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1-20 of 49 reviews
Very poor wear

Customer review by An anonymous customer

1.0 stars 7/5/2016 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

These tires were on my 2007 Ford Fusion when I purchased it new. They were supposed to be good for 80,000 miles, but I only got 40,000 miles each out of my first two sets. The tires also puncture ridiculously easily: I have a very small nail hole in one of the tires and it can't be repaired, so I have to replace just *one* tire. For the record, the problem is *not* my driving - I got 90,000 miles out of the original brakes on my car, and I'm coming up on 120,000 on the original clutch. Don't waste your money on these tires.

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Comment from - 7/18/2016

As long as the tires are evenly worn down to 2/32" with proof of tire rotation, the dealer will be able to process a pro rata exchange. All Continental Tires include coverage for the first 12 months, and first 2/23" of treadwear for accidental damage from road hazards. For issue that may occur after this period of time, we recommend purchasing road hazard coverage through the your local Walmart tire center. <br /><br />Based on the information provided, the puncture may have been on or close to the sidewall, or the tire showed signs of prolonged use under inflated; regardless, the tire specialist has to base their assessment on a thorough and comprehensive inspection of the tire in order to determine whether a tire is suitable for repair or should be removed from service. This assessment takes into into account the complete service life history of the tire including inflation, load, and operating conditions.

An anonymous customer
Twin Cities
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Age:35 - 44
Ownership:Longer than one year
Usage:Every day
Good deal.

Customer review by carguy63

5.0 stars 12/5/2010 by carguy63
by carguy63
Walmart associate

Had the exact same tires on my car when I bought it brand new. Dealer said they were recommend at the ones to replace with due to quailty and durablity. The dealer ship sold for more and even at that charged more to put them on. Picked up at my local Wal-Mart and had them put on. With the tire protection plan and the price of the tire was a third of the price of having the dealership do it! Thats money in the bank I had for Christmas time! Oh and had our first snow and ice this weekend performed awsome! Better then any other tire I have had.

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Evansville, IN
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Age:25 - 34
Ownership:2 - 3 months
Usage:Every day
Walmart associate
Awesome traction when new

Customer review by p38fln

4.0 stars 5/31/2016 by p38fln
by p38fln

Rotated every 10,000 miles (Every oil change for this baby SUV) and the tires wore perfectly evenly. Car currently has 55K miles on it and tires are down to the wear bars. Absolutely awesome traction when new, we drove our Escape down an unplowed road in rural Wisconsin a few winters ago. Snow was higher than the front bumper of the car, and we were throwing it over the windshield at 30-45 MPH. When everything thawed out, we took the Escape down a "minimum maintenance road" in rural Minnesota - and fell through the mud. The muck was up to the axles of the little SUV, but it still managed to pull its way out of the mess with a minimum of fuss (Which went on for a good 2 miles). Note if you try this stunt, be sure to hose out the wheels - parts of the wheels were actually underground for a bit, so they got jammed full of mud and everything shook due to unbalancing the wheels from all the mud and gunk jammed on the inside of the wheel

Eau Claire, WI
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Super tire for our 50th Anniversary 2015 Mustang

Customer review by rusty

5.0 stars 6/24/2016 by rusty
by rusty

Replace the original P275/40/R19 Perreli Z rated tires that came on the car after 12,000 miles of normal driving because they were dang near slick on the rear with the Conti Pro Contact. After 15,000 miles, with 3 rotations, tread wear shows just under 8/32 rubber left put of the original 9/32 rubber. Traction is fantastic even in heavy rain at interstate speeds, lots of grip, smooth ride, no whine, great handling tire. V rated tire is fine with me, cause I don't plan to go near the 150 mph rating, but they are solid on the road, along with smooth at 120 mph. Conti Pro has the rim protector bead, with the sealant lining and were my choice even over the "so called recommended" Cooper tire by other Mustang owners who rave about getting 25Kto 30K miles on their Cooper. Me, with early tread wear, I looking to go well past 30K more towards the 40K rating. Best of all a set of 4 was nearly a half the price of the Perreli and nearly $200 less the Cooper. Would recommend to any one and I am Basically not a Continental tire fan other than when I ran Continental on my VW back in the 60s.

hickory, nc
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Came With Car

Customer review by Old School

5.0 stars 6/25/2016 by Old School
by Old School

Bought a new 2013 Nissan Altima and it came with these tires, I have 58000 miles on it and the tires are just coming to the wear bars. I rotate them at 7000 miles run pressure at 35 psi. Car still handles great, very good in wet weather. I live in the northeast so they get driven in snow every winter. The only reason I'm on this site is to find another set of these and compare them to other tires. I know I'll get much better than 60000 miles. Very pleased with the tire.

Old School
Pennsylvania, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Amazing wear

Customer review by Sandoval_2016

5.0 stars 7/3/2016 by Sandoval_2016
by Sandoval_2016

2014 Nissan versa original tires on vehicle with over 80000 highway miles

Trinidad, Colorado, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by plog472

1.0 stars 6/8/2016 by plog472
by plog472

These tires came on my new 2014 Nissan Sentra. I have 18,000 miles on them, have rotated the tires every 3,000 miles and kept them properly inflated, but they are worn out and need to be replaced. I would not recommend these tires.

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
Best Tires Ever!

Customer review by chiefrq

5.0 stars 5/13/2016 by chiefrq
by chiefrq

These tires came standard on my Subaru Outback, which I bought new in 2013. After 77,000 miles, they're still in good shape. Have never had a problem. I've rotated them a few times and keep them properly inflated. Great tires. Guess I've gotta break down and buy new ones soon. I wouldn't buy any other tire!

Readington, NJ
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great tire

Customer review by AZEqualizer

5.0 stars 4/20/2016 by AZEqualizer
by AZEqualizer

We have these on our Honda Fit and I just put these on my Kia Rio5dr... this is the Kia's first set of tires since the vehicle was new. These tires have a superior ride, great traction and great braking. Seems a little more road noise from road defects but it absorbes the feel so I don't mind a slight increase in cabin noise.

Phoenix, AZ, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by micklori

1.0 stars 2/8/2016 by micklori
by micklori

These tires(175/65R15) came on the 2012 Mini Cooper I purchased new. After one year and 10,000 miles, they needed replaced at inspection. Now two years later and another 10,000 miles, I need another set of tires. When they're new, they are great even in snow. The wear on these tires is terrible. These are the most god awful brand of tires I've ever purchased.  Unfortunately when I needed to replace the first set at 10,000 miles, my only option was to buy them again.  I was hoping it was the typical problem of the original first set not lasting long since that seems to be an issue with every new car I've purchased.  Trying to find another brand in this size.

Pittsburgh, PA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Puncture very easly

Customer review by Gary

1.0 stars 3/11/2016 by Gary
by Gary

We bout a new 2015 Honda piolet and these were on the first day home a small ston punctured the tire going in the driveway . 7 more plug repairs in the last year .and two in the last 2 days,anti skid is what goes in the little traction groves and they puncture right through .31, 000 miles and they should soon be replaced

Womelsdorf Pa
Would recommend to a friend? No
Last a long time, but very loud

Customer review by Roldan00

4.0 stars 2/26/2016 by Roldan00
by Roldan00

These came as OEM tires on a 2010 Civic sedan. They gave me 56k miles, but got very loud as time went on. Almost unbearable towards the end. Couldn't even have a comfortable Bluetooth conversation. I might have gotten 3-5k more miles out of them, but decided to upgrade early. If you don't mind the road noise they do last a long time. Not 80k warranty long, but longer than most.

San Antonio, TX
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Horrible tread life

Customer review by catchme370

2.0 stars 1/22/2016 by catchme370
by catchme370

I purchased these tires at 30,600 miles and before 42,000 miles, I was told I already needed replacement when I took my car in for servicing. I was told that the 30k expectation doesn't matter here because it's all about road conditions, etc.

Santa Clara, CA
Would recommend to a friend? No
High price for low performers

Customer review by KColorado

2.0 stars 1/12/2016 by KColorado
by KColorado

I paid over $800 for four tires and in less than 20,000 miles the wear bar is visible in less than 2 years. I drive do town and highway driving. That's 1/3 of what they are warrantied for and I can't get them replace - prorated I understand. I would never recommend these to anyone.

Would recommend to a friend? No
bad tires for 2012 VW CC

Customer review by tdunn

2.0 stars 12/28/2015 by tdunn
by tdunn

had a lot of noise in tires, took it to the dealership and I was told that the tires were chucking after only 10323 miles. but, on my wife 2010 dodge charger sxt they are great with 31727 miles and still no problems.

KY, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
OK for factory tires

Customer review by Jules

2.0 stars 6/2/2015 by Jules
by Jules

These were the factory tires on my 2012 Subaru Outback. I live in WI and have had these tires since I bought the car. I drive about 65 miles/day round trip and they are fairly quiet. They handle nicely in the snow, sleet, ice and rain. I was told that the all-wheel drive feature creates an uneven wear pattern. Nonetheless, I am at 55,200 miles and need to replace them. The tread in the center of the tire is good, but the outer aspect is poor. Not sure if this is the tire, the all wheel drive or an alignment/balance issue. (In defense of the tire manufacturer, I didn't rotate them like I should have.) I have averaged about 28-31 mpg on the highway with these with winter being the lower & summer being the higher.

La Crosse, WI, United States
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Bubbles problem

Customer review by Alex

1.0 stars 11/30/2015 by Alex
by Alex

I have Mercedes e350 2012, the tire is like new, yesterday find one bubble on side..

Chicago, IL, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
horrible tire wear

Customer review by dnewt1000

1.0 stars 6/16/2015 by dnewt1000
by dnewt1000

These tires came with my 2013 Dodge Avenger which I have had for just over 2 years. The car has had every scheduled oil change and tire rotation that was called for and has less than 30,000 miles on the car. The tires already need replacing due to tread wear (not covered under any warranty when on a new car). For tires that if bought separate have a 60k/72 month warranty I find that a tire that wears down with normal use and proper use in less than half of its life is not worth the money it would cost me for these tires. I have had cheep bottom of the line tires last longer than 30,000 miles.

Vero Beach, FL, United States
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No More

Customer review by mctheknife1969

3.0 stars 9/23/2015 by mctheknife1969
by mctheknife1969

I am about to buy my third set of tires for my Equus. I apparently have put 32K mile on these conti pro contact tires. They are shredding. Really?!?!?! I drive on nice , smooth, pavement and asphalt. Shouldn't these tires last longer than that? I realize they are a soft tire, but come on. I may just have to go back to Michelins or something else. These are not working for me.

palm beach gardens
Would recommend to a friend? No
Superior Wear!

Customer review by Justareader

5.0 stars 10/23/2015 by Justareader
by Justareader

Just put a new set of ContiPro Contacts on my 2013 Buick Verano after 81,088 miles on the original set.

NE Ohio
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 49 total reviews
1-20 of 49 reviews