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252 reviews | 4.2 out of 5

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252 reviews | 4.2 out of 5

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1-20 of 222 reviews
Pretty good.....if it works.

Customer review by Mech Engineer in Maintenance

2.0 stars 11/29/2013 by Mech Engineer in Maintenance
by Mech Engineer in Maintenance

I have had two of the ProHeat 2x models. One lasted a decent time, but needed constant maintenance. As designed there are a lot of vacuum leaks, so to get the best pick-up of water you have to "tweak" things a bit. I would highly recommended AVOIDING the Bissell or other name brand cleaning solutions at the stores. Go to a professional floor cleaning shop and get a dry slurry product and you will not have to worry about gumming up the nozzles or the heater. The second model I had was a no good. It would constantly stop spraying, and not for the usual reasons of nozzle or heater....although I have never had a heater problem. Incredibly frustrating. Obviously the frequent model changes for this cleaner have been to add "fixes", such as a second solenoid for the solution. Nevertheless, it is just a very poor design / execution of a decent concept. I like the vacuums, but I am done working on these things. My advice is to avoid. If you are still thinking about it, then search "pro-heat 2x repair". You will be inundated with videos and links. Not a good sign.

Comment from Lisa - 12/4/2013

Thank you for your feedback. It's recommended to stick with the BISSELL brand formula. We only tests our brands, and other brands may have toxic chemials or maybe oiled based, which will cause damage. Please check out the FAQ section we have for tips to get your machine working properly.

Mech Engineer in Maintenance
Dallas, TX
Used 3 times and its a little trooper

Customer review by Mr Clean

5.0 stars 7/28/2013 by Mr Clean
by Mr Clean

I had a carpet cleaner before - for 15 years, replaced it as the hoses started to leak and there were no replacements. Bought this product based on generally positive reviews. The little guy works well but really gets dirty in the process. After each cleaning it takes 20 minutes or so to clean and dry, and with 2 dogs, there is always a lot of hair hidden in every crack and crevice of the machine. My wife vacuums before each use, but this product seems to suck up unseen hair from deep down in the carpet. Just like other carpet cleaners, slow and steady does the job but this product seems to really bring the carpet back to that new look and feel. Even took out the doggy stains that the old unit could not seem to get out. The liquid spray is very hot, soaks in and yet seems to dry fast. My wife likes the smell after each cleaning. Seems a lot easier to use compared with our old unit. May start cleaning every 3 months or so. Again cleanup after use (especially the clumps of wet hair in, under and around the beater bar area) is key to consistent performance.

Mr Clean
Michigan, USA
Worked for a while.......

Customer review by C_FORD

1.0 stars 9/14/2012 by C_FORD

I am very disappointed in the Pro-Heat 2X healthy home "deep cleaning system". It worked great for about the first 5-6 months. I fill-up the clean water in its inner container and go to clean my carpet.When I am finished the container is empty but there is only about 1/4 of dirty water left in the outer part, If I am lucky. So 3/4 of ickie water is just sitting in my carpet. This has been going on for 3 months! I have read your FAQ's, tried all the suggestions. I also have tried to locate an "authorized dealer" but I am sorry but with gas prices I am not going to drive 70+miles one way to get there. For that price I can get a new carpet cleaner. I am VERY disappointed in this product. I bought this product when I was pregnant to keep the carpets clean for the baby. Of course now that she actually starts crawling, it doesn’t work.

Comment from Joe - 9/17/2012

Sorry to hear your ProHeat 2X isn't giving you good results. How are you applying the formula? We recommend 1 full wet pass and 2-3 dry passes to suction up the water. It sounds like you are probably doing that if it worked for a few months. Please contact us with your specific model and serial number (located just after the model number), your address, and date of purchase at this link:

Fulton, MO 65251, USA
Okay but with major flaws

Customer review by Jack

3.0 stars 10/17/2012 by Jack
by Jack

I owned a carpet cleaning system by a competitor before, so I feel competent using similar systems and making comments. The unit is well designed and looked great when installed. However, when I tried to use it to clean a small room of < 150 sqft, the problem arose. I had to make three passes and stop to fill in the water and dump dirty water three times! I used to be able to refill the tank only once per 300-500 sqft of carpet cleaned. This system doesn't seem to recycle the water, and the carpet is wet and suctioned into the small base very quickly. I think this machine is only good for occassional home use to spot clean a small carpeted area. If you are buying this to clean a rental house or a room soiled by visitors, it'll take you 3-4x longer than competitive products. Not recommended for heavy use at all.

Comment from Lisa - 10/19/2012

Thanks for the review Jack. You might want to try depressing the trigger for only one full pass, then continue to suction 2-3 more times without pressing the trigger. Plus your machine doesn't recycle the water, which is a good thing.

Indianapolis, IN
Bissell Pro 2x Home Deep Cleaning System

Customer review by Di

4.0 stars 12/5/2013 by Di
by Di

We recently purchased this machine, and I used it for the first time this past week. Overall, I give the machine a high satisfaction rating in terms of ease of use and cleaning capabilities. The attachments are easy to use as well, and work great on the stairs. The machine maneuvers easily over carpet and area rugs. My entire home smelled fresh and new when I cleaned our carpets. Of only slight concern is that I found it necessary to frequently check the filters and rinse them in order to get the solution flow to work properly. This appeared to be primarily due to trapped carpet fibers that are picked up by the cleaning brushes during operation. I am quite satisfied with this purchase. And, the Bissell cleaning solution with febreze is WONderful!

Dearborn Heights, MI, USA
When Mamma's happy everybody's happy!!

Customer review by hazelson

5.0 stars 2/2/2012 by hazelson
by hazelson

The first thing you need to know is that this product was a replacement for the Bissell Big Green Machine which worked great. There is much less assembly required to get the job done. This machine is ready to go from where ever you store it. I also find it is much less of a chore to bring the machine out to clean a small area or spill. I like the idea that the water is heated to maximize the cleaning ability. The changing of the water is much better and easier than before. From a personal point of view, this cleaner is much easier on my back than the previous model with better results. I had no reservations about replacing the old machine with this unit and I certainly have no regrets purchasing the ProHeat 2X Healthy home.

Langley, BC, Canada
Throw away Item

Customer review by Kevin

3.0 stars 6/9/2013 by Kevin
by Kevin

This is my 5th Bissell Proheat in about 7 years. They do work great but they don't last. They average only about 1-2 years before either they quit spraying solution or stop suctioning. We don't beat them to death using them actually once a month or less. Just today I am here ordering a new tank because suction stopped again and this is JUST over the 1 year warranty. For the price Bissell should be offering a 2 year warranty or even 3. They ONLY reason we keep buying/fixing them is when they do work, they work better than other brands with similar pricing. Everything is made in China these days so quality has suffered. My suggestion is if you buy one, buy the extended warranty because you will DEFINITELY use it.

Iowa, USA
This product works wonderfully for my purpose

Customer review by BIG L DOG

5.0 stars 3/17/2013 by BIG L DOG

At first I ordered this product and other additional cleaning solutions from the manufacture in which I was getting ready to request a refund of my entire order and go elsewhere. When I received my machine, I assembled it and used a small area as a test to see the how my carpet would look. I was amazed at how well it cleaned that I used it to do my entire house. I could really tell the I was getting all the dirt, dust and allergens out of the carpet. It now feels as though my home atmosphere has been reclaimed because I can breath a lot better and the air is better as well. I would recommend this product to other family and friends. I plan on purchasing another machine for my fiancee'.

Rocky Mount, NC, USA
Wow! Home Unit is Awesome

Customer review by Tchr2dy

5.0 stars 9/18/2012 by Tchr2dy
by Tchr2dy

I've had a small Bissell cleaning unit since the early '80's and it was pretty noisey, but it did a good job with my spots, well, now I have a much larger area to cover and the little unit was not longer meeting my needs. So we sprung for this new unit and I love it! Our carpets had not been professionally cleaned in seven years, spot cleaned, but not professionally cleaned. Well, I did more rinsing than anything for all the spot cleaning I had done. Quiet and fairly easy to roll across the floor. I too wish the bladder was bigger, but then the unit wouldn't be as light as it I'll use it once a month for tile floors and about every three months for carpet. Very happy customer.

Manhattan, KS
Very Happy with Upgrade

Customer review by Tchr2dy

5.0 stars 9/30/2012 by Tchr2dy
by Tchr2dy

I've owned a small Bissell Little Green Delux since the '90's so I finally decided it was time to upgrade and not spend the money for a whole house carpet cleaning since I really only needed the walkways cleaned. Wow, very pleased with the products suggested by Bissell to spot clean and the unit is quiet and runs very smooth. Our carpets had not been cleaned for 7 years, but the water was more the color of tea and not mud. I don't think this unit is designed to clean carpets being super dirty, but in between cleanings. I agree with the reviews I read that I would have liked the bladder for the clean water to have been bigger, but I'm sure the design team was aware of this and made it as large as they could. Used this on bedroom carpet, stairs, Berber carpet in the basement and it cleaned all the spots up and it all looks great. I bought the additional attachments so I can use the unit on the porcelin tile we have on the main floor as a Swiffer only gets so much dirt before you need to replace the pad and we have cats so I like the thought the dirt is removed along with the cat hair. Moves very easy across the carpet as I have a herneatied disc in my lower back. Kind of heavy to carry up and down the stairs. I also had to order this unit and I was surprised to find it at my door by the end of the week.

Manhattan, KS
Bad choice of materials

Customer review by Bill 0247

1.0 stars 10/23/2014 by Bill 0247
by Bill 0247

I have had my pro heat about 2 years and have used it several times per year. When it was new, it did a superb job of cleaning but with just minimal use, the four screws that hold the bottom section and the top section of the floor cleaning head together have broken loose from their plastic mounting making the floor cleaner well as irreparable. This has to be a common problem since this is my second pro heat unit and both have failed in the same way. There has to be a solution to a better way of holding those two major sections together. Also, the hand held cleaner continually falls out of its mount while operating the carpet cleaner.

Comment from Lisa - 10/28/2014

Thanks for your review. We're sorry for your difficulty. There hasn't been issued at all with what you described. We recommend having your machine inspected at a BISSELL Authorized Service Center. To search for a location please see this link.

Bill 0247
Hahira, GA 31632, USA
Works well, but watch the formula concentration

Customer review by Omi

4.0 stars 1/21/2014 by Omi
by Omi

Up to this point in time, I've primarily used my Bissell Carpet Cleaner to do spot cleaning. The first time I used it, I mixed the Bissell 2X Fiber Cleansing formula according to the formula tank specifications (to me, it appears to be a 50-50 mixture--8 ounces formula mixed with 8 ounces water). I noticed that the mixture seemed very concentrated, but trusted that Bissell knew the right way to mix the detergent. After I used my cleaner to spot clean dog vomit, I noticed that the area seemed a little discolored as if the detergent hadn't been rinsed out completely. I had used the heavy traffic setting first, then used the water rinse setting. Even after repeated treatments, the brownish discoloration remained. Finally, after I used only water in the formula tank and the water rinse setting, I noticed that the discoloration subsided enough so that it isn't noticeable anymore. Now I mix the detergent using a more diluted concentration--3 ounces of formula mixed with 13 ounces of water. In addition, I never use the high traffic setting and rarely use the normal traffic setting. Even with these adjustments, I have noticed this brownish discoloration with other times that I have spot cleaned. When I have used the light traffic setting to spot clean using the more diluted formula, the cleaner does a really good job of getting out stains.

Comment from Lisa - 1/27/2014

Thank you for your review. It's good you did a water only rinse, what you described too much formula was used in that area.

Minneapolis, MN, USA
A MUST have if your a pet owner or parent!!

Customer review by MamaBear

5.0 stars 9/16/2012 by MamaBear
by MamaBear

This is truly a MUST have machine it is a miracle worker let me explain why.... I have 2 dogs and 3 kids and we recently bought a new home that has white dogs are peeing everywhere and my 6 year old spills drinks and food constantly and my entire family refuses to take their shoes off at the door so you can just imagine how horrid my carpets look! I research for days before deciding what machine to buy I compared tank size convenience and reviews I read a ton and this machine was the one I bought... So I started in the worst room possible...I used the pre-stain treatment which by itself without scrubbing remove set in dog urine. This room even had grease in the carpet from my husbands office chair....I took the scrubber over the carpet one time and the stains were gone!!!! I swear I witnessed a miracle I was soo stunned I took tons of befor and after pictures to share with friends and the trick is you must move slowly but the time is well worth the results!!! I promise you this machine can tackle and clean ANY carpet!! Another huge helper that worked fabulously was the pre-stain sprayer the machine has on it....on grease I would spray the stain waited 30sec took scrubber over and the stain was gone seriously I have owned other scrubbers but thanks to this one I will never have to rent or buy another one!!!!

Omaha, NE, USA
I hate this cleaner

Customer review by Melissa1234

1.0 stars 2/28/2013 by Melissa1234
by Melissa1234

I purchased this brand about 18 months ago and have used it about 3 times. The first time I knew it was a huge mistake. It was very poorly designed with the water bladder inside the dirty water. I have one small dog that does not shed and does not soil the carpet but I like to keep the carpets smelling fresh. I have used a Hoover cleaner for years with no problem, but I talked my husband into this one and have regretted it from the instant I used it. The intake gets clogged after half a room and is very difficult to take apart and really not worth the effort. Please closely investigate this product before purchasing and think twice.

Comment from Lisa - 3/4/2013

Thank you for your review. We have a video showing how to care for your machine that may make it easier for you. Please check out this link: We are sorry for your disappointment. Your comments will be forwarded for possible future changes.

Greensboro, NC, USA
Gets The Job Done

Customer review by FourPaws

4.0 stars 8/25/2014 by FourPaws
by FourPaws

I bought this machine to replace my other Bissell Carpet Cleaner because it is so close to my first one which I really liked. It is easy to use and gets our rugs clean and smelling fresh. We have 3 cats and 2 dogs and the dogs bring alot of dirt in where they have been having a great time digging in the dirt and doing fun dog stuff all day. The cats always run to the rug to rid themselves of a pesky furball so we need to have this machine standing by on any given day to clean up pet stains and odors. We love our pets and like our rugs. I would recommend this machine. Thanks Bissell for helping us keep the pet messes under control!

Oakland, KY
Love It! Love It! Love It!

Customer review by Kristen1013

5.0 stars 9/27/2012 by Kristen1013
by Kristen1013

After considering several home carpet cleaners, I decided to purchase the Bissell…and I am glad I did! I have already used it three times, doing small areas at a time. What a difference my it has made the carpet in our rental. What I love the best is the “Water Only” feature. I can clean my carpet and rinse it until the water in the reservoir is almost as clean as I started, knowing I got up all the soap. This usually takes only an additional 2 passings over the carpet! I have also cleaned our area rug and I am confident of the cleanliness, since my children play (and spill) on this rug! So glad I made this purchase!

Overland Park, KS, USA
Not worth the money

Customer review by Remi

1.0 stars 1/13/2013 by Remi
by Remi

I used my ProHeat 2X for a total of about 30 hours in the last three years. It's now not sucking dirt water into the tank. Checked the rubber square opening according to the FAQ, There is suction but I am not sure how strong it should be. It definitely is not as strong as my 20 years old vacuum cleaner. It does suck up dirt water from the carpet but not strong enough to pull the dirt water up the roughly one foot long tongue into the tank. What's worse is that the dirt water was then deposited back to the carpet which made the less traffic area dirtier. A household appliance should last longer than 30 hours.

Comment from Lisa - 1/15/2013

We are sorry for your trouble. Please click at the link for easy steps to get your machine suctioning properly again.

Austin, TX

Customer review by dottip

4.0 stars 1/31/2012 by dottip
by dottip

This cleaner is pretty good...Now mind you I have salt water so nothing is going to clean AWESOME. Love how easy it is to use and put together..I am a little challenged in this area so I didn't need any help following directions. Only complaint, wish the clean water held more at one time. Little awkward emptying, but good if you have lifting issues. Pushes easy. Maneuvers well. Also, just so ya know, I just moved and the people who previous owned the house...not so clean, had professional clean it first and I did it again about 1 month later...DRYs pretty fast of a non professional cleaner.

China Township, MI, USA
Sucks, NOT

Customer review by cjtod

4.0 stars 2/6/2013 by cjtod
by cjtod

I have had my current model QQ64, steam cleaner for just over a year with weekly use on 600 sq ft of carpet for pet stains. I clean the tanks, brushes and bottom of system after each use. It just started not sucking up water. Went through all the self help postings , including Bissells but is does not work at reclaiming the solution from the carpet now. Saved a lot of money by owning and using this system. Don't know if I want to invest in another if they "give up the ghost" this soon. Attachments and some of the body of system, appear to be fragile and cord "holders' pop off.

Comment from Lisa - 2/11/2013

We are sorry for your trouble. If all the troubleshooting steps have been attempted, you may want to take your machine to a BISSELL Service Center for inspection. Here is a link to search for a location:

Oklahoma City
Did a great job~!

Customer review by Two dog household

5.0 stars 4/23/2012 by Two dog household
by Two dog household

We had an area where our doggies have made it their "potty", and it had many stains, even though we did clean it immediately, the stain was still noticeable. We purchased and was not sure how it would do the job of getting rid of the spots. well it did a "wonderful" job...the stains came up and the carpet looked new. We have a very light carpet and was so pleased as the yellow stains were gone~! I even did my bathroom carpet, and it took up hair dye. I am recommeding this to anyone who wants a clean carpet and easy to handle, we followed the instructions and it worked~!!

Two dog household
Florence, AL
1-20 of 222 total reviews
1-20 of 222 reviews