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47 reviews | 3.8 out of 5

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47 reviews | 3.8 out of 5

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1-20 of 46 total reviews
1-20 of 46 reviews
Great ink cartridges

Customer review by PamDZ

5.0 stars 5/14/2016 by PamDZ
by PamDZ

This cartridge is easy to use, and recycle. I enjoy using these good quality inks on my projects.

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Too little toner.

Customer review by Hammer60

2.0 stars 5/15/2016 by Hammer60
by Hammer60

Does not last very long even with light to moderate use.

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Disappointed in Cyan XL cartridge

Customer review by WhydoIhavetohaveaNickname

1.0 stars 5/6/2012 by WhydoIhavetohaveaNickname
by WhydoIhavetohaveaNickname

Bought 4 XL (including black) replacement cartridges and replaced cartridges in December 2011 after printing Christmas cards. Have not used a lot, but have used the color printer here and there for both photos and documents since replacing the cartridges. I have never had this happen but all of a sudden after printing one photo, the cyan cartidge became "damaged" according to the error message. I can tell it still has ink in it. I removed the cyan cartridge and re-installed it, and still got the error message. I removed the cartridge again, carefully swabbed the contacts on the cartridge holder with a qtip dipped in rubbing alcohol, let it dry, and put the cartidge back in, and still get the error message. I wasted a lot ot time on a nice Sunday afternoon trying to deal with this. I will order a regular size cyan and maybe from now on just order regular size for all the colors and see if they work better than the XL size.

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best deal

Customer review by tomj001

5.0 stars 4/28/2016 by tomj001
by tomj001

Always use the manufacturers ink. Walmart has the best deal on this ink.

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This product exhausts too quickly

Customer review by Profejeff

3.0 stars 1/23/2013 by Profejeff
by Profejeff

All the HP XL inks in the 920 series go empty far sooner than advertised. The problem is that I use the printer sparingly. I do not use it for business purposes or for multiple copies all that often, and that once the ink is opened it evaporates. Also the printer often loses connectivity with the computer and has to be turned off and turned back on in order to transfer a scanned photo or document to the computer. This is a hardware glitch in the printer. When the printer recycles through in its boot-up routine, it consumes ink. Occasionally the print quality falters and then I have to clean the print heads, That also consumes ink - a lot of it. So, all-in-all, I probably will look for a different manufacturer next time I purchase a printer.

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I was feeling blue...

Customer review by Isoden

4.0 stars 10/23/2011 by Isoden
by Isoden

I received the Cyan 920XL cartridge in good order but there was an unusual incident (I hope) that happened when I pulled the tab to open it. I felt it before I saw it...there was blue (sorry, Cyan) all over my hands. Luckily, I was wearing old bluejeans and I only got a few drops on them. The leak came from the back of the cartridge rather than the buisness end. I can only believe this happened because I live about a mile above sea level and we have had potatoe chip bags pop open when brought from a lower elevation. I have used maybe 10 or 12 cartridges for my (new) Officejet 7000 and none of them have leaked. Needless to say I will be cautious from now on.

Big Bear City, CA
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A quality product

Customer review by harris13

5.0 stars 1/12/2014 by harris13
by harris13

I use only HP factory ink cartridges on all my 3 (a small desk top printer, a Officejet 7000 Wide Format Printer, and my Officejet 6700) HP printers. My experiences with reloads and reload kits has been unsatisfactory. The 920 XL color (3 colors) cartridges have been excellent. Great performance on all qualitys (draft, normal, best) of printing. I have run into a batch of 3 black cartridges that were loaded at near sea level and dumped a bit of (very black) ink upon opening at my 7400' home elevation. HP acknowledged the problem and replaced the cartridges. Subsequent cartridges have not dumped.

Pagosa Springs, CO
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cyan cartridge

Customer review by muxu

1.0 stars 12/21/2011 by muxu
by muxu

The latest cartridge (cyan) Works fine. My last order I did not need to use it immediately. When I did need to install the cartridge it had no ink. It was packaged properly all sealed up. No ink. So I ordered this one and it works. Since I had the cartridge some time before I needed to use it I did not write a complaint. I have to wonder about your quality control I cannot be the only one in the world that received a packaged up cartridge with no ink? It's water over the dam now. I gave you a poor rating this time for the cyan cartridge although it was not this one but the last one.

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Hoping for better

Customer review by Nonbeliever

3.0 stars 8/8/2011 by Nonbeliever
by Nonbeliever

This review is based on the previous ink cartridges purchased for our HP printer. We did not obtain anywhere near the number of pages suggested in the literature. We bought this printer mainly because the ink was spec'ed as less expensive than what we were paying with a Dell printer. However, after going through 2 sets of color cartridges in less than 2 months, it appears as though the literature defining the number of pages a cartridge will print is signifcantly over rated. I have hopes that the current purchase will perform better but.....

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HP Cyan 920XL

Customer review by globug14

5.0 stars 3/2/2014 by globug14
by globug14

I received my order and this is the only one that did not snap in like it should. I immediately called HP customer service and they immediately rushed a next day delivery of a replacement and I offered to send the bad one back and was told I did not have to do that which would of been a hassle since I am disabled and drive very little. This was very much appreciated. Thank you so much for such great customer service. I only use HP cartridges for my printer.

Gilbert, AZ
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Cartridge leaked

Customer review by AppleSeed

2.0 stars 10/14/2011 by AppleSeed
by AppleSeed

When I removed the tear strip to remove the plastic wrap the 920XL cyan ink cartridge began to leak, resulting in my getting blue ink on both my hands. Scrubbed off what I could and "wore" the remainder off in a couple of days. The other cartridges purchased with this order were OK. Called HP and they overnighted a replacement cartridge without any hassle. This is the first time that I have encountered this situation and hopefully it will be the last.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
920XL Ink cartridges

Customer review by checkyesorno

2.0 stars 2/13/2012 by checkyesorno
by checkyesorno

I purchased a new printer less than a year ago. I purchase the XL cartridges so that I am not replacing them all of the time. They are suppose to print 700 pages per cartridge. I recently did a lot of printing (maybe 300 pages) and the cartridges are empty. I love HP and was set on buying HP when I purchased a new printer. Now I am having second thoughts as I am having to purchase ink all the time.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Ran out of ink very fast

Customer review by hohi808

1.0 stars 2/4/2012 by hohi808
by hohi808

Just installed this cartridge two weeks ago and already ran out of ink. Hardly used it. Maybe a defect?? However, bought it from here and it was brand new in the packaging when I got it. Use by date was 2013 so don't think it was age related. Have to re-order a new cartridge. Hope the next one lasts longer.

Honolulu, HI
Would recommend to a friend? No
product makes clear color copies

Customer review by saddie

3.0 stars 5/20/2013 by saddie
by saddie

Problem is this HP cartridge is advertised to print 700 color copies and I went through 3 sets of them and they only made 150 copies each or a total of 450. That is 450 copies I got from 3 sets of these cartridges that were advertised to print a total of 2100!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Minor problem

Customer review by mjtwd

4.0 stars 12/20/2011 by mjtwd
by mjtwd

About the 2nd day after I installed the entire 4-cartdridge set, my B&W pictures we coming out red. Ran a print quality test and found blue not printing. Ran clean printhead, after that it was OK, so far. But why such problem with brand new cartridge?

Columbus, OH
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Not even close to 700 pages

Customer review by LuHar

1.0 stars 5/13/2011 by LuHar
by LuHar

I have been using these ink cartridges for 3 months now. I have to replace them every 40 pages. I print in color, and I print things 11x17". Even if I printed at a normal size, 8.5x11"- I would probably only get 80 pages! 700 pages is a lie.

Would recommend to a friend? No
great cartridge

Customer review by dlp27246

5.0 stars 7/18/2013 by dlp27246
by dlp27246

This cartridge was easy to install and performs great. If you are considering this purchase continue with confidence that the installation will be easy and the life span of the cartridges and good.

Santa Clarita, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Peps

1.0 stars 11/25/2011 by Peps
by Peps

I believe I received a defective ink cartridge because it was empty in a matter of days (and with little usage!) I'm hesitant about purchasing this product again. It was a big waste of money.

Oaklyn, NJ
Would recommend to a friend? No
Same cartridge more ink

Customer review by Schappy

4.0 stars 5/10/2013 by Schappy
by Schappy

Prior to first purchase I was hesitant to purchase the 920XL cartridges. Rest assured, they are the same cartridge housing as the 920 cartridges, so they fit in the same compact space.

Central PA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Bad cassettes

Customer review by rph141

1.0 stars 3/10/2013 by rph141
by rph141

more problems with the cyan , computer says it is not HP origional/ all the cartridges are ordered from the HP site for the great delivery servie. This has been very aggervating.

Would recommend to a friend? No
1-20 of 46 total reviews
1-20 of 46 reviews