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1722 reviews | 4.8 out of 5

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1722 reviews | 4.8 out of 5

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1-20 of 1709 total reviews
1-20 of 1709 reviews

Customer review by ENERGIZERSNOBABE

5.0 stars 3/9/2012 by ENERGIZERSNOBABE

We've used Nutrish for >5 years, and it is THE BEST DOG FOOD EVER, BAR NONE! We have BIG dogs who have lived much longer lives (16+ years), because this dog food is high in protein, healthy, has no fillers or corn, and is food dogs can digest and actually use to fuel their fast and furious playtime. This also means less p00p, people! Better still, you don't need to feed them as much to fill them up and keep them in tip top form: Look at the serving sizes recommended for your size dog... I guarantee Nutrish's are smaller than those recommended by the so-called "better" dog foods (Iams, Blue, etc.), because they are getting more quality food per bite. Save yourself real dough (and time) by ordering the 28-lb. bags online with free shipping directly to your home. I just ordered 4 more. I have seriously big dogs, friends!

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Reno, NV
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Usage:Every day
Ownership:Longer than one year
Age:45 - 54
Chicken & Veggies - Ruff Approved!

Customer review by Txbutterfly3

5.0 stars 5/21/2015 by Txbutterfly3
by Txbutterfly3

I have been feeding my dogs dry dog food for years. I never really thought much about what went into it. I figured the more meaty and cheesy things in it, the better. I thought their food was more of a treat for them, and didn't think too much about substance. We lost our chihuahua to diabetes about six months ago. It was only then that I really began to hear about foods you should and shouldn't feed your dog. It was then I realized about fillers in dog food. My husband and I really searched around to find something better for our dogs but something that would still taste good. I had found an online sample of Rachel Ray's dog food on a freebie site I belong to. I ordered it. I knew Rachel Ray from television and always liked her recipes. The dogs LOVED the food! We were super impressed. We bought the 28 pound large bag of Rachel Ray Nutrish Chicken & Vegetables recipe. Love that is has real chicken and no fillers. The dogs LOVE the food and we love knowing they have a balanced meal. It's a must have for our dogs and the difference really shows in how they are more active!


Customer review by urirkingme

5.0 stars 4/20/2012 by urirkingme
by urirkingme

I have 2 unrelated pound puppies, ages 8 and 7. How picky can a large dog be that comes from a shelter. VERY. The larger dog had major digestive problems. Nutrish eased that immediately. They other boy is my 'little' diva. He's very catlike. He used to taste the food and spit it out so I didn't think he liked it too much. Now I have to keep them in the next room until I put their food down and call them to me. They were tripping me just getting to their separate bowls. And about Just Six, the treats from Nutrish. The big guy doesn't drool for much, but Nutrish Just Six lamb treats causes a Pavlov's dog reaction. DROOL DROOL DROOOOOLLLLLLL. I havne't tasted it myself, but my Kanine Kids love it!

bayonne, nj
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
To Your Health!

Customer review by Nonnie and Papa

5.0 stars 8/5/2016 by Nonnie and Papa
by Nonnie and Papa

Brandie was born with a sensitive stomach! Just about everything we fed her stayed about 15 minutes and, up she came! We were reduced to making a special diet of chicken and brown rice for her and that's all she could eat for the first 4 or 5 years of her life. Then, we saw an ad for Nutrish and, knowing that Rachel Ray is a pretty good cook and loves her animals, decided to try it. What a difference! No more, "hurry Pop, get the mop". Brandie is now just over 14 years old and, while she's slowing down a bit, still active and healthy! Thanks Rachael Ray. We are convinced that Nutrish has played a major role in keeping our "baby" up and running!

Nonnie and Papa
Quality Dog food without the big sticker price

Customer review by Dakotans

5.0 stars 8/17/2016 by Dakotans
by Dakotans

We have an almost 2 year old lab who is very active' runs and swims everyday. We had first bought a big name dog food with a very big sticker price! We figured it would be the best for our purebred puppy. After about 9 months he began to get sick all the time. I started doing research on food and realized the claims this company was making were not true or pure food. I quickly found great reviews on Rachel Ray Nutrish and how pure the food was designed. Hank adapted right away and loves his new food. We spend have the price for great product that our dog is very happy with today!

Love the ingredients!!

Customer review by Judy58

5.0 stars 4/15/2015 by Judy58
by Judy58

We started our Boston Terrier puppies out on a more expensive brand of puppy food. They turned their noses up. After researching the ingredients in the different foods and their pricing, Nutrish has the best ingredients for the money. And they LOVE it!!

Des Moines, IA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
This product is good

Customer review by fklvb4

5.0 stars 8/24/2014 by fklvb4
by fklvb4

We think this is one of the better dog foods for the small dog. We feed it too all of our dachshunds. They love it. We wish the price was a little lower, but it works for our doggies.

Springfield, IL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
My pups love it!

Customer review by Mladdicks

5.0 stars 8/9/2016 by Mladdicks
by Mladdicks

I began purchasing this food for my first rescue dog back in 2008 or 2009; I've since added a second rescue dog but the food has remained the same! My boys Sargie and Maxwell both love Nutrish and they love that it benefits pups like them, rescues! They can't wait for their morning and evening scoops of delish Nutrish in their matching Chinese takeout food bowls! They are also excited to try the other varieties one they become available in our area. We love Rachel Ray and Nutrish!

Picky Dog

Customer review by Teddym519

5.0 stars 8/24/2016 by Teddym519
by Teddym519

My partner and I rescued a dog 3 months ago and he is a super picky eater. We tried several different brands of food and they were all met with the same aloofness. We then saw the Rachael Ray food and decided to give it a try. My dog LOVES it! He can't get enough! Not only that but it's been very good for his digestive system (if you know what I mean). Cannot thank you enough!

My dog loves this food!

Customer review by janetlallen75

5.0 stars 8/6/2016 by janetlallen75
by janetlallen75

I have purchased Nutrish dog food for my English Setter/Border Collie mix twice now. She loves this dog food. I made the switch because she didn't seem eager to eat the food I was buying. I even tasted it and think it tastes better! Also I purchased it because I know Rachael cares about good nutrition for our pets!

perfect health

Customer review by Dcoop

5.0 stars 8/8/2016 by Dcoop
by Dcoop

My boxer Mugsy had terrible gastic problems as a pup had to be put on medication,then I saw Rachael Ray made the dog food . Changed food to nutrish and no more gastic problems no more medication. He is a healthy 2 and a half year old. Our new addition is also on nutrish......thank you so much !!!!


Customer review by Mugsies Mom

5.0 stars 10/3/2015 by Mugsies Mom
by Mugsies Mom

My dog didn't seem to enjoy her old food, so we tried Nutrish Dry Chicken & Veggies, and she couldn't get it down fast enough. We'd already tried the soup bones, & she loved them, so when I saw the wet food I figured I'd try that as a treat once in a while if she liked it, & she was excited about eating. Now she gets Dry daily, & the wet about 3 times a week. Soup bones we always get unless they're out of stock at the supermarket. I have a Pitbull, Shepherd, Lab rescue, & just adopted a German Shepherd possibly with a little husky in him. He tries to eat it before I can get it into his bowl. Great food I recommend it to everyone.

Mugsies Mom
A winner!

Customer review by joyous503

5.0 stars 8/5/2016 by joyous503
by joyous503

We have 3 rescued dogs in the house, who despite not having been fed well, are VERY picky eaters! It took me 6 months of trying different foods until I found one they would all eat willingly. Thank you for making a product ALL my dogs love!


Customer review by buttysmom

5.0 stars 8/8/2016 by buttysmom
by buttysmom

I have been feeding this to my baby since the day we got her. We had to put it in the processor she was so little but she loved it then & still does.

Great products!

Customer review by Miss Peters

5.0 stars 5/21/2015 by Miss Peters
by Miss Peters

As an owner and foster mom to many fur children, all rescues, it is very important to feed them with the best quality food. We know most of our rescues do not always have the best start in life and nutrition for the rest of it is "top of my list". I am extremely impressed that you have continued to educate and provide new products that are made specifically for the health and welfare of our pets! All of my hounds have been enjoying your dog food for several years now and I am so anxious to try out your new "Grain Free" food! Love the fact that you send coupons and support many in need across the country!

Miss Peters
Best Food Ever

Customer review by karen720

5.0 stars 8/5/2016 by karen720
by karen720

I have been feeding this food for over 18 months, My 2 dogs are both 10 and are as energetic, alert and healthy as pups half their age

Great for small dogs

Customer review by Bellaboo

5.0 stars 6/16/2016 by Bellaboo
by Bellaboo

We have a 5 lbs dog, a picky grazer. She loves Nutrish Real Chicken and veggies. Perfect size for her to grab a few. She like to throw them around before eating them. We tried a few other brands before this, even tried making our own, but she enjoys this the best and we know it is good for her.

Soooooo Happy

Customer review by Sid Shelby

5.0 stars 5/24/2015 by Sid Shelby
by Sid Shelby

We are brothers, Sidney & Shelby. We started right out in this world with allergies and let me tell you it is not fun for us or mom. After trying, at least, 5 different food brands mom saw a television ad on Rachael Ray. Well, the rest is history. We are happy and no spots on our bellies and mom is so happy that our great little personalities have came out in a happy way. Thanks Rachael Ray.....

Sid Shelby
My Picky Eaters

Customer review by ghkat

5.0 stars 5/22/2015 by ghkat
by ghkat

My Nicky Boy Australian Shepherd likes the chicken and veggies recipe but not fond of the beef. I have not tried the new grain free as yet because it is always sold out. My BooBoo Tuxedo Kitty is very picky and was a bit reluctant at first but was successful when mixed with his regular food until conversion was complete.


Customer review by rumbatango

5.0 stars 5/22/2015 by rumbatango
by rumbatango

I bought this a few weeks ago and my 5 dogs LOVE it! I am so happy to find a healthy food that they really love. Man, with 5 dogs it would be great to win free food for a year. They are all rescue dogs and we just love them. They are my children since I could never have kids. Thank you for making such great foods for our pets.

1-20 of 1709 total reviews
1-20 of 1709 reviews