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2101 reviews | 4.6 out of 5

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2101 reviews | 4.6 out of 5

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1-20 of 1720 total reviews
1-20 of 1720 reviews
Need better designs

Customer review by longtimebountyuser1

4.0 stars 7/12/2016 by longtimebountyuser1
by longtimebountyuser1

I've used Bounty for a long time. It is a great paper towel. I use to love the designs but the past year or so they designs have been awful. Where are the nice flowers and butterflies, seasonal designs, and pretty colors (blues, greens, yellow, pink) from years past? The geometric patterns are so boring. The blue/grey ones are OK but too much orange in other ones. I've found nice designs on Bounty Basic but the quality of the Basic towel is not the same. Please put some of those designs back on the regular Bounty towels. I agree with other writers about the select-a-size not tearing off as evenly as before.

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No waste

Customer review by Mal36

5.0 stars 7/19/2016 by Mal36
by Mal36

I like select a size because if it's a small job you just need one sheet, more for big spills.I just usually try 1 sheet first it usually does the trick

Danville, NH
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Best for crafts

Customer review by RozieTx

5.0 stars 7/13/2016 by RozieTx
by RozieTx

I took an oil painting course and noticed all the other students using paper towels. I asked why and was told paper towels are best for cleaning my brushes and the mess around my canvas... When asked what brand was the best, I was told 'you can use any kind but BOUNTY is best.'.. The next class, I had my own roll of Bounty and have used them ever since...

Orange, TX
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This product's perforations needs some TLC

Customer review by Pappy311

3.0 stars 7/9/2016 by Pappy311
by Pappy311

I used to love Bounty Select-a-Size, but lately they have not been tearing off from the roll properly at the short size perforations; instead they tear off leaving a large corner piece still on the roll. It is very annoying. So much so, that this pack will be our last Select-a-Size purchase. I have read numerous similar complaints from 2015, so apparently P&G does not care very much about it's consumers. How unfortunate, because they clean so well.

Comment from - 7/12/2016

We want to assure you that our consumer's are at the heart of everything we do. Our products go through many quality checks to ensure they reach you in the best condition, and we're sorry this hasn't been the case lately. We'd like to learn more so we can help further. Please give us a call at (855) 236-3353 when you have a moment to talk.

Lemoyne, PA
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Meets Expectations

Customer review by VeryCurlyHair

4.0 stars 7/5/2016 by VeryCurlyHair
by VeryCurlyHair

works like it says it does. I like the select a size, I use less towels this weay.

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Definitely more absorbent than others

Customer review by casm1

5.0 stars 7/1/2016 by casm1
by casm1

strong and durable, perfect sizing, no waste, definitely more absorbent, than the other brands

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we love all bounty products.

Customer review by Pattie

5.0 stars 6/28/2016 by Pattie
by Pattie

We love bounty, and only buy bounty paper towels and bounty napkins. No other products will do. If there is no bounty in the store, we go to another one. It has to be bounty or nothing

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This product is a useless wasteful, money muncher

Customer review by PollyH54

1.0 stars 10/25/2015 by PollyH54
by PollyH54

Everywhere I shop, Select-a-size is all I see. What can you clean with a sliver? It's taken many years to become faithful to the superior Bounty product. Much of my life was spent in cleaning in the hospital and hospitality fields as well as my own residential business, so I have utilized many tools as well as cost effectiveness. At home I finally treated myself to the better Bounty. I found selecting a colorful seasonal print a bright spot in the shopping chore. They are now, GONE-- The holiday towel, fun for the kiddies and me- GONE. Replaced by a roll that increases my frustration as I waste and hunt for a regular sheet, and add my guilt to the landfill as a sliver of towel saved is never remembered when needed. For the consumers who probably need meditation more than soap in the towel at an additional cost, go for it. Power to you both. But please don't take away the choices of us loyal Yanks who still think you don't need to fix what wasn't broken. Bring back our oldies but goodies. I won't buy these newbies.

Atkinson, N.H.
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No#1 Bounty

Customer review by Missy

5.0 stars 6/29/2016 by Missy
by Missy

Fastest cleaning on mirrors and glass for sure. Love select- a -size.

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Great product!

Customer review by Tweets77

5.0 stars 6/17/2016 by Tweets77
by Tweets77

Love the Bounty select a size. There is always the right amount for any job. Nice and soft too!

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Love it

Customer review by Nemi1969

5.0 stars 6/16/2016 by Nemi1969
by Nemi1969

This is the only paper towel I buy now. It's super absorbent so you don't need to use as much.

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Save the Planet; use Bounty Selece-a-size

Customer review by JillioK

5.0 stars 4/10/2011 by JillioK
by JillioK
Walmart associate

The best part about this product is that you can choose the right sheet size for the job. Most often I need to clean up a small spill and a 1/2 sized sheet will do the trick. Sometimes I need a full-sheet, but that is very rare. Works great for really messy and big spills.

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San Francisco
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Age:25 - 34
Ownership:3 - 4 months
Usage:Every day
Walmart associate
The best

Customer review by Meeko08

5.0 stars 6/10/2016 by Meeko08
by Meeko08

My go to brand of paper towel. Very absorbent and strong. Definitely get my money's worth out of them.

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Plain white select a size is disappointing

Customer review by Bella10101

3.0 stars 4/27/2016 by Bella10101
by Bella10101

I have loved the select a size bounty towels and I have used them for years. I didn't like the fact that the color would stain things sometimes. I recently bought the new plain white ones that are a bit larger select a size. I am very disappointed in the quality of the white select a size. They tear easily. They remind me of cheap paper towels. I also don't like the fact that the white select a size sheet is larger than the original select a size. The original select a size are the perfect size. I wish the white were comparable in size and quality. I do not recommend the white select a size.

Montgomery, AL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by KCS

5.0 stars 5/13/2016 by KCS
by KCS

Love love love Bounty!! Will always stock up on this product because it is tops in cleaning up spills and messes!. Tried using others but nothing compares to this product.

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Love them

Customer review by life4sure_820216

5.0 stars 5/12/2016 by life4sure_820216
by life4sure_820216

always use Bounty find they work better than any of the other brands and I am sure I have tried them all, love the fact that they come in the half sheets when you don't need a whole one

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Built Strong

Customer review by jules

5.0 stars 5/10/2016 by jules
by jules

They are very absorbent and strong. I love to use them for cleaning and spills.

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Nana's perfect fix

Customer review by NanaLachapelle

5.0 stars 5/3/2016 by NanaLachapelle
by NanaLachapelle

Is there really any other paper towel out there that you can count on like this!!!! From my granddaughters to taking care of my ailing parents Bounty you saved my life!

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great job

Customer review by bren

5.0 stars 5/3/2016 by bren
by bren

great paper towel and it has a select a size option

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Good product more quality control

Customer review by Karen17

2.0 stars 4/30/2016 by Karen17
by Karen17

I like the product but buy select a size for the purpose of using less, but they do not tear well and you use more in the process

Stony point, new york
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1-20 of 1720 total reviews
1-20 of 1720 reviews