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Jack LaLanne Power Juicer, Black

Jack LaLanne Power Juicer, Black

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<li>Dishwasher-safe</li><li>Surgical quality blade</li><li>Built-in safety features</li>
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Absolutely Great

I have always wanted a juicer, but most I've seen are too small or noisy. The larger ones are usually VERY expensive. I researched this one and was pleased with the reviews. I am 7 months pregnant and wanted to have more fruits/veggies in my diet. Most of the store bought juice is packed with sugar, even the "healthy" ones. I decided to order this juicer and have not been disappointed. It is extremely quiet, very easy to clean, and I can put in a few fruits/veggies and get almost 12-14 oz of juice. I like that I can put whole small apples and carrots in it without having to chop everything into tiny pieces. The juicer comes with instruction video that is easy to follow and recipe book with great, yummy recipes in it. I have mine out on my counter and juice every day. It takes me less than 5 minutes to clean it and that is great. I highly recommend this juicer!!!!


We just started many reviews and decided this was the best choice...we were not disappointed...Easy to use...Easy to clean amazed at the quantity of juice...full glass of apple juice from 4 med. sized apples.(apple seeds are loaded with B17 if you choose to eat them)Enclosed book has recipe suggestions...great ideas...Have been experimenting with different combinations...carrots/cucumbers.....oranges/pineapple....very satisfied with this juicer.....

Great Juicer

This one is a Christmas gift for my son ,but i also own this juicer and find it does a great job,especially for the cost. It has juiced everything i have wanted it to including carrots,apples and kale and the clean up is not labor intensive as long as you do right after juicing, The included brush is very helpful. I would recommend this for anyone thinking about starting to juice. I know there are more expensive quality juicers on the market but for my dollar this is a great way to go.

Great, so far!

I've only had it about a month, but it seems to be working just fine and I use it almost every day. There was a bit of an issue with greens, like Kale and Spinach. I read that if you use the whole leafy greens (instead of the prechopped package kind), it works better. So I bought the whole Kale, stripped the leaves off and bunched it in a ball. I put that in the feeder, but before I put the tube in, I put a carrot or something hard on top. Then go slow with the feeder - the kale will take a little longer, but you get more juice that way. I THOUGHT I wanted a whole blender type product, so I bought a Nutribullet, but the stuff tasted awful! Turns out you have to use a little bit of greens and a whole lot of fruit to get a good taste. I prefer to juice mostly vegetables with maybe a half apple or some grapes to add sweetness. I guess you don't get the "whole" nutrient experience, but I'd rather drink more of great tasting juice than less of a bad tasting smoothie. It IS big (but impressive looking!) and for the most part is very quiet. Occasionally, it gets a little noisier, but it hasn't jammed on me. (yet). No, it's not super easy to clean like the blenders, but I'm okay with that.

Great Juicer for a beginner.

I love this product, at first I was intimidated by it - it seemed difficult to manage, kind of large, beautiful black and silver - was afraid of the blade. But when I hooked it up and turned it on, heard it purr softly ..put the vegetables and fruits in it, and it produced such smooth and fresh tasting juice, I have been using it every day and night. I even have time to disasemble and reasemble the item, wash and rebuild, before leaving for work in the morning. It was that simply - a breeze. I love, love, love it. Glad I brought it.

Jack La'Lanne does it again!!

I am in awe, this is the finest product money can buy, a little more expensive but every penny worth the overall costs. I started a new diet, the Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead diet as seen in the movie, I also went to and got free advice and planning for a healthy start and a good diet. I have been hungry yeah, but I just grab a juice and I am good for another 2 hours. Pros: Low noise, sounds about like a humidifier Low vibration Cleans up with soap and water, no really hard part to clean, comes with a litlle scrubby brush so it makes the work easy. No dangerous moving parts or blades Convenient catch basin in the back to hold all solids and a catch cup in front for juices Gets almost all the juice out of the veggies and fruits and comes with brilliant recipes too. Cons: You may have to stop and clean the seive screen of the juicer between fruits, it tends to get a cellulose build up on it and may block proper juice from flowing, causes the solids to feel wet and that means you are missing out on juices. Though the wide mouth of the chute is really big, oranges and apples sometimes have to be cut in half, not a huge complaint. Most of the recipes in the book are good and some I would never use. I personally used recipes from the site and tried a few personal recipes I created. A really worthwhile machine to own and versatile overall, my pros far outweigh my cons and for good reason it is far superior to any machine I have used, it is easy to use and clean and in the few days I have owned it I must have dropped that plunger on a hard concrete floor half dozen times and it is still in one piece, so it must be good, that parts are well made and it is a sturdy machine.

Took it back

The very first time we used it, it bogged down. We only put kale and a few apple slices in it so it's not like we over loaded it. We cleaned it up and took it back the next day.

This is a Great Juicer

This is my first Juicer and I must say it does a great job. Its very quite and the clean up is very easy like 5 minutes. Putting a bag in the pulp receptacle helps cut cleaning time.

Great juicer for a beginner

I love this juicer !!! I am a first timer and I love it as well as my kids 8 and 21 .i was skeptical when I read some of the reviews but I'm glad that I got it to see for myself .

Excellent Juicer

Jack LaLanne Power Juicer has changed my way of thinking. The juicer is powerful yet quiet. Has a lifetime warranty. The price was right also... Works well with all types of fruits and vegetables. Love the kale juice.

Good Juicer!

This juicer is very powerful and I liked that I can put big chunks of fruits and vegetables. My only dislike was the fact that it is kind of messy and annoying to clean. You have to take it apart everytime it is used to clean it. The fruit and vegetable pulp is everywhere within the machine and the lid and the waist container. So kind of messy. Overall good product.

What a Great Juicer!

This machine is quiet and juices beautifully. I've tried a few - from VitaMix on down - and I'm most satisfied with this one.

Awesome gift!

We purchased this as a gift for our Great granddaughter who is feeding her family VERY healthy meals. She was very very excited and is using it! We have one and are very happy with it.

Very good value for the money

Whisper quiet. This is the first juicer I ever buy (and I've gone through a few before), that is so quiet. The motor has a lifetime guarantee. I read through other owners' reviews and the extracted pulp is not particularly dry, it's just as wet or as dry as other juicers I've used before. I like its large capacity though, it will output 2 large cups of juice in one usage. I like the recipe books it came with, juice recipes, smoothies recipes and recipes for the pulp (do not throw all that pulp, make soups, muffins and more with it!). The owner's manual says right there it is not good for juicing leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce...) or certain fruits (apricots, plums...) or certain products (avocados). Centrifugal juicers are not designed for that, so what's the point in complaining about it? I am happy with it!

Works like a charm!

It's very simple to use and quiet. It only takes about ten minutes to clean up, and I've had a great time working with the different recipes in the free books that come with it. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before use, because there are some things in there that didn't seem like common sense to me. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Great Price and it delivers on quality

I think this was one of the best purchases I've made so far this year. The price is great and I use it daily. The only slight downside is the clean up involved. My advice is to rinse it right away. Dont let it sit for a day. the pulp gets harder to get out of the screen. I just bought one for my aunt.
I personally have not tried it yet, but my husband and grandson have make me wonderful juices and smoothies using the pulp and they are so good. Love this product. Great way to get your vegetables made into smoothies that are delicious !!

Do not buy 250 0r 300 dollar juicers

This is all you need as I bought other juicers and they did not come close to this. More money for your juicer does not equal quality. Buy this one as it rocks!

I love how it works.

Because you have to take it apart and clean it each time, and that is a little time consuming, I juice a lot at a time to make it worth the effort. However, I love it!

Great Juicer

Purchased this juicer after the motor went up in my other one. I was all ready to juice and nothing I searched online for juicers that fit my budget. I was looking for features that I liked in my 1st juicer(masticating, easy to disasemble and clean, etc.) Found the Jack LaLanne model which was available at my local WalMart and decided to purchase it since I needed a juicer like yesterday. I am not disappointed with my purchase! Not only is it easy to assemble and disassemble, but it is far superior in performance to my beloved 1st juicer! There's no pulp in the finished product as it was in my 1st juicer in which I had to strain the finished product since I'm not a lover of pulp in my juice. Plus....I like the fact that I don't have to cut my fruits and vegetables a whole lot ; the chute is wide enough to accommodate average sized to large fruit and veggies without a lot of cutting and dicing which makes juicing a faster process.'s extremely easy to clean, most parts except the motor are dishwasher safe. I've been a fan of Jack LaLanne for many years and was familiar with his infomercial for his juicer....when I started juicing, I should have made his juicer my 1st purchase. I hope to have it for a long time. If and when it goes up, I will purchase another Jack Lalanne juicer. Oh...and it does include a ton of delicious sounding recipes that can be made with leftover fruit and veggie pulp(which you can freeze for later use) which makes it an extremely cost efficient machine.
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