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Hoover SteamVac with CleanSurge Carpet Cleaner, F5914900

Hoover SteamVac with CleanSurge Carpet Cleaner, F5914900

4.2 out of 5 Stars
4.2 out of 5 Stars
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<li>Multi-directional brushes to remove dirt at every angle.</li><li>CleanSurge Control applies extra detergent to stains and heavy traffic areas.</li><li>Heat Activated Drying</li>

Exactly what I was hoping it would be.

After the first use I have to admit that I’m impressed with this machine. It got rid of very old stains and was surprisingly easy to use. Used the attachment for the stairs which also did the trick. Can’t beat it for the price.

Got out stains that have been there for years

I am SO happy with this product. I have borrowed my mom's Bissell Pro Heat 2x for the past year and used it a couple times and although the water I dumped was dirty all of the stains remained. I have 4 small children & I was ready to give up hope and hire pros to come clean my carpets. However, I decided to do some research and found that this was so very high rated, I decided to give it try. I am SOOO glad I did. It got out a couple stains that have been there for almost 3 years that I could NOT get out. I am one happy momma.
This HUGE spot has been there for almost 3 years.More horrible stains (the pic on the right is shadowed from my couch but the stains are gone!) :D

Great Cleaner

Pretty good carpet cleaner. I’ve only used it twice and it got rid of most of the stains.

Cleaned up paint

SteamVac® Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge® Model # F5914900. We scrapped up the excess paint. I used the stair cleaning tool attachment. I had to go over it multiple times and there were some spots where the paint was spotting and would not come up with just the normal passes. I used an Oxy clean spot removing solution on that area and then went over it again with the cleaner. To my surprise, it all came up. Good Job Hoover people.

I'm a believer.

In love with my Hoover carpet cleaners. 19 years and still going strong. :)

The carpet was dark brown before I used cleaner

Love it works great. I bought a mobile home and the carpet had pet stains so bad you stuck to the carpet. The Hoover got it all up and dry very fast
So far it has done a great job! The dirty water was dirty and I had scrubbed them not long ago with another brand of scrubber.

Wow best investment ever

I did my carpets and furniture and Wow it looks amazing and more than worth the price. I was going to get the. Professionally done but decided to do it myself. I am so excited how great it looks. If you clean it and take care of it you won't be disappointed. I clean everything and let it dry on a towel to assure dryness. I recommend this cleaner to anyone!!!! I see Christmas gifts going out with this cleaner love love love it!!! Carpet looks New!!!

Nearly Perfect

I am really glad I purchased this. It is easy to assemble with the help of the instructional videos. Note: the hose is supposed to "snap" onto the back of the carpet cleaner for storage. We tried to get it to snap, using a lot more force than shown in the videos, but it wouldn't snap on. It was definitely in the right place and we tried for about 20 mins before giving up. I ended up tucking it under the cord when I wrapped it. Not such a huge issue that I would want to return it, but without securing it on my own, it would just fall off. Using it is easy. The clean water tank is easy to remove and replace. I like the measuring cup that serves as the cap to the tank. The clean water tank does run out pretty frequently. To clean my living room and dining room in my apartment I had to fill the tank with more water and solution five or six times. I wasn't going as slowly as I was supposed to and I followed the instructions of one wet pass forward and one wet pass backward. The solution they send you is not nearly enough. I am glad I ordered the 120 fl/oz container of cleaner (3.54 L). I used almost half just for the ground floor. The dirty tank and clean tank do not need changing at the same rate. The dirty tank is slightly bigger. It's easy to tell when it's time to dump it, but it might serve you well to do so when you refill the clean tank, even if it's not full. The ground floor took me about two hours, and that includes the time it took to move the furniture back by myself. The floor is not that wet when you're finished, especially if you do multiple heated dry passes. Slightly damp but it dried in two hours. Other than that I'm really happy with the results. There was a layer of sand and dirt at the bottom of the dirty tank when I finished, and the water was nearly black when I dumped it, and that's just from a year of nornal use with a dog, even though we don't wear shoes in the house! Would buy again - ten times over. No issues with leaking. I would not recommend letting it run while it's sitting upright, as the brushes will continue to spin and that particular spot of the carpet and it gets unnecessarily wet and sudsy. In the photo don't mind the square in the middle that looks darker, it's just a trick of light. Most stains were removed completely, and stubborn ones would come out a second time around.

Have purchased 2 in 3 years

The first one purchased quit having suction after about 6 months it was returned and replaced. The replacement scrub brushes seized up after about a year and 3 months. The second one had also began leaking all turned off the clean water tank was left attached. Since it was out of warranty and did a decent job cleaning for the price I purchased a second one but having had trouble with it leaking and the 360 spin brushes has seized up also. Although this product does do a good job cleaning the floor and is heated and convenient for carpeted stairs and very unlikely to purchase another one
Hi Bigtruckin1980! Your SteamVac Carpet Cleaner should last longer than this. We want to help. We will be reaching out to you privately for further assistance in this matter. We look forward to hearing from you!

Great buy!

I've rented the Dr Rug machines at the supermarket before but it ends up costing 50 dollars or more so I figured I'd give this SteamVac a chance since it would pay for itself after 3 uses. It's a bit bulkier than a vacuum cleaner but still fits in a closet. It's easy to assemble and use after you read the manual which is only a few pages. The cord is not very long, just standard so I had to move it around a couple of times while doing just the living room. The carpet looked great afterwards, without pretreatment it took out most of the normal stains (just regular dirt and light spills of drinks here and there from 2 grown ups and a 5 yr old). You do have to be careful with the 2 tanks and make sure you install them correctly, once you figure it out it's very simple. What I love the most is that instead of renting a machine and wear myself out trying to do everything in one day now I can do a room at a time as often as I like. One last thing, the carpets were completely dry within 6 hours.

Great but...

I loved this machine. I had it for 2 years and it works great! Favorite part was the heated cleaning. My carpets dried in less than an hour. I have the PAWS version and in the past few months it started to squirt out water through the heated clean vent whenever i turned the machine of and turned it back on a few mind later. Then the hose stopped releasing solution and I even replaced the hose and still no solution. If the warranty didn't expire I'd use it. For now I use it just to clean carpets and was hoping to do my stairs this week but looks like I won't be able to.
Hi Brandon! Sounds like it may be an internal problem with the lines of the cleaner. This is not good. We want to help. You will receive a private email shortly.

No replacement brushes

This worked great when it worked. My brushes broke however, and I ordered replacement brushes from Hoover, but they do not fit the machine. I have made 4 calls to try and sort this out, but am not receiving any response from hoover. The gear on the original brushes was a 6-sided gear, but the gear on the replacement brushes is 4 sided and smaller. This model is still being sold, but they have no replacement brushes for it!!! Unbelievable!!! I have the f5914900,. but this problem also applies to the f5915905 which is sold at Walmart now.
Hi jja1234! Sorry about the confusion. The brushes your unit carries are the new version. We want to help. You will receive a private email shortly for further assistance.

Christm as present day 1

I noticed white around cap for cleaning solution which I thought looked pre used. I used on small area 8x12, rinsed everything and rubber gasket pooped out and was not a solid piece. The larger rubber gasket also was loose. It seriously seems used. Very disappointed.
Hi HooverGirl1959! The gaskets on your Steam Vac should last longer than this. We want to help. We will be reaching out to you privately for further assistance in this matter. We look forward to hearing from you!

This is a great product for carpets.

I bought one of these when I had carpeting installed in my living and dining rooms about 12 years ago. It is a fairly light colored Berber that I knew would need periodic cleaning. It did a great job and it is a one time investment that pays off over time. After a number of years of use, my daughter borrowed it for her carpet. After the third borrowing, I told her to keep that one and I replaced mine with this one. It has a couple of tools that the old one didn't have. The tool holder is very convenient, the brushes are removable for cleaning, and there is a stand alone brush that would be very handy for upholstery or stairs. The best part is that it removes most of the water and rugs are pretty much dry after 3-4 hours. It can be hurried with a fan but I have never found that necessary. I had good luck mechanically with the old one and expect this one to be just as reliable and trouble free as the old one. I have used the Hoover cleaning solution exclusively because it has always done a good job.

Hoover Does It Right

I always read reviews before purchasing just about anything. I read a review from a young pregnant mother who really liked this SteamVac. I couldn't agree more. I had an old Bissell with "bladder" style clean/dirty water container. This one has separate ones. I did the parrot room first and it was easy to use and cleaned fairly well. Birds make an incredible mess, so I shampooed it twice. Wow, the second time was the charm. It is a white berber carpet with color flecks in it. Yeah, I know, I must be crazy, birds on a white carpet. Their cages sit on large sheets of plastic, but they can propel rather well, I have seven birds. Anyway, I had a few unknown stains on the persian rug and within one cleaning, they were completely gone, as was the cola stains that were under our bed, that were originally here when we bought the house. I was impressed with how dry the carpet was after cleaning. They were dry within an hour. I am looking forward to cleaning the rest of the house when my husband goes on his business trip this week.

Works well on high traffic areas

Very pleased with this carpet shampooer. It maneuvers well. Doesn't leak. Starts up well. Did a superb job. Suction was superb. Clean water container was easy to unload and fill. The only thing I didn't like was the cap closure. It didn't seal. When laying the shampooer down for a long time, it is best to take off the clean water tank. otherwise, there is a slow leak. The hand-held worked very well on my stairs. I love the spin-scrub feature and the suction feature. Dries within hours. Cleaning up the machine was also very easy. I like the removable spin brushes though once removed, one does have to reach in and pull out residue dust/dirt. But it is nothing to complain about. All-in-all, I would recommend this shampooer. I had also tried the Max Extract Hoover. That one was a disappointment. Cheap materials, didn't start, and the clean water tank leaked onto the floor via the machine before it was even turned on. I returned that one, then bought this one. I also bought the additional store warranty.

Better than expected

Let me say first that I worked, as a mechanic, for a company that sold and maintained commercial carpet cleaners for four years. I read all the reviews before buying and chose the F5914900 because it seemed to have the best rating for the price. An inexpensive commercial unit is $1,000.00 so I thought I would give this a try. I am glad I did. I've already done our daughters home (4 kids 4 - 8 years) and our home (dog lives indoors) and this unit works very well. The separate solution and recovery tanks are a nice feature. It doesn't do as good a job as a commercial unit or as a professional truck mount but I didn't expect it to. It still does an amazing job. The suction is very good and leaves the carpets so that they were dry in about 4 hours on an 80 degree day. The stair tool works good too. I didn't rate longevity because I haven't had it long enough. There is a lot of plastic but it seems pretty durable and should do well if not abused.

Broke within a week

After reading reviews, and seeing some bad ones along with some good ones, I thought I'd take my chances with this steam cleaner. It was very easy to put together, and worked wonderfully the first time I used it. A week later, I attempted to clean another room in the house, and I have no suction. Reading reviews for this suggests that the lid wasn't locked on tight, or maybe the dirty water tank wasn't put in just right, or the front panel was maybe a little loose. After messing with all of these things for about an hour, and still no suction, I have decided I must be one of the unfortunate people to get one that just doesn't work. I will be calling Hoover tomorrow to see how easy it is to deal with them on getting it fixed/replaced, and, if that doesn't work, I will be returning the item to Wal-mart. I'll probably replace it with the same cleaner, as it seems hit or miss on getting one that works or not. Hopefully the next one will work without problem!

Never got it to work

I purchased this one because the reviews said it was easy to assemble and use. It wasn't that easy to assemble and I didn't get to use it. The water would not come out. I took it apart and put it back together several times, went online and watched the tutorial and did it again. Still no water would come out. I called the 800 number on the machine. The first lady told me it had to be primed. so I pumped the handle for 20 minutes and still no water. Called back, got another lady who had me take the whole thing apart. When I asked her how to take the rotating brushes off she got an attitude with me. When she told me to pump the handle turn on the machine and pump it agian. she accused me of not doing it because she didn't hear the machine come on. She recommended I return it but since the sticker on the machine said "do not return to store" I asked her how to return it and she said "take it back to where you got it" and hung up on me. I will NEVER purchase another Hoover. and I will be returning this one tomorrow
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