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1-20 of 198 total reviews
1-20 of 198 reviews
Awesome value!

Customer review by Sharon

5.0 stars 12/29/2016 by Sharon
by Sharon

I purchased one of these because I wanted a light weight machine so I could do carpeted stairs as well as general cleaning. Wow! For such a small vacuum it has tremendous suction! I was amazed at the job it did! So easy to manoeuver around furniture. The easy empty dirt container is also awesome. I also love the fact that it has only 2 filters which will need replacing instead of the 5 my old vacuum had....which didn't do as good a job as this one. Great value for money spent! Definitely recommend this vacuum!!!!

Delta, BC, Canada
Good price point for a reasonable canister vacuum

Customer review by MsMirz

3.0 stars 12/24/2014 by MsMirz
by MsMirz

This is far from the best canister vacuum I've owned, however its ease of use and functionality outweigh the negatives. The power and suction is great - evidenced by needing to empty it every time I vacuum our 1700 sq ft carpet and laminate floor home - but I believe the nozzle head would be far more efficient collecting dog hair and dust if it contained a rotating brush like other models I've used. It's most effective removing hair from carpet when the hard-surface brush is engaged on the head. The four filters work well but are annoying to clean, again, almost after every use according to the "dirty light" indicator. The filters also don't stand up well to wash/re-use even though they're meant to - I've just ordered replacements after less than a year's worth of vacuuming weekly. Overall, its best features include being lightweight and easy to manoeuvre; onboard tools; retractable power cord (just a shame it's not longer); and being bagless (although it's a little messy to empty). For me, the pros of a canister vacuum's flexibility of use far outweigh an upright's. I'd recommend this model to anyone with primarily hard surface flooring in their home.

Comment from Lisa - 1/2/2015

Thanks for your review. Your comments will help with future produce development.

Missouri, USA
so good we are buying a second one

Customer review by vaccuumsharing10

5.0 stars 4/25/2014 by vaccuumsharing10
by vaccuumsharing10

daughter moved to her own new place. told her I would go buy a vacuum like mine and much to my disappointment I could not get one immediately on the spot as they are not in the store I purchased mine previously. We have pets and hardwood floors and rugs. I haven't had any problems with replacing any parts just yet and have had it for about a year now. This vacuum is tough! It picks up all the pet hair etc. and we can pull it through the house and get in tough to reach spots. Love the retractable cord. I have tried a lot of vacuums in the past and this one does have so much power and works so well, I am afraid to try any other model or brand. I will be ordering the second one for my daughter online. In the meantime, we are sharing mine until her order arrives.

Iowa, USA
Great for Upholstery!

Customer review by Lola's Mom

4.0 stars 6/26/2016 by Lola's Mom
by Lola's Mom

Purchased this for my rugs and stairs as well as all upholstery. This suction is really good but I hate the sweeper head. It doesn't move over rugs and carpet as well as my other Bissell. I am trying to find an alternate head for the floors.

Lola's Mom
Rock Hill, SC, USA
works great

Customer review by jrthuman

5.0 stars 4/21/2016 by jrthuman
by jrthuman

I don't know what the other reviews about say that this does not suck and that it is hard to move on carpet is very easy to move on carpet and it cleans not only the ceiling fan but also is good for the ceiling especial if you have the popcorn ceiling it take the dirt and dust and whatever else is up there off but leaves the popcorn texture up there. Have no problems with it on tile either works great there too.

Phoenix, AZ, USA
HONEST REVIEW - this vacuum is a piece of junk

Customer review by jellybean896968789

1.0 stars 1/3/2014 by jellybean896968789
by jellybean896968789

DO NOT buy this vacuum if you have any pets. It doesn't do well on carpets, you have to take the wand off if you want to get your carpet ACTUALLY clean and need to pass over it numerous times to get hair off the carpet. It's not too bad on floors but it does leave some crumbs laying around. The suction power is very much so lacking. The canister fills up really quickly, to clean one room with two area carpets it takes me roughly 1.5 - 2 hours to clean, and must empty the canister about 5-7 times. I read the reviews before picking up this vacuum and was VERY disappointed. Take my word, DO NOT BUY THIS VACUUM. Save your 100$ and buy yourself a Dyson!

Ottawa, ON, Canada
Would recommend to a friend? No
Age:25 - 34
Ownership:7 - 8 months
Usage:Once per week
Good little guy

Customer review by HonoursStudent

4.0 stars 10/14/2014 by HonoursStudent
by HonoursStudent

I like this vacuum- good size for my apartment. It has sufficient suction power and I am very happy that it is bag less for being more environmentally friendly. I find that it is best on laminate floors, not especially awesome on carpets. The head fits under beds and chairs, though the level to change from having bristles out to no bristles gets caught on the bottoms of chairs. It was difficult to find parts for this vaccum in stores, hence why I am ordering from the internet. Overall- get it if you live in apartment without pets or carpets. Great brand.

Great suction!

Customer review by Mel1391

3.0 stars 1/2/2016 by Mel1391
by Mel1391

The Opticlean Cyclonic 1535 has great suction. Great for ceiling, fans & hard to reach places. Empty w/ 1 finger & ease of access to fliters are a plus! Sleek design which means I don't have to hide it in a closet. However, the Multi-Surface Floor Nozzle & accessory tools are cheaply made. The Multi-Surface Floor Nozzle is horrible. Very difficult to maneuver w/ brush switch up or down. Almost a deal breaker for me.

Memphis, TN
bissell canister vacume opticlean

Customer review by unhappy29

1.0 stars 9/25/2012 by unhappy29
by unhappy29

This is the worst vacume I have ever, ever used. Especially if you have a pet. You have to empty it alot to vacume...and I have wood floors!! You have to turn it on and off from the bottom of the canister, which is very inconvient , and I have a small house!! The suction is very poor, and you have to push down to vacume very hard. It has to be in a certain position on the main floor tool, which has to be totally flat. I would't recommend this vacume tjo my worst enemy!!!!!!!! Also very hard to get under furniture, because of the main floor tool.

Comment from Joe - 10/2/2012

Sorry that you are having suction issues. Check to see if your air flow regulator on the handle is open. Also, the variable suction power control on the unit next to the power button may be open. Set them both to the closed (the maximum suction setting). Here is a link to the user guide, you can locate both of these on page 4: You can reduce suction purposefully with these features to vacuum rugs and drapes etc.

Michigan, USA
Worth The Money

Customer review by CL34NIN9M4CHIN3

4.0 stars 9/6/2013 by CL34NIN9M4CHIN3

Delivery was prompt, easy to assemble and has convenient features on the vacuum that make the product easier to use. At first I couldn't tell it was actually picking up anything because it was so quiet but I think I am just used to loud, clunky vacuums that do not clean as well as the Bissell OptiClean. Also, you just can't beat the Bissell promotions and discounts! Before purchasing an item, pricing and current deals are the most important and with this vacuum I saved $20 and free shipping! Loved it!

Chambersburg, PA
poor suction

Customer review by moudaddy

1.0 stars 4/12/2014 by moudaddy
by moudaddy

My girlfriend bought this unit a few months ago and used it a few times and complained everytime how it didnt work, i talked to her and said i would try it thinking she was doing something wrong, nope there was no suction, i tried adjusting the suction still nothing, she ended up using my vacuum (name withheld). She purchased her cleaner to clean her carpets now she has to purchase another cleaner, or continue to use mine. I hate to give a bad review but this one is warranted.

Comment from Lisa - 4/15/2014

Thanks for your feedback. It could be filters need to be cleaned or a clog in the hose or floor nozzle. We recommend taking the nozzle off and check for any hair/debris. To clean the upholstery hose stick a broom stick handle and push any debris that may be causing the low suction.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Love it!

Customer review by Cat lover

5.0 stars 12/31/2012 by Cat lover
by Cat lover

The size of this vacuum is great for me...light and small enough to move about with ease. I like the adjustable suction. It is great to pick up random cat litter and hair. It moves under beds and low furniture easily. I like the self winding cord with the colored warning marks and I like the clear cannister so I can see easily when it needs emptying. The tools stay confined to their compartment instead of falling off all the time like our previous small vacuum.

Cat lover
Winthrop, WA, USA
Work great

Customer review by Stumpy@O-town

5.0 stars 9/15/2014 by Stumpy@O-town
by Stumpy@O-town

Is everything my wife was looking for...bagless and canister. It works great and is lasting longer than any other vacuum has (apart from the good-old-day ones; remember sears even 15 years ago). It's worth the money for a family that runs it through the house every other day. It's light but powerful. Just be careful closing the canister back up, the seal needs to be in right for the whole thing to work. If mine broke today, I'd buy another one tomorrow.

Oneonta, NY 13820, USA
This is a really good little machine

Customer review by Mrs. Riverrat

4.0 stars 5/28/2014 by Mrs. Riverrat
by Mrs. Riverrat

There are many things to like about this vacuum, however I do have a few suggestions. The telescoping extension wand is a GREAT feature. But the hose could stand to be about 8" or 10" inches longer to reach tall cabinets for dusting. The suction is very good. I do wish the wheels were a little more "friendly" to move around while working. It is better than some, though. Overall I like this vacuum and hope it will last as long as the workmanship implies.

Mrs. Riverrat
Chillicothe, MO 64601, USA
Should if not used for heavy dirt in carpets.

Customer review by yoyo

2.0 stars 3/5/2014 by yoyo
by yoyo

this works great for light picking up of dust,crumbs, short fiber carpets and bare floors, etc,,,but if you use on dirty carpet, it clogs with hair easy, and fine dirt really sets off and clogs all filters..not worth the trip and cost for filters. 4 of them..even after cleaning the washables is disgusting,, every time I use canister seeps fine dust particles around seams, I see dust come out the back like an exhaust often. Will not buy another one.

Comment from Lisa - 3/8/2014

Thanks for your comments. We're sorry for your disappointment. The filters due need to be cleaned often, they protect the motor. For extra filters you can order from this link: To ensure all the clogs are out from the hose, please remove and stick a broom stick down the hose to push all the hair out. Also, make sure there isn't debris by the brush area.

ft lauderdale
This product has great features.

Customer review by Rita

4.0 stars 3/7/2013 by Rita
by Rita

I just purchased your vacuum only a few weeks ago & am very satisfied with it. I am on oxygen 24/7 & I only have 1 issue with this vacuum. I wish it had small wheels on the carpet fixture so it would be easier to push & pull across the carpet. I get out of breath by the time I'm only 1/2 finished with my rug & carpet. I like the way I can adjust the suction. Yes, small wheels on the carpet fixture! That's all I need. Thank you, Rita S.

Jacksonville, NC, USA
great Vacuum but defective dirt canister

Customer review by rky47

4.0 stars 12/11/2013 by rky47
by rky47

I bought this to replace an upright, works great and a lot of suction power. The only problem with this is that the dirt canister, does not line up with the lid in the rear and this lets dirt/dust to get by and clog up the motor filer. theirs no way to correct this except for getting entire new dirt canister that lines up properly. Now to find proof of purchase. I would of rated it excellent if the plastic was more durable feeling.

Comment from Lisa - 12/20/2013

Thank you for your review. You do have a one year warranty with us. Please click at the link for help.

Commack, NY, USA
Has excellent features

Customer review by Jerry111

5.0 stars 2/1/2012 by Jerry111
by Jerry111

Purchased to vac hard surface floors. I use the carpet setting to vac hard surfaces and it does a great job. The hard surface setting extends a brush that pushes the dirt rather vaccuming it up. I only use it to vac vinyl and wood floors and am very happy with the results. I like the auto cord rewind feature and adjustable wand length. Is much more efficient than a broom or dust mop. I would reccommend this product to my friends.

Reidsville , NC
poor for the price

Customer review by Ina

2.0 stars 3/24/2012 by Ina
by Ina

I do not like the vacuum at all. It is almost one year we use it and every time we clean carpet we almost collect leftovers hair and all by hand. it does not remove stain. does a fair good job in collecting some of the dirt but does not clean thoroughly. the extra parts, brushes especially do not stay in place and come loose. I do not know if I want to change the filter or throw it in the garbage and try to purchase a new vacuum.

Comment from Joe - 3/29/2012

We are sorry you are unhappy with this unit. The filters should be checked and cleaned regularly. Also, it was not designed to remove stains as it is a dry vacuum.

Manhattan, New York, NY, USA
OptiClean is great

Customer review by Jamie

4.0 stars 8/18/2014 by Jamie
by Jamie

I have had a Zing for 2 years which was great on the tile but not as good on area rugs where the fur from my 3 cats collects. The OptiClean is far superior in picking up fur. It is lightweight,easy to use, gets under furniture, easy to empty dirt cup. To date I have not tried the attachments I also purchased. I have moved my Zing to a rental condo where there are no pets and highly recommend that product too.

St. Augustine, FL, USA
1-20 of 198 total reviews
1-20 of 198 reviews