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1689 reviews | 4.6 out of 5

4.5 stars

1689 reviews | 4.6 out of 5

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1-20 of 1308 total reviews
1-20 of 1308 reviews
This product is a useless wasteful, money muncher

Customer review by PollyH54

1.0 stars 10/25/2015 by PollyH54
by PollyH54

Everywhere I shop, Select-a-size is all I see. What can you clean with a sliver? It's taken many years to become faithful to the superior Bounty product. Much of my life was spent in cleaning in the hospital and hospitality fields as well as my own residential business, so I have utilized many tools as well as cost effectiveness. At home I finally treated myself to the better Bounty. I found selecting a colorful seasonal print a bright spot in the shopping chore. They are now, GONE-- The holiday towel, fun for the kiddies and me- GONE. Replaced by a roll that increases my frustration as I waste and hunt for a regular sheet, and add my guilt to the landfill as a sliver of towel saved is never remembered when needed. For the consumers who probably need meditation more than soap in the towel at an additional cost, go for it. Power to you both. But please don't take away the choices of us loyal Yanks who still think you don't need to fix what wasn't broken. Bring back our oldies but goodies. I won't buy these newbies.

Atkinson, N.H.
Would recommend to a friend? No
Super Absorbent

Customer review by AliP22_362975

5.0 stars 2/4/2016 by AliP22_362975
by AliP22_362975

Bounty paper towel is the only brand I will buy. It is super absorbent and doesn't drip like other brands. You use less sheets to clean up your mess. I also like the fact that you can buy regular rolls, or select-a-size!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Reuse and recycle.

Customer review by ANNE

5.0 stars 2/3/2016 by ANNE

I love bounty paper towels. I have even rinsed them out and reused them to wipe up the dogs muddy paw prints. I am amazed at how many times I can use the same one. Certainly saves money.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Bounty towels

Customer review by Jewell_452851

5.0 stars 2/3/2016 by Jewell_452851
by Jewell_452851

Bounty is one of the best paper towel I ever used, it very strong and absorbent.. You use less so it cost less... I wash my bathtub and sinks with it.. I love this product...

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
My Bounty Back-up

Customer review by Wayne

5.0 stars 2/4/2016 by Wayne
by Wayne

Bounty is my "go to" product for anything that needs wiping... from messy spills to removing finger marks on glass tables.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
quickler picker upper

Customer review by dawn

4.0 stars 2/4/2016 by dawn
by dawn

very strong and u dont need much to clean up a spill

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Bounty rules

Customer review by JennScr

5.0 stars 2/3/2016 by JennScr
by JennScr

Love this brand. Having two little boys Bounty makes clean up effortless! I've tried other brands but nothing compares.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great product

Customer review by Enkay

4.0 stars 2/3/2016 by Enkay
by Enkay

it is a great product and so absorbent , i love it and would recommend it to friends

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Pix up Quick

Customer review by Marcelle

4.0 stars 2/3/2016 by Marcelle
by Marcelle

Lots of absorbency to wipe up spills with this product.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
love it

Customer review by Hilj

5.0 stars 2/2/2016 by Hilj
by Hilj

love this product would reco it to all my friends..................................

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
cleans up messes

Customer review by amanda87

5.0 stars 1/26/2016 by amanda87
by amanda87

I wouldn't purchase anything but Bounty! You can clean up big messes with less paper towel! One sheet does wonders.. it's so strong!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Bounty Paper Towels

Customer review by Sassy3_507394

4.0 stars 1/25/2016 by Sassy3_507394
by Sassy3_507394

Bounty is by far the strongest "picker upper" of paper towels! Love the select a size for small cleanups too.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
5 star quality paper towel

Customer review by dragonbaby2012

5.0 stars 1/22/2016 by dragonbaby2012
by dragonbaby2012

quality product...easy to use...strong paper towel...I have used it before and will continue to use it

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Barbecue Sauce Adventure

Customer review by blowjam

5.0 stars 1/6/2016 by blowjam
by blowjam

I have tried these paper towels and found them to be very absorbent , easy to tear apart in one piece. I used them to clean my fridge after spilling barbecue sauce, amazingly they did a great job, I was able to complete the job with only 2 pieces! The towels rinsed out easily and took the abusive scrubbing it took to clean up the sauce. No tearing ,no holes , just a great towel, I was surprised! I am a see it to believe it type person and they made a believer in me. I have continued to use them and have told my friends and family about my barbecue adventure as well. Very good product!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Very absorbing.

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 1/23/2016 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I have used bounty for a number of years,. I would recommend it to everyone. Sure gets the job done.

An anonymous customer
Griffin GA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Terrible Web Experience

Customer review by Brian

1.0 stars 1/8/2016 by Brian
by Brian

I have always loved Bounty paper towels and buy the large packs regularly. They are a hassle to carry back from the store so I though I'd see about ordering them online. After creating an account and selecting the items, clicked 'Buy' - the website would not place the items in my cart and I was not able to purchase. I tried multiple times with no luck. I'm so disappointed that I wasted the time and will look for an alternate brand from which to buy online. I'm shocked that a brand such as Bounty should deliver such a bad customer experience.

New York
Would recommend to a friend? No
Bounty is the Brand I Trust!

Customer review by Noogle_212035

5.0 stars 1/13/2016 by Noogle_212035
by Noogle_212035

Bounty select-a-size paper towels are my go-to brand for this type of product. I love the convenience of being able to select a smaller or larger portion of towel. They are very absorbent and never fall apart. As one reviewer stated, you can even wring them out and re-use them. Bounty paper towels have NEVER failed me, and I highly recommend them!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Bounty Fan :)

Customer review by Jo3max

5.0 stars 1/18/2016 by Jo3max
by Jo3max

Never disappoints, love the strength and the select a size!

Would recommend to a friend? No
best paper towel on the market

Customer review by Bountyuser69

5.0 stars 1/9/2016 by Bountyuser69
by Bountyuser69

Bounty paper towels (not Bounty Basic) are the only paper towels my family will buy. We have been buying and using these for years, maybe decades. They are slightly more expensive than other paper towels, but the quality makes them worth it. They never fall apart when wet, and will even hold up to some "scrubbing" when needed. Every time I use a different paper towel at someone else's house, I'm reminded how good standard Bounty towels are. Also, Select-a-Size ROCKS! Good job on these Bounty.

Carver, MN
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Waste Not Want Not

Customer review by Mommabear_

5.0 stars 1/10/2016 by Mommabear_
by Mommabear_

I have tried Bounty (select-a-size) and I love it. I have two young ones and put it this way they take after their very clutzy mother. We are forever spilling something and the really great thing about bounty...besides the fact it is astonishingly absorbent...most the time we only need 1/2 a sheet. No more wasting paper towels..."right kids" J.R.P

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 1308 total reviews
1-20 of 1308 reviews