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126 reviews | 4.2 out of 5

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126 reviews | 4.2 out of 5

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1-20 of 126 total reviews
1-20 of 126 reviews
Great carpet cleaner for the price!

Customer review by MessyMama

5.0 stars 7/10/2010 by MessyMama
by MessyMama

Having owned a Bissell carpet cleaner before I was excited to get a new one. I paid significant money to have the carpets professionally cleaned a month ago to only have them look dirty within a month. Time to clean myself! The vacuum is easy to push, set up and use the attachments. A couple things to keep in mind when you are using this 1) there is no indicator light to tell you that the cleaning solution is gone so keep a visual check on it (you can clean about 3/4 of a standard room) 2) when you empty the dirty water into the toilet or sink there isn't a good way for it to come out without making a mess. Put a towel on the ground b/c it drips 3) The cleaning solution is costly but if you shop in bulk or shop sales you should be fine. Overall this is a great machine and my carpet was pretty dry after cleaning b/c of the built in dryer which was great with little kids running around. As with anything, this is a "do it yourself" type of thing. It may never get the clean that a professional with tools would do but this comes pretty close and in the long run is a huge cost saver. Happy Cleaning!!

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New York
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Age:25 - 34
Another Fine ProHeat Cleaner

Customer review by PoultryRancher

5.0 stars 7/14/2010 by PoultryRancher
by PoultryRancher

After a lot of homework and budget balancing, I chose the 2X Pet model Pro Heat cleaner to replace my 10+ year old basic Pro Heat model which finally broke parts I couldn't find to fix it! The value was good and the cleaner arrived quickly. I put it together the next day, which took about 15 minutes all told, filled up the water and cleaning solution tanks and turned it loose on an old carpet stain that's been driving me crazy since my old cleaner gave up the ghost. True to form and even more quickly than the old model, the stain was gone, and I'd worked around to one or two other traffic areas that needed attention. POOF! The dirt and stains were gone AND the carpet was barely damp. The larger motor makes a HUGE difference pulling the extra water out of the carpet before it gets down to soak the padding. About an hour and a half later the carpet was dry and looked beautiful!. Now I see all the other areas that look bad next to the clean spot, so I guess I'll get the rest of it cleaned up now too. The added tools for this model are awesome as well and will make all the difference cleaning the upholstery and my truck carpet. This is one of the BEST products Bissell builds. Highly recommended.

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Usage:A few times per year
Ownership:1 week or less
Age:45 - 54
Puppy vrs. Carpets. Carpets win with this product

Customer review by Dollarvaluepro

5.0 stars 11/27/2010 by Dollarvaluepro
by Dollarvaluepro

Easy to use. The 12" cleaning path was one of the features that swayed me. Others had a 9" cleaning path. Every puppy should come with a money off coupon for one of these. I used the spot tool on the spots first then continued to clean the entire room. I found the water tank to be large enough to do an average size room. The first room I did I may have gotten the carpet too wet but learned by the second room. I've used it on the cars carpets too. Compared to renting a rug cleaner this will save me money in the long run.

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Bissell's Best

Customer review by StarryEyes

5.0 stars 4/6/2012 by StarryEyes
by StarryEyes

I had been researching for one year for a good, deep carpet cleaner. Read many consumer reviews, many reported on the H brand as very good. But my second job is at a Group Home, and in the two group homes in I've worked, both have broken down H brand carpet cleaners in the closet. Well a few months ago I bought the little Pet Vacuum from Bissell, and my family was impressed so I took a leap of faith and ordered the ProHeat 2X Select Pet Deep Cleaner directly from the Bissell website. I have a cat, and two Pomeranians, and a 4 yr.old granddaughter, and 5 more family members living here, so you can imagine the spills, stains and accidents on the carpeting! Not only did my Bissell clean up the carpeting, the guys used it to clean the carpeting in their vehicles, too and it cleaned it up beautifully. We used Bissell Pet Stain Formula, and also bought the Bissell Oxygen Formula. We think highly of this Bissell's performance and I am really glad I bought it. Thanks, Bissell!

Minneapolis, MN, USA
2nd Bissell Cleaner I've Owned

Customer review by shoejunkie22

5.0 stars 11/12/2012 by shoejunkie22
by shoejunkie22

I love, love, love this cleaner. As stated in the header, it's my second cleaner. Initally, several years ago, I purchased a Bissell cleaner to keep up with my 2 toddler boys and all the "creations" they came up with on my carpet. It kept up with them beautifully. About a year ago, I had to replace it because I had just worn it out. I did research on several competitors as well as Bissell products because in 20 years, technology had changed drastically. I wanted to get the best bang for my buck. Bissell won hands down. I purchased the Proheat 2X Select Pet Cleaner because I have a dog instead of toddlers runnings around. This cleaner does great in keeping up with his "seperation anxiety" presents. Having new carpet all over the house, I wanted a product that would protect and preserve my investment. This cleaner has done very well. Yes, newer or fresh accidents are much easier to clean up. My older spots required a little extra elbow grease to remove the stains but came up beautifully. No odor either with either type of stain.

Clemmons, NC, USA
Extremely disappointed in this product.

Customer review by rck

1.0 stars 10/4/2012 by rck
by rck

My husband bought this cleaner for me a little over one year ago. I've used it twice in that time; when I attempted to use it again earlier this year, the solution would not spray and the heater light did not work. After the two times that I had used the machine, I thoroughly cleaned all parts and ran clean water through the machine prior to removing the brushes, solution container and bladder assembly. I followed all manufacturer recommendations for care and ended up with a machine that does not work. Now, after spending a considerable sum of money on this product with an expired warranty, I am left with the choice of either spending even more to repair it, probably frequently or purchase another cleaner from another company, which will probably be more cost effective for me. I would not recommend any of the Proheat machines, since all I have seen on the internet is a plethora of complaints about problems with the pumps, heaters, etc.

Michigan, USA
More than I expected.

Customer review by satisfiedNC

5.0 stars 2/1/2012 by satisfiedNC
by satisfiedNC

Just used the Bissell 2X for the first time in our large carpeted bedroom. Several spots from attempted cleanups after spills were removed without problems. In fact, the floor looked better than the cleaning provided by a commercial cleaning company last year. One more cleaning and and the Bissell is paid for. Both my wife and I noticed when the carpet had dried that we (and the Bissell) did a much better job. There was no sign of the stains and the carpet was evenly cleaned. The professional cleaning had left some areas cleaner than others.....especially in the heavy travelled bedroom doorway. Just take your time when doing the job and overlap a little. The other thing of note.....there wasn't as much dampness in the carpet when the job was finished as I had experienced with other carpet cleaners I had used. That translated into a completely dry floor in a shorter amount of time.

North Carolina, USA
This is a great carpet cleaner, but...

Customer review by susu-san

4.0 stars 2/10/2012 by susu-san
by susu-san

This is definitely the best carpet cleaner I've owned for a lot of reasons. The first time I used it, I was superimpressed by not only the dirt in the water, but by the huge clumps of pet hair that came up with the suction (after vacuuming first). After several months of frequent use, the cleaner still pulls up the hair clumps, but I'm starting to be a little annoyed by it. The cleaner spits out these clumps of hair all over the wet carpet by the dozens, meaning I have to either get down on hands and knees to pick up each clump or wait until the carpet is dry and vacuum again. It's double-duty, and a little frustrating. Also, a little bit of the dirty water (or something?) seems to flush back out of the reservoir when I'm done pulling back, leaving gray water stains on the carpet. Again, double-duty. Not liking that at all. Clumps...dirty water stains. Am I doing something wrong?

San Antonio, TX, USA
Great Machine

Customer review by GlassHam

5.0 stars 1/6/2013 by GlassHam
by GlassHam

I've had 2 other units from a different manufacturer over the years and thought they did a good job. That is until I purchased my Bissell. The setup is easy, and I think the bladder system is ingenuous. As you use the clean water, it makes room for the dirty water in the same container. I used it to clean a heavy traffic area at the front door. There was a dark oily stain where someone had used too much oil on the hinges and it eventually dripped into the carpet. I switched to the heavy clean mode, waited about 1 minute for the water to heat, and to my amazement the stain came right out without any pre-treatment. I know the other brand would not have removed that stain without pre-treating and a lot of scrubbing. I would recommend this unit to anyone. By the way. My Brother-in-law borrowed the other brand unit and I told him he just got himself a new shampooer.

Beaver City, NE 68926, USA
Great Choice

Customer review by Diane in MN

4.0 stars 5/5/2012 by Diane in MN
by Diane in MN

I bought this cleaner after using the SpotBot portable cleaner with terrific results, and was not disappointed. I cleaned three rooms and my carpets looked as good as they ever had after professional cleaning. The cleaner picked up residual dog hair even after I had vacuumed with central vac/power brush, but fortunately the hair did not cause any clogs. I used the allergy formula cleaner and it did an excellent job. (I really like the Bissell oxygen cleaner used in the SpotBot, and would have used that formula if it had been included in this machine's product specs.) Cleaning it after use was a little complicated--partly due to its picking up residual dog hair--but that's the only drawback I've found so far, and is the only reason I didn't give this cleaner five stars. (No option for four and a half stars.) I would certainly recommend this machine to others.

Diane in MN
Minnesota, USA
Great for pet cleanups, carpets are super clean!

Customer review by Dialoneroofing

5.0 stars 2/28/2012 by Dialoneroofing
by Dialoneroofing

I purchased the Bissell ProHeat2x in January. The first thing that I did was to clean all of my carpets, and I was impressed about how effective the tool was for cleaning carpets. I didn't realize that my carpets had gotten that dirty, and quite honestly, I think that the carpet cleaner was more effective than the ones I've rented and used. Immediately after using the tool, my entire house smelled clean, and all the floors are easier to maintain. All of this is been a great benefit, but the reason I purchased the vacuum cleaner was because I had just gotten a new puppy. I had forgotten how destructive a new pet can be, and how sneaky. The Bissell ProHeat2x is been a wonderful tool for taking care of the accidents that occur occasionally. It's easy to use, requires little to no setup, and is no bigger than a regular vacuum cleaner. My house has the built in vacuum system, one that uses hoses that you plug into the walls, and the waste is disposed of through the system. Since buying the new Bissell ProHeat2x carpet cleaner, the vacuum system is getting half of the use of that it was previously. We consider this an indispensable tool.

Portland, Oregon
Cleans beautifuly & Easy to use

Customer review by Nancy

5.0 stars 3/9/2012 by Nancy
by Nancy

After weeks of research, I decided to purchase the ProHeat 2X Select Pet Deep Cleaning System. Mine is the 9300-K series. I love the hot water option, the 12 amp motor (will be able to hold up to the weekly uses), and the tank (clean & dirty water in the same holding tank is awesome). Emptying and filling is so simple; just lift up the tank (no unlatching) and bring it to the sink (unlatch) empty & fill. (If there is any clean water left when you empty the dirty, just put a wine cork in the clean reservoir opening.) My beige carpets came out looking and smelling so clean and fresh. I also used the tools on a chair that was in a dirty warehouse for years; it came out looking (and smelling) great. I am so pleased with this unit that I am ordering the bare floor attachment today! I can't wait to use it on my kitchen floor.

Thonotosassa, FL
Good but why did you change the holding tank??

Customer review by socalgal

3.0 stars 3/4/2012 by socalgal
by socalgal

I like the cleaning power, the fact that the Bissell is QUIET beyond belief, the fact that it is NOT top heavy, there is a "notch" holder to latch your electric cord, on board tools, dual row of brushes and the one tank system. This is my 3rd Bissell cleaner and I am disappointed at the new holding tank design. The old one was so easy to pop out, take the cover off empty and refill. Now the redesigned tank is oddly shaped and does not sit level. I have to unlatch in the back, remove the odd shaped cover, tilt the tank just right in order to empty the dirty water. Filling it is no simple task either, the old tank had a bigger opening for the clean water. The redesign on the cleaning solution holder should have included a flat bottom. How can I put the holder on the counter and fill with water, then add solution to the line as indicated? Now I have to hold the bottle of cleaning solution in one hand and the holder in the other - not easy when you have the large container of cleaning solution and try to pour into a little opening. My suggestion on your next redesign is to get ACTUAL people who USE these machines in their daily life.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
A Pet Lovers Must!

Customer review by NrdBlaze

5.0 stars 11/4/2012 by NrdBlaze
by NrdBlaze

As a pet owner, I am always looking for products to help keep my apartment looking and smelling clean. This ProHeat Pet system not only works to clean pet messes but it works deep down into the carpet to take out other hard to grip stains as well! We had some renovation done on our apartment and afterwards the walls were repainted. The painter tracked paint from the work site all the way down our carpeted stairs. Our complex had our carpets steamed but the spots still remained. After one cleaning with the ProHeat Pet system, paint spots were gone and our carpet looked brand new as the day we moved in!! Our carpets look great and whenever we have someone over, we always hear "I wouldn't have even known you had pets, your place doesn't smell like animals at all!! Thank you Bissell for a great product!!

St Louis, MO, USA
Great product

Customer review by puppies456

5.0 stars 2/13/2013 by puppies456
by puppies456

I really like this Bissell cleaner.... I shopped around a lot before deciding on this model and I am pretty pleased with it now after using it a few times! It does a pretty good job of lifting up any dirt from the carpet on the first go. I had parts of my carpet that were sooo dirty, they looked like a different type of carpet. But going over it just once with the Bissell got it cleaned up right away! My only complaint is that in order to clean it after use, it involves a little bit of work including a screwdriver to remove some parts. Also, the tanks that hold the water fill up quickly so I had to constantly stop to drain/fill them. One last thing is that it can feel a little heavy by the end from pushing it around if you are doing a large area. But, all in all, I am very pleased with this Bissell!!

Very sad & upsetting

Customer review by jailgirl

1.0 stars 6/20/2012 by jailgirl
by jailgirl

I bought my cleaner about 3-4 years ago. The first time I used it I LOVED IT. It did a wonderful job on the carpet and cleaned the stubborn spots without a problem. The 2nd time I used it, same thing. The third time I used it, it seemed to suck the cleaner out of the formula tank all at once. I thought maybe it was the valve and let it sit in the closet for the next 2 years or so. I finally came to the website and ordered the valve I thought was the problem. Still does the same thing only now it won't even spray the water and the brushes won't turn. I'm heartbroken. No way should someone get only two uses out of something that cost $200. I don't have the receipt so I'm sure I can't take it back and I sure as heck shouldn't have to pay for repair. Such a worked so well initially. :(

Hutchinson, MN 55350, USA
Don't waste your money and effort

Customer review by lsauer

1.0 stars 10/10/2012 by lsauer
by lsauer

I've had my machine about 2 months and have gradually been cleaning all carpets in my house. They were in pretty good shape except for traffic patterns and occasional small pet stains. I have had problems with getting the machine to dispense solution and a problem where the machine would not move at all. The later I figured out was a clearance issue because the carpet was not completely smooth near a threshold. In a nutshell there were very few spots that the cleaner actually got the carpet clean and it definitely did nothing for the pet stains. (Perhaps if they were fresh the results would have been better.) Yesterday I was cleaning a carpet which has almost no nap so I hoped to get better results. Not at all. I was so frustrated that after spending hours using the pre-treatmant, pet stain lifter and the professional Bissell products, I resorted to getting on all fours and using a clean towel to rub the carpet where it had already been "cleaned." The towel was very dirty. I think this cleaner does little more than damp mop the surface which results in mostly making wet dustballs that you have to vacuum up with another machine. The attachments are a joke. They have almost no suction. I am returning the machine.

Olathe, KS, USA
First time Bissell buyer

Customer review by gtwatts

5.0 stars 10/1/2012 by gtwatts
by gtwatts

We have cream colored carpet throughout our entire house; we rented a steam cleaner for the same price of the Bissell ProHeat 2x Pet Deep Cleaning system. The Bissell cleaned our carpets much easier and faster with the tool attachments and took out older stains better than I thought it would. I also like the built in heater for rinsing out the rug after cleaning; very thorough job! The Bissell is easier to manuever (lighter, ease around corners, etc) than a rented rug cleaner and great value for our money considering we will be using it frequently. We also use the attachments to clean up pet messes/kid messes in our vehicles in the ease of our own garage!! Just an AWESOME product to use/own!!!

Nevada, USA
My house is a real live ZOO.

Customer review by Happy Me

4.0 stars 9/3/2014 by Happy Me
by Happy Me

We have 3 ; supposed to be grown-ups; and 4 dogs. They are all small breeds; but being young and playfull you can imagine the mess. before I got my Bissell Proheat x2 We were some what lucky to have a friend who had his own truck and cleaning business; but the cost ; even just two times a month; could add up. Now I have my new Bissell at home and I've been using it like a vacuum; I see a new spot and I bring out my machine.; my house smells so nice and fresh and dries fast too. I recommend that people who have pets ; running around; need to have one; it has paid for it's self all ready. People who own one SMILE more. And are no longer ashamed to have friends drop by. See me smiling??

Happy Me
Lawndale, CA, USA
GREAT Machine!

Customer review by hollybarry08

5.0 stars 9/14/2014 by hollybarry08
by hollybarry08

I recently purchased this machine. My carpet was really really dirty. Spots, spills, doggy goings on... i would try to keep up with sprays and hand brushing but it was getting to be too much. I rented the shampooers in the grocery store and it did an ok job. My carpet is light beige so you can imagine. This machine delivered!!! My carpet looked 99.9% better. Some of the tougher spots were gone ( i did pretreat) and the whole room as a whole was brighter and looked so much cleaner. And it smelled great. I was very very happy with the results... It was very easy to put together and the attachments work excellent. I AM TELLING YOU ... BUY THIS MACHINE I AM GLAD I DID.

Sayre, PA, USA
1-20 of 126 total reviews
1-20 of 126 reviews