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Did a great job!

Customer review by CarpetCaptain

5.0 stars 5/30/2014 by CarpetCaptain
by CarpetCaptain

After reading the reviews, which I found mostly positive, I bought the cleaner today (5-30-14). Got it home and there was just a little assembly required. Couldn't wait to get started (unusual for a man?). My carpets haven't been cleaned for 3 years and I was curious as to what the results were gonna be. Shazam! Let me tell you.....amazing. Followed the directions (yeah for most men it's a last resort), and I tell you carpet looks like brand new! I only had time to do the LR so far but I am very happy with the results. Can't wait to see the results for the rest of the rooms. It woulda' cost me $50 PLUS the cost of the solution if I would have rented a machine so I put that money towards one I am happy with and can use any time I want and as many times as I want! Well worth the money. I would definitely recommend this product. Thanks Bissell!

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Best Timing

Customer review by ChallengeTaker

5.0 stars 9/14/2013 by ChallengeTaker
by ChallengeTaker

The timing couldn't be better. We just moved into a new home with our 3 kiddos and recently adopted 2 kittens. My 3 year old came home with a fever yesterday and vomited all over the couch. A quick wipe with paper towels and the machine was set to work. In less than 7 or 8 minutes, my couch was left looking in much better condition than it was before the mess. And, the odor was completely eliminated. Our kitties are transitioning to their new home and are leaving us "presents" in both liquid and solid form. We used this machine and it has taken away all of the stains and odors. We had difficulty in the basement entryway because they had gone several times before we noticed (our basement isn't finished so we rarely go down there). After several washings with this machine and vacuuming with a baking soda powder, the smell is virtually gone!! The small attachments allowed me to get into the corners and grooves of the steps, too!! Absolutely worth every penny I spent on it. Thanks Bissell!!!!

Omaha, NE, USA
Great results after first use

Customer review by CL82

4.0 stars 10/14/2012 by CL82
by CL82

So, it seems this product may have some issues after several months of use, BUT I decided to purchase it regardless to try at-home carpet cleaning rather than bringing in an outside business. We have pets and a young child, and I just felt like our carpeted areas of the home needed "refreshed." I will say that before we purchased the home (18 months ago), the carpets were cleaned when the previous owners moved out, then the house sat vacant, so they were professionally cleaned again before we moved in. There were some stains that were left behind by the pros. I had tried to spot treat them, but no luck. The Bissell cleaning formula not only smells great, but it picked up and removed ALL of the stains. It also did a great job removing pet hair left behind from the vac. I found the assembly, use and clean-up of this machine to be really easy. I hope if I follow all of the instrcutions it will last as I would love to use it every 3 months or so on our carpets. Great product (so far)!

Rotating brush issues

Customer review by SweetD

1.0 stars 12/31/2015 by SweetD
by SweetD

Got mine as a Christmas gift. Used it in one room, and the rotating brush stopped spinning. Returned it for another one, and tried to finish where I left off in room, and could not complete task due to the brush not rotating. Uhg! :(

Won't spray after 2 use

Customer review by Rondawgrun

1.0 stars 12/23/2015 by Rondawgrun
by Rondawgrun

won't spray any hot water i can't get it unclogged. This is only the 2nd time using my bissell, I tried everything in the maintenance trouble shooting video nothing seems to work. I could use some help beside the same video link that everyone gets referred to..

Comment from Rick - 12/30/2015

Oh no - Sorry it's not spraying! If the video did not help please give us a call and we'll help further, 1-800-237-7691.

Las Vegas, NV
Better than expensive models!

Customer review by mykidsmom

5.0 stars 10/12/2013 by mykidsmom
by mykidsmom

My husband has a vacuum that he paid a few thousand for and it changes to a "shampooer" I used it for the 5 years we have been together and never felt like it did anything but get the floors wet, when vacuuming I always just felt like it left lines on the floors as it never picked anything up. Needless to say I was looking for something better. Granted, I did not buy this model brand new but found someone that had it and was no longer able to use it. I took it home and the first thing I did was clean my floors! They looked and smelt amazing! I have owned it about 6 months and have used it twice! I love it! Would highly recommend. The only drawback I really see is that if I ever purchase a brand new one (this one will have to die completely for that to happen) is I would get one with the detachable spot cleaner. I did buy a new Bissell Little Green for the spots that my children get on the carpets so I'm not digging out the big machine, and it is wonderful as well!

Elko, NV
Does my work

Customer review by Maw

5.0 stars 12/24/2015 by Maw
by Maw

Works every time I plug it in. Easy to handle and manover around any room. I would recommend to anyone. I have the PetPro

Louisiana, USA
Lost suction after third use

Customer review by The cleaner

1.0 stars 12/6/2015 by The cleaner
by The cleaner

I owned it for 2 weeks lost suction took it for exchange thinking it was deflected about 90 days 3 cleanings same thing i cleaned every part even red filter trying to fix it no luck i have the same issue with the pet vacuum but that actually worked about 6 months Bissell is losing their quality fast and my business I have 2 6 month old Bissells and they are coat hangers now

Comment from Rick - 12/8/2015

Sorry to hear this! Here are a few more steps to try that should return suction to your Proheat heat. Please give them a try:

The cleaner
Junk do not purchase

Customer review by Gmc12345

1.0 stars 10/26/2015 by Gmc12345
by Gmc12345

If you read the review everyone posting a few days or few weeks about there pro heat pet love it. The TRUTH is read the ones that have had it longer than a month. I've had mine for 2 month I run it once a week every week with the exception of when the pooch has an accident. The water paddle will not spin the head won't spray water any longer only the hose will. The hose holder is of extremely poor design as it falls out constantly while in use. The power cable is stored in a ridiculous manner that is wind up coaxial with the hose so that they get completely tangled. And the best part is it currently still not working I feel like fool for not reading the reviews ahead of time. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE!

Comment from Rick - 10/28/2015

Thank you for your feedback. It sounds like the spray tips for the floor may be clogged. Here is a great video that shows how to easily clean the spray tips and should get you back to cleaning in no time!

Meadowlands pa
Worked real good until it stopped working

Customer review by Sanityfree

2.0 stars 6/30/2012 by Sanityfree
by Sanityfree

Gets the carpets clean, but from the first time I used it I noticed the suction part clogging with pet hair every pass. Turns out our vacuum cleaner was still set to HIGH from our old house. After turning it to low and vacuuming twice (TWICE!) before shampooing, the unit stills clogs with hair, albeit every third pass now. However, today, I attempt to use my cleaner for the third time ever, and it dies. I smell belt burning. Pop the cover off (which should NOT require a tool, Bissell!) but the belt is not broken. Turn it on, motor turns but belt does not. Turned the belt by hand, then it broke. Turns out the part where the belt connects to the beater assembly/pump unit was COMPLETELY JAMMED WITH PET HAIR!!! So now I'm working on cleaning the unit out and figuring which belt to send my wife after. All in all, I understand that a good vacuum is important, but this is a "PET CARPET CLEANING SYSTEM!" I kind of expect it to handle pet hair much better than it does. I mean, how is it that wet pet hair can even get to the belt?!

Comment from Joe - 7/18/2012

Thanks for the review. If the pump belt broke it is easily replaceable. You can get the belt at and here is an easy video to walk you through replacing it at

Comment from Joe - 7/18/2012

Sanityfree, just contact our Customer Care at and they can help you out.

Beecher city, IL 62414, USA
Very disappointed

Customer review by TiaMaria

1.0 stars 10/17/2015 by TiaMaria
by TiaMaria

When I first bought the machine, I was very pleased with it. It worked well and I was happy to see all the dirty water I was pulling up. Then shortly after, things started to go wrong. I've only had this carpet cleaner for 2 and a half years and it's had one problem after the next. It started with the shampoo not dispensing. I read the troubleshooting guide and followed the advice. It still only works about a quarter of the time and I have to constantly adjust and readjust. It leaks too. Then I had trouble with the belt and have to put it back on numerous times during a carpet cleaning session. Then the hose broke. I was able to deal with these things, but now it has stopped cleaning altogether! It sprays and sucks up the water but the dirty water is coming out clear! I don't know if the brush is not making contact with the carpet or what but I'm just so frustrated at this point. I understand that maintenance is to be expected, but I went with Bissell because I thought they were reputable and produced quality products. I shampoo the carpets a few times a year and spot clean when my dog throws up every once in a while. After 2.5 years, that only makes a handful of times that I've used the machine. I shouldn't be having this much trouble with it.

Comment from Juan - 10/22/2015

We agree, Tia Maria. Give us a call, we'd love to help with your ProHeat.

Rochester, NY
PTO heat pet

Customer review by Rich

1.0 stars 11/24/2015 by Rich
by Rich

I will never buy another bissell cleaner, I have bought 2, neither one lasted more than 3uses, junk ,cheap made .Very dissatisfied with them, 2nd one used teice and it quit ejecting water,

Comment from Juan - 12/3/2015

Oh no! That definitely should not be the case. Here's a video with a few steps to try on your second unit, it should help to return the water spray.

what a waste

Customer review by desertbratt

1.0 stars 6/25/2014 by desertbratt
by desertbratt

I purchased the bissell proheat pet cleaner and used it one time to clean up after an elderly dog who couldn't control her bladder anymore. It worked wonderfully and my carpets turned out beautiful. I don't have alot of traffic or stains and not much of a call to use it aside from the one time. I cleaned and stored the machine in the closet. I pulled it out to use it today to clean up after yet another elderly dog and I have no spray to the floor. After reading I am seeing that this is a common problem. It is no longer under warranty and all I am seeing is to take it to a bissell repairman. As a customer, I would expect a product to last for more than one use and am very disappointed in this machine. I have done all of the troubleshooting things and I get spray to the attachments, just not to the floor and am very frustrated. At this point, I have decided that I will not purchase another bissell product. I expected better from Bissell.

Lucerne Valley, California

Customer review by Doctorlvr

2.0 stars 10/29/2015 by Doctorlvr
by Doctorlvr

We loved this carpet cleaner so so so much when we got it. Our carpet went at least 3 shades lighter. We have 3 animals, so quite a feat. Unfortunately, it no longer sprays at all. We cleaned everything to see if it was clogged, but nothing fixed it. It is definitely not what we were hoping would happen, especially after only 8 months. If it had lasted longer, this would have been 5 stars, but with 3 pets, a broken carpet cleaner is a death sentence for your floor... I wish I could just have a new one, since it worked so well while it lasted, but living paycheck to paycheck doesn't afford much spending...

Comment from Lisa - 11/4/2015

Sorry to hear this happened. We have a great video that should help to get your ProHeat Pet spraying again. Check it out here:

Great while it worked

Customer review by Steph99

2.0 stars 11/22/2015 by Steph99
by Steph99

It was great for about 2 years. It still sprays water just fine, but suddenly the suction power stopped working. All it does now is get my carpets wet.

Comment from Nikki - 11/25/2015

Hi Steph - We should definitely be able to fix the suction issue you're experiencing. Please take a look here:

Unsatsify Customer

Customer review by disgustedinAZ

1.0 stars 10/18/2012 by disgustedinAZ
by disgustedinAZ

I bought the Bissell Proheat Pet Deep Cleaner in May 2012. Having two dogs and thought it would be great for cleaning the carpet. The first time I used the machine it left balls of pet hair everywhere. Which wasn't a real big deal, I could pick it up. As I used it a few more times, I notice the machine was not cleaning up the messes. Then the sprayers quit working. I bought a pump belt and replaced it. It still was not working. I took it to a repairman and he said the automix gadget broke where the hose connects. He replaced the gadget. It did not work. He replaced the pump. It still doesnt work. He replaced all the tubing and the machine still wont spray. Now I have a machine sitting here not working. I'm totally disgusted. I have not had the machine for 6 months before it quit. Now I have to buy a new machine. I will not be buying a Bissell deep cleaner again. I have spent enough money on the machine to find out it still won't work.

Sierra Vista, AZ, USA
Haven't Cleaned Carpets for 4 Years!....

Customer review by Dusty in the Desert

5.0 stars 3/10/2015 by Dusty in the Desert
by Dusty in the Desert

you can imagine the built-up dirt, and my 10 year old (smaller Bissell carpet cleaner) was no longer working. Used the Bissell Pro-Heat Plus right out of the after arrival. First the area rugs. They came out almost like new...dark colors were brighter. Then the worst area, my bathroom carpet. This beige carpet had brown foundation powder embedded so deep, I began to think the carpet was really 'brown'....but after 2 passes with my new Bissell Pro-Heat Plus, this carpet is looking almost new, as well. Odors have disappeared and I am just so pleased to have much better looking carpets. Bissell is the best and I'm back to cleaning the carpets every few months. With 2 grown men, a bird and lots of dust from nearby fields...I have no doubt that my Bissell can handle it. I have also ordered extra attachments and cleaning liquids, to make sure they are always on hand...Thanks Bissell, for your great products!

Dusty in the Desert
Worst Vacuum

Customer review by JY05

1.0 stars 4/5/2015 by JY05
by JY05

I bought the ProHeat Pet Carpet Cleaner about 4 months ago, and I probably have only used it twice. I am very disappointed with this product and would not recommend it to anyone. Firstly, the suction area was poorly designed. Every time I try to push the machine forward the plastic in the front gets caught in the carpet and does not allow me to vacuum. This is not an issue when I move the machine backwards. After looking at the vacuum for several hours and trying to engineer a way to make the vacuum work it would require me alter it too much in such a way that I may lose the suction property to the vacuum. Secondly, the side hand vacuum also does not work properly. The suction is so weak that it does not pick up anything. It is important to note that this is not a user error, I followed the manufacturer's instructions as detailed in the guide. Thirdly, when the vacuum does work it creates so much dust particles in the air. Lastly, it is such a pain to take the vacuum apart in order to clean it. Overall, this is a very expensive, poorly designed ineffective product!

Comment from Heather - 4/7/2015

Thank you for your review. We're sorry for your trouble with your deep cleaner. The reason you have lost suction and the machine is hard to push forward is the floor nozzle in the front isn't on properly. Make sure to snap the nozzle in on top before putting the two screws in at the bottom. We can help you step by step at this link: It's best to thoroughly dry vacuum your carpet before deep cleaning. The deep cleaner has a very strong brush and can bring up particles deep down in the carpet fibers a vacuum can't.

Chicago, IL, USA
stops spraying w/o indicating

Customer review by Dissatisfied

1.0 stars 10/10/2015 by Dissatisfied
by Dissatisfied

Terrible product. Any number of conditions can make the spraying mechanism fail to function without indication. In other words, you continue to "steam clean" without it actually spraying. Out of soap? Stops spraying. Too much lint in the undersized filter? Stops spraying. Water empty? Of course it stops spraying, but you don't know. Well, there is some sort of spinner that's supposed to act as the indicator, but that thing's function is random at best. Just so you know, my unit has,just now decided to stop spraying altogether at the end of my last go around. Personally, I can hardly wait for Shark to make a steam cleaner. Now that would be a piece of equipment you could count on.

St. Louis, MO
I love this machine!

Customer review by Lclark84

5.0 stars 10/23/2015 by Lclark84
by Lclark84

This is the best carpet cleaner I have ever used! I have used some machines that were greatly bulky and hard to use. The fact that it cleans such a large area without needing to be changed or refilled is fantastic. I have 3 kids, 2 cats, a dog, and a very messy husband and I can easily keep up with all the yuck and spills they leave behind. I have told everyone I know how quick, easy and reliable this carpet cleaner is and will recommend it to anyone. Just love it!

Maine, USA
1-20 of 294 total reviews
1-20 of 294 reviews