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128 reviews | 3.4 out of 5

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128 reviews | 3.4 out of 5

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1-20 of 125 total reviews
1-20 of 125 reviews

Customer review by GoldStars

5.0 stars 2/4/2012 by GoldStars
by GoldStars

great buy batteries work great i still havent changed the batteries to our sons swing and jumperoo and its already been a month. Since i replaced the old batteries.

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Age:18 - 24
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:A few times per month
C Batteries

Customer review by jsmithart

5.0 stars 11/7/2010 by jsmithart
by jsmithart

Good product at a good price from their product of the day listing.

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Age:55 - 64
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:A few times per month

Customer review by Cobie

5.0 stars 1/10/2012 by Cobie
by Cobie

Reading the Reviews i am quite disturbed. I buy Duracell Batteries almost exclusively and have never had a problem with them. I work in the Fire/Rescue business and use Duracell products in all of my battery powered firefighting equipment. My helmet light for example, which is exposed to extreme heat, has yet to have a problem, or need a battery replacement. I have been using it for over a year. Extremely Satisfied!

New York
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These batteries last the longest!

Customer review by TexasGirl

5.0 stars 12/2/2010 by TexasGirl
by TexasGirl

I love using Duracell batteries. I don't mind paying the extra few cents to get these over the generic brands because they last so much longer. I feel like i have had them in my TV remote forever! Thanks Duracell for the great product.

Austin, TX
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protecting your devices from battery leaks

Customer review by Duke

5.0 stars 11/27/2010 by Duke
by Duke

I have used Duracell Coppertop (alkaline) batteries for years. Dependable as they are, they can still fail. Duracell offers a generous guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. Should any device be damaged due to a battery defect, Duracell will repair or replace it at their option if it is sent (postage paid) to Duracell with the batteries. However, not everything is repairable or replaceable. I stored batteries with a vintage board-game (Mystery Mansion). I knew not to store batteries in a device, such as this game's little computer. I removed them but, alas, stored them loose in a plastic bag with other game parts for several years. When all four batteries leaked, paper components in that sealed plastic bag absorbed the liquid and were ruined. Lesson learned: always store batteries separate from other items, in a sealed plastic container that can be relied uppon to hold liquids and will not be affected by corrosive liquids or salts.

Key Largo, Florida
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Good batteries

Customer review by Cristian

5.0 stars 4/13/2011 by Cristian
by Cristian

Have been using duracell for w while now, and they do what they say on the can... non-fussy and reliable

New York, NY
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Simply the best

Customer review by simbp215

5.0 stars 6/28/2013 by simbp215
by simbp215

I use these in my TV remote. These are the only batteries that last for at least a year. All other batteries I've tried need replacing every 3 - 4 months.

Mason, OH
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Simply the best batteries

Customer review by Renae

5.0 stars 2/14/2013 by Renae
by Renae

I've used Duracell for years. I purchased a lot of Duralock batteries this holiday season and have been very impressed. I don't typically write reviews, but I was surprised to see so many people having issues. I figured I would share my experience. Kids toys, remotes, smoke deters, etc. all work great, no issues what so ever with packaging, leaking, dying too soon. Everything has been great.

United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Luvthecardinals

5.0 stars 7/2/2014 by Luvthecardinals
by Luvthecardinals

My son will tell you that his Duracell Coppertop AAA batteries do the trick for his gaming accessories. Over the weekend he was involved in a marathon XBOX 360 team mission and he used his fresh pack of batteries to take him through on on to win the mission as one of the team members. Very please with this product!

Des Moines, IA
Loving my AAA batteries

Customer review by Shellie5333

5.0 stars 7/2/2014 by Shellie5333
by Shellie5333

Just like the AA's these 10 year storage lasting Duracell AAA batteries are amazing. They were put to the test in the best way possible, the kids toy room. With my 2 1/2 and 5 year old burning through so many batteries lately and having "boring/broken" toys lying around. These batteries have brought endless hours of joy by reviving some favorite toys. I'm a very satisfied mom. Not to mention that they will store for up to 10 years. I will definitely pick some up for our emergency kits.

Federal Way, WA
A reliable, long-lasting product

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 7/2/2014 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

These arrived at the perfect time, as we purchased a new television a few months ago and the batteries that came with the remote were juuuuuuust starting to die and we had no AAA replacements in the house. So far, they're great! If previous coppertop purchases are any indication, I don't anticipate having a dying remote any time soon.

An anonymous customer
Summerville, SC
Nothing tops the Copper Top!

Customer review by twistedstar82

5.0 stars 7/2/2014 by twistedstar82
by twistedstar82

I was so excited to receive these batteries from Duracell to try out! We got through batteries in this house like no other. Between me and my 3 year old we are always reaching for the battery drawer. I have to say I am so happy with this product! Once we popped these babies into our various items you could tell the power that is within Coppertop Batteries. I am so pleased with this product that this is the battery I will be reaching for from now on. Thank you Duracell!

Lancaster, CA
Quality I can trust from Duracell Batteries!

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 7/2/2014 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

Just got my Duracell Coppertop AAA batteries in the mail! Put them right into my egg candling light that I use for raising poultry, and SHAZAAAMM.. just as I expected, the light is bright like brand new again! Thanks Duracell for sending me a top notch product with the usual quality that I have come to trust!

An anonymous customer
Marshall, TX
the Coppertop doesn't stop

Customer review by rdav375

5.0 stars 7/2/2014 by rdav375
by rdav375

Duracell batteries are small in size but big in power. They are always the first ones that I look for on the shelf. I am willing to spend more money to get the better quality that Duracell provides. We have a small child that has a lot of toys that take batteries. It seems the smaller toys that he has the more times they require AAA’s. When we have tried to take the cheap route and but store brand or the provided batteries we have just had to replace them at a quicker rate than when we use the coppertop. Some of his toys still have the original batteries in them. Overall great battery.

Milan, MI
Coppertop AAA

Customer review by mclouston71

5.0 stars 7/2/2014 by mclouston71
by mclouston71

I use coppertop AAA batteries in my razor which I use every day to shve my head and face. I am going on 30 days with the same battery and it is still running strong. I love these batteries. I also use the AA in my DirecTV remote controls in my house. I used to go through batteries at least once a month. With the coppertop, you can notice the difference in the speed the guide pops up.

Valdosta, GA
Remote life

Customer review by philton76

5.0 stars 7/2/2014 by philton76
by philton76

I hate it when my tv, mobile, & monitor stops working cause the batteries die. With the Duracell batteries, the remotes work much longer.

North Prairie, WI
Only thing I trust for my insulin pump

Customer review by Maeganoneill

5.0 stars 7/2/2014 by Maeganoneill
by Maeganoneill

I use Duracell aaa batteries for my insulin pump. They last long and have never caused me problems. They have also always been great for my tv remote.

Charleston, SC
amazing long lasting

Customer review by sfleury

5.0 stars 7/2/2014 by sfleury
by sfleury

Ok so I am constantly trying out new batteries because my childrens toys are constantly needing new ones. I love love love these batteries. So far they have lasted over 2 weeks with my daughters toy being left on for 24/7. I can say that is a good thing, since 4 year olds tend to not remember to shut things off all of the time!!

South Hamilton, MA
Power punch with Duracell Coppertop batteries!!

Customer review by mkirker6557

5.0 stars 7/2/2014 by mkirker6557
by mkirker6557

I received a pack of Duracell coppertop AA batteries and couldn't be more satisfied with them. My son is a xbox fanatic and they are holding up strong against his obsession. Will definitely be purchasing them when I need new batteries... hopefully not in the near future.

Mount Orab, OH
Never ending battery

Customer review by skokie5120

5.0 stars 7/2/2014 by skokie5120
by skokie5120

I got my battery about 7 days ago. So to make sure it's a good battery I decided to put this in kids toys, and Nintendo Wii remote. My kids are always on the wii, I tested the battery before I put in and the it was full, after a week of non stop playing on the wii I checked it again last night and according to the meter the power was still full. So I am truly amazed at the power it held for one week of about 4 hours a day of playing. I would highly recommend this to anyone I know especially with kids toys.

Naperville, IL
1-20 of 125 total reviews
1-20 of 125 reviews