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Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Folding Electric Treadmill

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Folding Electric Treadmill

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Missing/Damaged parts. Decent treadmill

For one the shipping of my treadmill was horrible. The box came all ripped up right through the middle and one of the screws was through the box and broken instead of securely screwed into the bottom of the machine. The belt has a permanent indentation i guess from the parts that were on top of it or something I'm not sure. Then after putting it together i notice it didn't come with the bracket and thing to put on the rails to fold up the treadmill when not in use. I have yet to contact Weslo about that yet but I'm sure it wont be fun. Overall the treadmill seems decent. This is my first one. Putting the treadmill together isn't that hard if you have help. The only hard part is putting the bottom part on.


When I ordered on line I new that there was some assembly required but the base did not fit and I had to order another base. I received the new base for the treadmill and again it did not match up to the holes of the treadmill. Very frustrating. I didn't figure on having to take apart the treadmill and reassemble it for it to work. I gave up and will return it to Walmart. Very frustrating. I usually don't have a problem with assembly but this was more than I bargained for. Hope you have better luck than I did.


I receive my treadmill on 6/6/14, I love that it was on sale couldn't find it no where else for that price. That only little problem I had was when putting it together some of the holes where the screws go in wasn't big enough for the screws so it took longer to put together. I needed a treadmill for my weight lost journey and with the price it was I was able to buy it. WALMART ROCKS!!


I have only used this for a week, but so far this is a great product. Easy set up, easy to use. I am 230lbs and have had NO problems with its sturdyness. Will update in a few months.


Like the look and have been using it twice a day. So far it works perfect.

Treadmill 100% love it

Got this for christmas , this is my second Weslow treadmill. Extremly satisfy with both . Easy to assemble nothing missing. The board is very easy not difficult to read . My only thing is its not very wide but i live in a mobil home do its good for me .
Hi Pita, Thanks for the great review. Best of luck to you in reaching your fitness goals for 2019.

came damaged and activation is a pain.

For the price -- construction is good. Feels a little cheap. Delivered to my house, opened box and it had a dent in the main arm of it. The ding does not affect the machine. Set it up (takes two people) and it would not turn on until I registered. The registration is very confusing because it is trying to get you to buy a monthly exercise plan. I eventually did figure out how to decline and start it, but it was just annoying. This was very disappointing to me. It makes you feel that you cannot start unless you insert your credit card to the app. There is a way to navigate around it, but confusing. Emailed company about the ding and its just a run around. It takes about 3 days for them to respond and then they just want more info and then wait another 3 days. They want to send me the part and have me fix it. I was supposed to have bought a new machine, did not plan on being the repair man too. They should send me a new one or reduce what I paid. (2nd option would be better). This is not Wal-Mart's fault - it is whatever company sold it through Walmart. The reviews came back high, but not real thrilled.

Dont waste your money!!!

I bought this a year ago and have only used it a handful of times. It works when it wants!! It gets me so frustrated!! I had to gwt a gym membership because of this.

Love it!

I can't walk on the road or a trail, because I have spinal stenosis, so I have no balance. But I can hold on, on this and walk, it's wonderful. It has helped me get my blood sugar down. I started out slow for just 3 minutes a day. Now I'm walking 1.3 (speed) and for 10 minutes at a time, some times 2-3 times a day. I think it's a great product for the price. I have just recomended it to all my Atkins buds on facebook. Love you all!! Hope this helps!!!

Excellent for Beginner!!

I purchased this machine yesterday after reading many reviews. I wanted something inexpensive since I haven't worked out in a while..I figured this would be good enough to get me going. I plan on working my way to running a few miles but doubt I'll ever be a marathon runner and need anything more than this! Purchase: My husband and I were able to drag this upstairs in our home. We're both fairly small and it's pretty heavy so you probably need 2 people- unless your extremely strong! Some reviews say it will fit in a standard trunk, but I didn't see it fitting in my large Camry, so we needed a truck. Assembly: I was a little worried about parts not being in the box as some reviews have said. The first thing I looked for was that they were all there before I went through the trouble of putting it together. Luckily, they were all there! The hardware was in a separate package and labeled with the dimensions of each screw, name of each hex wrench, and even what step of the instructions it was associated with! It took my husband and I about 40 minutes to put together. I think it could be done by one person if you had to. I was really just reading the instructions to him, but helped on maybe 2 parts (hold one piece while he screwed something in). Quality: I believe this is worth the price. Some reviews said it's wobbly or shakes. I walked/jogged on it this morning and it doesn't move! I'm pretty sure it's because my husband tightened the screws VERY well. If you're having this problem, trying tightening everything. The base is pretty narrow, but not an issue. You're walking/running in a straight line so I don't see a need for anything wider. It's also not TOO long. I'm 5'4" and my husband is 5'10", so it's perfect for us. If you're tall with long legs, it may be too small of a base for you to stretch out, but I'm not sure! Because the base is fairly small, if you're running it can be fairly loud on impact. When my husband was jogging, I could see the board bouncing down on each step and making a "thud" noise. This shouldn't matter unless you're trying to be quiet for others in the home. We tested the noise level with the gym door closed, him in our bedroom with that door closed and he said he could barely hear it. We will probably be able to hear stomping when one is running upstairs and we're downstairs. Features: It does keep track of calories, distance, and time elapse. It also has a spot to put your thumb and it shows heart rate. I did that twice and the first time it said 124 which I thought was accurate. The second was 51 which I don't think was accurate, but that doesn't surprise me! The distance calculator is shown in numbers, but it also shows a little track. I'm not fond of the track because it shows 1/4 miles. So it will circle around 4 times in 1 mile. Basically if you look down at it, you don't know where you are in your mile unless you look at the distance in numbers. Again, this is not a big deal. I'm just glad it tells you how far you've gone! The picture of a mile shouldn't matter. Calories counted seemed accurate and of course the time elapse was. Overall: I think it's great for a beginner and at the price that it is. I was definitely doing cardio as if it was any other treadmill. It could be considered small and loud on impact, but if you put it in a secluded part of the house or if you're alone it won't bother anyone. Folds up well and doesn't take up a lot of space! I would recommend it!

No problems yet

Owned the product for only a month and so far there's no problem. It was easy to assemble. It's a little heavy though so I would suggest having another person help out to avoid any injury. But aside from that, everything is working perfectly.I read a review saying that it's kinda hard to read the numbers on the screen, try removing this very thin layer of plastic and see if that helps. It looks like it protects the buttons and the screen but I removed it anyway and the screen is so much clearer now and I'm having no problems at all.

product came with broken foot rest

Product came with broken foot rest on right, all the screw holders were broken off. I communicated with Weslo Customer Service via email several times. They were very unknowledgable about what my complaints was. I finally sent a picture of the problem and then never heard back from them at all. I would never purchase this brand again! attached is the photo I sent to Weslo

So Far, so good!

I've had it almost a month and so far so good. Some helpful hints to make the assembly easier; Do not try to install the base while treadmill is on its side the holes won't line up, instead flip it completely over so much easier. Once put together you have to press and hold the Bluetooth button to power it up, this only has to be done once in the beginning. The ifit program I didn't bother with, I just use the preset workouts programmed on the treadmill, or do a manual workout. I gave it four stars due to the above aforementioned. Hope this helps.
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I have never received a package damaged so badly. This is how the packaged was delivered to the inside of my home. I helped the FedEx lady bring it in because pieces were falling out as she pulled it in. The power cord is completely bent and wire is frayed. I have 3 pictures to upload, but for some reason they aren't being “accepted” by the website.


This treadmill was easy to assemble, the very beginning was a pain but its not too difficult to figure out. It is amazingly lightweight so it allows me to move it from one room to another. for what you pay, you get a great machine.


Bought this treadmill after I realized I was paying $480 a year for the gym only to be running on a treadmill. From the suggestion of a friend I purchased this Welso. A little about myself..Female 25-30...I work out about 3-4 times a week and that's what I had intended to do with this machine. Overall I love this product. Assembly is pretty easy but a man's help is neccessary or two strong women. I say this becuase you have to attach the top part to the base so someone has to hold it at an angle where you can do so....Tightening the screws would have been hard if I did not have my fiance as well. Only because it's a treadmill so you want to make sure everything is tight.. The system itself works fine. The sounds is not noisey to me...It's equivalent to what you hear when you are at the gym on the treadmill. You have 6 programs to choose from which are for fat burn and cardio. Or you can do the manual. It has 2 manual inclines..I typically leave mine at the highest level since it is ..well manual But all in all this is a great buy for a great price..I will most likely opt for the extended warranty to protect my small yet important investment.... As far as getting it home if you have a mid size car it will fit in your trunk IF you take it out of the box...This machine is not piece and parts heavy so literally when you take it out the box you have about 6 pieces to shove in your trunk...I did site to store to save on shipping which is why we picked it up... But overall this is a great buy..If you are an avid runner 5-7 days ...9 mph hour runner I would suggest something different. But if you are a gal like me that just wants to tone up in the comfort of your home this is the machine for you!!! Oh ps...It folds up too which is awesome...

So far so good

It took a little over half an hour to set up. Really pretty easy. Its not as big as I expected, this is a good thing. Its also quieter than I expected, also a good thing. I've used it every day for a little over a week and everything has been fine. I don't think this would be a good machine for a marathon runner but its exactly what I wanted. Its stable, easy to operate and seems to be reliable. If it continues to preform the way it has so far this is going to be a winner.

For the price its great

We had a treadmill that was over ten years old, was time for a new one. It took us about 20 min to get it put together, was not a lot to do. I was not able to walk on our old treadmill but this one is a breeze to walk on for me( I have had a total knee replacement) and my husband says its like going from a clunker to a Cadillac. I am 71 and he is 73 and we really are so pleased with how good this treadmill is. I use it every day and he uses it every day or two. If you want a good product for a good price then this is it.

Bad Purchase and Poor Weslo Customer Service

Received my Treadmill and when tried to assemble it, one of the 4 screws was not going in straight. I called the company and they said they will send me a new part and for the inconvenience they will also assemble the treadmill for me. after countless missed calls and a timeframe of 24-48 hours, me and the technician connected and i took 1/2 a day off from work to meet him. He comes installs the defective part and does not assemble the rest of the treadmill. when i asked him why, he said its not on the work order. I called the company and asked them about it and they said they will review it and get back to me. No one called me back like they promised. I called again and i asked to speak to a supervisor, i got no where. the supervisor said they will call me back and 2 weeks and i still don't have a phone call. I asked them if their calls are monitored to listen to the original call and the promise they made me over the phone. No call back. This is poor customer service. Poor treadmill. not worth the money.

Nice Treadmill

Despite the fact that it was tough for me too put it together seeing as though I have never really put together anything with tools, I love it. It's really nice and sturdy. My only complaint would be that I haven't figured out why the heart rate monitor doesnt work. Folds up nice & easy to moverify around
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