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263 reviews | 4.5 out of 5

4.5 stars

263 reviews | 4.5 out of 5

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1-20 of 263 total reviews
1-20 of 263 reviews
You will be set, the stains are not!!!

Customer review by Cherie62

5.0 stars 5/28/2013 by Cherie62
by Cherie62

I received mine as a gift from my father. I was really hesitant because my old Bissell with a separate cleaning tank. The tank would fall off while cleaning the brushes stopped rotating a few months after I got it. So I would use my little Little clean machine from Bissell to hit spots for years. Also I waited months before writing a review and used it regularly. I am a Bissell fan again. This is a much better unit. Its lighter easy to maneuver, filling and emptying the tank is a breeze. No sore arms dragging it around. Its a tad smaller than other units so easy to store. If you have pets it this is a must have. Most carpet cleaners will clean but this little baby deep cleans first pass. In my opinion its much better than the bigger units. No need for attachments which on my other machine leaked. With this and the little clean machine(which is a work horse, used mine heavily and to this day works like the first day I got it). I am set the stains are not.

Long Island, New York, USA
great light machine

Customer review by bigfootcat

5.0 stars 12/29/2016 by bigfootcat
by bigfootcat

works great and is easy to use.was easy to put together and was delivered way before we thought it would be.

New Mexico, USA
Excellent inexpensive carpet cleaner

Customer review by Mule Mountain Mama

5.0 stars 11/30/2016 by Mule Mountain Mama
by Mule Mountain Mama

I only have area rugs, which is why I didn't want to spend a lot of money on an upright carpet cleaner. I found the price on this one to be amazing. As other reviewers have noted, the clean reservoir is small. To clean our large (14x16) living room area rug, I change out the water tank six-plus times. I clean it once per month, we have pets and kids and it is usually pretty-filthy by the time a month goes by, so that is a lot of passes back and forth. I love it so much, that I imagine the more expensive machines would be amazing, so I would invest in a larger/more feature machine. I have four Bissell products and I LOVE all of them!

Mule Mountain Mama
Lewis and Clark County, MT, USA
I absolutely love this vacuum.

Customer review by jess79

5.0 stars 12/1/2016 by jess79
by jess79

This is the best vacuum I have ever had. I have a long haired cat and a dog and they both shed like crazy. This vacuum picked up so much hair I had no idea was there. I highly recommend this vacuum to people with furry family members.

Salem or

Customer review by Linsey

5.0 stars 11/22/2016 by Linsey
by Linsey

This machine is the very best. It really surprised me how well it brought out the color of my carpet.

Westminster, SC 29693, USA
Love this carpet cleaner!

Customer review by Julie44

5.0 stars 10/18/2016 by Julie44
by Julie44

With four dogs and two light-color area rugs, carpet cleaning is a real challenge. When my last cleaner "retired" itself, I ordered the PowerLifter PowerBrush, and what a pleasant surprise! The ease of use is great - only one tank to remove for filling and emptying, it glides easily, and it cleans beautifully. My light beige carpet had gotten so dirty while I decided which cleaner to buy that I thought I'd have to go over it at least twice. One time was all it took, and I could not believe the amount of dirt the machine removed. It looks better than it has for a long time. I highly recommend this carpet cleaner.

Sacramento, CA, USA
Wool rug

Customer review by Lenks

5.0 stars 5/28/2015 by Lenks
by Lenks

I read through many reviews looking for info on cleaning wool rugs. Not finding any I made a leap and purchased this machine not wanting to make a very large investment In case this did not work out. My little dog did a number soiling most of my wool rugs. After getting familiar with the machine I tried it on an old carpet peace, seeing it worked ok I went for a 3x5 wool rug. After the first few strokes it started to clog up with the fuzz usually coming out from this type of rug. Stopped, cleaned the machine brush and around it two more times before finished. Well let me tell you, I was so impressed! The carpet came out so beautiful, it looks new, the colors are vibrant! Having done this peace I had to completely take apart the machine, get rid of the fuzz and change the water/solution before I could do another. It is messy work (I did it on the deck) where the rugs dried in a few hours. I used worm water, not hot and the pet stain solution. It would have cost me a ton to professionally clean all these rugs, I did get estimates. My little investment worked out great!

Love it

Customer review by Nana1961

5.0 stars 11/1/2016 by Nana1961
by Nana1961

I just used my cleaner for the first time and love it easy to use really like the 2 in 1 container really cleans carpet when i bought was worried about to much water left in carpet but it picks up the water really good. cleaned my carpet good deep down. I am 55 yrs old with a lot of leg problems had no trouble operating this machine. I highly recommend this cleaner plus price is great

clean/dirty container

Customer review by Kathy

3.0 stars 10/19/2016 by Kathy
by Kathy

No handle and had a hard time holding the container with arthritic hands. Just found it a bit clumsy to hang onto.

Comment from Rick - 10/20/2016

Hi Kathy - the machine and water tank should both have handles! If one's missing give us a call and we'll help with a replacement. 1-800-237-7691.

Albany, NY, USA

Customer review by Running Deer

5.0 stars 5/25/2014 by Running Deer
by Running Deer

All of my adult life I have wanted a carpet cleaner. My adopted children saved the money and purchased one for me this year for Mother's Day. When we ordered it, we were told it most likely wouldn't arrive until after Mother's Day. Imagine our surprise when it came within 5 days after ordering and that was before it was supposed to get here. Thank you so very much for making such a wonderful product that is so easy to put together and even easier to use. My house always smells nice now. I was using one I borrowed that was broken but still worked. It was just harder to use. I only wish that I could afford to purchase one for the friend that was loaning me hers. I hope that all the other people who want a carpet cleaner would purchase a Bissell and see how wonderful they are. My little dogs just love to roll over the carpet after I have finished. We use the pet cleaner and it makes the carpet smell good and the pets who have rolled all around on the carpet smell good as well. I really love this model I bought as it doesn't take any time for the carpets to be clean, sweet smelling and dry. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Running Deer
Franklin, WV 26807, USA
Great machine

Customer review by Laura42

5.0 stars 6/12/2014 by Laura42
by Laura42

This is my second Bissell and my third cleaner.I bought this one to replace another brand machine that had died-and I might add I was thrilled when it would not work so I could get a Bissell. This little machine is a real powerhouse in my book- does a wonderful job, is not too heavy, has good height to the handle , and I like the one container does all concept. It does not hold a lot of water, but to me this is not a detractor as it makes it easier to handle. Glad to be back to Bissell (that other machine was a mistake). I have only done one room so far, but I do not anticipate any problems - and I have three cats. This thing pulled up hair the vacuum would not. The pet hair tends to clump up in the bottom on either side of the brushes. I just reached under there and pulled it out. Easy peasy!

Miami, FL, USA
Wonderful household tool! Surprisingly effective.

Customer review by Devon

5.0 stars 3/8/2014 by Devon
by Devon

You won't regret this purchase. I can't speak for its use on carpeting or whole household jobs, but it did an amazing job on the two large area rugs I have (neither of which have padding underneath). One rug is synthetic, the other is a wool blend. This little machine got them looking virtually new in no time at all. I've never owned a rug cleaner and was reluctant to start messing around with one, but a friend told me to buy it and I'm so glad she did. It's a piece of cake to assemble and use. I live on a horse farm, and my dogs put a ton of traffic on those 2 area rugs. This well-designed machine got them so clean that the colors are ten times brighter than before. The rugs look the same as when I bought them - they even smell new! Best investment I've made in a long time. Highly recommended.

Gainesville, FL, USA
Wonderful product

Customer review by JayCee

5.0 stars 8/15/2016 by JayCee
by JayCee

I just love this product. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver. It cleans so well, it out performs the Rug Doctor. It was well work the money but it was not really expensive. I am so glad I purchased it.

Sparks, NV, USA
fantastic carpet cleaner machine

Customer review by brand new cleaning nut

5.0 stars 11/23/2013 by brand new cleaning nut
by brand new cleaning nut

Received it very quickly. Easy to put together. Works wonderfully. The amount of dirt it pulled up from my carpet was unbelievable. I was so amazed, because I had no idea that it was that dirty. It is easy to use, light, and so smart, it knows when to stop so that I can replace the water in the bladder unit. I simply love this machine, and recommend it to all who are looking for a good efficient easy to use carpet cleaner. The soap is wonderful too, I got the one with fabreeze and it smells so good. After I finished the cleaning it was a pleasure to look at my room so spotless and smelling so fresh. To sum it up it is one powerful little machine. Now when my animals mess up, I just pull the machine out and go over the messy spot and its clean in a few strokes. LOVE< LOVE LOVE IT>

brand new cleaning nut
Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Not jumping up and down for joy

Customer review by Cappi

4.0 stars 1/11/2014 by Cappi
by Cappi

I finally got my carpet cleaner today. I put it together (which was easy as promised), I put in the cleaner and the water and I tried out a small area in 2 different rooms. It was fairly easy to use even though the on/off switch is in an awkward place. It did not pick up nearly as much dirt as I expected it to and it runs out of water very quickly. The floor did dry quickly also as promised which is a plus in my book. I just hope that over time with using this machine that I will actually notice some results in my rugs. I have not received the spot removing machine that I ordered as of yet and I hope I will have better results with that considered there were more unfavorable reviews for the spot remover than there were for the rug cleaner.

Buffalo, NY, USA
So glad I finally purchased one

Customer review by Linda131

5.0 stars 9/29/2013 by Linda131
by Linda131

I tried my cleaner for the first time yesterday. Now our carpet looks like new again. It's an off white carpet that gets a lot off traffic. I love not having to go out and renting a machine all the time. The design is great; you can see the water coming back into the machine. There's even a place to store the measuring cup, so you do not have to go searching each time for it. I used the Pro cleaner with scotch guard. My husband had a friend here while I was cleaning and he was also amazed. He asked questions about it and I told him about the on line purchase. I read the reviews before purchasing and I took the advise for the one I purchased. Now together with the Bissell Spot Cleaner I do not have to worry about dirt and spills.

Sadieville, KY 40370, USA
A great little carpet cleaner.

Customer review by SusieQ

4.0 stars 4/30/2015 by SusieQ
by SusieQ

I have had my Bissell now for a little over a week. It is the first carpet cleaner that I have ever owned. I was very pleasantly surprised at how nicely it cleans carpets and even my rugs. The machine is not real noisy, not much louder than a vacuum cleaner. I would have given it a 5 except for the fact that it doesn't have attachments (and can't) to do upholstery or stairs. Given its smaller size I expected to have to refill several times and was surprised that I only refilled once to do the living room. After vacuuming the carpet and moving things around, it only took 20 minutes to do the carpet. WOW, that means I can clean my carpet before and after company (maybe not move everything) and my carpet will be clean.

Milwaukee, WI, USA

Customer review by Mighty Bissell Carpet Cleaner

5.0 stars 6/25/2016 by Mighty Bissell Carpet Cleaner
by Mighty Bissell Carpet Cleaner

I bought this model 1622 carpet cleaner and I love it! Great machine with a reasonable price. Well recommended!

Mighty Bissell Carpet Cleaner
Goldendale, WA 98620, USA

Customer review by HAPPY CAMPER IN SAN DIEGO!

5.0 stars 9/4/2013 by HAPPY CAMPER IN SAN DIEGO!

The capacity and handling of this machine is perfect for my 1-bedroom apartment. My living room is carpeted and it took me 2 tanks to clean my carpet. I probably need to use a more powerful spot remover next time around. The spots disappeared after the cleaning, but have gradually come back. The next time I will use a better spot cleaner, and, hopefully, that problem will eventually go away. I have an area rug in my bedroom, over hardwood flooring and it cleaned it better than the professionals do. The machine is lightweight and easy to handle. I am happy I got it and will now save money by not hiring a professional carpet cleaner to do it. I can clean on my schedule, not theirs.

San Diego, CA, USA
Very good product!

Customer review by Alicia

4.0 stars 1/15/2013 by Alicia
by Alicia

I purchased this because I just rescued a young Beagle who isn't fully house trained and I knew I would need a good carpet cleaner. I ended up using it to clean my boyfriends apartment (who also has a Beagle) and wow, it picked up and cleaned like a champ! The carpets looked wonderful after I was done and they smelled great. My only wish is that the bucket that holds the water was slightly bigger because I had to stop fairly often to empty and refill it. I know there are larger models, we have a bigger Bissell at work, but I run into the same issue with constant refills. But if that is the only quirk then I can live with that :)

1-20 of 263 total reviews
1-20 of 263 reviews