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InStep - Grand Safari Jogging Stroller

InStep - Grand Safari Jogging Stroller

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<li>Remote swivel lock for walk-to-run transition </li><li>Canopy protects against UV rays </li><li>Built-in MP3 speaker</li>
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the best thing since sliced bread!

If I had found this stroller when my daughter was a newborn I would have purchased this instead of a travel system! My 16month old loves it and tries to climb in by herself whenever I take it out which speaks to its comfort since she has never liked strollers before. It is heavy and bulky but you wouldnt want to run with your precious cargo in a flimsy little thing would you? I can fit it in my trunk when I take the wheels off but they remove and re-attach easily so it isn't a problem at all. I haven't used the MP3 player hook-up yet so I can't speak to the quality of the speaker. One of the best things would definitely be the sun shade being completely adjustable to keep your little one protected. I've had several moms stop me when we are out for walks and ask me about this stroller; SUPERB indeed!

Love it!

I absolutely love this stroller. Its so cute and easy to put together. I just got it today and I expected it to be heavier but its not! I even expected it to be bulkier when its folded but its not! I love the mp3 speaker on it. I connect my ipod and Blackberry to it to listen to music while we are jogging/walking.

Awesome for the price but...

It's a great stroller, the shocks are awesome for off road trails. Unfortunately, it's a pain to get out of our 2003 Altima, and when opening the stroller, the handle hits the road and is now a little jagged in the middle between the grips. The basket is easy to use. It can be a pain to unbutton it to get out or put in the diaper bag. But it'll keep everything in there. The seat is nice and comfy, my 8 month old daughter makes it obvious when she is uncomfortable, and she has yet to do so in the stroller. The cup holder has grips that make it difficult to get drinks that are in paper cups (Wendys, McDonalds, stuff like that) But it works great! Definitely worth the money, if not more.

Love This!

I bought this stroller because we are a active family and like to go on walks a lot, and the graco snugride stroller we had was just not tough enough to go on the grass or dirt, or bumpy roads. WE love this stroller, it rides very smoothly, very cute design and built like a tank! It is so sturdy and strong. My daughter is 1.5 years old and loves this stroller, she climbs in it to go on a ride whenever she sees it. The mp3 speaker is not the greatest, only baby can hear it, and if you are by a busy road, then I do not even think baby can hear it! That is my only complant. My husband would tell you that it is big, a mini ATV, which is true, it is large. You can not use it in stores, or for everyday out use, it is better for outside activities. But I love it and just bought a small jeep umbrella stroller for short trips to the store. I would recommend this to anyone like me, who is looking for a great jogging strolller without paying a fortune!

Awesome stroller!

I bought this stroller after we moved into a neighborhood that has all gravel roads. I have walked every evening since I got it about a month ago. I love the stroller! The only con I would say is the basket underneath isn't very accommodating of a diaper bag but it would also be difficult for anyone to take something out of I guess it depends on how you look at it. My daughter loves the stroller. The moveable shade, the reclining seat and the snack tray are my favorite features.

Instep jogging sroller

Hayneedle has excellent customer service! The first stroller arrived with a broken part, customer took care of the problem immediately. The replacement was was fast, and easy. Daughter, and grand daughter are very happy!

Good stroller for price

The stroller is pretty good. There is a attachment on the top near the handlebars which was tricky to figure out how to snap on (but we eventually figured it out). The tires aren't the best, but they DO work OK. It doesn't fold down like it shows in the picture unless you take off the back two wheels but if you are just looking for it to fold for garage storage it folds OK. It took some figuring out how to put the seat up and down. We use it for our 6 month daughter and the adjustable canopy is nice to keep the sun out of her eyes (it adjusts ALMOST 180 degrees). Overall it is a good stroller.

Love it

I am very happy with this stroller. I researched jogging strollers and this one, although not the top pick it was in the Top 5. It is extremely cheaper than the top 4 but i love it and so does my daughter. The only downside, it is hard to collapse, large if you have a small trunk and the MP3 cord needs to be longer. We are enjoying it, worth the great price.
Really nice product! It's a little heavier than I thought it would be but overall it's great. It pushes/rides very well. It says its compatable with most car seats and I have a Baby Trend car seat that works with it. I've only used it about a dozen times so far but I'm very happy with this purchase. Plus it's super cute!!

Wobbly and no room for a cell phone

This thing was so wobbly that it almost tipped over-and YES we did put it together correctly (not our first stroller!). Also, the parent tray/storage compartment does not even have enough space for a cell phone. So no big deal, we placed it in the cup holder. The phone flew out and cracked the entire screen-of a brand new iphone. Glad it was ours and not our sitters. Took it back after that one use. Must have gotten a defective stroller.
This was very simple to put together and when we took her for a walk it was like a dream. We have seriously bumpy sidewalks and some roughness just can't be avoided, but so much better than our other stroller with the hard plastic wheels.

Best Stroller I have EVER tried

I have this stroller in pink, but it is also the Grand Safari. No offense to other reviewers, but to rate this product low for being of great quality is insane!!! I have two teen sons and a toddler, so I have been through some strollers! Also, I'm in my late 30s, short, overweight, and out of shape...and I have no problem handling this stroller(plus I had it put together in under 10min). This is a great product!!! My husband isn't extra tall, but he is tall enough and loves this stroller as well (he takes it over when he is off work!). The handle rotates up and down for different comfort levels. If it were lightweight, I don't think it would be a terribly safe jogging stroller. This is my 4th jogger and 3rd for my youngest. They all took up a lot of space, but the rear wheels are super easy to release and securely snap back in. Comfort features like the seat pad and nice wider strap/buckle that fits between their legs are great. Nice kids tray that can swivel open, good mp3 speaker for her, and I love the way the canopy adjusts to almost any angle. The remote swivel/lock is awesome! There are just too many cool features to mention!!! Most of all, baby girl loves her ride(she did NOT like the other two)!!! If you need a jogger, or even an all-terrain stroller, stop looking and just pick your color...this is it!

I Love this Stoller!

I used to have a standard travel system stroller and wanted to start going for fast walks on the Erie Canal and trails around the local state park. It was then I realized how bumpy the ride was for my daughter. I swear her teeth were chattering. So I did my research and bought this jogger/stroller and was amazed at how smooth this was. It sailed over the bumps, rocks, and rough terrain of the trails like they weren't even there. I love the fact that it has the automatic switch for the front wheel because I do use this on the pavement if I am jogging and then want to slow down for a bit. When you are walking, I noticed that you would really want your front tire to be able to turn but when your jogging it has more control when it is locked. I can also fit a big diaper bag under the unit, I just have to unsnap the net to fit it in. No big deal. I think this was an unbelievable value because other units with these features (or less) cost way more $. This is a great quality stroller at a great price!

WOW!!! We LOVE this Stroller!!!

We got the box home and yes, the box is heavy. After I got everything out of the box, it only took about 7 min to get it put together. Super Easy setup! It has everything I could want. It has reflectors for safety, cupholders,very adjustable canopy, shocks for a smooth ride, and the remote lock/swivel works perfect on mine. The mp3 speaker is for the baby like the description says and thats fine for me. I keep reading on other reviews (inc. those in diff colors) how heavy and hard to carry it is. I would get that more if someone lived in an upstairs apartment, but I am 5ft 1in, 37yrs old, overweight, and out of shape...and I find it very easy to manage. I simply push it to my van, fold it, and use the molded handles to lift it. Did I mention how cute this thing is!?! So cute! Last, but not little girl (20mos) loves this ride! I have three kids and have been through many strollers. I will still use my cute umbrella one at times, but this is my very favorite stroller ever!

Nice but huge and doesn't fold well

I bought this stroller based on the features and other online reviews. While it is a nice stroller and the colors are pretty, it's a beast. It's very big and difficult to fold. When you do get it folded, it's still a giant! This is best for people who will keep it set up for daily use and won't need to put it in a vehicle for travel. I have a full sized suv and it takes up most of my cargo area.

Test Drive This Stroller First

As far as putting the stroller together it was fairly easy. However, when our 2 year old sat in the seat her legs rested over the sides of the front wheel cover. We thought that this must be a defect and looked at the picture on the box. The seat height on the box was much higher from the foot rest to the seat edge than what we had received. We contacted the InStep and asked for a replacement. They said that all of these types are "supposed" to be that height and that our daughter must be tall than normal. She is 34" tall. We are returning the stroller to WalMart so I don't have a review as far as the other ratings. Customer service was not helpful. If you have a small child this might work for you. But if not, I would stay away unless you are able to test it out.

Great Buy!

After searching for a reasonably priced high quality jogging stroller with a swivel wheel, I purchased this one and I have nothing but great things to say about it. The swivel wheel works great and is easily locked into position. The mp3 player is great for my 5-month-old little girl and she is very comfortable in the seat. The shade is not attached to the handles, so it can easily be moved to provide shade where needed. The cup holders are deep and hold bottles of water solidly. The handle is easily adjusted to various comfortable heights. I use the stroller mainly for fast walking (about 2-3 miles a day) and I love it. The only thing missing is a hand brake, although the stroller does have foot brakes and of course a wrist strap. The stroller is a bit heavy, so perhaps it's not the best for everyday use. (I have a lighter stroller that I use to run errands) But it is great for walking/light jogging in any terrain. It's definitely the best stroller for the price.

Great quality, lots of bang for your buck!

I purchased this for my 5 month old baby because we live next to the beach and needed something that would handle the off-road terrain. (Our past strollers with regular small wheels broke off and wouldn't go through the sand.) This stroller exceeded my expectations for the price. It is a LARGE stroller, not compact at all, but if you are needing a comfortable, durable stroller this is it! The colors are very nice, the cup holders are a bonus, the basket underneath is decent sized (we just throw wipes, blanket and diapers in it instead of carrying a diaper bag. I love that you can see baby through the window on the canopy. Only con for us is that when you fold it up, you have to carry it- it will not roll while folded. But it has good handles to carry it with so it is not a problem really. My husband set this up in less than 15 minutes.

Like it

I bought this for walks around my neighborhood, not for running and not for non-paved surfaces. I have used it once so far and I like it. It was relatively easy to put together. I had difficulty installing the front wheel, I wasn't sure if I had put it on tight enough and then it seemed too tight. The booklet really didn't provide help with that specific concern. It may be user error but I'm not able to unlock the front wheel permanently. Once you unlock it and move about, it does lock back into place. The speaker that is provided for an MP3 player isn't that great. The baby could hear the music but I really couldn't. The basket underneath is a good size, but the frame goes across the opening so you have to squish your bags/stuff either above or below the frame/bar that blocks the basket opening. The canopy adjusts really well to block out sun. There is also a little window in the canopy so you can see your child. I won't be using this with an infant carrier so I can't comment on that. I'm happy with the purchase, but not so happy that Walmart just lowered the price. I will see if they can give me a credit for the difference.

just ok

I spent weeks researching jogging strollers and finally decided on this one. Overall, it is a very smooth ride and handles extremely well but there are several very annoying features that are making me want to return it. First, it is heavy! I read the specs and saw how heavy it was before I bought it but lifting it in and out of my SUV are a struggle. It also takes up about half of my trunk space, even with the wheels off. The basket underneath is spacious but there is a support bar that goes across the opening making it nearly impossible to get a bag into the basket (you can see part of the bar in the product image). The main reason I bought this stroller over another brand is b/c the canopy can go all the way forward but the canopy isn't very big and when the sun is overhead my babies legs and feet are in the sun and if you move the canopy forward to block her legs, her head is in the sun. I would have to buy a detachable sun shade to fix this and that was what i was trying to avoid by purchasing this stroller over others.
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