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178 reviews | 4.7 out of 5

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1-20 of 161 reviews
Great alternative

Customer review by najordan89

5.0 stars 3/25/2012 by najordan89
by najordan89

My step-mom owns this product, and I've used it about three times. I know it may not be much to leave a review, but I needed to. I have stubborn, thick, Asian hair. I've always used a CHI flat iron, but the ceramic on my CHI plates starting peeling. I always swore that a CHI was the only flat iron that could straighten my hair. My step-mom has wavy to curly hair and she recommend that I use this Remington when I had forgotten my straightener one day. I did, and boy was it nice! I like that this flat iron has a heat adjustment. I use a spray heat protector for my hair, so I'm not too worried about the damage. I was able to straighten my hair so quick and easily! One fell swoop and I was done! My hair felt so soft afterwards! I love this product, and recommend it as an alternative to those who can't afford an expensive flat-iron. The only downside is that it's pretty tough to not hit the on-off and temp. buttons while straightening your hair. But I could get over that since it did such a great job. :)

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best hair tool I've ever had.

Customer review by Rach222

5.0 stars 4/10/2012 by Rach222
by Rach222

I've been using this straightener frequently (at least 4 times a week) for almost three years, and don't plan to stop. It's one of the few things I've ever owned that I believe is virtually indestructible! I'm clumsy and tend to drop it quite a bit, and I've never done more than scratch it on a rough floor. I also love my straightener because it smoothes my frizzy hair and keeps it smooth and straight in my high-humidity, windy city. My hair stays straight and rarely becomes damaged or gets split ends. I have naturally fine, curly hair, but a lot of it. Typically, it takes a long time to get it 'just right', but I can do my hair in ten minutes with this straightener. I use it every other day if not daily and I will never use anything else! It's survived travel, everyday use, and everything in between for years. Whenever my friends are with me they choose to use my straightener instead of their expensive CHIs.

Tulsa, OK, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Style Therapy: Frizz Therapy 1" Flat Iron

Customer review by GoldBabyGirl

5.0 stars 7/11/2012 by GoldBabyGirl
by GoldBabyGirl

Purchased this flat iron based on reviews. Needed something for reversion of African American fine thick hair past armpit length after 10" big chop November 2011. Hair never stays straight & appears coarse just cause it's very thick and stays curled only with manual roller use. Have owned both Remington 1" & 2" Wet 2 Straight flat irons for number of years & use them simultaneously to avoid heat loss. Hair would constantly revert. After one use of the Remington Frizz Therapy flat iron difference in hair can be felt and seen. There is not one thing wrong with Natural Black hair but when I want my hair straight that's what I want as I have no creamy crack relaxer since I can't even remember. My hair is absolutely amazing today. Flat iron was not problematic with any shut off during use either. I am HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY . . . this Remington Frizz Therapy flat iron is WONDERFUL! Okay, this is the day after my first use. Returning to say after wrapping my hair overnight, awoke without frizz and hair was still beautiful. Hot & humid today but you can't tell by my hair. I purchased the S-8510 model, not the S-9951A model. This is a good thing!

Philly, PA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
It works.

Customer review by TM24

3.0 stars 11/22/2013 by TM24
by TM24

I do like this product. I have a red hair, and its very coarse and thick. My only issue is that my hair is extremely wavy to even curly at times. I don't like to use the heat setting too high, because my hair smells terribly burnt if I do. But according to my hair type, it seems I would need to use a higher setting to get better results and I don't want to do that because of the burning of hair. I do it on 370 and it does not straighten it enough to where I could wear it down because of the waves in my hair, it just flattens it nice for me for a good pony tail. I would recommend this only if you are looking to straighten only slightly wavy hair with an easy to straighten texture and don't need to use really high heat.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Just what I needed!

Customer review by Ashley29

5.0 stars 1/13/2014 by Ashley29
by Ashley29

I absolutely love this straighter. It does exactly what it claims. I live in the south and the humidity here is ridiculous but with this product my hair stays straight just about all day. Granted I do work inside but with my old straighter (Chi), as soon as I stepped outside my hair would frizz up and curl. (My hair is naturally curly). I don't have to worry about this now. I did a lot of research on other products but once I saw the great review in Good Housekeeping I knew I had to try it. My hair is very fine and I set the temp for about 320-340 and it does not fry my hair. It does have a little bit of a smell at first but I got used to it. Overall I would never go back to anything but a Remington.

Calera, AL, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Amazing flat Iron - Really keeps my hair looking gorgous and frizz control

Customer review by Molis

5.0 stars 5/24/2012 by Molis
by Molis

This is one of the most amazing purchases I ever made. Before buying it it I did a lot of research and this one had amazing reviews and everybody was really pleased with the results. I've been using it for more than one year now, I can tell you this flat iron is really the best. This flat iron do not damage my hair, keeps it in place and the thing I love the most is that it is very smooth and control my hair for the high-humidity city I live in (FL). I definitively recommend this flat iron over any other brand, this one is amazing, not expensive and deliver all the results I need without damaging my hair. Love it !! I will continue recommend it to my friends. Really worth it!

Miami, FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great stuff, confused though

Customer review by resumary

4.0 stars 4/10/2012 by resumary
by resumary

I bought this after a cheap-o flatiron gave out on me, and after seeing the reviews from Allure I thought I would give it a shot. It was at the top of my price range, but when it comes to hair styling tools, you get what you give. Let me first say that it does a fantastic job, the plates are smaller than my last iron, but when you are forced to style a smaller amount of hair with one pass, you always get a better result. It does the job fantastically. My only criticism lies in the initial operation. I have red the instruction manual, and cannot find a remedy. I have to press the "power on" button about three times before it heats up and does not shut off. I'm trying to figure out weather I need to select a specific temperature, or hold the power button longer. One of the selling points on this product was the quick heat-up (its advertised as 30 seconds). When I need to spend 3-5 minutes turning it on and watching to see if it stays on it's kind of a turn off... pun intended. I'm hoping that it's not a malfunction of my specific flat iron, and not an operational thing that isn't covered in the manual. Once it gets going, it is a phenomenal tool. I hope I'm just having a blonde moment, but if something is wrong with my flat iron I can only hope that Remington, or the store that I bought it in, has an easy exchange policy.

Colorado Springs, CO
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love this flat iron

Customer review by Patsy

5.0 stars 3/27/2011 by Patsy
by Patsy

I have bought a lot of flat irons for around $20-30 and can never get one I like. I finally had the time to shop in a bigger store that has a wide range of flat irons. This one was more money but I have thick hair and need variable heat settings. This is fantastic and makes your hair feel soft. The only thing I sometimes don't like is when you're straightening your hair, your hand sometimes hits the temperature settings and it heats higher. I can live with that because I really like this straightener. You also have to hold the on/off button for 2 seconds to turn it off which the directions didn't say so.

Huron, South Dakota
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by GothicblueLolita

4.0 stars 2/1/2014 by GothicblueLolita
by GothicblueLolita

I ordered this straightener because I have long frizzy hair and little hair that curls around my forehead and ears. This straightener heats up in less than a minute and I use it mostly to tame the small hair that curls. However, when I need to do all of my hair the frizz is minimized and it leaves I nice sheen. I live in south Texas so the humidity is intense and this straightener helps with that. I definitely recommend this product and its also easy to use. Just one thing it does is it gets really hot quickly so be careful not to leave anything around it or touch the counter where you sit it down at.

Lolita, Texas
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Better Than A CHI!

Customer review by Red11

5.0 stars 5/2/2011 by Red11
by Red11

The climate where I live is very humid. It tends to make my curly/wavy hair very frizzy and unruly. I did my research before buying this product and read many reviews raving about it. Let's just say this flat iron really does live up to it's hype. It heats up fast, which I love. The floating plates are amazing! I was able to glide the straightener through my hair with such ease. There was no tugging or pulling! It's been raining here all day (I straightened my hair this morning) and my hair still looks great - No frizz! You get BETTER results than a CHI and for half the price.

Dallas, Tx
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best thing money can buy

Customer review by Thugstress

5.0 stars 7/24/2012 by Thugstress
by Thugstress

I absolutely love this straightener. I was forced into buying a new straightener after mine of 6 years finally stopped working (also a Remington) I decided to research for awhile before i bought another one. I found this one and read some reviews. After reading hundreds of reviews on this and only 5 or so negative i decided to order it. It is the best thing money can buy. I am so glad i bought this product. I have long thick curly hair and this took me 15 minutes to straighten it fully and walk out the door. I am in LOVE

Oregon, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Autumnstar033

5.0 stars 6/20/2011 by Autumnstar033
by Autumnstar033

I bought this a few months ago thinking here we go again another try but not very high hopes for my super frizzy locks. Well let me tell you! I was so amazed by the ease of use and the finished look was better than I had ever dreamed. I cannot tell you how long I have tried to find a flat iron that would tame my unruly hair. I have finally found one! I have and will continue to recommend this product to all my friends, my best friend liked it so much she went and purchased her own! Just AMAZING!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Frizz Therapy Ceramic Straightener

Customer review by MelanieK

5.0 stars 6/13/2012 by MelanieK
by MelanieK

I recently purchased your Anti Frizz Sraightener. It is absolutely fabulous. My hair is extremely curly & hard to syle. I used the straightener on a humid day & I was surprised to see my hair did not frizz. All I used was a creme hair protector to protect my hair from splitting & it stood pin straight. All my friends even commented on it too. Thank you for creating a wonderful product. I hope I can buy a back up one soon in case you stop making this model.

Kings Park, NY
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great straightener, but will kill your curl permanently

Customer review by Loislee

4.0 stars 8/4/2011 by Loislee
by Loislee

I love how this straightener gave me silky sleek straight hair, but when I washed my hair (even after several washings) I find that it has permanently altered the texture of my natural curls. I now have slightly wavy, frizzy hair. Nowhere near the beautiful curls that I had. I only like to straighten my hair once in a while for a change. I never expected the straightener to ruin my beautiful hair. I'm torn. I don't want to have straight hair forever!

Scotia, NY
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
I have found my miracle!

Customer review by Mdpjt5

5.0 stars 4/15/2012 by Mdpjt5
by Mdpjt5

I can't even tell you how much I LOVE this flat iron. I have curly hair and I have never been able to have it stay straight in humidity- until now. I'd spend so much time making my hair perfect, only to have it look like a frizzy mess in the humidity. With this iron, it actually stays beautiful and straight! I keep checking the mirror and I'm amazed by how it looks! I'll never buy another flat iron. Remington you're mine forever!

Malvern, Pa
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Product!

Customer review by MrsDM

4.0 stars 4/23/2014 by MrsDM
by MrsDM

I really love this flat iron. Had another Remington flat iron that lasted over 5 yrs and unfortunately finally died and bought this to replace. Only problem I seem to be having is when sliding the iron through my hair, strands will get caught between the plates and pulls my hair out. Not sure if this is just a manufacturing issue. Other than this, the flat iron really works and straightens my hair really quickly!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Works great! Love it!

Customer review by PattyP

5.0 stars 4/4/2014 by PattyP
by PattyP

I have naturally curly/wavy hair and hate it. Humidity is bad for my hair too. I ordered this after I saw it was listed in "Best new gadgets for 2010" in my local newspaper. I'm still using the first one I bought and it is 2014. But I'm buying a backup one this week just in case, because if/when the first one dies I need to have that backup ;) thanks Remington!! - heats fast - super easy to use - light weight

Fargo, ND
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
my life is changed forever!!!

Customer review by bridget

5.0 stars 4/29/2012 by bridget
by bridget

i've never had straighter, frizz and humidity-free hair. in fact, i've never even experienced what it is like to have stick straight hair, so i can't stop looking in the mirror! i have super thick coarse hair, and after 5 minutes with this iron, i appear to have 1/2 as much hair and it is as soft as butter. please, remington, continue to make this flat iron forever - i can't live without it!!!

bloomfield, mi
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Remington® Style Therapy: Frizz Therapy 1" Flat Iron Item # S9951

Customer review by Sandi0628

5.0 stars 3/16/2011 by Sandi0628
by Sandi0628

I had never used a "Flat Iron" before, but my daughter said it would make a big difference in the way my hair looks. I never do much to my hair, just wash and wear. I Love this product, It's easy to use and my hair is sleek, shiny and even sexy. I recomend it to everyone! It also doesnt take much time at all to get the results i want, LOVE it!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
L.O.V.E. it!

Customer review by Roxy

5.0 stars 4/23/2011 by Roxy
by Roxy

I absolutely LOVE this flat iron! It is amazing. My other hair straighteners straightened my hair for about 2 hours...and then my hair would mess up again..but this product is different. It keeps my hair straight for the longest time..and there is NO frizz! I love love love love it!!! I would definitely recommend this product!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 161 total reviews
1-20 of 161 reviews