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101 reviews | 4.7 out of 5

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1-20 of 100 reviews
This is the best value for a carry around lens.

Customer review by dmrucke

5.0 stars 9/2/2011 by dmrucke
by dmrucke

I purchased this lens for two reasons; the first was Walmart had the best price other sites sold it for well over a thousand dollars. (not that the lens is not worth every penny) But this is an exceptional lens, I began shooting as soon as I removed it from the box, it arrived site to store earlier than the date given which was great. I love this lens and only have one regret; I wish that I purchased it sooner and had taken it to Germany on my vacation. The images are excellent that are produced from this lens I have used it on both my D90 and D7000 and have some wonderful images. This is a heavy lens and it is a solid and quite lens I own the 70-300mm 5.6 Nikon VR lens but this lens is more versatile. Thanks Walmart for providing such an excellent lens at such a great value. My pup is always willing to hog the spotlight and pose for me he works for treats!

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Age:55 - 64
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every few days
Walmart associate
Excellent lens, definitely exceeds my expectations

Customer review by Willy75075

5.0 stars 2/29/2012 by Willy75075
by Willy75075

A little background - My first 28-300 was the very first lens I ever bought for my first digital SLR, and it was a Sigma. I took a lot of good photos with it, and thought it was a fine lens. As time went on, I bought better glass, and started seeing the shortcomings in it. I eventually bought a full-frame camera, and decided I needed to upgrade my 28-300, as that range makes an excellent all-around lens for full-frame cameras. I realized that the Sigma was not so sharp, and had a decided yellow tinge to its photos. I really wanted this Nikon, but I just could not see spending a thousand dollars on it, so instead I got myself a Tokina for less than half the price. Well, that lens was a lot better than the Sigma, quite a bit sharper, no yellow cast, but after a while I was still disappointed, so I finally broke down and bought the lens I really wanted. Wow. It has exceeded ALL expectations I had. It is sharp, has no discernible color cast, and the VR is spectacular. Nikon advertises "up to a 4-stop" improvement, and they do not lie. I have shot photos outdoors, at night, under dim lighting, 70mm at 1/4 second hand-held, and they were sharp as a tack! Four-stop improvement indeed! The only reason I did not give it top marks for value - it costs a thousand dollars! Is it worth it? You bet! But unfortunately a lot of people cannot afford that. And that is too bad, because this lens is excellent. If this is the focal range you need, save your pennies, you won't be disappointed.

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Age:55 - 64
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every few days
Great lens; does it all and really well!

Customer review by D700 Fan

5.0 stars 12/11/2010 by D700 Fan
by D700 Fan

I shot with this lens on my D700 and D2x as soon as I got it and I was thrilled with the pictures; they are sharp. I like it better on the FX camera because the low end range on a DX camera is not as useful at 42mm but you get 450mm at the long end. The AF on my lens is spot on, the zoom is nice and smooth and it holds the focus while you zoom the lens. The lens has good build quality, great appearance and it will close focus down to about 18". It can't replace my 17-35mm f2.8 but Nikon didn't design it to do that. It's a great lens to throw on the camera as you're going out the door and leave the gear bag at home.

D700 Fan
Jensen Beach, FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great lens; does it all and really well!

Customer review by D700 Fan

5.0 stars 12/13/2010 by D700 Fan
by D700 Fan

Ooops! I goofed in my review when I said "It can't replace my 17-35mm.....". What I meant to say is at the wide end of the zoom range this lens can't replace my 17-35mm f2.8. When I first heard of this lens coming out I thought it was a gimmick, another one size fits all, do everything lens. It's no gimmick; it performs great throughout its zoom range and I'm glad I got my hands on one sooner rather than later.

D700 Fan
Jensen Beach,FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
So far So good

Customer review by 36yr Nikon user!

5.0 stars 12/16/2010 by 36yr Nikon user!
by 36yr Nikon user!

Having just received this lens a week ago I will not have any tech feedback but I want to point out one minor and annoying thing..... The supplied lens shade rattles as you move around with the camera . Like I said....minor but worth pointing out.

36yr Nikon user!
Central Il
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Excellent general purpose lens

Customer review by mre

5.0 stars 12/27/2010 by mre
by mre

I waited a few months until I could find enough reviews to read before I purchased this lens for my own use. The general view appeared to be that it was an OK lens but had a lot of distortion at the short and long ends. Well coming from a 24-120 mm F 3.5 lens, that I was already happy with, and given the reviews of that lens as well, I decided to take the plunge. I'm happy I did. I'm not a professional but I am a meticulous person, and I take a lot of pride in my photography work. For what I do, this lens looks like it is going to be perfect. I've already taken enough shots to know I made the right choice. Best of all, I'm not switching lenses around anywhere nearly as often as I did before I bought this one, and that can only help to keep my D700 sensor clean here in our dusty state of Nevada. I'm delighted with my decision and my purchase! By the way, my lens hood does not seem to "rattle" as reported by some in previous reviews.

Carson City, NV
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love this lens

Customer review by aubiedawg

5.0 stars 1/14/2011 by aubiedawg
by aubiedawg

The lens is great and I can tell a big diffrence in the quality over some other lens I have. One drawback though is that it is a heavy lens.

Chattanooga TN
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Better than 18-200

Customer review by Joe

5.0 stars 2/5/2011 by Joe
by Joe

I bought this lens as a replacement for the Nikon 18-200 which I thought was a little soft on some of the focal lengths. My biggest concern was the weight because I use it more as a walk around type lens. It is heavier but I really do not have a problem. I use this with the Nikon D7000 and between the two I love the combination. I did not think I could hand hold a lens at 300mm plus the quality is much better than the 18-200. If you travel or you want to cut down on the number of lenses to use this one is for you.

Detroit, MIchigan
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Lens for FX

Customer review by Munna

5.0 stars 2/8/2011 by Munna
by Munna

I got my lens yesterday and took a couple of photos.. For this price and zoom range, the lens is great...It will be my travel companion for my next holidays....Feel that the zoom ring is a bit tight, but it should be OK..

Doha Qatar
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Sharp, fast autofocus and a keeper

Customer review by Chuckles

5.0 stars 10/5/2010 by Chuckles
by Chuckles

This lens is wonderful. Those who wondered how a 10X could remain sharp will be delighted. Though a bit heavy, its worth it. Great travel lens. Perfect for landscapes as well as urban vistas.

New York
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
very good universal lens

Customer review by DeerPhotog

5.0 stars 9/22/2010 by DeerPhotog
by DeerPhotog

The lens has girth and weight and feels well balanced on my D3. The zoom ring is somewhat stiff but it displays no "creep" when carried unlocked. It accepts my 77mm filters and close-up lenses. It lacks acute sharpness and speed of focus when photographing dynamic subjects in low light situations but the images are more than acceptable. I purchased this lens to use as my universal urban travel lens and it will serve that purpose nicely. My travel kit in urban areas now consists of this lens, a 50mm (f/1.4), my D3 and soon the D7000 which will serve as an expensive 1.5x TC..

Tinley Park, Illinois
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great new lense!

Customer review by PV

5.0 stars 10/17/2010 by PV
by PV

I just bought this lense as I was looking for the versatility of the 18-200 DX lense along with the reach of the 70-300 full frame lense. This 28-300 is perfect. I use a D300s camera so I still get the wide 42mm and the reach of the 450mm. I also wanted a lense I could use for closeups so I didn't have to crop as much in post processing. This lense works perfect. Check out the pic of the berries- uncropped at f16. I highly recommend this lense if you want the perfect everyday lense with wide angle, close up and telephoto all in one. AMAZING!

Leesburg, VA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Wow! What a Lens!

Customer review by TheBlueLens

5.0 stars 9/25/2010 by TheBlueLens
by TheBlueLens

This is the lens I've been waiting for. I bought this lens this morning to replace another mega-zoom lens from company "T an 18-270mm". I loved that lens but wow, what a difference the Nikon lens makes! I get the wide zoom range AND tack sharp images. I'm going out right now and use it in the "wild"!!

Denver, CO
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by mikesrc

5.0 stars 10/22/2010 by mikesrc
by mikesrc

Over the years I've owned many Nikon products. This may be as good as it gets for a multi purpose lens. A little heavy but very sharp. Plenty fast enough on a D700

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
A wonderful walk-around full frame lens

Customer review by AutoMatters

5.0 stars 9/22/2010 by AutoMatters
by AutoMatters

For years I've been asking Nikon reps. to ask Nikon to make this lens, so that I could replace my old Tamron 28-300mm. lens with Nikon optics. Most recently I'd been heavily using the Tamron lens on my Nikon D3 and D3S. I used it so much over the years that it needed (and received) a rebuild. This new Nikon lens is wonderful. Due to its versatility I have no doubt that I will use it far more than any other lens I own. I've used it quite a bit already and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

San Diego, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Sharp, easy to use, only lens needed

Customer review by Blue

5.0 stars 10/8/2010 by Blue
by Blue

Just got this yesterday and snapped a few photos in the back yard. Take a look at the amazing color and sharpness.

Oakland, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best Single Lens Choice

Customer review by OscarDeWolf

5.0 stars 9/12/2010 by OscarDeWolf
by OscarDeWolf

Wow I have VRII 18 - 200 mm But I wish I had one 28 - 300 mm for the convenience this offers in multiple and verity of options available in a single lens

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Lens

Customer review by Razor

5.0 stars 10/12/2010 by Razor
by Razor

I shot a movie premier and with this lens i was able to get group shots, full length and details of the Actors without having to even use my second D3s with 70-200mm to do so.. the 28-300mm is not a Pro lens but it perform like one. Thanks Nikon...

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Wow, fast and sharp

Customer review by ewn

5.0 stars 11/3/2010 by ewn
by ewn

First I am not a professional photographer. I never thought I would be able to hand hold a 300m lens and get sharp fast action pictures. this lens makes it possible.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Goodspeed

5.0 stars 3/8/2011 by Goodspeed
by Goodspeed

Ive shot with almost every Nikon cam since the D70 up to the D300 and tons of lenses and this is a Remarkable lens. handheld shots with slow shutters are very manageable. Image clarity capabilities give you the ability to shoot a perfect shot without being absolute in every step. THIS GLASS IS WORTH EVERY PENNY !!!!!

Baltimore, MD
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 100 total reviews
1-20 of 100 reviews