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106 reviews | 4.9 out of 5

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106 reviews | 4.9 out of 5

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1-20 of 103 total reviews
1-20 of 103 reviews
Outstanding Preformance and Quality

Customer review by RachaelRebeckah

5.0 stars 7/7/2016 by RachaelRebeckah
by RachaelRebeckah

I'm a mother of 3 children so I can never have enough batteries on hand for electronics and toys. In our house we are constantly going through batteries so I was excited to try out these AA Duracell Coppertop batteries instead of our usual bargain brand batteries. I tested them out in several different electronics and toys to see if I noticed a different in the performance of the device or toy. I'm pleasantly surprised that the AA Duracell Coppertop batteries brought old toys back to life and actually improved the performance back to like new again! Our devices and toys worked better than before, which I never knew was possible until now. These batteries last much longer and perform much better than any battery brand I've ever tried! Since trying these AA Duracell Coppertop Batteries I will never go back to bargain brand batteries again! I received these AA Duracell Coppertop 4 pack of batteries from Duracell to try for free for my honest opinion and review about my experience. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Zumbrota, MN
Duracell® Coppertop All-Purpose Batteries Review

Customer review by Diana6146

5.0 stars 7/16/2016 by Diana6146
by Diana6146

The batteries work well, came in a handy package of an equal number: four, and have a guaranteed 10 years- which is amazing considering when I used to purchase batteries they were always done within months of the purchase. It has a copper top for an even better electricity flow and the classic shape and structure of most batteries. Duracell is a brand I've been using since I was little and have seen improvement over the years with the longetivity and quality of their products- which I am guessing has become more emphasized on due to the strong electronic world we are living. Many are using chargers and cables, or even wireless charging blu tooth ports; thus extreme competition to battery companies of back then and now. The more competition, the more striving to improve, and it shows in these batteries. This is my review, and I received this product for free from the Duracell company. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Murrieta, CA
Lasts Longer than Rechargables!

Customer review by EmmaBe

5.0 stars 7/22/2016 by EmmaBe
by EmmaBe

When I received this 4-pack of AA batteries, I decided to do a little test, because I could think of no way to actually rate batteries, other than, yeah, they work! The opportunity presented itself when my sister visited for a family vacation. She was using rechargable batteries from a different company in her baby monitor. Typically, the charge on those batteries lasts for 12 hours of usage before needing a recharge (the monitor takes 3 AA batteries). I asked her to use these Duracell batteries instead, and we timed the usage to see if these Duracells would last as long. Needless to say, they far outperformed the rechargables. She used the monitor a bit more heavily than usual (the kids were in a "weird" bed and a were more restless than typical), and they were going strong far beyond 12 hours of usage. When she left she gave them back to me and I have now used one in my electric razor for several more days. It is still going strong! 5 stars. I have absolutely no complaints. I received this product for free from Duracell in exchange for my honest opinions- as always, all opinions (good and bad) are my own. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Huntington Beach, CA
Duracell Coppertop batteries rock my socks off!

Customer review by sfancellas

5.0 stars 8/2/2016 by sfancellas
by sfancellas

These Duracell Coppertop batteries have convinced me that this is a brand I want to remain loyal to. I have been using these AA batteries in my electric razor for a few weeks now and the power has been consistent at full power without any problems. They have already lasted longer than any other batteries I have used in my razor before! I love these and will continue to use! I never thought I would get excited about a battery before but I have to say, these are pretty awesome compared to the ones I normally buy that only last a few days or sometimes hours! They are also very reasonably priced considering the quality. Duracell guarantees that your Coppertop batteries will last up to 10 years in storage! Bonus! This shows me that they are making an effort to keep improving their product and be innovative. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Columbus, GA
The BEST batteries on the market!

Customer review by andkaatewaslike

5.0 stars 7/26/2016 by andkaatewaslike
by andkaatewaslike

I have a house full of children- that means a house full of toys, games, electronics and remotes that all require batteries. In the past, I have tried numerous brands to find the best deal! Buying the cheapest off brand from the dollar store? Horrible idea! The batteries drain in record time, sometimes they leak and ruin things... Duracell batteries are the gold standard, as far as I am concerned. They are reasonably priced and they will last the longest out of any batteries of their kind- I have never once had an issue with leaking either. After trying the rest, I'll stay with the best from now on! Duracell family for life! What's worse than sitting down with all the kids to watch a movie and having dead batteries in the remote when you JUST changed them last week?? [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Cold Spring, NY
Great Batteries

Customer review by Millerz

5.0 stars 7/7/2016 by Millerz
by Millerz

Last weekend I went on a camping trip, and it was quite hot and muggy out. I had recently purchased a portable air conditioner (basically a fan with a sponge that you fill with water so it cools the air, pictured below). I used the batteries that came with the device and they did not even last a single day of usage. I received a set of 4 AA batteries from Duracell to try out. Not only did they last the entire day, they lasted the entire weekend, and should last this weekend as well. The portable ac company states batteries last 8-10 hours of usage, and this is why I love Duracell, they don't quit. I have also used them in mini LED lanterns, which their manufacturer claims 12 hours of light per set of batteries, and my Duracell lasted about 50 hours. Never have had a problem of them exploding or not lasting, quality stuff. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Easton, PA
Can never go wrong with Duracell!

Customer review by AprillPerkins

5.0 stars 8/10/2016 by AprillPerkins
by AprillPerkins

I love Duracell! They last longer than any other battery I've ever tried and they make my kids toys sound louder and light up brighter! They even last longer in my t.v. remote. I received these batteries for free from Duracell for my honest review and as soon as I received them, the kids found something to use them in! I'm so glad I was able to get a couple for my t.v. remote. I will always use Duracell batteries! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Douglasville, GA
Still strong, solid brand

Customer review by theandrewck

4.0 stars 8/4/2016 by theandrewck
by theandrewck

Lets be honest. Batteries are the workhorse of a modern household. They are not meant to be the next craze: but dependable, efficiant and long lasting. I got this for free from duracell. And they work just as long as a pair bought 10 years ago. Plug these bad boys into a flashlight. Still same long lasting power. I gave this a 4 out of 5. Reasoning is that when a battery company actually has a revolutionary product. Then they will get a 5 If you are looking for a solid workhorse battery. Look no further [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Troy, MI
Reliable batteries

Customer review by ambertreesap

5.0 stars 7/7/2016 by ambertreesap
by ambertreesap

Duracell sent a free four pack of their Coppertop AA batteries for testing and review and they couldn't have arrived at a better time! Most of the non-rechargeable batteries around my house are AA and being summer, the game systems controllers are especially getting a lot of use. All of the Duracell batteries have, thus far, been holding their charge even with almost constant use -- no low battery indicators have popped up, nor have we had any trouble with reliability. I wish there was a way to test the "Guaranteed for 10 years in storage" claim but I know there's no way that they'll sit around that long. I did use these to replace some old Duracell batteries that had been left in a stored item and was really pleased to find that the old batteries hadn't corroded, leaked, or exploded. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Rotterdam, NY
Love the Coppertop!

Customer review by Cleanteeth401

5.0 stars 7/7/2016 by Cleanteeth401
by Cleanteeth401

I received my free AA Coppertop from Duracell just in time! It was a rainy afternoon, and the kids and I were forced to spend one our first few days of summer vacation inside, watching movies, when all of s sudden (gasp) the remote died! This could be a very testing situation, but as fate had it my Duracell AA batteries had arrived the day before and were ready to be put to use! I know this won't happen again soon because of the dependability and long life that goes with the Duacell name. The previous batteries were off brand and although they may have saved me money at the moment of purchase, they died quickly. Using the Duracell Coppertop batteries is a better choice for devices you depend on like remotes, computer mouse and most importantly smoke and carbon monoxide detectors! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Cumberland, RI
Duracell Coppertop All-Purpose Batteries Review

Customer review by bbreanna

5.0 stars 8/2/2016 by bbreanna
by bbreanna

The Duracell Coppertop All-Purpose Batteries are a life-saver! I have been using generic batteries for a while now, but they don't seem to last too long. It's even more disappointing when they don't last, and the product requires 4 batteries :(, that the entire battery package! While I recently started using the Duracell batteries, they seem to be working well so far! I can finally jam to my favorite tunes without the party being cut short. Thanks Duracell for the free sample!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Chula Vista, CA
stronger than the other brands

Customer review by Fuentesrrb

5.0 stars 7/11/2016 by Fuentesrrb
by Fuentesrrb

I was sent a free four pack of Duracell® Coppertop All-Purpose Batteries from Duracell to try. This was probably the most successful trail of a product because since trying them, my family hasn't bought another brand since! I received them just in time, because my sons' bubble machine's (cheaper) batteries were going dead (after only two uses :/ ) I switched them out, turned on the machine and...BUBBLES were everywhere! The gears turned faster, the fan blew stronger, everything worked...better! I guess Duracell has a new loyal customer :D The Duracell® Coppertop All-Purpose Batteries are stronger than other brands for sure, they last longer, they have a 10 year guaranteed shelf life, and they are worth the couple dollars more in the long run. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Honaker, VA
Duracell coppertop

Customer review by ITmorrison

5.0 stars 8/1/2016 by ITmorrison
by ITmorrison

I had my nephews over for the weekend and they enjoy using the wii at our house woke the adults talk. I knew they were planning to come over so I saved the free Duracell coppertop batteries that Duracell was nice enough to give me. 2 full days of use later and the batteries don't even show they ate down to half yet. Usually get the cheapest ones I can, but these last a good deal longer so I will be getting these from now on for occasions such as this. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Kenosha, WI
Keeps up with me!

Customer review by awaddle8689

5.0 stars 8/7/2016 by awaddle8689
by awaddle8689

I got batteries, for FREE from Duracell! I am an avid gamer and wireless controllers control my consoles, with Duracell, I'm never left handing without a charged control to battle against my foes! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Mount Carmel, TN
Great Batteries

Customer review by RandiLynnB

5.0 stars 7/21/2016 by RandiLynnB
by RandiLynnB

I put these batteries in my old school Gameboy, and he came right to life! My kids have had so much fun playing (almost constantly) "Mommy's old game." I have always been a fan of Duracell, and I love that these Duracell batteries have the 10 year shelf life, so I can stock up and not have to worry about them losing their potency (for 10 years, but batteries never sit around that long around here). I like having batteries stocked right before birthdays and Christmas; because I have 2 children who always get toys that require batteries. I did receive the Duracell Coppertop AA (4 pack) batteries for free for my honest review. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Avon, IN
Reliable Duracell batteries

Customer review by DCJohnsons

5.0 stars 8/2/2016 by DCJohnsons
by DCJohnsons

The power went out last night during a wicked thunderstorm. We went to find our old flashlight to light up the room and calm my toddler down. Sure enough, the "batteries included" batteries were dead. Thank goodness we had a new pack of Duracell batteries to help us light up our family room during the blackout. These batteries are certainly reliable even when they have been in storage for years. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Manassas, VA
Duracell batteries

Customer review by has71477

5.0 stars 8/5/2016 by has71477
by has71477

They last longer than any battery I have tried. My flashlights are brighter and last a lot longer. My children tend to leave the flashlights on and they die very quickly but not with Duracell!!! I'm very satisfied with Duracell they will be my forever choice in batteries!!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Clinton, MO
Using My Batteries

Customer review by Dillonwoodwork

5.0 stars 8/5/2016 by Dillonwoodwork
by Dillonwoodwork

I used two of the batteries in my digital camera and another two in digital camcorder. I have used both several times since receiving the batteries and have not seen a drop in battery life yet. Other batteries I have used in the past are lucky to last two weeks [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Des Moines, IA
Awesome I will buy again

Customer review by Mg7mascoli

5.0 stars 7/12/2016 by Mg7mascoli
by Mg7mascoli

I loved loved loved The Duracell batteries.they last long when you use them you know that you can trust them and most of all their easy and simple to us they last long when you use them you know that you can trust them and most of all their easy and simple to use . The batteries last a long time there's no harmful chemicals in their best to use in children's toys . I am definitely going to be picking up my hands on some more Duracell batteries in make sure to try all of their batteries. Before you get the Duracell batteries you should know that they'll be safe to use when children are involved. Duracell has great customer service and can understand all of your problems the prices are also fantastic . [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Burlington, CT
Great product

Customer review by bacmpca579

5.0 stars 8/7/2016 by bacmpca579
by bacmpca579

I used these in my son's crib toy. So far they have been great. The lights are brighter then before. They haven't ran low yet. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Federal Heights, CO
1-20 of 103 total reviews
1-20 of 103 reviews