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280 reviews | 4.8 out of 5

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280 reviews | 4.8 out of 5

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1-20 of 226 total reviews
1-20 of 226 reviews
Awesome Free Gift from Keurig!

Customer review by Treasure Coast Kat

5.0 stars 7/28/2014 by Treasure Coast Kat
by Treasure Coast Kat

Was pleasantly surprised to receive this absolutely FREE from Keurig with my last beverage order! came in white (which I see is unavailable now apparently). When placing my coffee order was informed that I was receiving this free, i guess one of their limited time promotions. I already own the round carousel that holds 27 Kcups but really needed another one because I have soooo many different flavors of teas, coffees and vitamin Kcups that there was no way I could have them all displayed and at hand for easy use with just the one carousel. MUCH prefer this one to the round carousel because not only does it hold more Kcups but also takes up such a small amount of space that I'm tempted to purchase an other one to replace the round one. I have very limited counter space in my condo and this is perfect for those of us with limited space.

Treasure Coast Kat
Treasure Coast, Florida
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Attractive, coordinates with brewer

Customer review by okiegirl

5.0 stars 10/22/2012 by okiegirl
by okiegirl

Just 2 of us drink morning coffee, so one side is filled with my favorite flavor, and the other contains my husband's favorite. So easy on those dark and sleepy mornings to instantly see which kind is which, without fumbling through a pile of all of our K-cups (other flavors are kept in another container). The carousel is slim, lightweight, spins easily, and takes up very little counter space. Design is attractive, and it coordinates perfectly with our brewer! Holds 30 K-cups, 15 on each side - very easy to see the contents and to refill as well. Of course, it would work just as well filled with every flavor of K-Cup you have on hand!

Dobbs Ferry, NY
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Very nice to have

Customer review by Kirstendipity

5.0 stars 12/16/2010 by Kirstendipity
by Kirstendipity

This is a great thing to have if you are like me and have a massive variety of k-cups. I put a different cup in each hole and re-fill at the end of the day. That way I don't have to keep the boxes on the counter or constantly get the step-stool to reach the ones on the top shelf in my cabinets. Also, I think it's cool that this carousel fits inside my coffee/tea cabinet - I like to keep my counters as clear as possible. It spins easily within the cabinet and is not wobbly. All I had to do was move one of my shelves up 2 notches. Now my counters are clear and my cabinet is organized. :)

Austin, TX
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Way to Display your K-Cups!

Customer review by John

5.0 stars 11/1/2010 by John
by John

We purchased this accessory shortly after buying the Keurig Platinum Brewer. This K-Cup Carousel works wonderful. We store the boxes of various coffee, tea, etc in our pantry and restock the carousel as needed. I even categorize into sections such as: decaf, hot chocolate, regular coffee and so on. It rotates well and looks good sitting along side your Keurig Brewer. This display also has a small footprint so does not take up valuable counter space. This unit may be just the thing to attractively display the K-Cups to family and friends.

Fort Mohave, Arizona
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great to use and very eye appealing.

Customer review by Hot Rod Hannah

5.0 stars 9/11/2012 by Hot Rod Hannah
by Hot Rod Hannah

We were leary of adding one more thing to our countertops. While placing an order for coffee, I decided to order this tower. When it arrived I filled it up with all our favorite varieties and placed it on our counter between our Keurig machine and toaster. Fits perfectly~!! All we do is turn~~select~~brew. No moving of other appliances to make this tower spin around. Now while washing dishes, I can look over and see all of our favorite beverages we love to brew in our Keurig machine.

Hot Rod Hannah
Frankfort, KY
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Sleek and takes up little space

Customer review by Tee

4.0 stars 10/27/2010 by Tee
by Tee

The sleek tower design holds 3 more than the standard carousel. I had the standard first, but prefer this version. I gave the former to my Mother as she has more counter space. Tower has a more modern look, with the black/stainless combo. Lazy susan rotates smoothly. I gave it 4 stars only because I want a storage version that uses that same counter space I've devoted to my brewer...perhaps storage below/under the brewer itself? Best that they have to offer.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Sleek and convenient

Customer review by Sonja

5.0 stars 3/24/2011 by Sonja
by Sonja

I just purchased my second one. It is only because it takes up so little space that I am able to do this. I love the fact that it holds 30 K-cups. Now with my second one I'll better be able to separate coffee and tea and iced drinks, etc. One very small con is that if not careful when removing a K-cup from a lower row, you might pull out the one right above it too. But like I said, "A very small con".

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Johnny Law

5.0 stars 3/20/2013 by Johnny Law
by Johnny Law

My parents own the K-cup carousel and my friends have the drawer (which is the cheapest and worst one). This is the best carousel and although doesn't spin well, looks the best and has two sides, I use one for coffee the other side for decaf, teas, and flavored drinks. I used to use a wooden basket but this saves space and is a lot easier to find the cup you want instead of digging through a mixture.

Johnny Law
Merced, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Two is better than one!

Customer review by Brock

5.0 stars 3/18/2013 by Brock
by Brock

I bought one of these to place my coffee in, thinking my coffee would be on one side and my husband's favs on the other; however, we liked it so well, we each had to have one . . . his flavors on one side, his morning favs on the other. Mine . . . one side coffee, the other side tea . . . saves time and hassel and is non-intrusive on your counter. It is the perfect solution!

Northwest Montana
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Not consistant matching accessory items

Customer review by beamish

4.0 stars 12/20/2012 by beamish
by beamish

We bought the K-Cup single cup brewer in the Cinnamon color. We then tried to order the K-Cup Carousel Tower in the cinnamon color but were informed it is no longer available. The color choices that remain do not match our K-Cup brewer. If you make a product in a variety of colors your acceesories should also be the same colors and available for sale at any time.

West Jordan, Utah
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
The best display avail. for your K-cups

Customer review by Rok

5.0 stars 9/2/2012 by Rok
by Rok

You're going to love this carousel almost as much as your k-cup brewing system. It is THE perfect accessory! Space efficient, colors match the black and silver (not stainess steel or chrome) machines and locate your k-cups near your brewer to keep them organized. A great device to display all your different k-cup flavors. Most impressive!

La Center, WA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best Buy....Compact....Durable Quality

Customer review by Dixie Girl

5.0 stars 8/26/2013 by Dixie Girl
by Dixie Girl

Best Buy....the least cost per K-Cup held of all carousels offered. Compact....fits more flush to wall/takes up less space than the round ones yet holds more. Durable....Mine is 2+ years old and it's still in great working order and has a 'like new' appearance. Only Negative: I wish it was even taller and held more K-Cups.

Dixie Girl
East Arkansas Mississippi Delta
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Nice but not good for OCD

Customer review by kycoffeedrinker

4.0 stars 4/11/2012 by kycoffeedrinker
by kycoffeedrinker

I chose this one vs the round one since it holds more K cup and because I could put regular coffee on one side, decaf on the other. However, the empty holes are more obvious on this one so I always feel compelled to refill it each morning. Nice for presentation when you have guests and easy to see what you have. I do recommend it but maybe the round one more so.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:35 - 44
Go For It!

Customer review by Keno

5.0 stars 4/9/2011 by Keno
by Keno

Preferred for esthetics and capacity over the chrome carousel, this model looks and works great. Equally at home next to stainless steel as it is with traditional applicance finishes. While the Breville brand features a true stainless finish, the Keurig here is all plastic but functions and looks just as good.

Halifax NS Canada
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Perfect of small counters!

Customer review by FireBirdGirl02

5.0 stars 1/9/2013 by FireBirdGirl02
by FireBirdGirl02

I was looking all over for a carousel but my problem is that I have limited counter space. Mine came in the mail today and it fit perfectly and now I can see my Coffees, Teas, Hot Chocolates. I would recommend this to anyone with or even without limited counter space. I am a happy girl now!

Chesterfield, MI
Great Organizer

Customer review by Patty

4.0 stars 12/19/2012 by Patty
by Patty

I purchased the Mocha when I purchased the Mocha Platinum Plus brewer on QVC when it was a TSV. I love that it does not take a lot of counter space, is very functional, and keeps my k-cups well organized. I like the fact that there are places for 30 k-cups to keep my favorites on hand.

Northern VA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
The perfect accessory

Customer review by Bonnie

5.0 stars 2/17/2012 by Bonnie
by Bonnie

I have limited counter space, and the tower holds lots of cups in a very small space. I like that it's two sided - one for my choices, the other for my husbands. Fun to use, easy to pick your selection, and easy to clean. I use a small plastic storage box to my overflow of cups.

Rochester, NY
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Storage Piece

Customer review by DD

5.0 stars 9/28/2012 by DD
by DD

This is a great product to have for storage of your K-cups. It's compact, stylish and holds plenty so that you're not having to repeatedly fill. As to the design features: as cups are used, it doesn't appear 'empty'. It also has a great turning mechanism, very smooth.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Dont Match the Platinum Brewer

Customer review by marie

3.0 stars 11/28/2011 by marie
by marie

I bought the Platinum Brewing one and bought this thinking it would match and they are total different color. I prefer the chrome due to it matches and brings out the features in the brewer. Do not purchase thinking it will match check first. But very nice.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Gotta have it!

Customer review by Jules

5.0 stars 3/17/2011 by Jules
by Jules

I had to have one of these to keep my k cups organized! I love it and it looks good on the counter or you can even put it in the cupboard like I do! It seems like I am filling it all the time, but it's not it's fault, it is the delicious coffee k cups!

Sacramento, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 226 total reviews
1-20 of 226 reviews