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1380 reviews | 4.7 out of 5

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1-20 of 1373 reviews

Customer review by SC5656

2.0 stars 2/10/2017 by SC5656
by SC5656

I have used this product for years with satisfaction. I found it extremely convenient and appreciated not having a filthy toilet brush in the bathrooms. However, a maid service I use regularly apparently used the toilet wand and the head came off and was inadvertently flushed causing the toilet to back up and inhibit flushing. Also in this particular bath I have an expensive toilet seat that has a child size seat/rim built in (so effectively two seat sizes in one) and the cleaner from the pad having dropped onto the seat during the cleaning ruined the finish of the toilet seat and etched and dulled it.

Comment from Sam E. - 2/13/2017

Hello! We're sorry to hear that our Toilet Wand pad fell off while your maid was cleaning and the seat was etched. We don't expect this to happen when used as directed and would like to help. So we can chat more with you, please call us at 1-800-227-1860 Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 5:30 EST. You may provide reference number 170213-000301 for swift assistance. We hope to hear from you soon!

Lafayette, LA, USA
Would recommend to a friend? No
did the refills change?

Customer review by kmdvail

1.0 stars 1/18/2017 by kmdvail
by kmdvail

I have a toilet wand that I purchased a couple years ago. I recently bought refills and they no longer fit on the wand. The piece that connects into the bottom of the wand is too big. I thought this may have been a fluke, so I bought another set of refills. Same issue. Did the refills change/wand change? Disappointed.

Comment from Sam E. - 1/19/2017

Hello there! We're sorry to hear that the Clorox Toilet Wand refill heads aren't attaching to your Toilet Wand. We don't expect this to happen and would like to help! So we can chat more with you, please call us at 1-800-227-1860 Monday to Friday, 9:00 - 5:30 EST. For swift assistance, please provide reference number 170119-000554 to our representative. We look forward to your call!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Backed up drains

Customer review by Linzwagner23

5.0 stars 12/20/2016 by Linzwagner23
by Linzwagner23

If you told me this holiday season I'd be hanging over my sump pump, elbow deep cleaning the crock after our drains backed up, I'd say you were crazy but that's exactly what happened! After fixing the problem I used a plethora of Clorox products! I poured the clorox lemon scent liquid bleach into the standing water and sprayed down the sides with the disinfecting spray and let it set for 20 minutes. Then I used the toilet bowl wands to clean the sides of the crock. I rinsed the crock with running water for 10 minutes and now everything is back to a smelling like the balsam candle that's burning, not like, ummm, poo. Thank heavens for Clorox!

Toledo, OH, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Elderly care

Customer review by grace1245

5.0 stars 12/3/2016 by grace1245
by grace1245

This product is so simple my 86 year old father likes to clean his own toilet. And, I love that!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
quality not up to par

Customer review by shakay

4.0 stars 11/6/2016 by shakay
by shakay

Cleaning the toilet is not a pleasant job but Clorox toilet wands make it much easier and more pleasant. The last refills I bought have come apart before I was nearly finished. Fishing them out of the bowl before they were flushed was totally unpleasant. I'm convinced that you've had a breakdown in your process resulting in an inferior product. The quality just isn't in my most recent purchase and that is uncharacteristic of this product. I will buy these wands again but if the result is the same, I'll be looking for a new toilet cleaning solution.

Cookeville, TN, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Cleaning pads are falling off even before use.

Customer review by Walt60

1.0 stars 10/2/2016 by Walt60
by Walt60

This seemed like it would be a good product. Certainly had a name that use to mean quality. However, I am pretty disappointed. Right out of the package, the first pad is already hanging by a thread (literally) from that plastic backing disk which snaps into the handle. And that's before I even start to clean. This means when I am actually cleaning, I have to scrub very slowly and carefully, in an attempt to try keep the pad from falling completely off. I am unsure if its simply a bad design, or poor quality control in their manufacturing. I probably will not buy an refills.

Comment from Alex R. - 10/4/2016

Hey Walt, We're sorry to learn that the refill head was hanging by a thread. That's not something we'd expect. So we can help please call us at 800-227-1860 Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM-5:30 PM EST and provide the representative with reference number 161004-000455. We'll be happy to help! - Clorox Consumer Services

Allentown, PA, USA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Have to call the plumbe.

Customer review by Bummed

1.0 stars 10/28/2016 by Bummed
by Bummed

Yes the wand is convenient until the pad comes off and is flushed down the toilet. Unable to snake out. Took toilet apart to small further down. Pad is stuck in the S part of the toilet. Convenience is going to be costly. I do not recommend this product.

Comment from Madison A. - 10/31/2016

Thanks for sharing this! Sorry to hear that your pad fell off. That's not something we'd expect from this product. So we can help please call us at 888-741-3327 Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM-5:30 PM EST and provide the representative with reference number 161031-000333. We're always happy to help!

Prairie Grove, AR 72753, USA
Would recommend to a friend? No
pads continue to fall off

Customer review by Superhubby15

1.0 stars 10/23/2016 by Superhubby15
by Superhubby15

My wife & I use your products a lot but the pads fall off of the wand before they wear out. This seems to happen a lot.

Comment from Madison A. - 10/25/2016

Hello there! Sorry to hear that the pads came off of your Toilet Wand. That's not something we'd expect. So we can help please call us at 888-741-3327 Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM-5:30 PM EST and provide the representative with reference number 161025-000206. We look forward to your call!

Faribault, MN 55021, USA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Clorox wand

Customer review by aprilrnd

5.0 stars 10/3/2016 by aprilrnd
by aprilrnd

I absolutely love this product. Any clorox item as a fact. I feel the price is a little steep I am a mama of 5 so I am always looking for a bargain and clorox always saves the day with cleanups!!!!!

Athens Ga
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Leave everything clean

Customer review by Jeff39

5.0 stars 10/1/2016 by Jeff39
by Jeff39

It's a great product I will recommend it to any one it's great for a lot of things once you use it the first time you won't stop using it.

New York, NY, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Ends the Yuck

Customer review by JCBeliever

4.0 stars 6/12/2014 by JCBeliever
by JCBeliever

I hate cleaning my toilet. I put it off as long as possible because using and storing a germy brush totally grosses me out. It is my absolute least favorite chore. Then I saw and tried the Clorox Wand System. I bought it and couldn't wait to try it. I love the clean, scrubbing disinfecting pad. It was easy to get on the wand. It quickly and easily scrubbed a very dirty toilet spotless - no elbow grease required. Then, the best part, the used scrubber simply popped off the wand unto my trash with the push of a button. Magic wand: dirt disappears with no more yuck. I love it! The storage container is a great idea, but I would appreciate a more securely closing cover, to make sure my pet doesn't get into it. It fits very loosely on top. Other than that, thanks for helping me to be able to stand my least favorite household chore.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Clorox Disinfecting Toilet Wand falls apart

Customer review by LeeMcM

1.0 stars 8/22/2016 by LeeMcM
by LeeMcM

I have a new package of 6 disposable cleaning heads KU9091A that come apart at the first swipe of the head. It begins to detach when it is moved through the water bowl.. The lower portion with the blue pad comes off before the blue disinfectant begins to dissolve. I used three of six in the package and it happened with each pad refill.

Comment from Alex R. - 8/26/2016

Hello there! We're sorry to hear that the pads weren't staying on the wand and were coming apart. We wouldn't expect that to happen. So we can provide you with a better experience, please call us at 1-800-227-1860 Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM-5:30 PM EST. We look forward to helping!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Toss the old brush!!!

Customer review by als0524

5.0 stars 12/31/2011 by als0524
by als0524

I have been using the Clorox Toilet Wand for about six months. After the first couple of times I tossed my old brush in the trash. This is now my go-to toilet bowl cleaner. It is fast and easy to use. The only thing I touch is the handle and the lid to the canister that holds the pads. The pad clicks on and stays secure even during the most vigorous scrub. The cleaning solution is built right in and I no longer have to wait for a gel to sit in the bowl. The solution leaves behind a pleasant scent that isn't too offensive or overwhelming. Refill pads are readily available at all of the retailers nearby and my local Sam's Club. I must mention that the two toilets in my house are less than five years old and are cleaned at least once a week. Overall, this is a winner from the people at Clorox!

Texas, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Clorox Toilet Wand

Customer review by SandyVDK

5.0 stars 7/31/2016 by SandyVDK
by SandyVDK

This is an exceptional product. I would use it more if my neighborhood stores had it more often. I have used it several times and just love it. I love the idea of using the wand, it is durable and cleans with ease. It whitens my toilet bowl and it smells great.

Petersburg, NY 12138, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Excellent product

Customer review by SueL

5.0 stars 8/26/2012 by SueL
by SueL

I hated that nasty toilet brush, it sits and gets stinky and nasty bacteria builds up in the holder. I love these products. I have wands and pads in all my batherrooms. The dispenser stays nice and clean I clean my toilet daily too. And all I need to do is throw away the pad and wipe the wand with a clorox disifectant cloth. No more nasty brushes or smells and I am confident that it is truely clean. I also keep the clorox wipes on the counter next to the toilet. Even though I keep my bathrooms very clean, my 7 yr old granddaughter does not like to sit on the toilet seat if it has not been cleaned first. So I keep the wipes there for her and all my family and guests to use as they see fit. I have been told many times by my family and guests that it is a nice touch to have them there..

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Cleaning head scrubber detaches quickly

Customer review by justjan808

2.0 stars 8/1/2016 by justjan808
by justjan808

The quality seems to have deteriorated. I stick the wand in, start to scrub and then the:"scrubbie" part of the "head" detaches... It didn't do that before.

Comment from Alex R. - 8/9/2016

Hey Jan, we're sorry to hear that the scrub head was detaching in use. We wouldn't expect that to happen. So we can provide you with a better experience, please call us at 800-227-1860 Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM-5:30 PM EST. We're always here to help!

Honolulu, HI, USA
Would recommend to a friend? No
you have lost me

Customer review by mommaJo

1.0 stars 2/18/2013 by mommaJo
by mommaJo

I enjoy your products, I really enjoyed your first wand you came out with. I liked how I could fulsh it down the toilet. Then you up and changed it and I had to use the heads I have to stick in the trash. Well now I can't even find those. I refuse to buy another wand, that is wasteful when mine work just fine, I have been making my own inserts and using a toilet boil cleaner with them. Please explain why you feel the need to change a good thing? Is it so we have to spend more money and waste more natural resorces? Yes this has angered me. Angered me to the point that I have stopped buying all Clorox products. Might not seem like a big deal except I was going through about 4 tubs of Clorox wipes a month with a husband and a daughter in a wheelchair.

Randall Ia
Would recommend to a friend? No
Love the product - not the cost

Customer review by Jenni88

5.0 stars 11/12/2015 by Jenni88
by Jenni88

I've been using these for about a year. I definitely like the fact that you get to click it and throw it away. I absolutely hate storing a regular toilet bowl scrubber anywhere so this is perfect for me. I've had no problems with them falling apart before I'm done scrubbing the bowl as I've seen other people comment about and I'm very satisfied with the job they do. I do however wish the refills were cheaper or you would have coupons for just this product every once in awhile. The cost of these are extremely high versus using a regular toilet brush and ajax so although I prefer this product I'll unhappily be returning to a regular toilet brush when my last batch of refills runs out.

Wichita, KS, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
You never have to put your hands in another toilet bowl again!

Customer review by thejeddahclassic

5.0 stars 4/17/2012 by thejeddahclassic
by thejeddahclassic

I love this product! It's easy and fast to use. The storage caddy is great because it means you don't have to keep everything separate and it encourages usage. The unit is small enough to keep even in the smallest half baths. Just grab the wand, click in a new scrub sponge, flush the toilet and start cleaning. No liquid to splash around and bleach clothes, no getting your hands and face in the bowl to lean! It really does work on hard to reach places like under the rim. The initial cost is a little expensive, but you can always find coupons and the refills are quite reasonable. We use ours in all three bathrooms and use the Toilet Wand about once a week. Toilets stay really clean! I don't know what I would do without it!

Raleigh, NC, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Poorly Designed and Constructed

Customer review by Maxwell

1.0 stars 1/19/2014 by Maxwell
by Maxwell

We buy and use a lot of Clorox products so when it came time to choose a toiletwand system for our bathrooms we chose a Clorox product. Sadly, I didn't read the box before buying. After cleaning your toilet, you can't flush the pad, you have to put it in a bag and carry it out or you have to put it in you waste basket. Yuuucck! Okay, now for the stand, it is very poorly designed. The section that holds the wand will not stay connected to the stand. When you push the wand into the stand to pick up a pad, you get the whole stack and have to pull the excess off. The entire stand is poorly designed and constructed. Changing to a system that has a flushable cleaning pad. I will be more cautious in the future. Fool me once!!

Oklahoma, USA
Would recommend to a friend? No
1-20 of 1373 total reviews
1-20 of 1373 reviews