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362 reviews | 4.9 out of 5

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362 reviews | 4.9 out of 5

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1-20 of 362 total reviews
1-20 of 362 reviews
My Beauty Secret :)

Customer review by Sal L

5.0 stars 4/17/2010 by Sal L
by Sal L

This is my prefered tape for all kinds of things that need taping. I won't repeat what others have said about how wonderful this product is, but I would just like to add that I have one more reason to ♥ this tape: I use it to ward off wrinkles on my face! At the first sign of the dreaded 'elevens' (the vertical lines between your brows) or frown lines or the lines from my nose to the corners of my mouth (marrionette lines? I don't know but they are lines) I get the Magic Tape and stick it over thoses lines every night til the morning for up to a week. The lines would gradually soften and eventually be gone by then. The glue won't irritate the skin and is strong enough to last till morning no matter how you sleep. I am lazy and don't do this all the time but only when I need to but I'd imagine this will soften even deeper wrinkles if you are dilligent enough about doing it every night. Forget expensive creams (that half the time don't do what they claim to do) or other drastic measures, Scotch Tape is the way to go!

Sal L
Scotch Magic working magic on my car

Customer review by Erica D

5.0 stars 8/14/2011 by Erica D
by Erica D

So recently someone hit my car and totally took the glass our of my side view mirror. I didn't have the money to pay for a new one quite yet and refused to drive my car until i had it replaced. That got old quick since I missed driving. A friend recommended using packing tape to tape a replacement mirror inside. So I got a replacement mirror but couldn't find any packing tape for the outside of the mirror. As determined as I was to get out of the house I was looking for anything that had adhesive. Lo and behold the last bit of Scotch magjic tape. I wrapped the 5 inches of tape that was left around the mirror as far as it would go hoping that it would fall off. Even with all the potholes I've hit the mirror has not moved. We've been getting a lot of rain where I live for the past couple weeks and I expected that the tape would lose its stick and start peeling but it's over 2 weeks later and it's still going strong! I never write product reviews but this definately deserved some recognition. Thanks Scotch, worth EVERY penny!

Erica D
Magic Is The Name of the Game!

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 5/5/2012 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

Seems we always have Scotch tape on hand... and every once in a while someone grabs (alright it's me....) the wrong kind at the store... and I end up having to buy Scotch tape next time I go back! Side by side... Scotch tape gets used first/last/and in between. We keep tape in several areas of the house; upstairs in the desk, downstairs in the sewing/craft room. One of the things I really like about Scotch brand tape... I don't have to worry about it yellowing and coming undone! The "junk brand" some how sat in the drawer right next to the Scotch tape and every time we grab the "wrong one".... it gets thrown back and the Scotch tape is used instead, because it's strong and I can count on it holding up in the long run. If I wasn't against waste... I would probably just throw it away... but there it sits... waiting it's turn! One of these days... it may get used.... if and only if we are out of Scotch brand! It does the job... and I don't have to worry if it will hold up. As a commercial said (about some other product years ago) Try it you'll like it!

An anonymous customer
Clinton, Ut.

Customer review by Goldy50

3.0 stars 4/14/2016 by Goldy50
by Goldy50

I am a long time user and had a bit of a suprize when I started my last roll. Suprise, it was wound backward. In other words, when I want to cut the tape, I can do it the normal way, but I need to bring it up to the top of the dispenser. Of course it sticks the way it should when I use it.

Comment from Social Engagement - 4/18/2016

Hello there. Whoops! It sounds like the roll is properly wound, but must have gotten put on upside down in manufacturing. You can simply take off the roll and put it back on the right way. Let us know if you have further questions by calling 800-328-6276. Thanks!

Appleton, WI, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
best tape ever

Customer review by ambzz813

5.0 stars 4/5/2016 by ambzz813
by ambzz813

I made a ladder using this tape and it was really good!!!!

Years of satisfaction!

Customer review by Susan O

5.0 stars 11/5/2010 by Susan O
by Susan O

When I was in high school, many projects that I had reviewed from previous years in the hope of learning the trick to a good grade seemed to be falling apart. As I was always a good observer, I noticed immediately that the tape that was used to place objects and pictures on reports was tan and brittle. I immediately set out looking for a solution. I guess it was a bit egotistical, but I wanted my words and projects to last for future generations to review. I found the answer in Scotch Magic Tape. When placed on paper correctly, it not only looks almost invisible but last for years to come. Since high school, Scotch Magic Tape followed me through my many positions ( Government contract advisor to a Government contractor; Editor of a small neighborhood newspaper, Constituent servant to a U.S. Congressman, Captains Clerks (personal secretary) to a District Police Captain, Shool secretary in a public school, etc.) My many office positions afforded me a choice of desk apparatus and I always choose Scotch Magic Tape for any of my documents. Even today, I would never use anything else.

Susan O
Philadelphia, Pa.
The only brand tape I will buy and use!

Customer review by Cindy T

5.0 stars 10/23/2009 by Cindy T
by Cindy T

In the past, I have bought other tape brands, to my disappointment, they would not do as promised or as stated on the package. Scotch will stick when others won't. I once had to use it to keep my cell phone held together so it would work. My cell phone worked after I used the Scoth tape on it. I could never say that about the other so called invisible tapes, non Scotch brand. When Scotch says that it is invisible on paper, that is something I know for a fact. The other brands say they are invisible and yet when you use them to wrap a birthday or any package, they show up more than the paper that the gift is in. They are also shiny and shine more than the sparkly bows on the package. These are a couple of reasons I give Scotch Magic Tape a rating of 5 stars. I would have given it more, had there been more. And as far as the future, I will always turn to Scotch for all my tape needs.

Cindy T
One piece of tape

Customer review by Teri E

5.0 stars 6/18/2010 by Teri E
by Teri E

In our home, we have always used scotch tape. When we tried using other tapes, they didn't compare; either the tape wouldn't stick or the dispenser wouldn't cut the tape, we had continual problems with generic tape. Scotch tape may be a little more pricey than the generic brands but the quality of the tape is worth the extra money. In December 2000, my family and I were going through some changes in life and we were decorating for Christmas. We decided to hang our mistletoe and couldn't find anything to use, so we used a piece of scotch tape. It is now 2010 and that same piece of tape still holds that mistletoe (and please don't misunderstand, this isn't just a little piece of greenery) our mistletoe includes a giant bell! Scotch tape has proved that it can withstand the test of time and continues to be a main stay in our home and will until the end. Thank you Scotch Tape!

Teri E
Exactly as expected.

Customer review by Alpa

5.0 stars 5/11/2012 by Alpa
by Alpa

Is it possible that there is someone in the world here in the 21st century who is unfamiliar with this stuff and really needs a review to help them decide if they want to buy it? Scotch Magic Tape is the one with the matte finish that you can write on. Once applied, the frosted finish is virtually invisible. You get three disposable dispensers of 3/4 inch tape, each 300 inches long. The dispensers appear to be single-use. They are completely open on one side but I don't think they can be refilled. This could be viewed as packaging-intensive and eco-unfriendly. If such matters concern you, you may want to invest in a permanent desk dispenser and refill rolls as that option would involve less plastic waste. When applying, as long as you keep one end of the tape off of of the surface you're sticking it to, you can remove it without difficulty. But once you've pressed the entire piece of tape down firmly, it's permanent and essentially un-removable. It will shred and tear if you try. Likewise, if the tape gets free of the cutting edge of the dispenser and sticks itself flat to the roll, you're doomed.

Mahwah, NJ
Scotch Magic Tape is Stuck to My Heart

Customer review by kelly p

5.0 stars 7/6/2010 by kelly p
by kelly p

I'm a long-time user of Scotch Magic Tape. It's my preferred brand of tape for gift-wrapping, day-to-day office use and various other projects. Since I started my own jewelry business about two years ago, though, I won't purchase any brand other than Scotch Magic Tape. I use it to tape down my individual earring cards on my tables at outdoor shows, and I usually display anywhere from 100-200 individual pairs of earrings at a time. The ease of tearing Scotch Magic Tape, rolling it into a perfect little ball, adhering it to the backs of my earring cards and sticking it securely to my table makes it the ONLY tape for the job. My favorite part of Scotch Magic Tape, however, is how easily it peels up from the tables at the end of the day. It makes the packing up stage move very quickly! These are just a few of the reasons why Scotch Magic Tape is stuck to my heart.

kelly p

Customer review by donya

5.0 stars 12/30/2015 by donya
by donya

Christmas is over and I am sitting back thinking I made it another year.. me and my Scotch Tape !! Before it snows, before I buy a gift, I make sure I buy my Scotch Tape. because you are not going to survive Christmas without it !! It is the strongest tape that is going to hold the wrapping together. It does not stand out like a sore thumb on the package either, which I like. A product I have trusted for a long time, and will continue to trust.... Now who's birthday is next ? LOL !!

Edmonton, AB
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Castlemom6

1.0 stars 1/10/2016 by Castlemom6
by Castlemom6

Did I seriously buy the worst package! I have never had this problem before! It continued to break apart the entire time. Very disappointed!

Comment from Anonymous - 1/14/2016

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on our Scotch® Magic™ Tape Dispensered Rolls. We apologize for the frustration here. We've passed along your comments to our development team. For your trouble, we'd like to offer a replacement roll. If you're interested, please respond to the email that we've sent you directly. In the meantime, should you have further questions, feel free to call us directly at 800-328-6276 and mention case number 6371651. Thanks!

Bismarck, ND, United States

Customer review by Diane

3.0 stars 12/16/2015 by Diane
by Diane

I opened three roles of this tape today and all three of them tore at an angle which rendered the tape useless. I dug at it with my fingernail and it just kept tearing at an angle.

Colorado Springs, CO, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
Love It

Customer review by mouse46

5.0 stars 12/20/2015 by mouse46
by mouse46

I have never used any tape except Scotch brand tape. It always works great and is easy to use.

San Antonio, TX
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
this is my go to tape!

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 11/4/2010 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I use Scotch Magic Tape for almost everything. I always keep a few rolls handy. A couple around the house, one in my work bag, one with my craft supplies, and one in our home office. The magic tape is easy for me to see when I'm working with it, but invisible when it should be. We've wrapped presents (i'd love to try the pop its), used it for practical jokes, to mount pictures in college frames,to hang notices and messages, minor shoe, pen, pencil, i could go on. The strangest thing we used it for was to stop my son's finger from bleeding because we were out of band-aids. (YES it worked) I also make sure to donate a few rolls to the preschool and a local youth home. Everyone should keep a few around they are so versatile.

An anonymous customer

Customer review by Bonnie K

5.0 stars 11/4/2010 by Bonnie K
by Bonnie K

Through the years, I have used Scotch Brand Magic Tape with my children, job, home needs and even for emergency patching. I have passed my use of Scotch products on to my grown children and their children as well. One of the worst things that can happen is running out of Scotch tape at home, seems like that happens when one really needs it. Because of this, I always keep a supply handy. My favorite is the large dispenser and refill, which I have two of in the house, one on each floor. In each home in America I'm sure a common phrase is; "Has anyone seen the Scotch Tape?" There is just something about a product that has been used by self, children and grandchildren. All in this Family are pleased with your products.

Bonnie K
Babbitt, MN

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 11/7/2010 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

My self and every member of my household without fail always reach for the scotch brand because whether it's for something as simple as keeping an envelope or opened package closed we know if it's scotch tape we don't have to check back later to see if it's still closed or not, and yes we have tried other brands some less expensive and some more expensive but there is always some issue with the others such as it either won't tear because its too thick or too flimsy or will tear but raggedly or there isn't enough stick to it and the package that you have taped will open after the glue wears off the tape, with scotch we know what we are getting so we will always grab the scotch over the others.

An anonymous customer
Loveland, Colorado
Scotch Magic Tape A Household Necessity

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 11/6/2010 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

As far as I know Scotch Brand tape was not around when I was born in 1932. We used flour and water to make a homemade glue. We wrapped everything and sealed it with this white goo that we were quickly able to make. The growing up years were the same, but then along came tape. Tape was magic, so easy to use, inexpensive and so very handy. Magic it was then; today, ever more so as it is almost invisible. A household cannot do without it: attaching notes, wrapping presents, security sealing, sticking pictures drawn by grandchildren on the refrigerator, mounting photos in the albums or securing them in frames. Scotch tape has so many uses it is a household NECESSITY.

An anonymous customer
Fleming Island, FL
It's Magic

Customer review by charlotte t

5.0 stars 2/11/2012 by charlotte t
by charlotte t

My hobby is sweepstaking via internet or mail. I buy envelopes in bulk and often find the gummy envelope flaps aren't so adheisive so I use tape to reinforce them. I purposely search for the Scotch Magic Tape when shopping for sweeps supplies. I use the tape to secure the envelopes don't come open and spill out the contents in transit. Scotch Magic tapes are perfect - they afford me the opportunity to send my information with confidence . The tape is strong , easy to work with , clear so my correspondance is neat, and most importantly never breaks off before the end of the roll. A great and affordable product ..

charlotte t
The new dispenser stinks

Customer review by scott121

2.0 stars 12/25/2014 by scott121
by scott121

The tape is great but who came up with the new dispenser. It does nothing better than the old one. The area to pull tape up off the dispenser is now too small for you finger. When the tape gets too lose it sticks to the dispenser much more frequently. You have to work harder especially one handed to pull the tape up when it does get stuck to the dispenser. And the bump on the bottom makes it more difficult to use when one hand is already holding wrapping paper. Also I noticed that I had many more instances of the tape folding over and sticking to itself than with the old dispenser.

Comment from - 1/2/2015

Thank you for taking the time to create your Rating and review of our Scotch(R) Magic(TM) Tape Dispenser. We greatly appreciate your feedback on the design and use of the dispenser. We are happy to hear you still enjoy the our Scotch(R) Magic(TM) Tape. Please watch for a direct email reply from us as well. Thank you for the feedback!

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1-20 of 362 total reviews
1-20 of 362 reviews