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23 reviews | 4.4 out of 5

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1-20 of 22 total reviews
1-20 of 22 reviews

Customer review by CeceAA

5.0 stars 5/6/2011 by CeceAA
by CeceAA

i discovered this cream a couple of months ago and i absolutely love it. it is 100% oil free and not greasy. it is the only cream that hasn't caused me to break out in a year. In fact, my husband started to use it after he saw the improvement of my skin. i am ordering some more.

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joliet, IL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:25 - 34
Ownership:2 - 3 months
Usage:Every day
Used by Generations

Customer review by Cland16

5.0 stars 6/30/2016 by Cland16
by Cland16

My Grandmother used Oil of Olay. Since I was a a young teenager I would use hers. I personally love the sent, maybe sentimental now as it will forever remind me of her. But I have always loved the scent. There are so very many new products on the market, but this is tried and true. I can't even be bothered with other moisturizers, Oil of Olay is my one and only and a family tradition so to say. With five of her children and 15 grandchildren who have children of there own 90% of us use it!

Boston, Ma
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Combination
Who are you fooling?

Customer review by coralimuai456

1.0 stars 5/29/2016 by coralimuai456
by coralimuai456

Olay recommends this cream as a replacement to its discontinued dew over moisturiser. Dew over used to be a gel based that moisturised and made face GLOW. Same with tone correcting night cream replaced with firming cream? They don't give same result. Please stop producing extra product lines and keep consistency in your old products. Very disappointed and will loose your long time customer like me.

New York, NY
Would recommend to a friend? No
Skin type:Combination
Great Product

Customer review by Dimples121880

5.0 stars 10/5/2012 by Dimples121880
by Dimples121880

I purchased this cream about two weeks ago and I'm glad I did. It all started when I was searching for a new moisterizer for my face. I have combination skin and its so hard to find the right product. I was using Clinique for about seven months but my tzone would still be oily and the rest of my face still dry, especially my cheeks. Not to mention I was tired of spending so much on expensive products that are high end. I searched and searched and then it dawned on me to see what Olay offered. I have used other Olay products so I'm a fan but never anything on my face. I bought this and it has hydrated my dry areas very well and makes my skin so soft and velvety smooth. The smell is not overwhelming to me, it kind of smells like baby powder actually. But most importantly my skin looks even toned and my skin glows. I don't normally suffer with acne or bad skin in general, I have clear skin but I like to keep my skin looking its best and definitely not dry looking. This makes even good looking skin look better and that's saying something. A little goes a long way you don't need to apply much so the jar should last quite a while. I also wash my face in the day and also at night and apply this cream both times. I know this is a classic and its one of their older products but I love a product that's time tested and lives up to its word. Thank you Olay for such wonderful products you make. I'll always be a lifelong user.

Decatur, GA
Skin type:Combination
I thought it was "old school"...

Customer review by Melwarn

5.0 stars 5/24/2011 by Melwarn
by Melwarn

And "old school" is great...:) There is a reason why this product is still on the market, after all. I remember my mom using this sporadically, and I have tried other Olay products, but this is the one I was remain faithful to. My regimen is Oil of Olay in the morning; and Night of Olay prior to bed. My skin is radiant, soft, younger looking and more firm in literally just a matter of days. I don't care about looking "older", but I want to look the best I can at every age. Oil of Olay is helping me do just that. Thanks so much!

Westerville, OH
Skin type:Normal
My beautiful secret...

Customer review by Shrlotsweb

5.0 stars 1/21/2011 by Shrlotsweb
by Shrlotsweb

My mom will be 90 years old in June 2011. She has used Olay ever since I was a little girl and I am now 52. She is so beautiful for her age and always has Oil of Olay in her bathroom and bedroom. I have been using for about 23 years now and everyone tells me I look like I am in my late 30's or early 40's. I tell them "Oil of Olay". It makes me think of her every morning and night when I use it getting ready for work or getting ready for bed. LOVE IT! Thank you so much for wrinkle free face and a memory of a life time.

Skin type:Normal
Have been using this product for over 30 years!

Customer review by Theresa

5.0 stars 6/8/2009 by Theresa
by Theresa

I grew up in Arizona and in my teens I became aware of how the dry air was affecting my skin. I couldn't use the same products as my peers because they seemed to have have heavy perfumes and chemicals that made my skin burn and break out . Oil of Olay became my favorite moisturizer because it soaked right into my skin without irritation. My face felt smooth, soft and quenched. Today many people tell me I look much younger than I am. I credit the Oil of Olay product line for that.

Albuquerque, NM
Skin type:Combination
The best facial moisturizer.

Customer review by lbot

5.0 stars 1/20/2013 by lbot
by lbot

I have purchased many moisturizers, and this is by far the BEST.....This year I will hit 40, and must admit, I started the hunt several years ago. Not many products have I purchased more than once, but this is one that I always have. IMO, it must be used with whatever wrinkle/acne/problem, you may have, but, is the most, perfect moisturizer to use layered with whatever you may be using for your own personal needs. Love this stuff, don't ever discontinue this Olay...Please!

Lincoln, Ne
Skin type:Oily
Where is the senstive complete 4 ounce jar?

Customer review by Jean5

4.0 stars 8/2/2015 by Jean5
by Jean5

I can't find my main stay product of 13 years, sensitive with sunscreen, in the 4 ounce jar. The new pour bottle is thinner an not the same product. I want my product back, please!!!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Great for basics.

Customer review by mizk

5.0 stars 11/29/2010 by mizk
by mizk

I Love this cream! Its not heavy at all. everything will absorb in three minutes. I have oily and dry skin and couldn't wear anything at night without a zit in the morning! Im serious. Its great all day long. I recommended to my mom who doesnt ever use anything but soap. made a difference to her seemingly perfect skin. and it last long and a cheap price. FYI: I am a real person! I always think the makers post their own comments to get people to buy it.

Ventura, CA
Skin type:Combination

Customer review by toodry

1.0 stars 12/5/2010 by toodry
by toodry

I am highly disappointed that you have discontinued the sensitive skin face cream. (Blue graphics on jar) It is the only hydrating cream that I have found on the market that is a comfortable excellent facial cream for me. It did not make me red or itchy and did not burn. The pink cream is not near as good. I do not understand why you dropped the other. Now I am back to the way I was before :( Please bring it back. I would even pay more for it.

Skin type:Dry
The Best Facial Cream Ever!

Customer review by Robyn315

5.0 stars 7/31/2011 by Robyn315
by Robyn315

This is truly the best facial cream out there to use. I have tried many only to go back to Olay Active Hydrating cream. I just hope and pray that the company does not discontinue this wonderful product. I started using Olay active hydrating cream when I was 25 and I have no wrinkles and people want to know what's my secret and of course I proudly say "Olay Baby"!

Point Pleasant NJ
Skin type:Combination
Good moisturizer, but way too much perfume

Customer review by samw

3.0 stars 6/5/2014 by samw
by samw

I used to use the Active Hydrating cream for sensitive skin which did not contain fragrance and it was the best moisturizer ever. But for some strange reason, Olay stopped making it. So I tried this, the Active Hydrating original formula. It moisturizes well, but I can't get past all the fragrance. WAY too much perfume! I won't be buying it again.

Reno, NV, USA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Skin type:Normal
Truly Hydrating

Customer review by BabyFace31

4.0 stars 9/18/2013 by BabyFace31
by BabyFace31

I recently move to California where the air is much drier than the humid south, where I'm from.I needed to switch moisturizers because my face was so dry that it began breaking out (I normally have no acne.) Since I've been using this, my face is back to normal and maybe even a little softer! No more dry patches for me!!

Marysville, CA
Skin type:Combination
only one I can use

Customer review by Roseanne

5.0 stars 1/15/2010 by Roseanne
by Roseanne

As I have aged my skin got allergic re-actions to many creams. I had used olay products in my youth and gave it another try. Olay active hydrating cream,original is the only one that works. I am so happy I tried it again after so many years. My skin has cleared up and is looking good once again.

Ocala, Fl.
Olay cream review

Customer review by Ickey75300

4.0 stars 2/19/2014 by Ickey75300
by Ickey75300

This moisturizer made my skin a lot softer! I love this lotion but Olay please make the packaging bigger! I use up this product really fast and it's really bad for the environment to keep throwing away these hard plastic containers! The small size is good for travel, but not for home.

Davis, CA
Skin type:Dry
works great for very dry skin

Customer review by liizzy

4.0 stars 9/27/2014 by liizzy
by liizzy

I highly recommend this product if you have very dry skin. I can only use "creams" as lotions and gels do not hydrate me as well. This product is wonderful! The only downside is there is no spf in it.

Tampa, FL
Would recommend to a friend? No
The secret

Customer review by jmac3456

5.0 stars 6/20/2014 by jmac3456
by jmac3456

I started using this product when I was young b/c whenever I met someone older who didn't look it I would ask what they used and they always said, Oil of Olay. Its a classic for a reason!

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Normal

Customer review by TweetyBird

5.0 stars 8/7/2014 by TweetyBird
by TweetyBird

Sometimes my sensitive skin can get really dry, especially in the winter so I use this for my face day and night and it makes my skin so soft and smooth. I LOVE it!

Newport News, VA, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
User for over 20 years

Customer review by Sonia

5.0 stars 1/23/2010 by Sonia
by Sonia

Love this product! I have been using this product for over 20 years and still get outstanding results. It's an excellent moisturizer, without being greasy.

Skin type:Dry
1-20 of 22 total reviews
1-20 of 22 reviews