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Angelcare Deluxe Movement and Sound Monitor

Angelcare Deluxe Movement and Sound Monitor

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Features: -8 Channels.-Movement.-Out of range indicator.-Night light.-Room temperature.-Voice activated or continuous sound. Color/Finish: -Color: Blue. The Angelcare Movement Sensor with sound monitor detects all your baby's movements. The parents unit comes with a 2" color LCD screen. If no movement is detected for 20 seconds, an alarm will activate. All functions and options can be controlled from the parent's unit for added convenience. Monitors Summer Video Baby Monitor Safety Youth Digital Infant Nightlight blue holidays, christmas gift gifts for girls boys
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this product is fantastic! we purchased this monitor shortly after the birth of our second child because she would not stay alseep for more than 30 minutes at a time on her back 24/7. when she was about 4 weeks old we ordered this monitor, set it up (quite easily) and let her sleep on her stomach - that night she slept for 6 hours!! when she got up to nurse i felt like i could have run a marathon, it felt great to finally get some rest, not to mention how good it was for her to get some good rest too. we have had no false alarms and i test the monitor each night before we put her to bed, this is such a wonderful product! it may be a bit expensive, but really - if your baby is safely monitored while sleeping and you can get some much needed sleep - its worth it!!!

great monitor

this is a great monitor. I was really happy to have it after my baby was in nicu for 3 days, fluid in her lungs since I had to have an emergency c section- the monitor made me feel better. I can see what temp it is in her room too, hear her and talk back to her.

New mommy must have!

This is an absolute life safer! I was extremely skeptical of this but it is probably the best $80 I have EVER spent! My son is a tummy sleeper. If I don't put him on his tummy he will scoot to the side and push off the crib and roll onto his tummy. I also woke one morning to him choking in his spit up. Paranoid to the extreme after this! Someone recommended this to me and I thought well what could it hurt? People talk about false alarms and such and we have had 0 false alarms. This picks up my sons movements even when he scoots himself to the corner of his crib. He has set his alarm off 3 or 4 times since we have started using this and none if which were false alarms. He likes to hold his breathe which is so scary. A gentle shake and he is fine. Most of the time the 15 second warning beep will arouse him enough that he won't set off the alarm. This monitor has given me a huge piece of mind! I absolutely love it! I would recommend it to anybody who ask!

Able to sleep

This is my second Angelcare Monitor. My first Angelcare Monitor lasted 4 1/2 years (packed away for 6 months) and recently broke (Sensor pad stopped working) because big brother jumped down into his sister's crib too many times. <-His favorite way to say GOOD MORNING. Anyways obviously I felt it was a great and necessary item for my family to buy it again. First one we bought had two parent units this time we bought this set with only one parent unit. I was able to sync one of the old monitors to the new monitor so we still have two parent units.

This monitor is great!!!

My daughter got this monitor for her baby and absolutely loved it. It gave her peace of mind when her baby was asleep. So since my guest room and crib is downstairs and it is sometimes hard to hear when the baby wakes up I also got one. It works great. It is nice to carry the monitor with you and it has great range.

Great Gift!

Was bought for me as a baby shower gift. Haven't used yet as baby isn't due for a bit, but I've heard so many positive reviews from friends and family that recommended this monitor that I'm sure it will be an excellent purchase!
Excellent monitor! My 1st baby still uses it and we have never had any problems with it. We are purchasing this one for our 2nd baby. This monitor gives us peace of mind at night.

saved my daughter

My husband laid our completely healthy 5 1/2 month old daughter down to sleep the other night on her back and with all the SIDS safeguards. About 2 hours later the alarm went off. My husband went into the room and she had rolled over on her belly and was face down. He grabbed her and she did not respond right away. He had to stimulate her and say her name several times before she opened her eyes. He was just about to do the CPR procedures. She was completely fine afterword. Scares me to think about what would have happened if we didn't have the monitor! I know people complain about the false alarms but I would rather have that then have something happen to my daughter.

Fantastic life saver

This monitor does exactly what it's supposed to do. I actually have 3 of them: one for up stairs, one for down stairs, and one for grandma's house. Yes, you do have to change the sensitivity level around depending upon the flooring and sleeping area, but a few minutes is worth a good nights sleep and your baby's life. I hear everyone talking about false alarms. We have had this for 5 months and it's only gone off 1 time. That was a few nights ago at 12:30 am and our daughter had a cold and was congested. Needless to say the monitor was correct, she was not breathing, so we roused her and it was fine. Could she have been a SIDS baby? Maybe so, but luckily we'll never have to know. I could even deal with a few false alarms as this is one of the few baby items that can save your baby's life. I'd tell any parent to spend money on a good car seat and the angelcare as these items save lives. I recommend to anyone having a baby or has a baby. Fantastic product that possibly saved our daughter's life.

I love this monitor

I was confused as to which monitor to buy. I read tons of reviews on several monitors. Being that this is my 1st child I did not know exactly what I was looking for. I decided to chose this one. For the 1st few weeks I had my son laying in a bassinet next to our bed. Finally I got enough courage to put him in his crib around 5 weeks old. I used the monitor for the 1st time, expecting to have several false alarms, or that it would not be what I expected. I have yet to be disappointed. I love this monitor. I did have 1 false alarm so far. My son had scooted himself off of the sensor and it went off. Which was good because he was not in a good position. Since then I have not had any more false alarms. This monitor gave me peace of mind leaving my son in his own room.

Absolute must-have product!!!

I did a lot of research before purchasing this monitor. With that said it has absolutely met my expectations. This is a product that is a must-have. If you have to save or borrow the money to buy you absolutely must purchase. The peace of mind that it has given me & my husband is priceless. My child is 2 weeks old and we have used it since coming home from the hospital. Great, Great, Great product!!! Easy to use & assemble!!

Awesome product, finally peace of mind!

First of all I had a budget of less than $120 for a good baby monitor, my major concern was that the monitor would pick up random voices on other frequencies, like old school monitors always did. So far I have not had any problem with that. This product comes with a stand for the parent unit that charges it, as long as you put in the rechargable batteries provided. So you save money and batteries. I thought about buying a video monitor but came across this one, I read all the other reviews and realized how handy this would be in preventing my baby become a SIDS statistic. A video monitor wont be able to show your baby breathing but will show she is squirming. The range is awesome my home is 1,200 sq feet and I can go to my front or backyard and still hear her every sigh or gurgle without trouble. The instructions are just a bit confusing but you have to play around with it and figure it out on your own like I did to customize the settings. I also like that it shows the temperature in the room, as long as you set it up your way it will set off a alarm if its goes below or over your set temperatures (for hot and cold). I will be buying this as a baby shower gift for my best friends baby in the future.


This monitor exceeds all expectations that I had. When I first got it set up, there were a few times that I received a false alarm (no movement for 20 seconds). It was my fault though, because I had set the movement pad in the wrong spot. Once I moved it to the center of the crib... there have been no issues what so ever. I love that the movement pad detects my sons breathing. The tiny little movements that his body makes to breath... actually register! I am impressed that it works so well. The fact that I can preset temperatures is great. We don't keep the heat on in the house at night. We have a small heater in my sons room that we can preset a temperature on. Sometimes the room heats up too much and the monitor will alert us. I can go into his nursery at night and turn the heat down and crack the door open. The temperature feature is one of the best features the monitor offers! I also love the fact that you don't have constant feedback in the parent unit. You can set your monitor to only turn on when your baby gets fussy. We chose to turn the "tick" off, yet still show the movement on the monitor. All around, more restfull sleep for mommy and baby! I CAN'T RAVE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT ENOUGH!!!

WOW !!!

My daughter is only 7 weeks old and she would cry from 6 pm until 12 midnight is she was in the crib, i could hold her and she would be fine so one night i put her on her belly and she fell asleep and was out for hours and i though wow but i didn't want her to sleep like that without having something to let me know if she stopped breathing and this works , i did the " tap test " and IT WORKS and i loooove this monitor and if anything happened to it i would buy another one in a flash !! Now we both get the sleep we need because of this monitor and we are both well rested and happy the next day !!
I purchased the angel care monitor for my three month old when we were transitioning from his bassinet to his crib, I was soo worried b/c his room seems so far away from mine and he sometimes sounds like he's gasping for air while he's sleeping. I read all the reviews before buying because the monitor was a little more expensive then what we were looking for, every review I read said good things and my experience so far has been exactly what i wanted and expected. I love this monitor , it definately helps me to sleep easier at night! I love that you can have it voice activated and dont have the feedback constantly. The only false alarms i've had is when i forget to turn it off and get him out of bed.Wish I would have known about this monitor when my daughter was a baby also! This is a MUST HAVE!

Nice Product

We couldn't be happier with this product. Our little girl was clearly more comfortable sleeping on her tummy but per Dr advice we have been keeping her on her back at bedtime. At around 2 months old I decided that if we knew she was breathing it would be OK to let her sleep on her tummy. I have lots of confidence in this product, the remote has a little "motion" indicator to show that it's detecting her breathing. I sometimes wake up at night and all I have to do to check on her is glance at the little pendulum icon on the remote and I know all is well.
This monitor has been wonderful for my husband. He was a very nervous first time dad that was afraid something would happen when he was asleep. It's easy to use and the peace of mind has been great! I would recommend it to anyone but especially to nervous first time parents!


awesome product. my son is now 3yrs old and we are buying antother one for baby #2. This is the only way any parents will have peace at night. No worries if you baby is ok. I would spend a lot more if i had to. No way I would ever have a baby and not have this product. This is my first time wrighting a review but I wanted to assure new parents that this is the way to go. You won't be unhappy with this.

Great product all new parents should have.

This product is great in helping to diminish the worries about SIDS. It monitors the breathing and sounds of the child and when it stops, an alarm goes off. Parents never know when a child might stop breathing, so laying them on their back, stomach or side does not make a difference. If the child is going to stop breathing, this alarm will let you know. I believe every new parent should have one of these. I rate it at the top for safety reasons!
Not only would I recommend this product because it really works but the Angel Care customer service is great as well so not only do you get a great product that gives you complete peace of mind but you also get the peace of mind knowing if ANYTHING goes wrong with it they are there to help you with it. Let me explain: I have had this monitor for abot 11 months now and have been using it for 9. Well the other day my nine month old little girl got her hands on my parents unit and threw it to the ground breaking the plastic cover that protects the main screen. I contacted angel care to see if they offered a replacement part for it. Not only did they respond to my email within 15 min. After a couple of simple questions let me know that they didn't offer that replacment part but would be happy to send me a brand new parent unit for free! That's like a $25 value plus sipping! Im am so happy with them you don't find many companies willing to do that anymore most would like to cash in on our problems. They were very personable nothing automated. So if you want a great monitor that's backed by a great company I highly recomend this product well worth the money :)
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