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HP Deskjet 1000 Printer

HP Deskjet 1000 Printer

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Satisfied Customer

This Product has surpast my expectations It is a very quick and easy setup and is very easy to use. The output is very quick and very sharp with near laser output on its black output and high resolution on photo output as well. I would recommend this printer to anyone in the market for a home printer and it is very affordable for what you get. Plus the cartridges are also affordable as well for when you have to replace them.
Hp Deskjet 1000

Gets the job done!

This printer gets the job done. It's a simple printer without the extra cool features. There isn't much to it but it's the perfect little printer that prints all my important documents and then some. If one day I need a better printer with all the cool features like wifi or photo printing I will upgrade but for now I think this will do. I've had it for 5 months and its still going strong. I would recommend this printer to anyone looking for a simple but reliable printer. So far it's been a great buy! p.s. my printer didn't come with 2.0 usb printer cable (which clearly says on the box but it was my fault because I didn't read it) so I had to purchase one separately.
HP Deskjet 1000
All I need was a machine that printed, and that is what I got, and it does just what it was created to do. very pleased.
Just me

WOW!!!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!!

What a simple wounderful printer. I must tell you for the sale price of $29.90 you get a quality printer that does a fantastic job on my day to day printing needs. I purchased this printer when my HP printer of 10 years finally seen better days. I took my time and looked around and read many reviews. I looked for a printer for my very simple needs. I did not need all the bells and whistles just one that produced good copies in black and white and color and I found it. I am disabled and it is very hard for me to do simple things around the house, but even I with very little tech experience was able to install the printer and ten minurtes later I was printing copies. If you are looking for a printer that prints great copies and you do not need all the fancy extras like wireless printing, built in fax and scanner then this printer is for you. I never thought that I would get so excited about a printer but I did. I am so proud of myself for finding a great deal and I want everybody to know it. Happy printing !!!!!!!!!

Seemed like a bargain

I checked out all the printers on the site, and noticed that most of them had a lot of features that I didn't really need. I only need a printer to print text documents. So I figured, I would go with the least expensive. Well I didn't know, and I don't think it was clear at purchase, that HP requires a special USB cable. You can't use a standard USB cable. Their's has a strange sort of female ended square. And it is even more frustrating because the directions for set up specifically state, first...DO NOT HOOK UP USB CABLE. It is the last thing they tell you to do before the onscreen disc set up. It's almost like they are tricking you to get the whole thing out of the box, set up, and then you find out you cannot use your printer. So I had to order the special cable from HP and with tax and shipping it cost me $19. My bargain, no frills printer ended up costing more than a printer that had tons of features. I'm waiting for the cable, so I haven't hooked it up yet. I can't talk about how it runs, yet. I was really disappointed

A money trap

I bought two of these printers, one for my home office, and one for my wife, mainly for its low price and portability. It printed fine, but ran out of ink very quickly. HP has some kind of electronic lock on the printer so that it does not allow the inkjet cartridge to be refilled by consumer. YOU HAVE TO BUY NEW HP INK CARTRIDGES. I run an online sales company from home, and need to print dozens of pages a day. After I discovered I could not ink my printers, I put away the HP printers, and bought each of us a Cannon printer that cost us twice as much as these, but saving on one cartridge paid for the difference, and I have printed thousands of pages on my cannon, using a bottle of ink I bought for $12. If I had stayed with my HP, I would have had to spend several hundred dollars by now for the ink. Because of this experience, I absolutely stay away from HP products. I wonder if they have electronic devices that make their other products unrepairable after a certain amount of time. HP used to be a good company but they got greedy and forgot the consumer.

hp printer

bought it for occasional printing as we are not a big printing family. was impressed that it already came with ink. was a little dejected that if you bought it IN STORE you had to buy the USB separately. come to find out i shopped online and the USB came WITH the printer. so i bought online and shipped to store. this printer takes up little space which is also a + because in our house our home office is a rolling desk/nook in our kitchen, the printer can easily fold and go wherever we need it to. the eco friendly bag that comes with it easily stores the computer paper & supplies that are needed for the printer. it has the power to do bigger jobs also. it can print out 60 color 4x6 photos in under 4 mins.

Great for the price

I bought this to replace an old HP 722C, for which HP no longer makes parts. Since I don't print much, I didn't want to spend a lot. I've printed about 50 sheets so far, and they look better than my 722C ever did. We'll see how it holds up over the long haul. Downsides? You get reduced capacity print cartridges with it, so if you print a bunch, figure on replacing them fairly quickly. And, as others pointed out, you will need a USB A/B printer cable (if you don't already have one). This is how HP keeps the price dirt cheap on this model. If you need a USB A/B printer cable, there are two on this site from Belkin: 6 ft. (under $5) and 10 ft. (under $10). Order the length you need with the printer and then you won't be running around town later. Note: The cable will probably arrive separately. Mine arrived a day after the printer. If you have zero patience like my wife, then you may want to buy a cable locally ahead of time, so you can set up the printer the moment it arrives. A final note: The set-up instructions don't tell you that you need to align the print heads - and maybe it's not necessary. I did it anyway ... it's fast, takes one sheet of paper and the directions walk you through step-by-step. That ensures you're getting the best quality possible from the start.


My all in one (very expensive) printer broke on me suddenly. I took a chance a bought this printer for $29 at Walmart (It's also at Staples and Office Max for more $). And I could not be happier. This printer works better than any expensive one I have ever had. First off, it prints FAST! Secondly, it was inexpensive. Thirdly, it is slim and modern looking. Lastly, the ink jets are the cheapest on the market. I would highly recommend this print to anyone who can not afford to spend a lot and wants high quality for a cheap price! PS: Does not come with a USB port.

Hp DeskJet 1000---Good Budget printer

Pros: --Nice Looking (good style) --Does not take to much space --Fast print b&w --Prints with just the black cartridge in (most printers do not) --Silent printing (my old canon i-350 was super loud --On normal setting print looked good (b&w) Cons: --Not a negative to the actual print job but does not come with USB cable --Not a negative to the actual print job but has starter ink included (80% of normal ink cartridge) --For some reason the pull down where the paper comes out does not lay flat --HP spam forced on you...cannot just download print driver (Just let me know my ink level, not where to buy it from HP or if it genuine cartridge) --Desktop Shortcuts to buy ink added to desktop Overall I would recommend this printer. Remember it is a inkjet printer and the ink will dry out if you don't use it often. This will work with any laptop or printer that has usb on it. It does not have wifi or network connection. I dislike HP not providing just the bare driver with no spam/junkware. Windows 7 does not find the driver online so you have to either use the cd install disk or hp website. The replacement ink is not to expensive either. Replace with HP 61/61xl. Will update review if anything bad happens.

Very convenient

I bought this as a back up printer for a network printer which sometimes fails to respond. Constant updates and constant hassles are a thing of the past with this simpler and easier printer. At 1/4 the price, this one does the same job and I can not tell any difference in print quality.

HP Deskjet 1000 Printer

I can't express how pleased I am with my printer. I had a larger printer/scanner/fax that I could never get to work right and most often felt like throwing it out of the window but since I got my HP printer I can print anything, anytime with no hassles. It works like a dream and I would recommend it to anyone.

Can't Beat the Price!

When I got a new PC with no more parallel ports to accommodate my previous printer, I went cable shopping for an parallel/USB adapter. Best Buy had nothing and recommended a new printer, but prices started at $130. Went to RadioShack for a cable check and they too suggested I replace the printer... and suggested for my volume, to look at WalMart. Went online and was thrilled to see the HP model at less than $30, with the appropriate cable. Set up was a breeze, print quality is great and for my print volume, this is perfect. Can't beat the price, especially for a name brand printer.

Good basic printer great price

Very good basic printer with advantage of cheap cartridges. These cartridges are refillable making a better buy. Quality is pretty good. I am using the printer to make transfers for my art work. Hook up was easy and operation simple.

Good Printer For A Low Price

I already own an all-in-one printer, so I bought the HP 1000 as a backup printer. I installed it onto the computer in my bedroom. So far this printer has worked just fine for me. The paper prints out real fast, and the documents look great, doesn't look as if they were printed from a cheap printer. And the replacement inks are not expensive. Right now I'm loving this little printer. So glad that I listened to all of the good reviews and purchased it. HP did us right by this one.

HP printer hangs too often

My Dell computer running XP with updates is a good machine. I've had a couple of other printers that had died so picked up the 1000. The HP software loads lots of junk with the general load which I did not realize until this week. I've had the printer for 4-5 months. It hangs all the time and won't clear or stop the document in the MS software. At times I have to turn the printer off, reboot the computer and the document prints after reboot. Sometimes it does not. I have reinstalled the software 4 times with no improvement. I"ve had this problem since I bought it but figured it was something minor and I could figure it out. I could not. The printer was such a pain I brought it back to Walmart and left it at the return desk with my complaint. I did not expect them to give me money for it as it was months since I bought it. I just wanted to get rid of it and I figured they should know someone was unhappy with the printer. The print quality in B&W was fine and the same with color although a bit thin but it's not a high end printer and I'm using bottom of the line paper. All in all the print quality is fine. The software stinks i.e. harrasing ad ridden add-on. The print driver also stinks -- hangs up all too often. It was a big mistake to not return it right away. I would not recommend it to anyone.

the best printer

I have owned alot of different printers, but this is the best. The only complaint is you can only copy from your computer, not from hard copy.

GREAT Printer & SIMPLE Installation!

I just recently bought the HP Deskjet 1000 Printer & its an EXCELLENT bargain for a HP product, you just CANT beat the price. The Installation is SO SIMPLE & literally takes minutes! It is LAPTOP usable, I hooked it up to my HP laptop, NO problems! Easy installation for your ink replacements also! You DO have to buy the A to B USB printer cable SEPERATELY, you can go & buy it before hand at BB or RS or order it online from Walmart. If you are impatient like myself & want to use your Printer immediately you will go buy it at another store or if you have patience & can wait then simply order it online from Walmart. The USB A to B printer cable usually comes in 2 different sizes (6FT or 10FT). You ALSO have the option to buy an EXTRA 2 Year Warranty Plan for the HP Deskjet 1000 Printer at low price of $4.00 (which I did)! So YES! This is a Five Star Rating to me & YES this is an AWESOME Printer to buy! DONT forget to buy your Printing Paper while purchasing the Printer because the Paper does NOT come included in the package!

excellent value, great product

I love this printer. After going from a very expensive and complicated printer, I'm thrilled with the simplicity of this one. Even though the price was less than $30, the print quality is better than I ever expected. I have limited technical knowledge but this printer was even easy for me to connect. Amazing! I ordered it on line and chose home delivery. It came quickly and was packaged well. You can't go wrong with this printer. You'll love it. Ordering on line from Walmart is the only way to shop!

HP Deskjet Printer

I took it out of the box. Connected to usb port. Installed with the product cd. And it was off to printing. It was a great price. The only drawback is since it feeds from an angle at the back of the machine if your printing reams of paperwork you will be filling the slot more often. I use it at home and it is perfect for normal usage. The print is clear and sharp. And also includes color as well.
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