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1863 reviews | 4.5 out of 5

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1-20 of 1860 reviews
As advertised, this razor leaves you looking sharp

Customer review by ahclee90

4.0 stars 1/21/2016 by ahclee90
by ahclee90

Having used the Gillette Powerglide for the past weeks, I'd have to say this is my favourite manual razor I've used to date. All of Gillette's claims about the product hold up. The flexball technology is effective and tackles the contours of your face with ease. The head maintains maximum contact with my face throughout the shave and, in doing so, allows for a quick and non-repetitive shave. The thinner, finer blades hold their edge nicely. I used the same refill for a month without feeling any difference or need to replace it. I love the idea of the Gillette Shave Club. It's convenient and definitely had the customer in mind when being created. The club website, complete with tips and videos, does give you a sense of exclusivity when logging in and it's nice to feel like your choice in the brand is rewarded. The pricing of extra refills seems to be on par with most retailers so, when you add the convenience of at-your-door shipping, it's hard to say no to an invite to this club. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

Vancouver, BC
Smooth shave with Gillette Fusion

Customer review by Swervedriver11

5.0 stars 1/2/2016 by Swervedriver11
by Swervedriver11

I normally shave with a single blade safety razor with shaving soap. I have acne prone skin which can pose a problem when shaving. I tried the Gillette Fusion Proglide with Flexball and found the shave to be equally close and smooth as my safety razor. The Fusion has five blades (which Gillette states are their thinnest and finest blades) and despite the number of blades, I found that they provide a smooth shave even over pimples without digging into them and cutting them open. The razors are sharp enough that a second pass isn't necessary. The Fusion uses "flexball" technology which is designed to pivot multi-directionally and this helped when shaving along and under my chin. The Fusion's handle is solidly built with good weight and rubber grips. It doesn't feel cheap or light and it has a good length so it fits nicely in your palm. Overall, I was pleased with this products design, feel, and the resulting shave. I would purchase this item, and easily recommend it to other men. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

Toronto, ON
Smooth Action and no Tugging.

Customer review by primal25

5.0 stars 5/30/2013 by primal25
by primal25

After recieving the Free razor through a program run by Gillette I tore open the Razor to find 5 shiny new blades plus a trimmer on the back of the razor. I gave it a couple of day to grow a stubble having recently shaved with a different Gillette Razor. I wanted to give this razor a good workout with my grainy beard which gets pretty course after 2 days. Using regular gel shaving cream i began shaving with the razor the first pass from the sideburns went smoothly and continued for a good while before cleaning the blades under water. The shave was smooth no need for a second pass. This continued to be the case even with my mustache and my chin . There was no tugging which is sometimes the case near my cheeks so that was good sign . I had no need to use the trimmer as the 5 blades felt smooth and safe enough to use mear my nose. I also did an upward shave to go against the grain and get a closer shave this was also very comfortable with no tugging which i cant stand as it is painful.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Loyal Gillette User

Customer review by Dazza1979

3.0 stars 12/21/2015 by Dazza1979
by Dazza1979

I think I need to start this review off by saying that I have been using Gillette products for as long as I can remember BUT I am not one of those people that needs the newest edition. For some time I have been using the Fusion razors for 2 simple reasons a. they provided a good shave and b. they were easy to find. With all that said I jumped at the chance to try the Fusion Proglide with Flexball to see what kind of difference it had. Long story short...not much I don't think. I found the handle to be a bit bigger and bulkier then I was used to but it was also noticeably lighter. The flexball did make shaving my neck area a bit easier but not by a huge amount. The razor itself is a step up (used it this morning)...cleaner shave and a better trimmer blade. I have not signed up for a Shave Club plan simply because I do not shave that much (2-3 times per week for work. Never on weekends or holidays) and because I can get a value pack on blades at Costco when I run out so don't really see a need for it. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

Winnipeg, MB
Good Value, Little Hassle

Customer review by Bindstar

4.0 stars 1/6/2016 by Bindstar
by Bindstar

Shaving is a time-honored tradition and can be as divisive topic as the 1994 Stanley Cup playoffs. The right razor is a difficult journey to complete and the Gillette Shave Club is certainly one way to make that trek easier. With a Pro-Glide sent in the mail and matching cream purchased at the store, this face soon became a naked testament to the effectiveness of a reasonably good razor. The handle seems flimsy and its plastic construction is a surprise but the accompanying razor and roller ball action are a nice feature that are less gimmicky than the TV commercials lead on. With a better handle, these razors are a winner. The shave club is good and is reasonably priced compared to competitors but heavy shavers may be at a loss with the single blade per month that is supplied. For the busy professional and/or ultra-lazy this club represents the pinnacle of service and seems to, so far, be well equipped to deal with customer service issues. Overall a 4/5, they may want to consider a heavy user option. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

Toronto, ON
Nice Razor, nice movement. Pass on the Shave Club.

Customer review by panticv

3.0 stars 1/31/2016 by panticv
by panticv

I've been a Gilette customer for a while, but haven't bought a new handle in forever. So this product came as a change for me. My old handle was nothing special so I was so surprised by the comfort level of my new shave. The flexiball is a great tweak- I love that addition. Makes me wonder why I havn't gone for a new handle in forever. As for the razors, they're consistent with my prior experience with Gilette: you get a great smooth shave. A 5/5 for the product itself. That being said, I wasn't crazy bout the Shave Club. It feels like a web ad to subscribe for a monthly delivery of razors. It feels that way because it obviously is just that. The price isn't spectacular that I would want to stay a part of that, so I can't say I'd participate in the idea. If the price was noticeably better I'd consider a subscription for my razors- and even other basics like shaving cream. 2/5 The razor is a recommend for me, and the Shave Club- I guess go for it if you're lazy and want to take it off your shopping list... (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

Pickering, ON
great smooth shave

Customer review by cabbie123

5.0 stars 1/20/2016 by cabbie123
by cabbie123

I like getting free samples of almost anything, so I joined the BzzAgent Campaign for the Gillette Shave Club, and they sent me a "Fusion® ProGlide® Manual Razor with FlexBallTM Technology". The thought of shaving with 5 blades at once only intimidated me. I finally got a chance to try it out. I was very pleasantly surprised at how well it all went. Overall, I think that Gillette is going in the right direction, but they need to strike a fine balance between shave quality, and longevity of blades in order to make these worthwhile. prefer a balance of longevity, comfort and closeness, while others prefer one over the others. he swivel head does not follow the curves of my face at all. Since the head swings left and right as I was shaving. he shave I got was so smooth that this Flexball Razor has turned into my new go-to razor. Now that I'm part of the Gillette Shave Club I can buy refill cartridges for this razor and have it shipped to my home on a set schedule. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

Calgary, AB
As good as new and lasts longer!

Customer review by EdwinYost

5.0 stars 8/18/2015 by EdwinYost
by EdwinYost

I don't know how many people have had the experience I have of getting a brand new razor and handle, and getting great shaves from it, then being disappointed in the quality of the replacement razor heads when the first one gets dull. It seems weird, but most of the time I find that the packs of 4 or more replacement razors dull faster, don't give as good an initial shave and overall just leave me wanting something a bit sharper. That isn't the case with the Fusion ProGlide razor refill cartridge - I finally gave up on the first blade that came on the razor and popped a new one on, expecting to be underwhelmed. Instead, I got just as good (and maybe even better) of a shave as I did when I first got my razor and I've been using the replacement blade every day for over two weeks with almost no noticeable reduction in the quality of my shave. If anything, the replacement blade seems to be holding up better than the first one. I'd definitely say that these are worth their cost! (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

Belleville, ON
Another shot at disposables...

Customer review by slider33

4.0 stars 12/29/2015 by slider33
by slider33

I have previously used disposable razors, but switched to electric shavers for a couple of reasons. With the disposable razors, I never liked the snagging of the hairs, the cuts, and lastly, I'm just lazy. With a electric shaver, it's just shave and go. No creams. But one large downside of an electric shaver is that it doesn't cut as close to the skin unlike disposables. With this latest campaign, I thought I would give disposable razors another shot. The GSC has a large amount of tips. Hopefully, some of these tips will reduce the snags and cuts. One important one is to try to shave after a bath/shower to soften the hairs and skin. Also, replace the blades often. This is probably my biggest contributor to having snags and cuts. Because I had used both a disposable and electric shaver, I used a new blade less often. Great tips. So far, I've been using the Gillette razors after a shower and this seems to help with the snagging and cutting. More reviews to come. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

Burnaby, BC
Great Shave, Not so great shave club

Customer review by ryanger97

3.0 stars 1/6/2016 by ryanger97
by ryanger97

I have always used Gillette razors and I have always been very happy with the quality of the shave. This razor is no exception it provided me with a great shave and I would definitely recommend this razor to others if they are looking for a nice clean shave. With that being said I can't give the same level of praise to the Gillette shave club. The Gillette Shave Club to me feels like the equivalent of a big box stores news paper flyer but online. I have not found product that you can directly order from the website. When looking at an individual item you are told to go to your preferred store to buy it or to buy it online. Also when looking at there monthly subscription package you are taken to amazon to purchases your items. There are other company's out there that in my opinion give you a more for the same price. At the end of the day I will continue to use Gillette razors but I will not be using there shave club as I personally do not see the value in it. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

Ottawa, ON
Beats my other Gillette razors hands down

Customer review by jeffrey68

4.0 stars 1/5/2016 by jeffrey68
by jeffrey68

I love this razor. I've been part of shave clubs for over a year now and I think they are great. I don't have to think about buying my shaving supplies. And with the right plan you never run out of razors or never have to many. The only down side is that you don't deal with the company directly. Everything is with another store. As for the fusion proglide. I can't get over how. Long its lasting me. The first week it felt like I was shaving without a blade it was so smooth. Then I put it to the real test. Went on vacation for two weeks without shaving. It handled well for a face full of beard. Its been a month now and I'm still on the original blade. Meaning two shipments a year would work for me. I currently receive 6 shipments a year. The only down side to this great shave is the size of the blade. With my work I like to pack lightly. Unfortunately its the bulkiest disposable razor I've ever owned when packed. But a small price to pay for a great shave. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

Kingston, ON
High Quality Cartridges

Customer review by fransc888

4.0 stars 7/3/2015 by fransc888
by fransc888

I received in my BzzKit 1 6oz can of Gillette Ocean Breeze Gel, 1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor and 1 pack containing 4 refill cartridges. This review is pertaining to the package of cartridges. According to the packaging, each cartridge is good for up to 1 month of shaving based on 4 shaves a week. I found this misleading as I tend to shave on a daily basis - which means each cartridge will only last me just about 3 weeks. Insertion of the cartridge onto my new Gillette ProGlide Razor was a breeze. There were no complications, no fuss, and was a perfect fit. Although each blade comes with an enhanced lubrastrip, I personally find the lubrastrip redundant since I always use shaving gel to shave anyways. During my first use of the cartridge with my new razor, I was impressed with the close shave that I was able to achieve. I could really feel the difference with the thinness of the blade. This gave me a closer shave than I would normally achieve with other blades. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

Mississauga, ON
Great Shave, but not long-lasting

Customer review by HorseyGuy

3.0 stars 1/7/2016 by HorseyGuy
by HorseyGuy

I decided to join the Gillette Shave Club and give it a try, based on it potentially providing me with a convenient and economical way to receive my blades. Well, I received my first shipment the other day, and that was convenient; didn't have to run to store to buy blades. I shaved with the sample first that I had received from Bzz Agent, and found the first 2 shaves to be amazing, however, I was subsequently disappointed, as the lubricating strip barely lasted for 3 shaves (used it 4 times, but last one irritated). I wrote it off to just a "lemon" blade. I have now used one of the ones that i received from the club, and experienced the same thing: first 2 shaves were great, 3rd had minimal lubricating strip, and 4th was horrible. I have subscribed in the past to the Dollar Shave Club, and have found, that although the blades don't last any longer, they cost half the price. Since the first 2-3 shaves were good, I would rate these 3/5. If they were priced better, than I would definitely find the Shave Club worth using. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

Thornhill, ON
Fushion ProGlide manual Razer

Customer review by sUpErsAnH

4.0 stars 1/3/2016 by sUpErsAnH
by sUpErsAnH

I'm so excited to received this new Gillette Pro Glide razor from BzzAgent. When I first open the package, I already notice that the weight of the razor is nicely balanced and feels comfortable in my hands. It comes with 2 blades which are easy to attach and replace. The new design of the flex ball allow this product to glide smoothly across my skin. I am also using the fusion shaving gel which goes perfect with this product, altough it should not matter at all. For the razor itself it pivots very well on the contour of my face. I am now using this razer in replacement of my electric handle. The thin blades in my opion is perfect for the course facial hair. The only disadvantage I find is not on the razor, but the holder itself. A little difficult to set the razor back once after each use, as you need to approach it on an angle. All in all, a superb product. Thank you BzzAgent for sending me this product. I look forward to review future products. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

Newmarket, ON
No more morning dread

Customer review by blizztc

5.0 stars 2/8/2016 by blizztc
by blizztc

Shaving in the morning used to be the one thing I looked forward to the least. The usual routine involved cuts, nicks, irritation and itching after, red rashes and small bumps on the skin which would rub on my shirt collars all day. Well, no more, and never again. I have been using the Gillette® Flexball Razor now for approximately 4 weeks, and all the unpleasantness I used to associate with this morning ritual is now but a memory. I get a shave that is closer than ever before, and no more nicks, no more ingrown beard hairs, no more itching and rashes, and no more hiding my face from others. I am proud of the way my skin looks and feels, and brag to everyone I can about what a difference the Gillette® Flexball Razor has made in my life. Shaving is now something I look forward to, and no more worry about emerging from the bathroom with my specs of toilet paper over my chin and neck. Gillette® Flexball Razor has made my mornings enjoyable again, and has given me back some much needed confidence in my appearance. Thank you Gillette! (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

Deerfield, NS
Never run out of replacement blades with Gillette Shave Club

Customer review by goldcoast

5.0 stars 12/31/2015 by goldcoast
by goldcoast

I'm glad I got to be part of this campaign and know about the Gillette Shave Club from BzzAgent. The Gillette Shave Club website lists Gillette products for men such as razors, shaving creams, and body washes. The website has shaving tips and a coupons and offers section. There are also videos offering shaving tips and styles that you can watch through Youtube. You can also opt-in to receive newsletters from Gillette. The best part of the Gillette Shave Club is the option to select a shave plan. To purchase a shave plan, you pick a blade of your choice, then you pick a retailer to have your blades delivered from. From there you select your shipment frequency. I really like the shipment frequency feature as you get to choose how often you receive replacement blades. You get the blades delivered to your door, plus you can change your plan and even cancel it at anytime. No more running out of replacement blades. I'm a fan of the Gillette Shave Club. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

Winnipeg, MB
Great for Large Areas

Customer review by Joseph58

4.0 stars 6/13/2013 by Joseph58
by Joseph58

I recently recieved the Gillette Fusion Proglide Manual blades with a free razor from a program run by Gillette. My first impression was that the handle was rather weighty unlike most razors I am use to. I mostly use disposable razors because I find them to be cost effective but I was treated to a bit of luxury with the Gillette Fusion ProGlide. On the first use of the razor I noticed the smoothness and copmfort that the five blades provided. I usually shave in the shower and the ProGlides worked fabulously bc of the lubricating strip. It glided smoothly on my face. I notice the razor works cleanly and efficiantly on larger areas of the face. It provided a smooth and very close shave. However, when it comes to manipulation in tight areas such as side burns its hard to trim them acurately bc of the bulk of the blade/cartridge. The only real problem I have is the price of the replacement blades. It provides a close comfortable shave without irritation or redness.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Second shave

Customer review by huguesdarsigny

4.0 stars 1/6/2016 by huguesdarsigny
by huguesdarsigny

Did my second shave. Half my face with the gillet and the other half with a safety rasor (barber style) for the shave i used nevea shaving cream. Both sides were really comparable once i was done shaving. I could not notice a difference on either side, which is good for the gillet since safety rasors have a long lasting reputation for quality shaving. The positive side of the gillet was that it was quick to shave with and is easier to shave tight area like under the nose. The gel strip on the gillet is still strong and lasting compare to other bran. The sensation after shaving was a bit weird... Not sure if it is because it shave closer then my safety rasor. Later that day (afternoon) i could feel a difference in the shave. The side with the gillet was slightly shorter then the one with the safety rasor. I kept the half and half pattern for a few days with no further observations. For the next few day i will switch to only the gillet rasor. (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

Petawawa, ON
It´s okey

Customer review by Anders

5.0 stars 8/8/2016 by Anders
by Anders

Not bad! Safe shaving and get´s good result.But the blade wont last in one month of the shave. In truth does one blade last about a week,if you shave every day.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Whooooooooooo Smooth Clean Shave!

Customer review by roopeshshah

4.0 stars 1/15/2016 by roopeshshah
by roopeshshah

I think this razor is exactly what I need and want. I've seen it advertised and have been curious to try it and it's great. The handle has great rubberised grips so there's no risk of slipping or dropping it, there's even a small bit of grip for your finger on the back of the powerball when using the precision blade. The titling head and powerball combo make long smooth glides really easy which is massively useful when you get to the jawline and adam's apple! The blades are super sharp and cut through tough chin hair without any pulling which is a joy for me as that has been a problem with all previous razors. I also got zero razor burn which is a big issue I have with every razor and no nicks or cuts in the process. The overall design looks great and I am now considering buying a second one with the vibrating feature and using this one as my travel razor so I'm never without one!Thanks to GSC for giving me opportunity to try this one! (This review was collected as part of a promotion.)

Etobicoke, ON
1-20 of 1860 total reviews
1-20 of 1860 reviews