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Great for sensitive skin!

Customer review by Cbos87

5.0 stars by Cbos87

I have really sensitive skin and a lot of acne treatments are too harsh on my face, causing redness, irritation, itching and sometimes making me break out more. This really helps balance and clear up my skin without being too harsh.

Fort Worth
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Incredible on skin!

Customer review by TX24

5.0 stars by TX24

I find this astringent to be VERY good. When you use the liquid on your face it leaves behind a very cool tingly feeling that makes it seem as if it is working to fight back acne. Which is really great when you want that feeling, something to let you know something's happening. Also on my first use I could already see the difference in my skin. Living in TX, while in summer, it can get extremely hot and dry causing drying of the skin and or oily skin. It helped bring down acne on my nose making it very soft within 30 mins. But I do suggest that you buy a moisturizer so that your face does not become to dry. Hope this helps! C;

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I love it

Customer review by Alan

5.0 stars by Alan

It's better than other clean ad clear astringent because it doesn´t agresive with skin. You can use it after shave.

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Great for sensitive skin

Customer review by Kathryn93

5.0 stars by Kathryn93

I was nervous when I first tried this because my skin is very sensitive. I am happy to say that this has not irritated my skin at all and has slowly helped to improve my breakouts on my forehead. I am only using this once a day do to fear of excessive dryness especially since it is the cold winter months. This is the first clean and clear product that I have used and I am very happy with it.

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Great ! : )

Customer review by JerseyChickk

5.0 stars by JerseyChickk

I bought this because my acne is just, ughh so its like now after using this product it really helped my skin and everything else that I've used is to strong for my skin this is just right and I love it so much Thankyou Clean and Clear! My skin is left glowing every morning and every night !

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Excellent Product!!

Customer review by Ruby97

5.0 stars by Ruby97

I tried this a few months ago hoping it would help my skin, as I have very sensitive skin. It worked! I use it twice a day and my skin looks so much better than it did before. My breakout are almost non-existent!

New York City
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For Sensitive Skin

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars by An anonymous customer

I need something that is not harsh on my skin. This is perfect if I use anything stronger my skin begins to peel. This works very well for someone who has sensitive skin. I love this product.

An anonymous customer
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Customer review by FSUGYRL

5.0 stars by FSUGYRL

I bought this product to go along with my facial wash and moisturizer and I feel that it makes my skin very soft. Love, love, love the tingly fresh menthol feeling after I apply it to my skin. So far I am pleased with this product. I use it twice a day and there haven't been any major pop ups in my skin since. Great product to try and at a great price. You won't be disappointed.

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Amazing on sensitive skin!

Customer review by Rainbow27

5.0 stars by Rainbow27

I have dry/combination/sensitive skin and lots of spots! It has always been difficult to find effective products that are also gentle and won't dry my skin. This solution is amazing! It reduces spots so fast and does not irritate my skin or make it dry and uncomfortable. I would absolutely keep this in my spot fighting kit! So good, I am going to try the deep action wash for sensitive skin soon! I hope clean and clear is the answer for me!

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Easy on the skin. Removes bumps and zits fast> :)

Customer review by <DylanAussieFootball>

5.0 stars by <DylanAussieFootball>

Perfect for sensitive skin. Very non- irritant. Smells good too.

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Omg!! Luvvvv it!!!!

Customer review by Katierulez

5.0 stars by Katierulez

At first this product broke me out. But, I learned that it has to get really bad before it gets better so I kept using it. Then my skin got really clear!!!!!!

New York
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Sensitive, but deep cleaning toner

Customer review by ScorpioEnigma

5.0 stars by ScorpioEnigma

I love this toner! I've used Neutrogena Clear Pore for years and it way too harsh. This toner doesn't sting, yet cleans just as good as anything else. There's no left over residue or anything.

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Love It!

Customer review by Veronika1234

5.0 stars by Veronika1234

I did not realize how well this product was working until I ran out. This toner is inexpensive and works amazingly at keeping the dry parts of my face moisturized and the oily parts more regular. I have combination skin, by the way. It gets the leftover makeup off my face, and is gentle. The smell is very mild. The toner lasts me atleast four months, using it twice a day.

Walla Walla
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Been using it for years

Customer review by Angela

5.0 stars by Angela

This gets the oil and dirt off my face very effectively despite being for sensitive skin. When I was teenager I started using the regular astringent, but it irritated my skin, so the sensitive skin option has worked much better for me. I am in my mid-twenties and have been using the sensitive skin astringent since I was a teenager. I know that it works because I see the dirt on the cotton ball after I rub it on my nose, forehead, and/or chin. Those parts of my face are by far the dirtiest. If you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in this product that you know of, I highly recommend using this product if the other Clean and Clear astringent makes your face red. For some reason this product is getting harder for me to find in stores. :(

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Love this stuff!

Customer review by Laney

5.0 stars by Laney

I started using this toner about a week ago and this toner has worked wonder for me. I use the facial cleanser along with it and I haven't gotten a pimple. The fist day I used the toner I was getting a pimple and I applied the toner to my face that night and the pimple went away by the next night. I'm defiantly going to be using this forever

West palm beach
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Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars by An anonymous customer

I have only just bought this product last week and virtually all of my acne is gone! I've used a lot of acne products in the past but so far this is defiantly my favorite!

An anonymous customer
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Customer review by Rachel

5.0 stars by Rachel

This stuff is amazing. I can use it multiple times a day and it really makes a difference in how much oil my face produces. I have oily sensitive skin and finding stuff that works for me is really hard. The Essentials sensitive skin line has made all the difference.

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Skin type:Oily
It takes away stubborn zits and leaves skin clean

Customer review by Jess

5.0 stars by Jess

This stuff works amazing! The first night I used it, it took away a stubborn pimple that I tried to take away with other products! I love it so much, . I recommend the dual action moisturizer after this

Jersey city
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Customer review by Lila

5.0 stars by Lila

as soon as you put this stuff on, you feel it starting to work. my face feels & looks great! definitely a good buy dude.

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Customer review by charly_5sos fan

5.0 stars by charly_5sos fan

i really find this product useful . it helps my skin alot , as soon as you put it on it feels like its already working! i dont know if it is but i did when i woke up the next morning with no spots at all!

charly_5sos fan
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1-20 of 35 total reviews