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Don't Buy This Printer If......

Customer review by Pcarguy

2.0 stars 6/14/2011 by Pcarguy
by Pcarguy

Overall this is nice printer with many excellent features. However, if you plan to scan or copy multipage documents this is NOT the printer for you. It, and the 8500A Premium, all have the same problem. It will not properly scan or even copy a multipage document that is fed through the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF). What happens is it will skip pages. For example, when a 14 page document is fed through the ADF it will only copy or scan 7 or 8 of the pages. After the first 2 or 3 pages it skips every other page. This happened with the original 8500A Plus that I purchased on May 23, 2011, the two replacement 8500A Plus printers that HP sent me, and also with the new 8500A Premier that I just received from HP (that's four separate printers all with the same problem). I spent many hours on the phone with HP Tech Support staff, and none of them could solve the problem. Since the same issue appeared on each of the three replacement printers they sent me, this appears to be a model-specific defect.

Tampa, Florida
Would recommend to a friend? No
Get a replacement extended warranty

Customer review by Dane

1.0 stars 6/29/2011 by Dane
by Dane

We purchased the 8500 thinking it was going to be a plus to our small business. It set up and registered easily and is easy to use. It is compatable with our windows 7 and a feature that was a real plus for us was the scan to flash drive. Within 3 months our document feeder stopped working and after tinkering with it for about an hour, I found a small gear I could open the cover, lift this gear, and get my feeder to work. In the 13th month (reason you better get the extended warranty) the printer had a paper jam that would not clear. There was no jam, I followed the advise on the troubleshooting website and was unsuccessful in clearing this supposed paper jam. I won't comment on their customer support since I'm not supposed to here. Lastly, i had to go online and thankfully found a blog of similar disgruntled owners and found my problem, a CHEAP plastic gear had broken. This is totally buyer beware. I will not buy HP again, there are too many other printers out there that get much better ratings.

Would recommend to a friend? No
50/50 chance your printer works out of the box!

Customer review by msavage2000

3.0 stars 5/13/2011 by msavage2000
by msavage2000

We purchased the 8500A for business use. After setting it all up and plugging it in, the printer could not complete its startup configuration. After several attempts over 36 hours and another 45 minutes with HP support (they were very helpful, however they didnt have a phone solution) it was determined we have a printer carriage/cartridge problem. HP options were to replace carriage, send printer back to HP for refurbished one or send back to where we bought it (CDW, which we did). BTW.. after searching the online forums regarding this problem, I was shocked to see how many 8500A printers experience the same problem! Other Comments: The printer is handsom looking and with HP features that offer all that you could ask for. Dual paper tray is nice for having legal and letter sizes at one time. The touch screen is cool but is glossy and hard to see the touch bottons if it is not facing you or reflecting glare from a light source.

Washington, NC
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Disappointed with the Product

Customer review by Broke

1.0 stars 12/21/2010 by Broke
by Broke

The Office Pro 8500a Plus has several key drawbacks. HP has severely minimized the driver functionality for both scanning and printing. Plan on purchasing third party scanning software if you plan on using the scanner on a regular basis. After the initial setup, it was clear that I was having a problem with the printer driver as I could print to my HP 7280 normally, but the new officejet was resizing my printing documents using the same software and print settings. As I worked with HP's support team to identify the issue, they had me use an alternate driver as the solution, however, that driver would not support the scanning functions so I would have to switch between the two drivers every time I used the scanner and printer and I could no longer do both at the same time. Using the new drivers I now have lines that print through all my graphics and photos at exactly every 1.75 inches across the page.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Worst Printer EVER

Customer review by An anonymous customer

1.0 stars 11/2/2011 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I have TWO of these printers. Unfortunately, I bought one for my house, then my office buys the exact model. BOTH have never worked properly. The components are garbage, the top trey keeps falling off, the ink doesnt last long and BOTH printers are constantly cleaning their print heads, aligning cartridges. Please buy this printer if you like to wait 10 minutes for your printer to boot up and clean itself. Don’t count on the wireless feature to ever work either, it frequently loses connection and has to be reset. The printer has a lot of nice features, but the features rarely work. I have been wanting to leave this review for a long time, but this morning is the day because I couldn't print something at home, so I came to the office, and now the office printer is broken. Do you think HP can help?! Yea right, I have tried calling them multiple times, after going through a 20 minue phone tree and staying on hold half the day, you get someone in India who tells you to replace the cord or restart the printer, none of which would ever happen. Avoid this model like the plague.

An anonymous customer
Petaluma, CA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Best Value All-in-One on the Market

Customer review by tntoutdoors

5.0 stars 12/3/2010 by tntoutdoors
by tntoutdoors

This All-in-One HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus is super easy to set up, easy to operate, and is loaded with tons of features. Setup and full install of all software took about 25 minutes. Completely user friendly touch screen. Makes copies and scans better than the original. Have used a HP 7130 for last 4 years, didn't know what I was missing until I got this machine. Copies and print functions are super fast. An all around A++ for HP on this machine. Have used it for about a month with no issues.

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So Far So Good

Customer review by gajman

4.0 stars 3/28/2011 by gajman
by gajman

I consider myself an advanced user. I purchased to replace a lexmark printer. Worked with Lexmark for over a week. Tech support could never get the 64 bit drivers to manage the print spooler. This machine set up right out of the box. First set it up on a usb port to make sure it worked, then set up the wireless. All that setup took just a few minutes. The printer seems very fast in both color and black and white printing. Scanning is very fast too. Saving files to usb drive on printer is simple and straight forward. Have no tried the FAX yet. I suppose it will work fine. The printer does seem to be quite ballistic. It sways the table each time it prints. The print heads do seem pretty expensive, the ink seems reasonable. It will be interesting to see how long the print heads last. Seems a good idea to replace ink and not print head and ink every time. My single biggest worry is the paper feed system. The demo didn't go very well at the store, they had to replace the dual sided mechanical device because it jammed every time at the store. I don't print that much, a few thousand sheets a year. Like I said, I'll review again in a few weeks.

SLC, Utah
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Finally! Economical & Reliable AIO!

Customer review by Jump4Joy

5.0 stars 11/25/2011 by Jump4Joy
by Jump4Joy

Finally! A printer that doesn't eat ink cartridges or jam! I purchased the 8500A Plus for it's ability to scan/print letter and legal-sized documents. I have been very satisfied with all functions, including photo printing. Unlike many other printers I have had, this one has performed perfectly for over 6 months, and the ink lasts me much longer than any other I have owned. If you have time to "play", it also has extra apps/features to allow you to access and print forms, coupons, etc. With realistic expectations for a home machine, I think that you will be very pleased. It isn't the super fast commercial printer, but doesn't have the price tag, either. This is pretty fast for a home unit... I trust that it won't be necessary for some time, but if I needed another unit, I would certainly purchase this one again.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by BUBBIE

3.0 stars 4/13/2011 by BUBBIE

I am a faithful HP customer. I bought one of these printers a year ago to replace an older model "all-in-one". I have been disappointed in it ever since. The FAX, scanner, copier, and printer all work fine, but (a) when you print, it always feeds a blank page before it prints, (b) it uses a lot of ink, including color ink even though I print mostly in B&W, (c) it is excessively busy "cleaning the print head" or "checking the device" when I am ready to use it, (d) it frequently prints a smeared line when the color is supposed to be red, and (e) the ink is exorbitantly expensive. I also get a "device error code", but I cannot find any reference to it in the on-line manual, and my service requests go unanswered (help). Is it me, is it a malfunction in my printer, or is it the printer model? I'm never sure.

Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by Lurch

2.0 stars 4/4/2011 by Lurch
by Lurch

HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus is very disappointing to me. The printer prints fine, BUT cartridge life seems to be extremely poor, compared to what I've spent in the past. Why it has to clean the heads so often, and use up more ink and money, I'll never understand. I really feel it would pay prospective buyers to be much more investigative, (and evidently I was not) when determining a printer. Had I known this would have been such an expensive printer to operate, in my home, I would have chosen otherwise. My previous printer did not use nearly the amont of ink that this one uses. But I wanted to try some of the options on the 8500A Plus, that I didn't have on the previous HP printers. I even purchase the larger cartridges. HP has always been my Computer & equipment preference. Hopefully future prospective HP buyers will be more educated than I. I have owned only HP printers & computers, starting with printer model 880c, then 932c, and continued with a D4260 and 6310 All-in-one. Speed wasn't an issue with my printers, but I got this 8500A Plus because the optional issues could be very convenient. Maybe HP can give me some assistance with optional settings, dealing with the ink usage?

Cincinnati, OH
Would recommend to a friend? No
Officejet 8500 aio

Customer review by BolivarSidewinder

5.0 stars 9/22/2011 by BolivarSidewinder
by BolivarSidewinder

Comparing my new Officejet 8500 aio to my last HP printer Officejet 6400 aio. Hands down the newer version of the Officejet aio printer is easier to setup. The wireless setup is easier to connect to my network (feature with it's own IP address). Scan to your computer process can be turned on or off. The faxing process is faster, the software interface allows you check fax history for sent and received faxes directly on your computer via the Fax software interface. Fax fowarding is one of many features you can set. The auto fax answer feature works great with electronic answering service for phone service on this version. (no baby sitting required like older version have my auto answer set to max 6 rings and phone electronic answering service set to 9 rings). Printed documents are crisper in black or color. The touch screen is faster and easier to use for quick setting changes and normal day to day task with this aio printer. Changing the ink cartridges is easier with the door for the compartment on the front of the aio. This Officejet aio does NOT require a different setup software for the operating systems being used. All around this aio printer is the better buy for the extra money.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
A tiny bit disappointed... but I can live with it.

Customer review by serrot

4.0 stars 10/11/2011 by serrot
by serrot

I have as yet to check out all the features - still working on it. Lots to learn. I am replacing my HP 7310 - a great machine. Salesman said the 8500A replaces 7310. But 8500A does not copy legal size pages. It does print out legal size from computer document or fax. I was aware of this when I bought the 8500A. The 7310 did copy legal size with no problem. The 8500A description says it prints both sides of paper. Turns out it will print out on both sides from a document off your computer.... but it will not copy both sides if you have a page to copy with both sides printed. Coping both sides can be done manually but not with using the Duplexer. Too bad, I was looking forward to copying both sides automatically. With 7310 I used the program from my credit union to automatically scan and deposit my bank checks. The Credit Union used the TWAIN interface built into the 7310. Quite niffty. But I find out that the 8500A does not have a TWAIN interface so I have to manually scan the checks. I won't die doing it manually – it’s not that many extra steps - but I am disappointed that HP has chosen to delete a good feature. Well, at this point I will say, I wish my 7310 did not break. But this 8500A is OK.

San Francisco Bay Area
Would recommend to a friend? No
An excellent, high quality printer

Customer review by Enjoying2day

5.0 stars 11/18/2011 by Enjoying2day
by Enjoying2day

Purchased the HP Office Jet Pro 8500A Plus to replace my older HP C6150 All-in-One printer that had been a work horse for our family for several years. I wanted the 8500 to perform the same all-in-one tasks as the C6150 and add a wireless connnection with my new Apple Ipad. It has done everything I wanted it to do, plus scan/print on both sides of papers, increase the scanning quality to 4800, print higher quality photos, handle double sided Fax papers, use both letter and legal sized paper, and add much better HP supporting software for the printer to my computer. The installation was easy, surprisingly fast, and worked immediately. The only thing I had to do to tweek the set up was to run the print alignment twice and run the clean heads printer program three times to get the heads primed completely and printing photos at the quality I liked. Since then it has printed directly from my Ipad without going through our wireless network and is printing everything that is sent over the wireless network from several different computers. Another bonus is that the ink cartridges are less expensive. I couldn't ask for a better replacement for our older HP printer and would recommend it to anyone needing to update their home or small business printer.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Top Notch Product

Customer review by Agent12

5.0 stars 12/29/2010 by Agent12
by Agent12

I recently purchased the HP Officejet Pro 8500A Plus, and I could not be happier with my decision. Don't let those that don't understand tech sway your decision from this machine. I've been working in IT for 13 years now, and I am impressed. I make the key purchasing decisions for my organization and this makes my list. Setup was a breeze, and within 30 minutes I was up and running. This isn't your vintage late 90's early 2000's AIO. It's modern, and refined. My primary reason for purchasing is for scanning, and so far once again I am quite impressed. I was able to scan a stack of 2-sided pages in no time. I would highly recommended this product to anyone looking for a fully functional AIO to get the job done!

Gilbert, AZ
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Pitiful Software

Customer review by Barb1828

1.0 stars 9/10/2011 by Barb1828
by Barb1828

The software included with this machine is very basic. Considering the functions the printer has you would think it would have a great software package. I bought it to replace a worn out L7590 which used HP Solutions software and I assumed this one would have similar software. Not even close!! I am so disappointed. The paper tray hardly holds any paper. If you fill it the least bit too much it won't pick up the paper. When I print labels it often picks up more than one sheet. I'm not sure about the ink usage because the familiar popup that shows how much ink you have isn't there anymore. I really miss my old printer. On the plus side the touch screen is easy to use and the wireless works well.

Would recommend to a friend? No
OK if you want lots of yellow

Customer review by perfectionist

2.0 stars 1/16/2011 by perfectionist
by perfectionist

Gotta take it back. I've had a lot of HP printers (and only HP printers) over the years. Had to replace my old printer that died - and thought an all in one would be nice to have. Since I print a lot of photos/brochures/etc that require precise color matching I can't keep this one. Ivory/cream prints as vibrant yellow! I've tried everything the website and the support tech had to offer - only to determine this printer has some type of quirk that can't be corrected. Too bad - and after reading other reviews of this and other late model HP printers - I've come to the conclusion I may have to change brands to get the quality and dependability I need (and have experienced with HP in the past).

Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by cfrost

2.0 stars 5/19/2011 by cfrost
by cfrost

I purchased this printer 8 months ago and at first it seemed a very nice improvement over the last one (HP C309A) which died shortly after a year of owning it. The software worked a lot better and all the computers could use it wirelessly with little to no issues. Unfortunately this one only lasted 8 months until, like the previous one, it wouldn’t feed paper anymore. It displays that there is a paper jam but there is not. Turns out that the problem is a broken cog within the clutch unit. I do not use it very often (still on the demo cartridges that came with it) but when I do I need it to work. I gave HP a second chance with this printer but will be purchasing a different brand this time.

Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by BeeruitAmsterdam

5.0 stars 10/21/2010 by BeeruitAmsterdam
by BeeruitAmsterdam

I bought this AiO becouse it looks nice, it smells nice and it taste as heaven. Maybe this review is on too short notice, but i'm so glad with it. It was a bit hard to fit it in my wireless network, but i managed. So now i found a replacement for my PSC950. I've had it for almost 10 years and still it works great, only i missed the upgrades/updates for the software. Now i hope this great machine helps me for the next 10 years. Keep up the good work HP and over 10 years i'll be there to buy the next one. If i need it :-) The things i care on this machine is the seperate inkcardridges, the touchscreen, automatical duplex at ADF, the large scan glass and all the extra's of ePrint and Apps.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Fax Feature is HORRIBLE!

Customer review by MomisMeChick

2.0 stars 9/14/2011 by MomisMeChick
by MomisMeChick

We are loyal HP customers, need AIO, spent 2 hours faxing what should have taken 20 minutes. Feeder will scan without reading page, will pull 2 pages at once, extremely frustrating for user and end client who expects pages in order to only find pages missing, or out of order because I tried to refax those that didn't read correctly the first time. This was a problem right out of the box--I will be returning it tomorrow. I have not been able to even try the other features as the faxing doesn't work with the machine brand new. My fax line from my old machine worked so I didn't have the same issues others seemed to have that you need to use the phone cord that came with the machine.

Minneapolis, MN
Would recommend to a friend? No
Works well when it works

Customer review by markjville

2.0 stars 5/30/2011 by markjville
by markjville

I bought this for our office. It is well designed on the outside and has a small footprint. HP has great Linux support which is important for us. Networking the printer wasn't difficult either. Prints beautifully whether text or color images. My only complaint while it worked was the excessively long cleaning process (10 min). We had been using the this model for 3 months with constant successful operation. Then a mysterious "paper jam". There is no paper jam inside the unit, after trouble shooting, the OfficeJet is being sent off to HP. I might have expected this after a few years, but not a few months of light to medium use. I rate this one "lemon"

New York, NY
Would recommend to a friend? No
1-20 of 75 total reviews
1-20 of 75 reviews