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Hearing Aid Batteries

Customer review by wtpwrtp

5.0 stars 6/23/2010 by wtpwrtp
by wtpwrtp

Excellent batteries at a much better price than anywhere else. Included free shipping, a great savings for those of us who are on Social Security!

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Asheville NC
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Usage:Every day
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Age:65 or older
THIS battery is an energized bunny!!!`

Customer review by cathy441

5.0 stars 8/13/2014 by cathy441
by cathy441

The hearing aid batteries I received from Duracell are unbelievable! I am a somewhat new hearing aid user - about a year - and one of the things that constantly surprised me about batteries was the brevity of their life. I wasn't sure whether it was that they had been stored too long, or whether that was just how long hearing aid batteries lasted with all the fancy new technology that they were powering, but never-the-less, there were moments when I was dismayed by what I perceived the cost was going to be. Then these dream batteries dropped into my mailbox and was I ever surprised and happy! I decided right away to try my own little experiment where I used one brand of battery in one hearing aid and the Duracell in the other. I tried three different brands of hearing aids and Duracell outlasted every single one. It lasted twice as long as two of the brands and about 1 1/2 times as long as the third brand. The case is handy and easy to find in my purse, and the elongated tabs make handling the batteries a breeze. Duracell is now my brand for life!!!!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Humboldt, AZ
Impressive Results

Customer review by sarahmharris

5.0 stars 8/13/2014 by sarahmharris
by sarahmharris

I was surpriased at how long these batteries have lasted in my hearing aids. I normally have to change out the batteries at least once a month (I'm terrible at pulling the tab out when I take them out to sleep). So far, even with my forgetfulness, I have been using the same pair of batteries since I got my first package in the mail. I was also impressed that I have actually turned down the volume level on my hearing aids 2 notches with the same level of sound that I had with the other batteries I have tried. I was recently diagnosed with arthritis in my hands, so the extra long pull tabs were a great help with putting the batteries in. The tabs did tend to stick to the batteries a little too well, so it did take me a few tries to get them installed, but after I figured it out, I was fine with the second one... I guess learning how to use new technology is half the battle! I feel that the price comparison of the Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries is comparable to other brands I have purchased in the past (especially if they last even longer than the ones I am used to buying!) [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Brownsburg, IN
Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries with EasyTab

Customer review by rhigg48317

5.0 stars 7/2/2014 by rhigg48317
by rhigg48317

This is the first hearing aid battery packaging that makes sense to me. The package contains 8 batteries with extra long "EasyTab" tabs. The longer tabs did make it easier to handle the batteries and eliminated the usual problems that I have with putting the new batteries into the aids. The case is rectangular and is made of stronger material than the traditional wheel design, so I'm not worried about crushing it. The case fits in my pocket better and with the easy to open closure, I'm not worried about a battery falling out either, which I have had in other packaging. The battery life with the "Duralock Power Preserve Technology" is about 1 day longer (6-7 days) per battery than other brands that I have tried for my high end digital aids for about the same price. Overall I feel that these are a solid better than average choice both in battery and packaging. I give them a solid 5 out of 5 stars.

Shelby Township, MI
Only the best batteries for my hearing aids!

Customer review by Lmaxwell

5.0 stars 8/13/2014 by Lmaxwell
by Lmaxwell

I've been a hearing aid user for close to 20 years. During that time I've tried just about every brand of battery I could find. I always end up going back to Duracell. They last longer than any other battery and they're more reliable. Several years ago I was on a plane trip and one of my batteries died during the flight. I had a new pack of another battery brand with me, but when I put the new battery in, it was dead. Changed it again, and again, dead battery! The whole pack was dead and I had root around in my bag hoping to find another battery somewhere. Luckily I found a partial pack of Duracell batteries, put one in and was relieved that it was good! That was the last time I tried that other brand. What if I had been in an important meeting instead of on a plane? I need reliability, not a guessing game and Duracell always comes through for me. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Morgantown, PA
The copper top

Customer review by Amnotte

3.0 stars 7/3/2014 by Amnotte
by Amnotte

So I got a pack of Duracell hearing aid batteries size 312. At first I was really happy with the package the batteries came in and how visually appealing it was. However disaster struck when I opened the container and my dog bumped my hand the batteries all flew out of the package. That aside and after I found them all. I still find the packaging desirable. Now I normally order my batteries online and I get a generic brand other than Duracell. They tend to last around 3 days (but lets keep in mind I work in a call center and I'm using my hearing aids around 12 or so hours a day). I was slightly upset to find no additional battery life than the batteries I have been currently getting. I also thought well maybe the price is the same as I buy the other batteries at my local wholesale club. That would save me in shipping. That was a bust too. Like I said though I did like the package. I did not like the long tabs on the batteries (I was able to make a few batteries take flight) some people may find it easier but I had some difficulty with it. I'm a big fan of the Duracell brand but I really didn't find much to change from my current batteries.

Nashua, NH
Tjhe BEST of ALL batteries

Customer review by bastetsbooks

5.0 stars 7/2/2014 by bastetsbooks
by bastetsbooks

I have used Duracell hearing aid atteries for a number of years (almost 20). They are the best by far of all the battery brands I have tried. There were times when I would try to save a little money but regerted it for various reasons. Mainly because the battery did not last as long as the Duracell not did it get the best quality out of my hearing aid. Like amny name brand hearing aids they want you to use their battery. Really it is not necessary. What IS however is using the best quality battery out there. If one does not use a high quality battery in their hearing aid the sound quality awill suffer and so will the durability of the battery. You will end up having to change the battery more often with a lower quality battery. Duracell is the best for me. I will never buy another brand when Duracell is a choice.

Pippa Passes, KY
These puppies do keep going...

Customer review by tgleas77

5.0 stars 7/3/2014 by tgleas77
by tgleas77

Ok so I am young and do have hearing loss and use hearing aids to fill in what I can't hear naturally. So opening products is not much of an issue for me. But I have to say who doesn't like the convenience these little puppies offers. Anyone who uses these tiny batteries knows how difficult they can be at times due to size even for someone who doesn't have arthritis. So I can see how this would really help out someone who did suffer from this condition. My main issue has been that my batteries don't even last me a week. That can be frustrating. These not only got me over a week I didn't have to worry about them as much as I normally do. A small bonus that I also enjoyed was the convenient pack they came in. It was so much easier for me to keep them on hand without having to fumble with finding them in my purse. The case makes them easy to find and store. With my other packs they are always getting lost in the shuffle. I really do enjoy these batteries and what they offer for a young person such as myself. I can't imagine the help they are to those who suffer from arthritis and other ailments that make getting these batteries in the hearing aid a serious chore.

Fort Huachuca, AZ
Liked the longer tabs

Customer review by angeldust

4.0 stars 7/5/2014 by angeldust
by angeldust

I received my Duracell longer tab hearing aid batteries from Duracell a few weeks ago. I wanted to give them a fair shot so I used them for a few battery changes. I do like the longer tabs it makes them much easier to change than the shorter tabs. I did notice on the package when they can it said that they were longer lasting and power saving. I really didn't find that they were any longer lasting than the batteries I get from my audiologist. As for the power saving I really wasn't sure what they meant by that as there was really no explanation on the package as what that meant or how it was being done. They might want to look into that. My over all impression of the batteries was good I would recommend them to anyone who wears hearing aids, though they are a bit pricey. But if I was in a pinch and could not get to my audiologist to purchase the batteries they sell which I believe are of equal quality but much cheaper price I would definitely buy them. Thus the reason I gave them a 4 out of 5. I have spoken to others in my position and they would want to know that they are getting good quality for the price and the longer tabs are definitely easier to work with.

Buffalo, NY
Excellent Product. Thanks, Duracell

Customer review by starbucksfan

5.0 stars 7/2/2014 by starbucksfan
by starbucksfan

We have used Duracell Batteries for several different types of battery-operated products for many years and have always been pleased with their quality and use. Since achieving "Geezerhood," I finally forgot all about vanity and had myself fitted for hearing aids. My significant other has been saying I have needed them for many years, but since I could not hear her, her recommendations went unheeded. ;-) I am a very large fellow and trying to put very small batteries into very small hearing aid device battery slots with gigantic hands was not a lot of fun. Duracell has now fixed that for me. Now I simply grab the "handle," remove the battery, dump out the old battery and using the "handle" insert the new battery as easy as could be! Then I affix the "handle" to the used battery for recycle in an old pill vial I keep for that purpose. I get about 7-days of use out of each pair of batteries and Duracell has never let me down. Their batteries are always ready to go and fresh. If you are a hearing aid wearer I strongly recommend you give the new Duracell Batteries with "handles" a try. They work great. Thanks, Duracell, for making hearing aid battery changes easier.

Granite Bay, CA
Long Lasting Batteries!

Customer review by kat2000

5.0 stars 8/13/2014 by kat2000
by kat2000

Usually after 1 week of wearing my other brand of batteries in my hearing aids they'd be dead. These Duracell 312 hearing aid batteries are still kicking strong after 10 days. I wish these were the batteries my doctors office gave me for the free 5 years of batteries, I'd have to go less to pick them up and they'd probably be cheaper for the doctors office since they wouldn't have to give out so many- I'm looking forward to reviewing these again once they die so I can let you all know how long they lasted for me! The packaging is nicer too, comes in a nice plastic case that closes tightly, and longer battery covers for ease of pulling off for insertion. So far very positive, and once my "free" batteries run out at the doctors office I will be on the look out for these in the store to buy- [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Waxhaw, NC
Duracell really does LAST

Customer review by tabpaige

5.0 stars 8/13/2014 by tabpaige
by tabpaige

Hearing aid batteries are the worst! Overly priced and don't last long at all. If you wearing hearing aids, you know what I mean! To my surprise, I was extremely happy with the Duracell batteries! Thanks Bzzagent for the complementary pack! The packaging was BEAUTIFUL. I loved the plastic case. Nice and compact and easy to store in my purse. They were safe from anything that could damage them for the most part. I don't really find the sticky tabs helpful but if you have bigger fingers they would probably help. The battery life was out of this world! They seemed to last twice as long as the other brands. These are definitely worth the money and I will be sticking with Duracell from now on! *disclaimer: this is my personal opinion and I was not monetarily compensated by Bzzagent. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Garrett, IN
Battery readiness in a go go world

Customer review by jjanoe

4.0 stars 7/7/2014 by jjanoe
by jjanoe

I finally got my Duracell batteries in the other day.My product came from Duracell and I am always looking for good, working batteries for my hearing aids.The Duracell are very easy to put in with the easy tabs, right on the battery. You know the brand speaks for itself!They are durable,Duralock power preserve too. I got 8 berries on a card.This product is endorsed by doctors and pharmacist as the number one brand in batteries.Even the Arthritis foundation endorses Duracell.So, if you are buying batteries, don`t just throw the cheap brands in your basket when you shop, buy the Best, get Duracell hearing aid batteries next trip.We live in a hurry up on the go world and we need to keep traveling and not waste precious moments with putting in our hearing aid batteries.

Hodgenville, KY
Long Lasting

Customer review by thomas01

5.0 stars 8/13/2014 by thomas01
by thomas01

I received a package of 312 Duracell Hearing Aids for free thanks to BzzAgent,i have been wearing my hearing aids for about 9-months now and i wear them in both ears. Duracell has been the only brand i have used for batteries and i do not plan to change that. I get a good weeks worth of battery use out of Duracell wich in my opinion is very good being that i wear them for 12+ hours a day. They come in a small plastic case wich is small in size and stores the batteries safe inside and keeps them in one place not falling around/out of the container. The easy tabs attached to the Batteries make it easy for some one with not so small fingers to grab them out. Duracell is the only brand i recommen and trust when it comes to my Hearing Aids [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Fort Campbell, KY
Truly a Better Hearing Aid Battery Choice for Me!

Customer review by Jeanie816

5.0 stars 7/2/2014 by Jeanie816
by Jeanie816

I wanted to really give these new Duracell Hearing Aid batteries a good trial before writing my review. What I have found is......these batteries really do last longer! Ever since I purchased my hearing aid about 2 1/2 years ago, I always purchased my batteries from the office when getting regular updates/check ups on my aids. I never really considered purchasing anything else. When given the opportunity to receive a sample from Duracell, I decided to try the Duracell brand. I was really excited to see these batteries truly do last longer, they are super easy to use and for someone with fingers that aren't as nimble as they used to be a great choice. Thanks Duracell for the opportunity to find my new hearing aid battery brand!

Manhattan, KS
Great dispenser and long tabs

Customer review by michellehammons

5.0 stars 7/7/2014 by michellehammons
by michellehammons

I usually use a store brand battery in my hearing aids. I have to pop them individually out of a plastic front/cardboard back package and inevitably tear a fingernail in the process. The Duracell Hearing Aid with EasyTab Batteries came in a handy little container that was a breeze to retrieve the individual batteries from. The long tab on each battery was very easy to use. And the hard plastic container was nice to throw in my bag and not worry about the batteries inside getting damaged. What I wasn't expecting was a longer battery life... I got an entire extra day out of one set of batteries than I do with my normal brand. I will definitely be looking for Duracell next time I am shopping for hearing aid batteries!

Roselle, IL
Once Upon a Battery: Can You Hear Me Now?

Customer review by chefmikelarue

5.0 stars 8/13/2014 by chefmikelarue
by chefmikelarue

What makes a great battery? Well, in this case, one that allows you to hear things as if you never had a hearing problem in the first place. My hearing is super sharp now thanks to the Duracell hearing aid batteries that I received from this campaign. Before, I never even knew Duracell made hearing aid batteries, but now I know that they do, I won't be going back to store brands anytime soon. With these batteries powering my hearing aid device, it's almost too easy to forget that I ever had any kind of a hearing problem in the first place. Way to go, Duracell--powering your life and mine, and now supercharging my hearing, too, so that life's best little moments will never again be too quiet to pass me by. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Moorpark, CA
I Can Almost Hear Myself Bzzing!

Customer review by theblingfairy2

5.0 stars 8/13/2014 by theblingfairy2
by theblingfairy2

Not in a bad way, of course. I was born with an 80+ decibel hearing loss, so I've tried everything over the years. While I became very adept at speech reading, I knew from an early age that I would require hearing aides in order to interact with the public. I've had several hearing aides, and have used every kind of battery in existence. I was thrilled to receive Duracell hearing aid batteries, because without fail, they have always been the optimal battery for my hearing aides. I've been using them for over 2 weeks now, with no problems whatsoever. I couldn't be happier with any other brand! Do you think I should stick to Duracell hearing aides exclusively from now on? Because if you do, I hear ya! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Memphis, TN
Very Easy!

Customer review by Wazzadoo

5.0 stars 7/2/2014 by Wazzadoo
by Wazzadoo

The longer tab makes the Duracell Hearing Aid batteries easier to hold and handle - I know people with carpel tunnel who have problems dealing with small batteries or other small things - constantly dropping them - but with the longer pull tab on these batteries it would make it so easy for someone with partially numb or tingly fingers to grab - hold onto and get a firm grip on the battery before pulling the tab off - It was so easy to use - The batteries are lasting much longer too - Old batteries would wear out in a couple days - They were supposed to last longer but never did - so far the Duracell has lasted much longer - this is making hearing aid use so much more enjoyable

Random Lake, WI
Easy to use

Customer review by benugent

4.0 stars 7/7/2014 by benugent
by benugent

I decided to do a test with the new Duracell battery and one of my old generic batteries. I put one in each hearing aid to test which one would last the longest. I was expecting the Duracell battery to last a lot longer than the other one, but it only ended up lasting 23 hours longer than the generic battery. I am going to do another test to see if that was a fluke. One thing that was very good about the new battery was the ease with which I could open it and insert it into my hearing aid. The extra long tab made it much easier and less likely for me to drop. The other one had the standard short tab. Even if they only last a day longer, I will probably switch to the new ones.

Lansing, MI
1-20 of 119 total reviews
1-20 of 119 reviews