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Philips Sonicare For Kids HX6311 - Tooth brush

Philips Sonicare For Kids HX6311 - Tooth brush

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Key Features and Benefits:<ul><li>KidTimerIncreases brushing time slowly over 90 days, building towards the dentist recommended 2 minutes.</li><li>Power modes2 Kid-friendly power modes adapts to different ages providing a gentle cleaning that's ideal for different ages. There is a low mode</li></ul>
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Brushing time is so much fun with this app! Everyday my son looks forward to the little reward he gets from Sparky in the app! This is perfect for kids that don't like to brush, like mine. He loves it now! Such a great idea to connect the brush with and app! Thank you Phillips!!

Brushing is now fun rather than a chore

I bought this for my daughter to encourage her to take ownership of brushing her teeth. She has done it twice a day every day since we bought he brush and installed the app. It's been such a success that her sparkle gets played with at other times too. The teaching and the timers are excellent additions to the fun and encouragement.

My 3 year old loves it!

Took a week of tickles... but now he can't wait to brush his teeth. He likes brushing along with the brushing app and can't wait to get his little present once he's done. The app is great and his teeth haven't been cleaner. Thanks for another great product sonicare.


Everyone in our household uses a sonicare toothbrush. It is important that my daughters use a sonicare as well. They have had no new cavities since using their sonic care. My only complaint is the way the toothbrush head attaches to the toothbrush. If it is dropped it can detach and not vibrate correctly...that is what happened to our first one.

Great concept but wish the app had more games

My daughter has always had issues with brushing. She loves the app and getting awards after each time she brushes but it does get boring with getting the same prize over and over. Wish there was more interaction.

Kids love it

The kids have gotten really excited to brush since we got these toothbrushes. The only improvement I would suggest is for the app to be able to be used on one device and tracked on another.

great brush for kids, but app needs to change Sparkly purple again

My kid loves the app and it makes brushing less of a struggle. I've used Sonicare for over a decade and it makes my kid brush more thoroughly than with a manual brush. However, there is spray paint prize in the app that turns Sparkly a different color. My kid is distraught that Sparkly can't be purple again.

Love the product

I love the brush but when my granddaughter started using it, it seemed to be to harsh for her, even on the gentle setting. I would love to see the time settings on the app a little more adjustable also, (not everyone brushes at the same time everyday. nor or they home with the app every day, weekend). Over all the brush is great and I love it.

Some good features

This product was great to use AT THE BEGINNING. My daughter loves the app because it motivates her to brush for a full 2 minutes. Loves the interaction with her "sparkly"; giving it food, changing colours, environments etc... However, after using this for 3 months, we've noticed that the app is NOT in sync with the current calendar. The day of the week is not the same as the actual date. How do we fix this? Also, I can't give her "credit" for brushing her teeth if she's at her dad's house and doesn't have her Phillips toothbrush with her. The credit option doesn't always work.

Great concept but...

Purchased this product for my 5 year old son. Found this product to have a great concept but use of this product creates quite a mess when brushing. While some dripping can be expected with brushing, this toothbrush seems to make quite a mess. The motor is a bit too aggressive which makes for splashing all over the person brushing their teeth, anyone that may assist, and surrounding areas. Product also seems quit bulky for little hands.

App doesn't work too well

My two sons use the toothbrush. they like it along with the app, but the toothbrush doesn't always connect to the phone via bluetooth. Often have to put the brush on the charger or retry the app.

Co-Parenting is not convenient for this product!!

I love this product and would recommend it to everyone!! However, my daughters father and I are not together and we do a lot of co parenting ... but with our 6 year old this is the only thing we can't connect on ! I wish there was a way to connect with a user name and password that would connect our accounts together!! When she is with him her little guy gets sad and his teeth get gross ... and the same when she's with me and she did t use her dads toothbrush. We have spent about $90 for 2 different brushes but my daughter can not benefit from the co parenting toothbrush's !! Otherwise this product is awesome!

Made a Little TOO Well!

When we got this toothbrush charged I started to try to brush my six year old's teeth but she was really, really jumpy about it. She said it was "too tickly" and she made it impossible for me to get her teeth done. I thought she was just exaggerating but after much squirming I put the other head on it and tried it myself. My WORD that this is beyond tickly! It's all you can do to keep it in your mouth because it tickles that much! Maybe there's too much sonic action. I know that I couldn't use that thing! She's using it but it's a struggle with all the movement of my daughter and all the giggling (albeit cute). I've almost given up on it and went back to her old $5 vibrating toothbrush. First I'm trying to drain down the battery a bit to see if the vibration lessens to a more reasonable level. Then we'll see!

Almost perfect!

We only brushed my 3 yr olds teeth once a week because it was such a fight. It was pathetic and demoralizing. At his dentist appointment our apathy hit us: pre-cavities. Desperate, I looked up a tooth app. MAGIC! We used an old electric toothbrush for months and the kids loved it! Then at Christmas they got the official Philips Sonicare For Kids and it opened up MORE on the app. Personally, I preferred it when the app only had a few "fun" aspects with the Bluetooth connected Sonicare my kids want to play with the app for too long. :) We brush twice a day now, rarely is there a fight!

Good product!

Provides the essentials, without unnecessary others. Great for doing what you buy this for - getting the best in cavity prevention! Just need to make sure you buy it for the right age - my 22 month old is a bit scared of using it just yet, so I am using it now and find it works great. Will start it on him as soon as he can!

Better than I imagined

I am a dental hygienist and have heard so many positive things about Sonicare. After doing some research on the kids Sonicare toothbrush I decided to purchase one for my 4 year old. He loves it! How it shows the "cavity bugs" in the mouth being brushed away and vibrating/beeping to change quadrants.This helps him with placement of the toothbrush and he follows along just like it shows on the tablet. Keeps track of how often he is brushing, and has parental code so they can't alter the information. I was amazed on how good it was I purchased one as a birthday gift for myself. I couldn't believe how clean it made my mouth in comparison to the other brushes. I have been recommending Sonicare to all my patients children and adults. I wish I would have made this purchase sooner. Oral hygiene is so very important and this product has made it enjoyable so it's something my son looks forward to each day. Thanks for the great product!

Great Product to get the kids brushing!

I purchased 2 of these brushes for my 2 daughters, ages 7 and 4. We downloaded the APP on the iPad and the magic began! We had problems in the past with them brushing before bedtime. Now, they look forward to getting a Surprise using the APP. They are having fun gathering rewards for brushing! It is really easy to use and they love it! I can also track their brushing habits. One of the best products that promote good oral health. The Bluetooth connection to the iPad was seamless. We have both profiles set up and they compete with each other on the prizes they get.

Really gets kids interested in brushing!

My 8 year old daughter went from a reluctant brusher to a brushing pro, practically overnight! The change was tremendous and immediate. In our morning rush, we would almost always skip brushing. Now she takes the initiative and brushes twice a a day, every day, zero nagging. This product is great at instilling good brushing habits. Love the way it talks kids through proper techniques and keeps it fun. Great product!

LOVE these!

We got our girls (5 & 3) Philips Sonicare For Kids Sonic electric toothbrushes hoping it would convince them to brush more frequently and do a better job. The app is super cute and so fun that they can't wait to brush their teeth! Our 5 year old is more committed than our 3 year old, but we've seen a big improvement since having these brushes.

5 yr old and 3 yr old in Hawaii

Heavy for my kids, cant use by self. stickers for designing, chimes during & ending cycle=cute! Company does NOT ship to Hawaii. toothbrush and heads are $$$ Bristles are sturdier than kddie toothbrushes in the stores. 5yr old got first cavity(400+).bought to help clean teeth better and prevent cavaties.
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