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1-20 of 188 reviews
great for small jobs

Customer review by aztec

5.0 stars 2/11/2017 by aztec
by aztec

Have 2, 10 years + with no problems. They get daily use. If they ever break I would buy another one. they will even pick up spilled cat litter, my rainbow has a hard time picking it up. with 7 cats I have lots of hair.

Texas, USA
This product has become a very important tool!

Customer review by Loria

5.0 stars 2/1/2012 by Loria
by Loria

I got acquainted with the the feather lite vacuum with a customer. I liked it well enough to make my own investment in buying my own unit. I have people with pets and if you have ever tried to sweep up the hair, cat hair first and foremost, is very hard to keep it from going everywhere so I felt it might work on floors for that purpose. I have tried the Swiffer vac as well as other battery operated vacs and found that they couldn't do the job. They ended up leaving dirt behind and I had to use a broom anyway. With the Bissell feather-lite vac if it is not picking up it is because it is full but otherwise it picks up all I need it to. I am a very satisfied with my Bissell Feather-lite vac and I have all ready purchased about 3 or 4 and with all I put them through cleaning anywhere between 8 to 12 houses a week every week and they have stood up to the rigorous tasks I put on them. I will keep buying this product because it has become a very important tool for me in my business. Thank you!

Midland, TX, USA
I love it

Customer review by Joyce

5.0 stars 12/15/2016 by Joyce
by Joyce

I purchased this vacuum to clean down the carpeted steps, the basement floor - which is part laminate, part concrete - and 2 throw rugs. It works great on all these surfaces. When I vacuum down the stairs, if I want to get the crevices extra clean, I remove the floor attachment while leaving the handle in place, and it works like a car vac, but no bending over. To clean the interior of the car, I also remove the handle. It works so much better than any other car vac I have used, probably because it is electric instead of battery-operated. Another thing I love about this is the washable filter (I purchased some spare filters). The only other stick vac I have had did not have a washable one, so I had to beat it to get it clean and since I am on oxygen, not good for the respiratory system. With this vac, I empty the cup, place the dirty filter in a baggie (to transport it to the kitchen sink) and place a clean filter in the vac. I keep a screen-type strainer in the kitchen sink, so I don't have to shake the fliter. I just use a little dish soap to wash it and in a few seconds it comes out surprisingly clean, it dries fast and is ready to use again next time I need to change the filter. Mission accomplished with no dust. I love this vac.

Illinois, USA
Great Purchase !

Customer review by tlynfav

5.0 stars 4/7/2014 by tlynfav
by tlynfav

I love this stick vac, it is light weight but does a great job. It really has a lot of suction power for a stick vac. I had purchased this as a replacement for an older version I had that still works great but needed a new filter cup. I did not realize that my older model wasn't cleaning as good as it should until I received this new one. I accidently went too close to a curtain and it started to pull the curtain off the rod !! It has awesome suction, and is so easy to handle for someone that is not strong. It works really good on my hardwood floors as well as the lower pile carpets. I have used it for the higher pile carpets for quick touch ups & it does quite well. I am very pleased with this light weight vacuum as it has super suction power and does not scratch my hardwood flooring, there is a rubber-like bottom to prevent scratching. The crevice tool is an added bonus too !! I highly recommend this for anyone that has health problems and can't handle a heavy vacuum. Leave the big stuff to someone else !!

Plattsburgh, NY, USA
Great buy.

Customer review by MaryEllen

5.0 stars 12/9/2016 by MaryEllen
by MaryEllen

Love this lightweight vacuum. Needed something for my bathroom and bedroom. It is perfect. Pulling out the vacuum part to use as a handheld is easy. Does not take up much space when not in use. Do not have to charge it. Have already had one request to get one for another family member who would like one for her upstairs bathrooms. Good product Bissell.

Delaware, USA

Customer review by MARILYN

4.0 stars 12/14/2016 by MARILYN


Orchard Park, NY 14127, USA
Nice vacuum for the money

Customer review by JF 51

4.0 stars 4/28/2016 by JF 51
by JF 51

I used the Dirt Devil for several years but have had nothing but problems with it from the get go. I decided to try this one for my wood floors. I have to say I am impressed so far with it. I really like I can take it apart and clean my stairs with it and not have to lug up my big vacuum for that chore now. I did not like the wheels on it because I dont want to scratch my wood floors so I put Super Slider's on the bottom and it works great. I dont use this vacuum on my throw rugs so wheels dont matter. I only gave it 4 stars because the cord is to short and it is a little difficult to take off the canister that holds the dirt and once off and cleaned a little difficult to put the canister back on just right. It does have better suction then the Dirt Devil and that is a big plus for this little vacuum. I just hope this vacuum holds out longer than a year, that's about as long as the Dirt Devil lasted, all 4 of them.

JF 51
Paradise, Mi
Featherweight Vacuum

Customer review by couponken

5.0 stars 11/22/2016 by couponken
by couponken

I've had the featherweight vacuum for about 2 weeks. So far it has done a bang up job. For its size it's able to vacuum the laminated flooring and tile very well. Altho the vacuum is light and small the suction is awesome. Just make sure you empty the plastic waste container after 1 or 2 uses. Wash the container and let it dry before inserting it back into the machine. Also The 16 foot cord is a big plus. The vacuum can be released from the shaft and used as a hand vacuum. I would definitely recommend this product.

North Wales, PA 19454, USA
Purchased to clean up cat box sand,but ......

Customer review by CAT BOX

5.0 stars 2/9/2012 by CAT BOX

I have also found it to be useful in a myriad of situations, both overhead, and on the floor. It is simple , light and quick. In addition to cobwebs, cat sand, and screens, I have now found it very useful for picking up my hair BEFORE I use my new upright. My hair is down to my waist and it's everywhere so it gets caught in the the beater bar of the upright and I have to stop to cut my hair out every time I smell the rubber belt burning. I just do a quick once over with the FeatherWeight and then am able to use my upright for the deep clean. I clean the dirt cup of the FeatherWeight by removing the handle and placing the whole unit in a plastic bag. I then separate the dirt cup from the motor, empty it into the bag, and with rubber examination gloves, clean the filter. I then take a disinfectant cloth to clean the cup inside and out, dry it with a paper towel, and put the vacuum back together. I remove my gloves, dump them into the plastic bag, and very carefully tie the handles of the bag so I don't get a faceful of dust, and dump in trash bucket.

Sacramento, CA, USA
I had always thought 'stick' vacuums were a joke....until

Customer review by homebuilding

5.0 stars 6/23/2013 by homebuilding
by homebuilding

I found one of these in a thrift store. Absolutely preferable, in every way, to getting out 'the big one' or traipsing out a broom and dustpan. Quiet, light, and efficient--yes, a bit tedious to empty. Just establish a routine and open it over a box in the garage and use a designated brush to clean the screen and you are good to go in under 30 seconds. Though it's clearly not meant for heavy duty use, I often use it to clean the garage floor--including sawdust. Because it's so easy to use--you'll quickly use in places that you hadn't exactly planned, window sills, for instance--back around the back of the toilet bowl--and any place you see a speck, from floor to seven feet up ! #just detach the head# Remember, the 110 volt doesn't have the internal battery weight to heft around--the inconvenience of the cord is not a problem when it's both very light and no charging fuss/delay Oh, I store mine upside down #and turning it on before I put the head down# as there is a possibility of 'leakage' from time to time Now if only they hadn't lost the crevice tool

Comment from Lisa - 6/25/2013

Thanks for your review. You can purchase a crevice tool at this link:

Oklahoma, USA
Dependable product.

Customer review by Callieann

5.0 stars 11/13/2016 by Callieann
by Callieann

I clean houses and keep one of these in my car to use in the houses with hard floors. Several of my clients also asked me to pick up one for them to keep in their homes. Also have one in my own house. Best stick vac ever.

Rochester, MN, USA
Wish it had a few more tools

Customer review by brandy

4.0 stars 8/31/2016 by brandy
by brandy

I bought this today in hopes that I would not have to bend so much when vaccuuming ! And that it is good for ,how ever I think they could have put a little more thought into this product by adding a brush to be used for wooden floors and also a longer cord . Other than that I think it works fine.

Homer Glen, IL, USA
Disappointing Product

Customer review by Dee

1.0 stars 6/27/2012 by Dee
by Dee

While the suction power is fairly good, this is a poorly designed lightweight vacuum. When emptying the dirt container, the filter (attached to the vacuum) is exposed, causing dirt and debris to fall onto the floor. Because the filter and container are two separate pieces, two hands are required to hold each piece, making it extremely awkward to prevent the debris from falling away from the filter. There is also no other way to remove the filter for cleaning without getting dirt and debris all over hands and clothing. When not in use, it will not stand upright with or without the floor nozzle attached, causing it to fall over frequently. The location of the cord on the back of the vacuum makes it awkward to loop the cord around the cord wraps. I find myself filthy and frustrated each time I use the Featherweight vacuum.

Comment from Joe - 7/6/2012

All of the features you've described have been addressed with our new cordless Lift-Off Floors and More. You can check it out at this link:


Customer review by Madison100

5.0 stars 7/27/2016 by Madison100
by Madison100

I finally bought a lightweight vacuum that I love. I wanted a lightweight that was easy to carry around and do quick clean-ups and I was not about to get another hand-held. Although, I do have a hand-held from Bissell that works awesome, BUT, this one is so easy on my back, no more bending down or on my knees. Of course, I love that it is corded, the cordless ones in my experience never last. I actually find myself wanting to use it more often! Thanks Bissell for another good product!


Customer review by RV Propman

5.0 stars 5/15/2016 by RV Propman
by RV Propman

I bought this to replace my Shark w/ brush only. What a surprise! this machine does a great job. I spilled some muddy water on my rug because my wife gave me orders to move potted plants outside. I spilled about 15 drops of muddy water on my rug. I didn't feel like getting my shampooer out at that time so I let it dry. this morning I decided to clean my rug and vacuumed fist with my Bissell. Lo and behold it took out the muddy spots. I couldn't believe it. you can't even tell where they were. I'm going out to by two more, one for my upstairs and one for my RV. Go get one or more I'm putting my $400..00 vacuums away in the closet. John Colorado Springs

RV Propman
Colorado Springs
Great for quick pick up!

Customer review by Mary

5.0 stars 8/2/2016 by Mary
by Mary

I have used this little vac for almost 1 yr now. It works great! picks up well on low pile, hardwood floors, great for vac steps, and furniture too. I have several houses I clean and this goes with me. Thanks again Bissell, well done.

Conneaut Ohio USA
Great for hard floors

Customer review by Eddies mom

5.0 stars 3/30/2012 by Eddies mom
by Eddies mom

I purchased this vacuum because of the reviews. It is really a great little vacuum. I use it almost everyday and it picks up everything. The only thing I don't like is that the chord is a little short; but I can live with that. I recommend getting extra filters because after awhile they do wear out and if you use it a lot like me you will need it. When my last bare floor vacuum broke, I didn't know what to do. The Bissell brand bare floor vacuums have great suction. I will be buying another and probably 2 for my mom ( she has all hardwood floors in her house and two dalmatians that shed all the time) But once again I am impressed and I am glad that so many people left a review because I would not have bought this vacuum if I had not read the reviews-

Eddies mom
Countryside, IL 60525, USA
FANTASTIC appliance!

Customer review by PeggieD.

5.0 stars 4/21/2016 by PeggieD.
by PeggieD.

This little dustbuster on a stick as I call it is fantastic for 3 reasons: It get's UNDER everything - It is LIGHTWEIGHT - It is BAGLESS. It does not get any better than this! Some made are too DEEP to fit under the beds or end tables or dressers - this one is slim and streamlined and the cost is nominal COMPARED with like others. So happy I found it and just sorry I didn't look around sooner...This is saving my back BIG TIME! LOVE IT!!!!!! Peggie D, San Ramon, California PS It absolutely is picking up my long haired cat's "fluff balls" that become airborne!!!!!

San Ramon, California USA
love it!

Customer review by Jordy

5.0 stars 4/26/2016 by Jordy
by Jordy

Nice and light yet powerful, I bought this specifically to use for dog hair on the bed and couches. It not only pulls out the dog hair but also really fine dust particles and dander too! Great price for a really great little machine. I am not a fan of rechargeable I would rather have a corded vacuum even if I have to use an extention. This cord is more than long enough for my little apt. I am very happy with my purchase. So far I have loved every Bissell I have ever bought. ( and they all still work after many years)

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Does the Job

Customer review by zorrobean

5.0 stars 1/4/2013 by zorrobean
by zorrobean

I needed something that I could use quick to clean up my floors and carpet. This does what its suppose to do. I found it was easier for me to use the handheld with the long handle to pickup on my carpet. I had a lot of birdseed on the carpet and I didnt want to drag out the big vac. I like the option of using it as a floor vac or handheld. Since I have back problems leaving the long handle on it to use it as a handheld ment less bending over. Glad I bought this, my carpet looks so much better now that all the seed and dust is now gone. Can be used to get dust bunnies in the high corners of a room too. Just use the handheld with the long handle on it. Its not that heavy. Another great product from Bissell!

1-20 of 188 total reviews
1-20 of 188 reviews