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61 reviews | 3.8 out of 5

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61 reviews | 3.8 out of 5

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1-20 of 59 reviews
More than I expected

Customer review by Chynna72

5.0 stars 10/12/2010 by Chynna72
by Chynna72

Love it....Love it...LOVE that actually not noisy...very good power..and just the right amount of attachments..easy to assemble..just a screwdriver...Threw my old one out immediately!! It picked up so much dirt...I was disgusted and overjoyed at the same time!! And a bonus! It was "orange" my favorite color..Ok..Ok..I'm done now!

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Atlanta, Ga
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:35 - 44
Ownership:1 week or less
Usage:Every day
last time I buy this vacuum

Customer review by CRK0910

1.0 stars 4/15/2012 by CRK0910
by CRK0910

I bought this vacuum about a year ago, for some reason, after around 8 months of use, the brush stopped turning and burned through the belt. I took it all apart, cleaned it, replaced the belt and nothing, the brush wouldn't turn. I really liked this vacuum because with 3 dogs and 2 cats, it seemed to get everything up and I could use it on carpet and hard floors with no issues. So I trashed the first one and my husband got another one. Only this time, it has lasted maybe 4 months. While I was using the hose, the vacuum started to smoke. It was becasue the brush stopped turning AGAIN and was burning through and snapped the belt, AGAIN! We let it cool down, took it apart, cleaned it of hair, dust dirt, ect, replaced the belt and the brush still won't all! I've never had this many issues with a vacuum. And I take care of my vacuums. I use it everyday due to animals and allergies, I clean the filters every day. I would not recommend this vacuum to anyone. Spend a little extra and get something that will work longer then a few months.

Comment from Joe - 4/17/2012

Thanks for the review CRK0910. Sorry that you are having issues with the brush. Hair, strings, and debris need to be regularly removed from any vacuum's brushroll. This needs to be done regularly and prior to the brush seizing up from the hair and string getting into the brush endcaps. If this happens one would need to replace the brush (and belt if needed), but not the whole vacuum. The brush and belt for this unit can be found at

El Paso, Texas
Great Product

Customer review by Lapdad

5.0 stars 10/26/2010 by Lapdad
by Lapdad

I bought this at my local wal mart. My old vacum broke and I really needed to clean up pet hair in the house. It did a great job for the price. It had no problem picking up all the hair out of the carpet. The canaster was full very quickly. Why pay more when this is all you need.

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Roy, Utah
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every few days
Good vacuum, but one huge design flaw

Customer review by Catlynn

3.0 stars 3/21/2015 by Catlynn
by Catlynn

I switched to bagless vacuums over a decade ago and would never go back. My top of the line Other Brand finally gave out, and I bought a Bissell ClearView. Great suction - absolutely AWFUL in every other way. So I bought a reconditioned PowerForce. The design features on this vacuum are head and shoulders above the ClearView - much longer cord, with a clip high on the handle to keep the cord out from under your feet; a back-saving step-on power button; dirt bins and multiple filters that are all easy to remove, clean and reassemble. But just like the ClearView, this vacuum's roller brush does not disengage on the bare floor setting (bare floors meaning hard-wood, vinyl, laminate, concrete etc). That means when you vacuum your bare floors all the debris comes ROCKETING backward off the spinning roller brush instead of getting sucked up into the bin. Cat litter is particularly painful. Don't vacuum bare floors with bare legs! I wish Bissell could get this design element right. My home is mostly bare floors. I miss my Other Brand every time I clean...

Comment from Melisha - 3/25/2015

Thanks for your review. It's nice to hear how well you like the design with the BISSELL Powerforce vacuum. When setting the dial to bare floors with your machine make sure the handle is reclined. The height adjustment won't work properly if the handle is locked in the upright position.

Northern Michigan
Exceeded Expectations

Customer review by LoveToShopInIllinois

5.0 stars 11/22/2010 by LoveToShopInIllinois
by LoveToShopInIllinois

I just bought this vaccum cleaner today from my local Walmart. It really picks up. I had be dragging my feet to get a new vaccum or get my old vaccum fixed for the second time (Oreck XL). I love the bagless feature, washable HEPA filters, on board tools and headlight, so far nothing wrong. Great value for the money. Bought the exrended warranty, only $6.oo just in case.

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Naperville, IL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54
Ownership:1 week or less
Usage:Once per week
Not Entirely Impressed

Customer review by Forensicslover

3.0 stars 6/2/2013 by Forensicslover
by Forensicslover

I bought model 6585 brand new and for the most part, have not had any serious problems with it. There are a couple things though, that I will know to look for in a future vacuum. The cord on this model comes out the bottom at the back. I'm always stepping on it when vacuuming. I've had a bit of an issue with getting the turbo brush to work consistently. I have a long-haired cat and it would come in handy on the couch, if only it would work ALL the time. I also wish the hose stretched a bit easier and longer. I'm always tipping the vacuum over when using the attachments. I highly suggest you clean the filters and foam ring (not sure what it's called) often or else the vacuum will start to stink. When the filters and such are maintained, the vacuum has great suction and works decent for the price.

Comment from Lisa - 6/4/2013

Thank you for your comments. We will make sure to forward your feedback for possible future changes. The turbo brush tool is air driven by your machine; therefore, if there are dirty filters or restricted airflow the tool won't work properly.

Holt, Delhi Charter Township, MI, USA
Couldn't ask for a better vacuum

Customer review by Patty

5.0 stars 11/23/2015 by Patty
by Patty

I got this vacuum at a garage sale for free! It had been neglected for years. Was left outside in a garage. I cleaned it thoroughly, let it dry then oiled everything. I want to tell you I couldn't believe the dirt this machine got out of my carpets! I am a little, well a lot OCD. I vacuum everyday so when I used this vacuum on my "clean" rug and got so much dirt out I couldn't believe it. I have vacuumed my rugs 4 or 5 times with this now and am still getting a huge amount of old dirt out. You can't go wrong with machine. I can't imagine what a new one would do.

Florida, USA
I am in love with my vacuum!

Customer review by Sweetheart143

5.0 stars 7/7/2012 by Sweetheart143
by Sweetheart143

This vacuum is amazing. I have gone through a lot of vacuum's that always seem to have the same problems... Not enough suction, Doesn't pick up pet fur, expensive bag refills, breaks too soon. I have had my Powerforce for over a year and I can't say enough about it. Being able to clean the parts instead of buying new bags has been simple and easy. After a few times I just rinse them out, set them to dry, and place them back in for the next time. The pet hair tool works terrific on my furniture, carpet, and stuffed animals. All the tools work great and store and un-store easily. The belt on my vacuum just recently broke. The service on the Bissell website was fast and easy and I can't wait for the part to come in so I can enjoy my Powerforce once again!

PowerForce Turbo Vacuum Model # 6585

Customer review by BoyElroy

4.0 stars 4/16/2013 by BoyElroy
by BoyElroy

In 2009 when my old vacuum needed to be serviced and the repairs would have exceeded the cost of a new one, I decided to purchase the PowerForce Turbo by Bissell. My old vacuum was a bag type and worked quite well but I have a dog and it filled the bags up pretty quickly so I wanted a bagless as a replacement vacuum. I was not disappointed, the PowerForce Turbo Vacuum out performs my old bagged vacuum and there are no expensive bags to replace. I have no issues with this product and it is still running strong. I could not be more pleased. This vacuum is great for everyday floor cleaning, but now with the addition of a second dog I think that it is time to upgrade possibly to a Total Floor Pet Vacuum and keep the PowerForce as a backup.

Andover, OH 44003, USA
Poor Choice

Customer review by Pamela And Cat's

1.0 stars 1/1/2015 by Pamela And Cat's
by Pamela And Cat's

It died on 10/26/2013. So that makes the Vacuum 1 yr & 9 months & 3 days old to be exact. I have 3 cats, so I Vacuum every day & pick up hair & litter. I clean out the Dirt container every other day & the filters got cleaned every other week. This Vacuum was not neglected, it wore out before it's time. I believe this Vacuum is not made to do heavy duty pet clean up, although the name says "PowerForce Turbo". On 10/26/2013 I purchased a 18M9-W Bissell Rewind Cleanview Pet, which I am hoping that this lasts longer. We are now at the 1 yr & 2 months & 6 Days mark now and I am doing the same maintenance that I did with the prior Vacuum, so here's hoping that this will be a good choice.

Comment from Lisa - 1/6/2015

Thank you for your posting. It's important to maintain the filters like you do. The filters will ware overtime and will need replacing within 4-6 months. To order, just click at this link:

Pamela And Cat's
Dover, DE, USA
This Bissell is the worst one to buy!

Customer review by NME

1.0 stars 12/19/2012 by NME
by NME

I have always preferred Bissell brand over any other. When this new version of the bag less came out I ran right out and bought it to use in my new home. As time passed, I started noticing the dust in the house was extreme and getting worse. Turns out after replacing furnace filters and buying air cleaners, that my Bissell PowerForce Turbo Vacuum was not sealing properly and was picking up bigger stuff but blowing the fine dust out into the air. I am so frustrated with this vacuum! If I could rate it a ZERO I would! I since have went and replaced this model with an older style one and have noticed a significant difference in my dust problem. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS VACUUM!!!!!!!

Comment from Lisa - 12/21/2012

We are sorry for your trouble. Please check out the link we have for easy tips to get your machine working again. We hope this helps!

Marion, VA 24354, USA
great machine, but...

Customer review by William Deutermann

1.0 stars 1/7/2015 by William Deutermann
by William Deutermann

We have two of these machines, and we love them with the following caveats. They really pick up dirt, but when the canistrr Is full you have a really nasty job. To empty and clean this thing you need to take it outside and don a hazmat suit. Dust, dirt and lint have to be dug out with one's fingernails. The canister has to be washed with a garden hose, the filters washed, and everything put aside to dry for 24 hours before it can be used again. Then you need to shower and wash your clothes. What Bissel needs to do is provide disposable liners for the bagless canister.

Comment from Lisa - 1/13/2015

Thanks for your review. For heavy areas of debris it will help to empty the dirt cup more often. This way it will prevent hair from going all over. The foam filters do need to be maintained for good airflow. You can was them in warm tap water with mild soap. Just make sure they are completely dry before reusing. I hope this helps you out.

William Deutermann
Bethesda MD and Maddensville PA
This works well

Customer review by Shell1971

3.0 stars 2/2/2012 by Shell1971
by Shell1971

The vaccum worked well for the first few months but if you have pets it does not perform well at all. The canister is small and the filter at the bottom of the canister requires rinsing out after every use otherwise you lose suction power. I would not recommend if you own pets but if you do not have pets then I think you would be very happy with this product. I love the Bissell brand and I am going to upgrade to a different Bissell vacuum, one that is meant for pets. If I didn't have pets then I would be very satisfied with this vacuum.

Comment from Joe - 4/27/2012

Often, filters need additional cleaning due to the vacuum actually getting up more of that fine dust, dirt, and hair in the carpet like you have described. A great idea is to have an additional set of filters so one can dry thoroughly while the other is in use. You can find the filter at the below link under the Parts & Supplies tab:

Comment from Joe - 4/27/2012

Snolady, check for a clog in the lower hose as well. This is between where the hose plugs into the base of the unit and where the brush is located.

Roseville, MI
Selective power

Customer review by CassandraC

3.0 stars 3/18/2012 by CassandraC
by CassandraC

We bought this vacuum in October 2011. When I first started using it the suction was great until you used the handheld components. They barely sucked up anything. I attributed this to "paying for what I got". At least the actual vacuum worked! This morning as I went to vacuum my furniture, I pulled the hose out, turned on the vacuum and the suction was amazing on the attachment!!!! But as I went back to vacuum the floor there was no suction. It's as if the vacuum can't switch from handheld to floor option. HELP!

Comment from Joe - 4/3/2012

Thanks for the review Cassandra. To make you aware, there is no "switch" so I wonder if there is a crack in your hose or a clog. Please inspect the entire upholstery hose and follow this link to get any clogs out. Always feel free to contact us by email or phone at the following link:

Comment from Joe - 4/3/2012

Jennifer13, thanks for the comment. If the suction is good through the upholstery hose you may have a broken belt or need to replace the brush, but you may simply have a clog in the lower hose. Here a link to check for a clog:

Burlington, ON, Canada
Amazing Vacuum!

Customer review by Nichole

5.0 stars 2/8/2012 by Nichole
by Nichole

I have had this vacuum cleaner for almost 6 yrs now. I have 3 cocker spaniels and a cat I use it at home and I used it at work when I cleaned apartments. My poor vacuum has been through the ringer, it has sucked up nails, broken glass, tiny legos, crayons, you name it and this vacuum handles it like a champ! The only thing i don't like about it is that the filters take a day or sometimes 2 to dry, and with a baby in the house i really need to vacuum everyday, other than that I LOVE THIS VACUUM!

Chesapeake, VA, USA
good vacuum

Customer review by pafacserv1

4.0 stars 11/23/2013 by pafacserv1
by pafacserv1

a good vacuum ive owned three over the years it gets better with age cleans really well not a healthy home vacuum clean but better than most other brands out there now my big peeve the canister why put filters in dirt canister the bottom half that houses filter falls off when empting . only one peeve a great value based vacuum decent suction great on pet hair but im the rip the floor boards off the floor clean I like power wife likes easy to push lite weight you get that with this vacuum

Comment from Lisa - 11/26/2013

Thanks for your review. The bottom filter shouldn't fall off; if it doesn't lock in place when turning to the right, please see link so we can better assist you.

If it's a Bissell, got to have it!

Customer review by LadyDragon11193

4.0 stars 1/31/2012 by LadyDragon11193
by LadyDragon11193

Overall, the PowerForce Turbo Vacuum is great. I live in the Arizona desert so we get a lot of dust storms. I dust the house twice a week to keep it down. We also have two small dogs, one long hair. The Vacuum get it all even down to the fine dust. I like it easy clean up on the filters, I even ordered extras so I can keep going when vacuuming. The only problem I have seen with the vacuum is the roll brush tends to bind up (at the gray end). Bissell has been good about replacing it.

Arizona City, Arizona
Ok Vacuum

Customer review by disappointed

1.0 stars 1/14/2014 by disappointed
by disappointed

I have had this Vacuum for 3 years. We have two dogs, and honestly just because its a pet vacuum doesn't mean its good for the dog hair. I can't get the turbo brush to spin half the time after fixing it many times (thats even after cleaning out the hoses and stuff). Dog hair keeps getting stuck all the time in the vacuum in the tubes. Then I can't get it out cause its in a hard to reach spot in the curve at the bottom of the vaccum. When I get a new one it will not be a Bissell.

Comment from Lisa - 1/21/2014

Thank you for your review. We're sorry for your difficulty. Please note: the turbo brush is air driven by the machine; with hair stuck in the machine this will restrict airflow. We have some great tips to share to get your machine working and to get that dog hair suctioned up. Please see this link:

Michigan, USA
It was good at first...

Customer review by Daddyo2

2.0 stars 12/20/2013 by Daddyo2
by Daddyo2

When this vacuum was new it worked great, but over time suction has went down a significant amount. As long as you are willing to buy filters every couple of months it will do fine, that is until the roller brush assembly gets locked up for the whatever # time and you end up putting another belt on and taking the roller assembly off and fixing it. This one will be finding a new home (dumpster). Sadly disappointed in the quality of this vacuum

Comment from Lisa - 12/31/2013

Thank you for your review. We are sorry for your disappointment. Please note that the foam filters are hand washable with warm tap water and mild soap. Just make sure there are dry before reusing; this will save you money! For a new brush roller please click at this link:

Tennessee, USA
Erm...this vacuum deserves TEN Stars.

Customer review by Leslie

5.0 stars 2/11/2012 by Leslie
by Leslie

I bought this vacuum after my old one croaked; my house was a MESS, and it was the only one on the shelf I could afford. That was 5 years ago, and what a stroke of luck - because it's (by far) the BEST vacuum I've ever owned. Except for water, I pretty much treat it like a shop-vac, I cannot tell a lie. It's tolerated some heavy abuse over time, yet still runs just as well as it did the day I first brought it home. For real. *You MUST take care of it properly! The manual shows you how: just keep it clean, check the filters after each use - make sure they're in good shape, and free from any obstructions. But even that little bit of routine maintenance is ridiculously EASY... literally, it only takes a brief moment, and its done. The basic filters are washable, but the HEPA filters are very inexpensive, and worth every penny. In 5 years, I've had to replace the belt once...and only because I ran over something that wasn't meant to be sucked up, but this vacuum made the (admirable) attempt to suck it up anyway - which was my fault. But trust me: even if you ' think' your rugs are clean... you'll be amazed by the volume of 'stuff' that this thing will find to suck up that you don't even know is there! With so much junk being sold on the market these days, this vacuum is one proven performer that you can count on to last for years and years...while many of its higher priced competitors are destined to end up in landfills while they still look next to new. Thanks Bissell - for making a quality product that everyone can afford...:)

1-20 of 59 total reviews
1-20 of 59 reviews