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211 reviews | 3.7 out of 5

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1-20 of 211 reviews
Great for the money!

Customer review by CrZyDrEaMeR

5.0 stars 6/28/2010 by CrZyDrEaMeR
by CrZyDrEaMeR

These are great not just for overnight, but also for "late potty-trainers" and bigger kids with special needs who make potty training a challenge! You will still have some leakage if you don't watch the before bed fluid intake but overall a great product for the price!

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Age:35 - 44
Ownership:2 - 3 months
Usage:Every day
They work.

Customer review by tmclaughlin33

5.0 stars 7/10/2013 by tmclaughlin33
by tmclaughlin33

My son is a heavy sleeper and at least once a night doesn't wake up in time to make it to the bathroom. It never leakes so I no longer have to get up in the middle of the night to change bed sheets. Hidding them under pjs is not a concern because my son refuses to wear pjs in bed. He has requested character good nights like spiderman or ninja turtles. (Bat man and superman are also popular to.)

Keene, NH
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Great goodnites

Customer review by Soccer12

5.0 stars 8/21/2012 by Soccer12
by Soccer12

I love wearing these. They are great for not only kids but for teens also. They work very well for day time use also. They make me feel safe

New York, NY, USA
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Helps out at night

Customer review by TheWilkinator

5.0 stars 12/27/2012 by TheWilkinator
by TheWilkinator

I Wear goodnites to bed due to i have a bladder infection. Well That's what my doc says But i'm only 15 and it really holds alot. My favorite's are the skateboards!

Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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Customer review by Alisha

5.0 stars 11/19/2012 by Alisha
by Alisha

My wonderful grandchild has Austim. He will not potty train These work Wonderful !!!!!!!!!!! He getting to big for diapers so i use these.

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x-cellent product

Customer review by bigdine

5.0 stars 10/18/2012 by bigdine
by bigdine

my grandson is autistic & 10 yoa and not potty broke. caleb goes to the bathroom sometimes but the l-xl underwear works great on him. i'm hoping he gets potty broke before he needs a bigger size as goodnites doesn't make them any bigger

fleming, oh
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autistic son uses your product

Customer review by Maroulis321

5.0 stars 5/18/2013 by Maroulis321
by Maroulis321

I use these daily! And I love this product! My 3 and a half year old son is Autistic and cannot use the potty and we have to use Goodnights everyday as a training pant replacement because of his weight. Your product is the ONLY thing that I have tried that keeps him dry through the day. Buying these on my own, raising two children, especially one with special needs is very expensive and would like to know if there is any help I can receive to keep my child in your nightpants. There is nothing else that compares in keeping him fresh and clean, but he goes through a big package every week and I have to do without things and food of my own in order to provide for him. I appreciate your product and wanted to let you know that if it wasn't for Goodnights I do not know what I would do! Is there any help I can receive to keep my son in Goodnights for his daily use? Anything is appreciated and God bless you!

New Haven, KY, USA
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Great absorbency

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 7/5/2013 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I have to give a five star to good nites. They ate super absorbent , enough for a whole night. I tried other similar produscts and ended giving them away. I would not hold , would break easily at the sides . I will stick with good nites

An anonymous customer
Puerto Rico
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Goodnights for boys

Customer review by Peggyk43

5.0 stars 2/3/2013 by Peggyk43
by Peggyk43

My son is almost 8 he has a medical reason to wear the goodnight yes they may leak sometimes it depends how much he drinks before bed. I always put a water proof matt under him so if they do leak it wont get onto his bed you can also get an insert for the goodnight its an extra layer of protection.I recommend this products.

Baltimore, MD, USA
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Great for Todllers

Customer review by Manner

5.0 stars 5/21/2013 by Manner
by Manner

Get busy. Kimberly Clark! We've enjoyed and apprciated the protectition for years of GoodNites. I as well have a child who is Profoundly affected by Autism. Fortunately for me, he -- while 13 years old-- still can wear the size "ex Large" however, it no longer holds the amount of urine a 13 year old puts out. HOWEVER, Pampers has Underjams and guess what? THEY DO!!! Cheaper, sorry GoodNites,I've spent a TON of money on your products but washing sheets several times per night gets old really fast. I do though purchase the bed pads which I LOVE! But the Underjames beat GoodNites by a long shot..............

San Diego, CA, USA
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A great product to build confidence!

Customer review by Mouseysm33

5.0 stars 1/3/2013 by Mouseysm33
by Mouseysm33

My son has a seizure disorder and his nighttime medicine really knocks him out. By being able to use Goodnights, even when he is having a sleep over, he feels like all the other kids, and this is such a good feeling. He is confident at night and doesn't wake up in tears because he can't help having an accident. These are so absorbent and the nice part is that they don't stink like a diaper does. Thank you so much!!!

San Diego, CA
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Please make XXL size soon! LOVE THESE!!!

Customer review by Sheryl

5.0 stars 12/20/2012 by Sheryl
by Sheryl

I am writing simply to say thank you. Thank you so much for making the GoodNites products. They seriously have saved my son embarrassment and helped him keep his independence. My son, Danny, is 11 1/2 yrs old. He was born with a broken back and is a paraplegic. He is perfectly fine but just can't walk. He is also the only wheelchair child in our K-12 school. Your GoodNites products have allowed him to have friends sleep overnight and also go on overnight sleepovers at friends houses. They have allowed him to go to overnight camp also. We use the XL size and also the pads that go on the beds. He's not big enough for adult diapers at night and these have been a HUGE lifesaver for his self esteem...and my sanity. I do not have to wash his bedding often. :) During the day he is continent but at night we rely on your product. I just wanted you to know how they have enhanced his life. Thank you!!! ~Sheryl

Moose Lake, MN
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by CARLOS

5.0 stars 10/1/2012 by CARLOS

We have been searching for a good diaper for a while now.We finally tried GOODNITES and now we love it.My son is a big boy @ 3 years old we are still having trouble potty trainning him so in between we use goodnites they are the best product out there... 1.great design 2.does not give my son a rash leaks 4.great for big kids 5 STAR PRODUCT THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by THeemann123

5.0 stars 4/3/2013 by THeemann123
by THeemann123

Hold all of my son's urine and keep him a secure at sleep at sleep overs. Also keeps the sheets dry at night. Lastly makes him happy.

Akron, OH, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
GoodNites helped my son feel more confident!

Customer review by Sinee

5.0 stars 9/25/2012 by Sinee
by Sinee

When our son was about 4 1/2, we thought that he was ready to sleep w/out pull-ups. On his 1st week alone, he wet almost every night. He wasn't quite ready. He was afraid to take naps because of bedwetting. So, we found GoodNites. Since wearing them, he became more confident & less embarrassed. We assured him that he'd only wear them until his bladder grew stronger. Overall, we're extremely pleased w/GoodNites because they're more like actual underwear w/cool designs!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by tyler

5.0 stars 9/17/2012 by tyler
by tyler

I hope they bring the boxers back too and make the current ones for xl/xxl i use goodnites for night and day i would use no other product i wish they made a velcro snap version for someone to adjust size themselves

Sabattus, ME, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
I like these for my son

Customer review by jenne2974

5.0 stars 10/8/2012 by jenne2974
by jenne2974

I wish they came alittle bit bigger. My baby has down syndrome and i am having a hard time potty training him .He wears a size 8 and the l/xl are getting to small.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love them!!! Just wish they came in a bigger size :(

Customer review by Mommylove

5.0 stars 12/14/2012 by Mommylove
by Mommylove

My son is 10 years old and still has to wear diapers because he is severely autistic and doesn't understand potty training yet. Goodnights are the only brand that I use because they are the most absorbent and most comfortable for him. I just wish they came in a bigger size because he is quickly outgrowing these and has a long way to go to fit into adult diapers. Also, adult diapers don't seem as comfortable. I know a lot of parents with special needs children who use Goodnights and would love to be able to buy them in a bigger size. Is there any way that this could happen? Thanks!

Hobbs, NM, USA
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Love these!

Customer review by Marlenpub

5.0 stars 7/2/2013 by Marlenpub
by Marlenpub

I am the mom of twin boys who are five and considered special needs and a three year old. When the boys were getting too big for pull-ups, my mom suggested Goodnites and we were so happy to find them. Some kids (especially those with special needs) are not potty trained easily and it can be very frustrating to not be able to find a size that works or doesn't leak. I've been very lucky with Goodnites. Thank you from a mom who has tried everything else and always goes back to Goodnites!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
does what its supposed to

Customer review by Maxie905

5.0 stars 4/24/2013 by Maxie905
by Maxie905

My son has been using goodnites for at least 2 years now. They work great, no leaks, even when they get really full. Some one wrote it causes their son to break out in a rash, well on occasion they can cause a little rash, if its hot and they are in a stuffy diaper all night any diaper will cause a slight rash, to prevent that you can use regular vaseline. (I hardly ever have to do this now) Rub a little on their butt before putting on diaper and it prevents that. They dont rip or tear, I just slide them off in the morning. If they stay dry, can even be reused a few nights, they hold up great! Overall, great product, definately recommend, son says their comfortable, and doesnt feel like a diaper

Clermont, FL
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1-20 of 211 total reviews
1-20 of 211 reviews