the build-value this set has a lot of play-value too. Keep the instruction booklets at all costs. Instructions for bag 3 and 4 are both in booklet 3. Assembled, this will fit in a container roughly the size of an adult shoe box. I honestly still think it's overpriced, but what isn't these days? It's really fun.

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Age:25 - 34
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unit of excellence....

Customer review by PL4E

4.0 stars 12/30/2011 by PL4E
by PL4E

wow.... i bought this for an 8-year-old boy and he finished it in a few minutes. When i looked at the completed truck, i said, "wow,that police unit is nice!" to myself i said "well, i understand lego uses expensive plastic, but really? i know that lego has a motto saying "det bedste er ikke for godt" or 'only the best is good enough' or 'the best is never too good' but i really think the prices have to go down a bit! the boy i know he loved playing with it, but surprisingly, he told me that the two pieces which connect the trailer to the truck kept falling out, and he glued them on!! (he didn't glue them together. the truck could still separate the truck and trailer) i liked the unit for its small details, however, be aware that the jail sect. door will not easily open. put an extra lego stud or cone on the sect. of the jail door where it can clip on and open/close it. this may be used as a key, so when you take it out, "the bad guys will have to stay in!!" overall, nice product!!!! thks lego :)

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Customer review by Momma2them

5.0 stars 7/4/2011 by Momma2them
by Momma2them

My 10 yo bought this with his birthday money, and he had this put together in about an hour! The pieces for each vehicle are bagged separately so it's easy to follow the instructions.

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New to Legos

Customer review by youneedtobuythis

5.0 stars 2/14/2012 by youneedtobuythis
by youneedtobuythis

My son just turned 5 in January and all he asked for Christmas and his birthday were legos. I will only allow him to get the ones in the age 5 category (mainly City) and he loves them all. Some have a few things that are hard for him, but he has learned how to put most together with ease by himself.

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Dallas, TX
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Age:35 - 44
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every few days

Customer review by rctruck123

5.0 stars 1/2/2012 by rctruck123
by rctruck123

i bought this with my own money an it was well worth my time and money

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Best City Set!

Customer review by FanofZane

5.0 stars 1/18/2012 by FanofZane
by FanofZane

I am definetely not the only one here who thinks this set is awesome, but it is. If you are not willing to spend money on a police station, then this set is your best bet. The set is pretty good standing alone, but is best if you have other City sets. The price might be a bit over, but that's okay. Overall, the inside is awesome! The back cabin seemed a bit more bare than I expected, but really awesome anyway. It also gives you computer printed pieces, a must have but rare brick for anyone. The cabin is also a little plain but awesome. The straightforward instruction led to a great building experience. To summarize, a list is below. Pros Computer pieces Mobile police station Awesome motorcycle Can be centerpiece of any game High tech looking Jail cell Cons A little overpriced A little bare A lot of sticker pieces Overall, the pros outweigh the cons and I would highly recommend this set! Respectfully Submitted, FanofZane

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Mobile Police Station!!

Customer review by Gveedelgado

4.0 stars 11/28/2011 by Gveedelgado
by Gveedelgado

Hi its Gveedelgado 'gain and reviewing this cool police set!! Truck: Awesome, lots of space in the middle, cool new computers, includes magnifying glass an coffe maker with mug. Maps and detail inside. The roof can be a mobile heli landing pad. Cool mini jail. There is some tracking gear but it isn't enough. Mini car and motorcycle: Cool, small sports car with space to put a gold bar. Actuially there are 2 places. The motorcycle is cool, although it doesn't have the "box" the older ones had. Minifig: There's a SUPER COOL detective/police chief, a motorcycle police officer, and a robber. Overall: Great set, lots of detail. Hope this review helped you, PLEASE give me more helpfulness votes because I make a big effort to give you helpful reviews. Happy shopping!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great set for a stand-alone

Customer review by AliLego

5.0 stars 11/24/2012 by AliLego
by AliLego

This is my first police-themed set from LEGO. I was happy the way it turned out but it was a little bit over the price range than it really should be worth. This set is great for a stand-alone because it includes everything that the Police Station has, but all in a vehicle. This set took me about 3 hours to build. Pros: - wheels work great - includes everything you need: tools, jail cell, motorcycle, convertible, satellite dish, storage closet, computers, etc. - very "high tech" looking - fits lots of LEGO figures - very realistic-looking Cons: - a little too pricey for what it's worth - convertible is a little small; it would be nice to have both a drivers seat and a passenger seat instead of just one Overall, this is a great set and perfect as a stand-alone!

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Customer review by Washabi

5.0 stars 4/29/2013 by Washabi
by Washabi

This set was very nice, although a bit costly. If you are looking to buy for people ages 8-15, it is a very great set. Pros: -Has a jail cell in back to hold criminal, which adds a lot of playability. -Comes with a criminal car and police bike, which gives every minifigure a ride. -The command center is very easily opened and surprisingly doesn't break very easily. -In the door at the back of the real truck, there is some space for either storage or to add dogs if you have any. Cons: -The extra storage space is quite small, I had to add my own pieces to make it better. -I would've liked 1 or 2 more police minifigures so that they could stay in the command center. Overall this is a very nice set and it goes great with the "Heavy-Lift Helicopter Set # 4439".

Jersey City
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
WOW! You've GOT to get this!

Customer review by Mayci

5.0 stars 5/13/2011 by Mayci
by Mayci

Hi! I just got this semi like truck. It's great! It's easy to build, and for those of you police collectors, this is must have! :) Pros : • Great flexibility! I can move around the seating in the engine, and can easily put back everything the way it was. I can also fit the motercycle into the back (The middle of the trailer... where the computers are.) • Enough room! There is soo much room in the jail/cell area! I can easily fit in 3/4 robbers. It's great!!! • The characters: Wonderful! I got more spares! The guys could use a little variation, as I got 3 identical wigs, 3 same motorcycle guys, and 2 of the same cheifs. Cons: • I don't like how the trailer connects to the engine. It could use a little more stabilizing. Fantastic job, LEGO!

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The Magnify Glass WORKS!

Customer review by legomation11

5.0 stars 2/3/2011 by legomation11
by legomation11

Despite the fact that I have never seen a police semi in my life doesn't mean that LEGO didn't do a great job making one. I really like the details on the inside. It goes great with other city and police sets. I just don't think that if they were trying to be secretive about tracking a criminal that they would ride around in a semi with giant words like "police" printed all over it but maybe thats just me. The best part is the magnify glass actually well magnifies! the Cab Pros detective driver lights and mirror pieces looks good cons none but I cannot figure out why it has those large doors are they supposed to be more storage Trailer Pros The inside is awesome it has places to put everything I love the computers they are just too cool and the TV and coffee machine the roof and sides open up Cons I have trouble with it staying connected to the cab Police Bike and getaway car pros design is good (car even has a spot to hold the bar of gold) cons wheels on the bike don't spin well on the car you have to take off the wind screen because it goes past the door and you can't get a figure inside without doing so Overall a great set but the stickers are very hard to place. this set is fun great addition to your police force. BUY It(no really you should)

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Favorite police set ever made.

Customer review by TrainFan98

5.0 stars 11/27/2014 by TrainFan98
by TrainFan98

Out of all of the police sets I've bought this one would have to be my favorite. I really like the design of the truck to this set a lot this is what brought my attention to the set. The trailer has a lot of interesting police accessories inside along with the computers and decals, my favorite part is the jail on the outside to hold a criminal. The motorcycle is a nice vehicle as well to the set. The stolen car is small but very nice and can be used with other cars. This set includes three minifigures a detective, motorcycle cop, and a criminal. I like this set better than the new 60044 Mobile Police Unit only because I like truck design better than the 60044 version. For $44.99 this set was worth it.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by BRADZILLA2002

4.0 stars 5/17/2013 by BRADZILLA2002


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Age:14 - 18
Ownership:1 week or less
Usage:Every day

Customer review by Ryan8210

4.0 stars 5/19/2011 by Ryan8210
by Ryan8210

Honestly, I was a little disappointed with this LEGO set. This set has its ups and downs. I bought it for something to do. The build was fun, but it had to many stickers. I could have bought something a lot better for the value of money. It should have more minifigs for a robber, driver, motorcycle driver, and two people working in the trunk. Well, now for the pros and cons. PROS: •Comes with three vehicles •Great build •Fun to use CONS: •Too expensive •Too much stickers •Only 3 minifigs •Motorcycle is hard to take apart •Too small With more pros and cons, I would ONLY recommend this to people who only like the build (exept the motorcycle is hard to take apart).

Fort Collins
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Catch the Crook!

Customer review by Ellis

5.0 stars 9/19/2012 by Ellis
by Ellis

I like this set because it is some what out of the ordinary because the truck and trailer itself is something like the FBI or police use when there is a hostage stiuation the little red car is very cool and if you think about it it looks like a go kart which is really cool also this car goes great with the other small car set 3177 the motorcycle cop is also a great addition to this set because you can use it for 2 reasons 1 to go after the crook in the car or 2 to escort the police semi through your city. This is a great addition to the Lego City police line and if you like semi's for your city I would get this.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Mobile Command Center

Customer review by fudyhoy

5.0 stars 12/5/2010 by fudyhoy
by fudyhoy

This is the best police truck yet, the other one wasnt even close to coolness of this one. Now on to the set: if you dont put the stickers on its like a mobile command center,it also comes with a place to put the prisoner,and it comes with a small car for the prisoner to get away with,you can also take the trailer off witch is real cool,it also comes with 3 minifigs {i have about 180 minifigs}. PROS and CONS next. pros: minifigs mini car truck with trailer inside decals are cool cons: NONE I say buy this set if you like the popo theme

palm coast
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great set

Customer review by Travis002

5.0 stars 7/31/2012 by Travis002
by Travis002

This set is an awesome addition to your police collection I love this set is has a jail in the back where you can store 2 people its got tv and news boards all up in the interior. There are 2 places to sit your guys down so they can go on the computer, there is also plenty of other space for other guys. The truck part has a sort of bed in the back where you can put and extra guy plus the driver and there is a special place to put guns equipment or even a guy. the car is ok but I wish it was a little bigger other than that great set.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Evenese

1.0 stars 8/16/2012 by Evenese
by Evenese

i don't understand why lego decided to change the lego police collection. i found this design to be boxy and unflattering compared to the older version. i recived the older version for my birthday one year. it was detailed and fun to play with. this version (7288) is small. it doesn't come with as much stuff as the one i do. mine has a mini police tower with a security camera and satalite dish. it is far more complex then this "new" lego set. i am dissapointed in this "new" set and am happy i got the old one.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Great set, but could be better

Customer review by Doughman

4.0 stars 4/11/2011 by Doughman
by Doughman

Building: The set is divided into 3 parts: The motorbike and sports car, the ca of the truck and the main bit of the truck. The total amount of bricks is in 4 bags which is good, unless you like the spending-ages-looking-for-that-one-little-piece thing. I would prefer it if they gave you another traffic cone. The only other problem I can think of is the is the main body of the truck falls off the cab way to often, and there's no place to keep the motorbike in the truck.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 68 total reviews
1-20 of 68 reviews