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Pleasant Surprise

Customer review by AmCiccone10

4.0 stars 2/1/2013 by AmCiccone10
by AmCiccone10

I had been bouncing around between different detergents AND liquid fabric softeners, trying to find something that didn't fade our clothes, or sour them after 2 hours in the washing machine in case I left a load to go to the store or something. I was wasting my money. I started with cheaper brands and worked my way to Tide Coldwater, sans the liquid fabric softener, I vouched for dryer sheets this time, because we are trying to save a little on our electric bill. I must say, I have experienced a most pleasant surprise in my expectations from this detergent. I was ready to give up and say they were all alike and go back to the cheapest, but Tide has cleaned our clothes wonderfully, and I have used ONLY cold water, for my whites, colors, darks, and bed linens, just to test the product at it's word. I am VERY satisfied, and when I visit the store today, I will definitely be investing in another bottle, as well as my dryer sheets. Thank you Tide Coldwater.

JacksonvilleBeach, FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Horrible Product- Tide Ruined my bed linen

Customer review by war237

1.0 stars 10/8/2012 by war237
by war237

I never really use Tide because I had a bad experience in the past, but the store was out of All Free and Clear ( the brand I prefer). I decided to give it a try again, thinking maybe I was being paranoid. My BRAND NEW and EXPENSIVE ITALIAN SHEETS were RUINED by Tide Coldwater. They were 100% egyptian cotton and a light to medium purple color. I removed them from the washer yesterday to discover random light pink spots and discoloration. I do not own bleach and I have never even used it before. I had washed the sheet 3 times prior with All detergent and they came out beautiful and soft. I really cant believe this just happened to me. I had spent the entire summer saving up my money to buy high quality bed linen. I work so hard to keep them in great condition and this detergent ruined them. I'm very distraught and dont even want to look at my sheets because I get so upset. Do your self a favor and do not buy Tide, Tide Coldwater, or any Tide product. While it may or may not happen to you, it is really not worth taking the chance. Just believe me.

Comment from Shawnna - 10/10/2012

We've extensively tested the Tide Laundry Detergent and wouldn't expect it to ruin your sheets or other garments. Please give us a call at (800) 879-8433 so we can learn more about what happened. Thanks for your review.

New York, NY
Would recommend to a friend? No
Give it a try!

Customer review by Cleanqueen

4.0 stars 9/4/2013 by Cleanqueen
by Cleanqueen

I have used Tide products almost exclusively over the years,with satisfactory results. I had always considered Tide products better than the rest, but have been disappointed by all laundry detergents in particular. They either did not clean my clothes, as well as I felt they should, or stripped the color out of my clothes. When I saw Tide Cold Water in the stores,I was excited to try it, as I have always used cold water to clean all of my colored clothes. The fact that I am taking time to write about it is a HUGE endorsement! My clothes look and smell great! This is no small feat, as our family owns a restaurant, and my husbands clothes are subjected to grease, and a mix of smells, that tend to cling to clothes, even after multiple washes. Well, no more! I also, take care of my elderly mother, and launder her clothes due frequently, due to "accidents". In a household like mine, it seems as though my washer is constantly running. This brings me to my area of disappointment. It does not come in a larger family, or commercial size. As much as I wash clothes, it makes an already costly process that much more of a cash drain!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Coldwater Tide = Love

Customer review by Kate010101

5.0 stars 3/24/2010 by Kate010101
by Kate010101

I haven't even bought this yet but I'm so excited. I became obsessed with Coldwater Tide about 2 years ago for 2 reasons. 1. I don't like to sort laundry so if I wash everything in cold water I don't have to sort. 2. I hate doing laundry so I always wait until the last second which means I need to throw a load in then take a shower. Coldwater Tide allows me to do this so I don't have to worry about all my hot water going away so quickly. So my boyfriend and I just recently got a HE machine. Yay! I couldn't find Coldwater Tide HE so I refused to get anything else and stuck with Coldwater Tide for normal machines. I JUST found out this morning that there actually is a Coldwater Tide HE and I about jumped up and down (except it's still kinda early). I am sooooooo excited. This makes me day harcore. Thanks Tide!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Product

Customer review by MessyKidsMommy

5.0 stars 12/30/2009 by MessyKidsMommy
by MessyKidsMommy

We had been using Tide Free HE for sensitivities here, but I saw this in the store and could not help myself. I just had to try it and I am so happy I did. It smells wonderful, fresh but not overpowering. It cleans splendidly. If you pretreat a messy kids stain with this you know it's going to come out. (But that is true of all Tide detergents.) Best thing is it really does clean in cold water, and since our water gets really cold in the winter...this is a life saver. So far we have had no reactions to it, so I am going to revisit other Tide HE variations and see if maybe it was something else causing our problems. All I know is Tide cleans where others don't. It reminds me of a commercial when I was a kid. It said, "Get Tide, cause you can trust Tide to get clothes clean." That is still true today.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Cleans Well in Cold/ Smells Clean Too!

Customer review by Jecca

5.0 stars 10/16/2009 by Jecca
by Jecca

I've been using Coldwater since it came out a couple of years ago & I absolutely love it. I have always washed in cold to protect shrinkage & color fade for my clothing & to cut down on my electric bill. THIS WORKS. I put in big loads (I have a high capacity washer), so I fill the cup to the brim (it says to use more for larger loads & heavier soiled loads) & I am VERY Satisfied with the outcome. I save AT LEAST $10/mo on Electricity bills, & my clothes come out smelling CLEAN (I smell-test each load--I'm very picky) :) Trust Me, if you wash cold or have an interest in it, this is for you. It worked better than GAIN/ ALL/ Woolite in getting the clothes CLEAN. I also personally like the FRESH SCENT Better than the Mounatin one. Hope This Helps Someone on the fence about washing in cold :) Jessica

Libertyville, Illinois
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
"Mountain Spring"

Customer review by Goofysmom

1.0 stars 1/24/2010 by Goofysmom
by Goofysmom

I have never used anything other than Tide. I love the coldwater and have been using it for sometime. I sent my boyfriend to the store this time and not realizing there was a difference, he bought the "Mountain Spring" scent. It is by far the worst smelling detergent I have ever smelled! I did not realize it until I pulled my comforter out of the dryer. It smells like old cheap cologne! The smell it overbearing and takes your breathe away. It still lingers in the dryer. I am hoping the store will exchange it for the "fresh scent", if not I will be stuck with a full bottle that I will never use. I would definitely recommend the coldwater tide but only the "fresh scent" do your self a favor and DO NOT buy the “Mountain Spring” scent!!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Old Stays New With Tide Coldwater

Customer review by Bill408

5.0 stars 5/13/2009 by Bill408
by Bill408

Being a typical guy I've got "favorite" shirts. Luckily for me we started using COLDWATER TIDE, and even the ones that are getting old in years still look good enough to be on the hanger in a store... it's amazing! And as a bonus, not only is everything that goes through our washer still looking new, but we're saving major money each month on our energy bill. After the first few weeks of using COLDWATER TIDE we reset the hot water heater to the lowest setting, which is ample for showers, hand washing, and the dishwasher. Just this week, our comforter's cover got red Gatorade spilled on it. We blotted it off, then presoaked with COLDWATER TIDE, and washed it. NO STAIN: not even a trace remained... AWESOME!!! Thanks, TIDE!!!

Gilroy, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Stains clothing

Customer review by KathyB1954

1.0 stars 7/22/2010 by KathyB1954
by KathyB1954

The last week I have had problems with some of my white clothes becoming blue/black stained when coming out of the wash - sort of like a dark sock had been in the load. This is especially noticable around the underarm area where deodorant may have accumulated. I switched back to regular HE Tide from the Coldwater HE Tide and the issue has resolved itself. I WOULD NOT recommend HE Coldwater Tide. There is something in the formula that has the dye adhering to antiperspirant on clothing and it makes it almost impossible to get out. I have ruined 3 of my favorite tops. I think I got my husband's Polo shirt clean using bleach and biz but it took over an hour working on it. What's going on with this product?

St Charles, MO
Would recommend to a friend? No
Great Product for Stains and Smells

Customer review by traz2465

4.0 stars 6/23/2011 by traz2465
by traz2465

I have 2 young boys that "love" to get dirty, full of grass stain, half of their meals end up on their clothes, and they play outdoor sports which causes them to end up smelling horrible and looking like they brought home the field with them. My older son gets bloody noses and Tide has always gotten the blood out of his clothes on the first cycle. I have never had to worry about stains because Tide ALWAYS gets the stains out. I have never had to wash anything twice and the clothes smell great. The clothes still look brand new after each and every wash. I have used Tide since my mother used it on my clothes while growing up and she still uses it today, too.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love it!!

Customer review by Kechi

5.0 stars 5/16/2010 by Kechi
by Kechi

I have used Cheer and Era for years and really like them both. I bought 1 bottle of Tide Coldwater to try and several of the other brands I use as I do over 100 loads of laundry a month. I LOVED the Tide. It works great, I don't have to use as much to have clean cloths and my family and I LOVE the smell! When you pull a bath towel out of the linen closet it smells so refreshing you can't help but sniff the towels each time you get one out! But It's not a strong or overwhelming smell, even for the asthmatics in the house. After years of being faithful to Cheer and Era, I've made the change and don't regret it.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by meg05

3.0 stars 10/30/2011 by meg05
by meg05

Growing up I can remember my Mother always using Tide. When I got to college I couldn't always afford tide so I would buy the "bargain" detergent at the store. Recently I decided to go back and try using Tide again and picked out the one for Coldwater. Overall, I have been extremely disappointed with the product. I noticed it had way too much blue dye and gave most of my white or "lighter" things a bluish tint to it. Also, overall I am not pleased because now I have had several items ruined because of the bluish tint. I will be changing to a different product to see if it is any different...

Comment from Dee - 11/2/2011

Sorry you're disappointed in Tide. Stains may occur if the colorant in the product came into direct contact with wet fabric. This usually happens when wash water is too cold (below 60 degrees F) and product is not properly dissolved and/or placed directly on top of clothing. Please be assured, these stains are NOT permanent. The dyes in our products are water soluble and will be removed by rewashing in hottest water safe for fabric with recommended amount of same detergent. At times, you may need more than one rewashing to completely remove. If you have further questions, please give us a call at (800) 879-8433. Thanks!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Great, But....

Customer review by inkerton

3.0 stars 4/23/2010 by inkerton
by inkerton

This is a terrific product. As someone who is environmentally-conscious and cost-conscious, I like having a product that prevents me from needing to use heated water. And it works WELL. But I would like to see this product made without totally unecessary dye and fragrance. I bought it because I had heard it worked really well in cold water, and as I said above, it does. But I won't buy it again until I can get a fragrance-free and dye-free version. Until then, I'm back to my old "clear" brand. If I want something that is mountain fresh, I'll go to the mountains. Just bein' honest.

Los Angeles, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Is it really cheaper if it wears out your clothes?

Customer review by Singledude

1.0 stars 8/29/2009 by Singledude
by Singledude

I bought a huge bottle of this, seeing the CR rated it with top marks and thinking it would save me money with the cold water. Well, I had just started an executive job and bought all new clothes. They quickly began to show wear in ways I'd never seen. The edges of my pants started to fade, shirts faded, pima cotton shirts developed pin holes that spread. I'm convinced that this product cleans well in cold because it has harsher cleaners and is no value because it wears your clothes out faster. While I stand by the Tide brand, I do not recommend coldwater.

Carlisle, PA
Would recommend to a friend? No
~Love Tide Coldwater Detergent!!!~

Customer review by Georgestr8fan

5.0 stars 7/19/2009 by Georgestr8fan
by Georgestr8fan

I decided to give Tide Coldwater a try since I'm a college student trying to save money on everything I possibly can. I wanted to save on my energy bills, so I switched to Tide Coldwater detergent. It gets stains out so well in COLD water! Who would've thought?! I kill two birds with one stone using this product---getting my clothes clean/stains removed + saving $$$ on energy bills! The only thing I can think of is that there should be more locations that carry Tide Coldwater...I had to look at so many stores to find Tide Coldwater. Thanks Tide Coldwater!

Wellington, TX
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Life saver

Customer review by JCedillo

5.0 stars 12/13/2009 by JCedillo
by JCedillo

I have to say this is emparrassing, I am having problems with Propane prices and I have my water heater on a 5 gallon propane tank that goes on the BBQ pit. If I use the hot water for my washer, I would go through propane in 2 or 3 days, therefore I wash all of my cloths in cold water, this is where Tide Coldwater has saved me so much money and I just love the smell!!! Thank you soooo much for making this product. Please don't take it off the shelf, I already have a hard time finding the bottles that wash more than 26 loads in the stores!

Tyler, TX
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Tide Cold Water Mountain Spring

Customer review by MissThompson

5.0 stars 11/17/2011 by MissThompson
by MissThompson

I really love the Mountain Spring scent of Tide. It is less harsh than the Fresh Scent, which I really dislike. But I wish the local stores around where I live carried the Mountain Spring in the very big jug. The one with a pour spout. They do not carry it here, and I do not even know if Tide makes Mountain Spring in that size. All I can ever find in the large size is the Fresh Scent, So I always have to buy the small jugs of Mountain Spring. Otherwise this product is amazing, and I will not use anything else ever!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Will NEVER use again!

Customer review by Brewer2012

1.0 stars 10/31/2012 by Brewer2012
by Brewer2012

Tide Coldwater is the WORST product I have ever used! I used to be a loyal Tide user, but after using the coldwater I discovered random spots on my husband's work shirts, then again noticed bluish/purple spots on ALL our white load. This product cost my family hundreds of dollars to buy new clothes. (I always put the detergent in the water first then load the clothes in for those who question how I do laundry) This product is HORRIBLE. Don't waste your money!! You will end up buying a new wardrobe...

Comment from Shawnna - 11/6/2012

I'm sorry you had staining on your clothes after using Tide Coldwater. I'd like to assure you all of the ingredients in our detergents have been extensively tested to ensure they're safe for washable fabrics. However, certain types of materials and fabric finishes will stain if they come into direct contact with a colored detergent. Also, soil on fabrics can sometimes attract and hold the dyes in colored laundry products. Since the dyes used in our detergents are water soluble, any spots that are the result of direct contact with fabric can be removed by rewashing in the hottest water safe for the material. Stubborn stains may need more than one rewashing to completely remove. If rewashing doesn't remove the stains, it's likely they were caused by something other than your detergent. If you have additional questions, feel free to call us at (800) 879-8433. Thanks!

Milwaukee, WI
Would recommend to a friend? No
Tide Coldwater HE AWESOME

Customer review by Tide4ever

5.0 stars 11/27/2011 by Tide4ever
by Tide4ever

I just purchased a top load washer HE and wanted to try the Tide Colwater HE detergent. I always read up on products before purchasing to see how other users have rated the product. I read good and not so good so I decided to try it myself. I LOVE this detergent! It suds up and actually I personally think works better in cold water than the regular HE tide. I must add also that I have previously owned two front load HE washers and did not care for them. Thanks Tide for making a Coldwater detergent!

Parkersburg, WV
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Tide Acti lift cold water

Customer review by Joel

1.0 stars 11/25/2010 by Joel
by Joel

I was a loyal customer of the Original Tide for Coldwater (Not acti lift cold water) but due to not being able to find the original Tide for Coldwater I chaged to the one with Acti Lift. I do not like it. When I used Acti Lift Tide it ruined my clothes with streaks of stains like bleach stains. I continue to look for the original Tide for Coldwater but realize that you have discontinued making it. I would really like to see you bring back the ORIGINAL TIDE FOR COLD WATER without the Acti Lift.

Edinburg, TX
Would recommend to a friend? No
1-20 of 139 total reviews
1-20 of 139 reviews