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make staining decks faster and less back pain

Customer review by gabylynn

5.0 stars by gabylynn

This is a great product. My husband and I are older than 60, and this allows us to do the staining our selves with out hurting for a week afterwards. looks great and easy..

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Wasted time and money

Customer review by weekendprojects

1.0 stars by weekendprojects

This looked like it would be a good tool/time saver. This was not the case. The chamber leaked, the sponge applicator dripped. Big disappointment. Added project time since we had to sand off the spots where stain had dripped and reapply stain.

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Great tool for the job

Customer review by Dart63

5.0 stars by Dart63

I just finished a large project to power wash and stain a multi level deck and gazebo. The last step in project was the staining of 1230 sq feet of deck floors, runways and steps. I saw the Deck Mate advertised on TV and thought I would give it a try. In the past I have used a roller for this step in the process, but have been concerned about amount of stain rollers leave on the surfaces. I tried the Deck Mate and was very happy with the results. The ability to regulate the flow of stain to the pad meant I used only what was needed and didn't leave pools of stain I had to worry about. That also allowed me to conserve stain and reduce costs. This is a great product! Plus, it cleaned very easily and is ready for my next project.

El Paso, IL
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great product

Customer review by ronf

5.0 stars by ronf

this is a great product, easy to use. you are able to apply as much or as little deck stain as necessary by a flick of the wrist. the brush applies stain between boards. i would recccommend this product highly

garfield, arkansas 72732
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Worked great on my deck

Customer review by Stevewa1

5.0 stars by Stevewa1

I used the Deck Mate to apply semi-transparent premium stain on a cedar deck. It made the job much easier than before and it looks great. The brush worked well to get the stain between the deck boards and it was convenient to have the stain in the handle of the device. No dipping in paint trays and nothing to knock over. I was careful to follow directions when I assembled the product and I'm wondering if the other reviewers did the same. I had no trouble getting the stain to flow. The trick is to just open the control knob a tiny bit at a time. It takes a moment for the stain to reach the pad so be patient and don't keep turning it or it will flow out too fast. If you start to see puddles then just back it off and gently go back over them. No problem. Mine didn't clog at all but I didn't let it sit for too long either. The cap was leaking a tiny bit and I did have to touch up edges around posts with a brush but overall a good experience.

Bellevue, WA, USA
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Excellent Product

Customer review by RD10

5.0 stars by RD10

This was an excellent purchase: The value and the functionality can't be beat. I was able to stain my deck quickly and evenly. The one problem I had (MY FAULT))was the pad would come off if I hit a rough spot on the deck, so make sure you have a smooth surface. Thanks Wagner!

New Jersey
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Easy to use.

Customer review by pkup

5.0 stars by pkup

This product saved me so much time. I was told to use a sprayer on the deck, then brush excess off. When I saw this product, I asked the salesperson if I needed to brush excess stain off, he said if you use the right amount, It will be all you need to finish the job. Got home, filled it with water repellant solution and in about an hour, I had finished a 16X20 deck. I went back and smoothed some areas where I had opened the valve to much but it was easy to control after I got the hang of it. Great product///

Taylorville, IL, USA
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I would have never bought this but....

Customer review by skit

5.0 stars by skit

I was working for a lady who bought this and when she gave it to me to use i thought oh my here we go. these gimmicks never work like they say they are going to. I to had some flow problems at first but with a little patients and adjusting of the flow knob this turned out to be the best tool i have ever used for doing a deck. some tips from what i learned are when you are starting at a wall or come to one turn the flat end to the wall push down firm and pull it out , when the board goes off into nothing start the flat end barley hanging of the end of the board and come in. find a good flow and stay working at that pace either fast or slow. i have cleaned my deckmate 3 times (very easy) and still could use the pad but it is worn pretty good

Ohio, USA
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love it

Customer review by Masvette

5.0 stars by Masvette

Bought it over five years ago thinking I'd use it that summer. Found it in the garage still in the box with the receipt taped to it. Pulled it out tonight and put it to work on a 26 x 26 foot deck that was very thirsty. Had 1/3 of it done in less than an hour with solid stain. I love it, fast work of a job I wasn't looking forward to doing and not messy at all.

orient ohio
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Best thing I have ever bought!!

Customer review by Blackie

5.0 stars by Blackie

Recommend this applicator to anyone. Saves time and effort, minimal mess to clean, no back injuries. THe best part is the amount of stain used. I rejuvenated my deck which is dark colour ebony with 2 coats and used half the stain I did originally using brushes and regular pad applicators. So easy to use. If it starts to pool just turn the flow off and spread out the excess evenly. This is my first (and probably last) product review.

Gold Coast QLD, Australia
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Great product!

Customer review by Barb

5.0 stars by Barb

We put the first coat on the deck in the spring with a roller and it took all day and broke our backs. Saw the Deckmate and thought we would try it - it is fabulous. Took about 1/2 an hour to do the largest portion of the deck - used about 1/2 of the gallon. Easy to use, easy to clean up - we would highly recommend this product!!

Bloomington, IN
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Made our deck staining so much easier.

Customer review by Thehuds

4.0 stars by Thehuds

We recently restained our 600 sq ft deck with the Deck Mate, and it was so much easier than any other processes we've used in the last 10 years. It worked wonderfully except the "groove brushes" (a great idea) were not tough enough. They were worn out totally when the 2nd coat was finished. Thanks for a great product.

Bloomington, IN
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Works as designed, quick, easy, very little mess

Customer review by MisterMitch

4.0 stars by MisterMitch

Hi folks, OK, so I am no professional. I got a bad back, and I am REALLY lazy when it comes to doing yard work. Anything that is going to make my job easier, I am in for that 105%. (Kinda funny when you read that I am lazy) I used semi-transparent stain. Which, after stirring, I made a mess and got it all over the place trying to pour it in the hole. No worries, I spilt it on the deck and the deck has to be stained. I quickly learnt, DO NOT APPLY moving backwards. It leaves gobs of stain. I did 4 boards wide at a time, moving FORWARDS. I did 1/2 of a 30 x 12 foot deck in about 20 minutes with about 1/2 the can of stain. This was the amount I predicted I would use. Years ago, I did it with a pan and roller. Yes, there was stain on the deck, but because of spray from the roller, there was stain other places as well. (Side of the house, Mrs wasn't impressed) Tomorrow, I gotta move the chairs to the other side of the deck to do the other 1/2. Oh yea, the cute little "hairs" to paint between the boards. You could loose them and I would still highly recommend this product.

North Sydney, NS, Canada
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Great Product

Customer review by Pman28

4.0 stars by Pman28

I was very pleased with this product. Yes you will have to use a brush at the ends of th boards. This is a minimal effort and you have saved so much time and bending you really won't care.

Candor, NY 13743, USA
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Looks easy but results are less than satisfactory

Customer review by DavidMinnesota

2.0 stars by DavidMinnesota

I just finished a 10 x 12 deck. For me, the flow control was the problem, even with the lowest setting the stain flowed out way too much. I had to turn it off and spread out the stain before turning it back on again. I used Cabot's Semi-Solid stain so the stain is not too thin. It also did not put stain between the boards very well, you would think with the increased stain flow there would be enough stain to cover in-between the boards. Next time I will use what the stain dealer recommended....a good brush with a handle that allows a broom handle to be screwed into it. Dip the brush into the stain can and apply with the brush as if sweeping the floor. This would have also allowed me to put a heavy deposit where I needed a heavy deposit and a regular coat in other areas. But I can understand with a very large deck this would be a lot of work. I also had trouble with the Deck Mate getting under the railing area, I had to go back the next day and hand brush those areas. Since I recently had a back injury I thought the Deck Mate was going to be the ticket for this job but the results are less than satisfactory in my opinion.

Twin Cities, Minnesota
Would recommend to a friend? No
I do not recommend this product.

Customer review by xdeckmate

1.0 stars by xdeckmate

The pads only lasted about 6 feet, the delivery system for the stain was too light, I had a 40'X8' deck plus steps all around and ended up using a paint brush. Why this product has cleaning instructions I'll never know, it ended up in the trash.

Fort Wayne, Ind
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Worst product ever

Customer review by Timus

1.0 stars by Timus

it's as easy as you'd expect but the results are terrible. I used a semi-transparent stain and the results were splotchy and uneven. I guess the only good thing about staining your deck nearly every year is that I was able to re-stain with a 4" brush the following year to make the deck look better.

Powder Springs, GA, USA
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not recommended

Customer review by richieg999

1.0 stars by richieg999

I bought the DeckMate product to stain my deck. unfortunately, the product did not perform as expected, not even close. I couldn't get enough stain to come out and the little brushes did nothing to get in between the boards, even once I got it flowing a little better. It took me 3 hours to stain about 50 sq ft. I finished the job with a 4" paint brush in 4 hours (250 sq ft) with much better results.

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Do not use

Customer review by Alex007

1.0 stars by Alex007

Bought to finish the horizontal surface and stairs of my deck. Unit started leaking stain all over as I was finishing. The on/off switch stopped working also.

Springfield, MO
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Hey Wagner - your product doesn't work.

Customer review by barjbar

1.0 stars by barjbar

Worked fine first fill. As soon as I refilled the reservoir, the stain wouldn't flow so I used my deck sprayer and followed with the Deck Mate pad to spread the stain evenly. That way worked great.

Novi, MI, USA
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