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256 reviews | 4.7 out of 5

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256 reviews | 4.7 out of 5

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1-20 of 242 total reviews
1-20 of 242 reviews
Decent Coffee, Great Value

Customer review by smackdaddies

4.0 stars 3/1/2012 by smackdaddies
by smackdaddies

For Keurig owners only, this K-Cup makes a decent cup of coffee. Labeled "extra bold", but only a medium roast, this coffee is a good cup of coffee black, but only ok with cream - it does not hold up as well as some others. Value, however, is excellent, even with shipping. While not at the magic 40 cents a cup, it does come in at about 52 cents a cuppa, which is excellent for K-Cup. Far cheaper than in your average grocery store Overall, not my favorite K-Cuppa coffee, but ok. Far better than the office swill.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54
Best Value Around

Customer review by Kats

5.0 stars 11/5/2011 by Kats
by Kats

I have searched for the best deal for my favorite Keurig coffee (Newman's Special Blend) and found it only at Sam's. I would like to be able to purchase this in the store, but since it is not available, shipping to my home is the next best thing. The shipping was very cheap and I paid state sales tax, not city, which was a huge savings. I purchased two cases and the shipping and tax was less than $9 and it would have cost me that much to drive to the nearest club. Also, you can't beat the price per k-cup.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54
Newmans .. the Best!

Customer review by Loisjean

5.0 stars 5/3/2012 by Loisjean
by Loisjean

Got a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas. Love it. Tried several different kinds .. thought I loved Nantucket best, but then tried Newmans Special Blend. Wow .. it's the very best. Full flavor ..not bitter .. just right for my huge coffee cup (same ounces as travel cup size). The price is the best. Was so happy when they brought it to my store. Now they are remodeling, so they're cutting back on product .. had to order my coffee online. Please, please bring it back to the store. Great coffee.

Waterloo, IA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best Coffee Ever

Customer review by MissE123

5.0 stars 10/16/2014 by MissE123
by MissE123

Since purchasing my Keurig many years ago I have tried alot of varieties of coffee. Since I prefer to drink my coffee black with a pack or two of Stevia for a slight sweetness I prefer a full bodied coffee that is smooth with no bitter aftertaste. Newman's Own has been my preferred blend for many years now and havn't found another than can quite match it. Sam's pricing on the kcups affords me to enjoy this special blend and not break the bank.

Mandeville, LA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54

Customer review by DLK1

5.0 stars 12/8/2011 by DLK1
by DLK1

Excellent. This coffee is the best, no bitter after-taste and it comes in our favoriate blend Bold Medium. I had it shipped to me, it is fast within 4-5 days it is at my door. Nice not to have coffee on your shopping list and looking for this exact product and blend. We drink a lot of it and have tried almost all the brands there are and this is the best. Shipping is also great, one price for general delivery even if you order several at a time.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:55 - 64
Quality has slipped!!!

Customer review by Danny3

1.0 stars 7/9/2015 by Danny3
by Danny3

I have been using this coffee for a long time and it was very good. Package looks different, brew location changed. The taste has definitely changed. Not the same robust rich taste it had in the past. Unfortunately it took me four boxes to figure out that this was the new bitter taste. I was hopeful that each new box would be better. I used at least one and a half boxes a month.

Las Cruces, NM, USA
Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by Lindael

5.0 stars 11/25/2010 by Lindael
by Lindael

This is the best price and the best coffee I have found. I am a REAL coffee drinker and my husband likes a mild cup of coffee. This coffee is great for both of us. It is not bitter. If you want to try a small package first you can buy Newman's in a smaller box at WalMart at a good price. I am told that this is the same coffee sold at Mac Donalds @ $1.00 a cup. I have Sams deliver this to my house at no extra charge. GREAT!!

New Hampshire
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:55 - 64
Excellent coffee.

Customer review by TexasFlatlander

5.0 stars 11/22/2010 by TexasFlatlander
by TexasFlatlander

First of all -- the folks that complain about "value" and the fact that K-cups are "pricey" should've done a little homework before investing in a Keurig coffee maker. You've exchanged cost for convenience and consistent quality. Now for the coffee. The Newman's special blend is excellent. It is bold but smooth. As others have stated, no bitterness or aftertaste. I highly recommend!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54

Customer review by azhak

1.0 stars 12/17/2011 by azhak
by azhak

Bought this since it was the best selling coffee at Sams and was cheaper than the best selling coffee at Amazon (Coffee People, Donut Shop) thinking it will taste similar. Was so wrong. Yes special blend... of burned coffee. This coffee is terrible. Tastes like burned coffee. Going back to Amazon. Try one before you buy this whole box. Simply terrible. What a waste of money.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Good quality coffee

Customer review by Ginger51

5.0 stars 5/15/2015 by Ginger51
by Ginger51

Newman's Own Organics Special Blend Coffee is one of the best coffees on the market, in my opinion. It is a strong, bold coffee. The fact that Sam's Club sells it in 80-count boxes is a big plus for our household. We drink a lot of coffee(2-3 80-count boxes per month) and the only one in our house is Newman's Own.

Pensacola, FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:55 - 64
Awesome Taste

Customer review by BaitMaker

5.0 stars 12/29/2011 by BaitMaker
by BaitMaker

I have tried about 10 different k-cup brands, this is my favorite so far. I ordered the 80 k-cup case before I had ever tried it, so I was a little concerned that I wouldn't like it. As it turns out, it has become my first choice. I use each k-cup twice, which makes a bigger cup of coffee, probably 16 oz., and it is still plenty strong enough for me.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:55 - 64
Keurig k-cups 80 count

Customer review by ksch

5.0 stars 11/30/2011 by ksch
by ksch

So far this is the best price I found for k-cups, Newman's is one of my favorites, I quit buying k-cups in the store I was paying about 65 cents a cup. buying through Sams comes out to about 52 cents a cup after shipping. I guess if you pick it up at the sams store it will be cheaper yet. Excellent product ............................ksch

Tinley Park,Il
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Coffee

Customer review by SBman

5.0 stars 10/10/2015 by SBman
by SBman

I love the fact that this coffee is organic and Fair Trade Certified™. Newman's Own is a reliable brand and this coffee is proof of that. It has a great taste and aroma and id a good way to start my day.

Decatur, GA, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54
Be Bold

Customer review by Hashing

5.0 stars 3/14/2014 by Hashing
by Hashing

This has remained the coffee for me for a few years now. Strong taste so everything else seems watered down. The Newman family has reinvented food distribution and seem to enhance everything they offer to the public. Organic is OK for me because I grew up on a farm. Consistent taste, quality and price keeps me coming back for more.

Fort Worth, TX, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:55 - 64
Best K-Cup coffee

Customer review by Nana03

5.0 stars 12/30/2012 by Nana03
by Nana03

Comparing prices on k-cups, this is a very affordable coffee that is one of the best cups of coffee my husband and I have ever had. This coffee is more expensive than traditional coffee but well worth the splurge. We often eat at Cracker Barrel because the coffee is so good, but Newman's is right up there with them.

New Market, Tn
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54
My Favorite K-Cup

Customer review by wamaruna

5.0 stars 3/21/2012 by wamaruna
by wamaruna

I have sampled many, many K-cup varieties and this is my favorite. It is on the strong side without being overly strong (e.g. Emeril's bold or Black Tiger are too strong for me.) I continue to try others out of curiosity, but this is my enduring staple. And Sam's 80 pack is the most economical way to buy it.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:55 - 64
Love this coffee

Customer review by Pinkie1319

5.0 stars 2/4/2012 by Pinkie1319
by Pinkie1319

This was the first time I ordered this coffee for my Keurig and I will definitly be buying it again. It has great flavor; strong but not overwhelming. If you a cup of coffee with great flavor this is for you; plus when you buy any Paul Newman products you know part of the money is going to a great cause.

Columbia, SC
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54
Newman's Coffee

Customer review by ksmcclr

5.0 stars 3/3/2011 by ksmcclr
by ksmcclr

It is really a great cup of coffee if you are a person, like me, who loves a very bold blend. You can also make two small cups from one K-cup and still taste very good. In shopping for K-cups, this is a really good value compared to the regular grocery store price or even the discount store price.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Newman's Own K-Cups

Customer review by Wiscnan

5.0 stars 2/17/2012 by Wiscnan
by Wiscnan

K-Cups are a very convenient but expensive way to drink coffee but we both like the Newman's Own. However, we can't get the Newman's Own K-Cups in our local club so I checked several other vendors both retail and online to find the best deal. Even including shipping, Sam's Club was the best price.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love This Coffee.

Customer review by Sankap

5.0 stars 8/26/2011 by Sankap
by Sankap

We try to only buy Newman's Special Blend Extra Bold Coffee. It's my husbands favorite, he loves the X-Bold. I didn't know that we could have it sent directly from Sam's, and now that is a plus. We use it with the Keurig and the house smell great. Try it, you won't be disappointed. Enjoy

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 242 total reviews
1-20 of 242 reviews