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1-20 of 45 total reviews
1-20 of 45 reviews
Good Collectors Item, Weak Power function design!

Customer review by Legotechnicbuilder1322

4.0 stars 8/15/2012 by Legotechnicbuilder1322
by Legotechnicbuilder1322

When building you will see all the functions that it has about 5 they all work but some don't work like winch , landing gear . The landing gear is the weakest thing i ever seen on this model , it doesn't even hold up its weight! the gear looks like its a low rider helicopter . I put extra pins in the landing gear so it will stay down forever more. The rotors are made for child safety for the speed that they turn so i modified the gearing ratios so it will turn for realistic speeds ( fast as the motor can turn them ) . The medium motor from the Power function kit really isn't made for this set. There is no torque in the motor to turn the Rotor at the speed that it should. The Motor does get really warm after 2-4 minutes of running time. Don't use a clutch gear cause it stops the gears from turning, the winch doesn't even move! You litterally have to manually pull the rope out . This is a good display item if your using it as a collectors item not as a toy. I have built most all of the new Sets with power functions and never had a problem with the new transmission gears and functions. I like the new elements used in the set , the rotor blades , new axles rods , gears and more!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Great set

Customer review by concreations

5.0 stars 8/3/2012 by concreations
by concreations

This is a fairly good set it is very reilistic and a lot larger than i thought it was going to be. the main thing that interested me more than anything was the rotors on how they managed to come up with the design to make the rotors tilt and rotate at the same time just like a real heilecopter.adding power functions to make it motorized just makes it even more cool i also added a swich to make it easyer to control. I will put some pics on so you can see but i have added some bits of my own just to make it that little bit better.

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Really fun build

Customer review by Tritninja

5.0 stars 10/31/2012 by Tritninja
by Tritninja

This Lego was very fun to build and it is pretty realistic. I don't have the power functions and the only that seems like it would really make a huge difference on is turning the rotors. All of the functions work great. This build took me about 6hrs give or take 30min and I'm not super fast.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Reveoon

5.0 stars 11/5/2014 by Reveoon
by Reveoon

I first made a normal helicopter as the picture shown on the box. When I finished I realized that there is another instruction and it is much cooler!! I dismantled the first one and changed it to a two-rotor helicopter.

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This Will Be A Classic Technic Set

Customer review by EddieTheChronicler

5.0 stars 7/3/2015 by EddieTheChronicler
by EddieTheChronicler

This set is amazing. The "A" variant is able to use Power Functions to use all of it's features, which allow you to turn the rotors, use the winch, raise and lower the wheels, and raise and lower the back ramp. To be honest, I was quite surprised that the set chose to put the raise/lower landing gear and turn rotors functions on the same gear, meaning that you can spin the rotors, raise the landing gear, but not do both at the same time. This is just personal preference, and I think that this is a great set with inventive features. Additionally, the set comes with the ability to change the angle of the rotor, an important part of flying a real helicopter. The "B" variant, in my opinion, is the unsung hero of this set (there is a surprising lack of pics aside from Reveoon's, so I included some). With all Technic sets (that I can recall right now), the set comes with an "a" and "B" variant. The "A" variant is the set's original design. The "B" variant is Lego telling it's engineers to make something new and relative using only the parts given for the "A" variant. Many say the Technic and Creator sets are the same in this respect but in fact the Creator designers are allowed to use extra pieces for the additional models, whereas the Technic designers have a much tougher job with their much tighter parts supply. Nonetheless, the designers whipped up a truly amazing twin-rotor helicopter, which is a difficult design is you have access to as many pieces as you want. Limit the parts and create a complex and realistic design? I really don't know how the set designers did it. I love the B variant more because of that ingenuity and the fact that you rarely see twin-rotor helicopters. The B variant comes with two of the four main features: the rotor turning and the landing gear (which once again cannot be done simultaneously). I love the landing gear design on the twin-rotor: two gears that come off of the sides of the helicopter and fold under the belly. Additionally the B variant allows the user to tilt the rotors just as the A variant does. Still really enjoy this set, was worth every penny! Definitely recommend if you find a used one for sale. P.S. I didn't really think about this until the end of my review, but this set is H-U-G-E HUGE!!! That was my first impression of the set was wow this is big!! Huge set, huge rotor span, long helicopter, h-u-g-e!!

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Huge Helicopter!

Customer review by lenniedou

5.0 stars 1/18/2013 by lenniedou
by lenniedou

This is by far, for me, the most detailed Helicopter I have ever built that the Lego Technic has designed and distributed. This is massive and has a lot of features! Just taking my time, it probably took me about 4-5 hours just enjoying the intricate detail of building this set from the ground up. Makes me curious while you're building how the main rotor head functions as well as how all 3 landing gear assembly retracts simultaneously! I had my friend assemble the 2nd model featured and its rotor head functions are as crazy to look at as well! It was fun looking at it! I do recommend installing the power functions for this ginormous helicopter to fully enjoy it's features without having to turn the gear to be able to move each feature. So sad they ran out of that set. I wished this set came with it.

Queen Creek
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
One of the best models in a long time

Customer review by PeterParnes

5.0 stars 1/12/2013 by PeterParnes
by PeterParnes

My 12 year old daughter built most of this model over Christmas with the help from me and my son (6). We are very impressed with this modell and I would say that it is one of the best models in a long time. Very sturdy and you can play with it (without it falling apart). As recommended by others, we modified the holder for the winch as there was too much friction in the recommended build. We added the motor per the building instructions but we also added the RC receiver so the helicopter could be controlled remotely via the RC sender. We did not add any remote control for changing functions though. We put the RC receiver in the cargo hold. Overall a very good model and highly recommended!!

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helicopter adjustment

Customer review by Wolvennz

5.0 stars 12/26/2012 by Wolvennz
by Wolvennz

awesome model great features and although i replace the size 5 axle with a size 7 axle and took away the grey peg as there was to much friction on the hook assembly

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Helicopter reaches high heights!

Customer review by LegoTechnicCraze

5.0 stars 1/3/2014 by LegoTechnicCraze
by LegoTechnicCraze

For all the Technic fans out there, this set is by far one of the best for its playability and price-to-awesomeness ratio! The box doesn't look that big, my friends, but once you start building this helicopter, it becomes immediately apparent that this is not your normal-sized Technic copter. I mean, this thing is massive! At almost two and a half feet long and nearly two feet wide, you better have lots of extra display space available, because you are going to need it. I was also surprised at the mechanical ingenuity that went into designing this behemoth of a machine. While the build isn't too terribly difficult, one can definitely appreciate the attention to detail that was obviously injected into every square inch of this spectacular model. Aside from the slow hand-cranking functions (which can be remedied by purchasing the power functions set) and the winch hook being too light for proper up and down movement, this set gets an enthusiastic thumbs-up from this Technic fan! Enjoy!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
son loves LEGOs

Customer review by lkk5

5.0 stars 11/10/2010 by lkk5
by lkk5

My son loved the LEGO creator helicopter set. He wanted to put some of his minifigures in it. While the helicopter was too small for that, the boat and plane worked well. He enjoyed making and remaking all of the versions.

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South Carolina
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Usage:Every few days
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Age:35 - 44
Lots of fun for my son.

Customer review by mamacallahan

5.0 stars 1/1/2011 by mamacallahan
by mamacallahan

This product is well worth the money. went above and beyond to get this to my son for CHRISTmas. The product is made well and He loves it.

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Hudson, Nc
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Usage:Every day
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Age:35 - 44
Excellent set, good fun to build

Customer review by martinlong

5.0 stars 11/26/2012 by martinlong
by martinlong

I really enjoyed building this set. I only one mistake on the way, which I was easily able to rectify later, as the part was still accessible, but do be careful - a lot of parts would require a lot of deconstruction in order to fix a mistake. I made one post-build modification. I replaced the front two parts of the winch shaft with a single black 6 axle. The winch was too stiff with the grey fastener, but it now runs freely with the power functions. I don't know why Lego made this design choice - possibly to stop the winch hook from free-falling, but it really doesn't anyway. In fact, this function means you can pull the winch out by hand, and then wind it back in mechanically. I recommend making this change, though you will need to source the axle from your own spare parts. I love the synchro-style gearbox, for switching between the functions. The wheels aren't able to lift the chopper, but they will support it when extended. I need to see which gear slips when they do try to lift it. All in all, a very nice set.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by SLLAberdeen

5.0 stars 11/25/2011 by SLLAberdeen
by SLLAberdeen

My 9 year old loves Legos! It's great this set makes into more than 1 thing.

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Brilliant Model

Customer review by technic1989

5.0 stars 12/28/2012 by technic1989
by technic1989

I have always wanted one of these and got one for christmas. Believe me i wasnt disappointed. A very highly detailed model with lots of functions so you wont get bored. sturdy construction. The best thing is you can motorize all the functions like the winch, ramp and landing gear etc. This is what i did but for other people making this i would recommend altering the gear ratio so you get the rotors moving faster, the gears reduce the motors power before it gets to the rotors. DONT put the xl motor on it (you can do this is if you take away the black cover at the back which goes over the motor), it does go faster but the gears setup cant take the power and breaks For the money its great however construction can be difficult in places so probably targeted towards the later age in the age range Overall a great model and no regrets buying it. I would recommend this all day long to anyone

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2in1 = More More Fun!

Customer review by Juggernaut

5.0 stars 12/30/2016 by Juggernaut
by Juggernaut

Another 2 in one set i bought and loved. The details are all there and the mechanisms for the blades and also for hte landing gear were fun to put togehter.

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Best Technic Helicopter

Customer review by Imagine

5.0 stars 8/14/2012 by Imagine
by Imagine

Absolutely fantastic model, great fun to build and interesting to see how each of the functions has been implemented, especially the collective levers, which alter the angle or pitch of the rotor blades. If you can afford it, it's worth getting the power functions kit. You can actually feel a down draft from the blades when they're angled - it's not much, but first for any Lego helicopter I've owned! :) I let my nephew have a play, under very close supervision (he's only 2.5), and he was amazed. Kept his attention for quite sometime, which is quite a feat in itself!! :) He did want to make a few changes to the design, notably removing the tail fin on more than one occasion! :D This is a great model, good size (i.e. big!), quite complicated to build, so interesting, and lot's of fun. Thoroughly recommended, another hit Lego!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by olgad

5.0 stars 10/11/2011 by olgad
by olgad

I bought that Lego for my friend's son's 6th bday and he absolutely loves it! it is not too complicated but keeps him interested for a long time. will recommend it

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birmingham, al
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Usage:Every few days
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Age:25 - 34

Customer review by HappyLegoMom

4.0 stars 3/11/2014 by HappyLegoMom
by HappyLegoMom

I bought my son this set for his 5th birthday and he was excited while we walked out of the store. Before this build, he was able to finish the highway pickup truck of Lego Creator in one day, so I thought this was just a little bit harder for him. However, it turned out to be a real challenge shortly after he started to build it. The parts are quite different from the Creator sets an it took him a while to get use of it. He made some mistakes, felt frustrated and even walked away a little while sometimes. Finally it took him two and half days, including about a day of crying and standby due to frustration, to finish it and when completed, we found it very amazing, big and playable. I do not give a full scale because the instruction is not as clear as our other Lego sets, maybe because it is more complicated.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best technic model for 2012

Customer review by SuperRon12345

5.0 stars 11/11/2012 by SuperRon12345
by SuperRon12345

I really enjoy building Technic sets, specially the ones that look likes a copy of the real thing. Super design. I do love, how Lego build the 4 main rotorwings and the rear rotor wings. The model has 5 technic features, my 2 favorite are: the tilting of main rotor and the retracktable landing wheels. I got this set with an extra power functions set (8293), that is very easy to upgrade this beaufil Helicopter. I also put some red and green lights on the model and some search lights to make this model, the way I like it. This Lego helicopter has a prompt place on a shelf in my Lego room. For every helicoptor fan, I really recomend this Lego Technic model while it still available in the shops near you.

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A Feature Rich Incredible Helo

Customer review by Joedreamliner787

5.0 stars 7/29/2012 by Joedreamliner787
by Joedreamliner787

This is my own opinion of this set: This heli is quite large and it definitely tops my list as being one of the best sets Lego has ever released. I'm an aviation enthusiast and once Lego released the 787 I was thrilled. The build is fun except for book one, there are a lot of flopping parts that keep moving as you rotate and flip the heli multiple times to install parts however it was enjoyable and the heli looks great and features are just flat out awesome! I wish Lego took it a step further by making the mask go in all directions and not just change the pitch of the blades. The landing gear, rear bay door and sliding doors are really cool. I did add power functions to it and I did a little extra work on the model. Lego only has you install the motor and battery box. I mounted lights in the front of the chopper facing down just under where the pilot and copilot would sit simulating a search light. I also use the directional motor switch and mounted it to the back of the heli to change motor direction instead of flipping the battery box switch. I also flipped the battery box upside down because the two contact bricks from the lights and motor start to add height on top of the battery box. If you are an aviation or just love helicopters then you have to own this set. Enjoy!!!

New Haven
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1-20 of 45 total reviews
1-20 of 45 reviews