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The world best cream

Customer review by Rose

5.0 stars by Rose

oh my god ive tried shaving cream and this one is the best to shave i:ve tried other shaving cream. for my legs and this is the one best cream to shave my legs and my bikini. My best friend said to try it i don't have razor bumps like the other one's and it does what it say it does. i thank my best friend. i would highly recommend this product. thanks for inventing this wonderful cream i know only use aveeno on everything and myskin is better than ever 100%

Belleville, NJ, USA
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Best shaving gel hands down!

Customer review by Fabi

5.0 stars by Fabi

I lov this shaving gel. I tried others that may be a bit cheaper but paying the extra couple bucks for this one is worth it and this is the only one I've been using for years. I can't remember getting any razor cuts ever since i started using this gel.

Gahanna, OH, USA
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Perfect Shave Cream

Customer review by groovyd

5.0 stars by groovyd

I am an avid wet shaver and use all methods to shave including cartridges, as well as vintage double edge and straight razors. I have tried literally hundreds of shave soaps and creams. Aveeno's Therapeutic Shave Gel is one of the best shave creams I have ever used. A luxurious and rich shave with absolutely no irritation even on extremely sensitive skin.

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best ever.

Customer review by alycat52

5.0 stars by alycat52

I've tried every shaving cream, gel and lotion I come across and this is, hands down, the best! It works to prevent razor burn and gives a great smooth shave better than even the high dollar stuff I've used...bonus - the smell is amazing! Highly recomended by my boyfriend, all my girl friends and myself!

Orlando, FL, USA
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A Joy To Shave

Customer review by Joshua

5.0 stars by Joshua

I'm not sure if I'm like most men, but i hate to shave. Aveeno has changed that for sure. The gel has a wonderful soft sweet smell and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and smooth. I'm defiantly an Aveeno fan for life.

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Safety Razor

Customer review by safetyrazor

5.0 stars by safetyrazor

I recently started shaving with a safety razor and seemed to have discomfort afterwards when using even high end premixed/powder shaving cream. I recently tried the Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel and it's amazing! No cuts/nicks and leaves my skin smooth and non irritated. This is a must try!

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The best!

Customer review by Sam1965

5.0 stars by Sam1965

This is the only shaving product I use---except when I am travelling. I love the no-fragrance formulation, and other shaving gels/foams are iritating and not as smooth. I only wish it were available in a 2-ounce travel size---that's mostly why I am writing this review, I'd really like to see J&J offer the travel size.

Harpers Ferry, WV, USA
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My favorite - my husband's, too!

Customer review by Elizabethy

5.0 stars by Elizabethy

My husband & I both love this shave gel & use it exclusively. I agree with Sam1965 that a 2oz or 3oz size would be ideal. In fact, I came to the Aveeno site specifically looking for a travel size.

Abilene, TX, USA
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This is it!

Customer review by Shannon79

5.0 stars by Shannon79

After throwing my hands up in frustration at the selection of shave gels for sensitive skin I stumbled upon this. Worth every penny to not have a rash, ingrown hairs, or an allergic reaction to the scent! Please don't ever change this formula. I love it!

Fort Lauderdale
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Excellent until the last drop

Customer review by SilvianCFDP71

5.0 stars by SilvianCFDP71

I have buy it in my trip in States, 2 months ago. It's very nourishing and economical - a very small amount is sufficient.No like other shaving gels, the propellant it's enough until the last drop, this morning.

Beersheba, Israel
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Not just the best

Customer review by mdebusk

5.0 stars by mdebusk

I've tried every shave cream and shave gel on the market, I think, and I keep coming back to Aveeno. To me, it's not just the best shave gel on the market; it's the only good one. All the rest either leave my face irritated or don't let me get a close shave. My big wish for this product: a travel size.

North East
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Lovvvve Itttttt

Customer review by BbyGrlLes

5.0 stars by BbyGrlLes

I have very sensitive skin when it comes to water or anything that goes on my skin. I shave my legs before i take an oatmeal bath and usually with normal shaving cream my skin starts to burn and itch as soon as i put it on. The aveeno shave gel (a little goes a lonnng way) was very smooth on the skin and felt like my skin was absorbing it, instead of just sitting on top of it.

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Please make a travel size!

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars by An anonymous customer

To the folks at Aveeno -- thank you for making the best men's shave gel for the money! Please produce it in a travel size!

An anonymous customer
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Best shaving cream I've ever used.

Customer review by c1995

5.0 stars by c1995

Shaving used to be such a chore, and I hated doing it because it'd leave me with bumps and cuts and dry, irritated skin. Now that I've found this stuff, though, I'm never using anything else. I never write reviews, but I'm going out of my way to write this one because I really can't believe how well it works. Shaving is a pleasure now, and I've gotten all my friends and family hooked on this gel. Smooths the skin, moisturizes, and does a great job at protecting the skin overall.

Staten Island
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Finally fragrance free shaving cream!!!

Customer review by redmusic

5.0 stars by redmusic

I am allergic to fragrance and haven't been able to find anything fragrance free until I recently found this. This is the first time I have ever shaved my legs and not had an allergic reaction! I finally feel comfortable to wear shorts and I don't have to worry about red bumps and blotches. I am so thankful for this product and recommend it to anyone that has allergies to fragrance!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
My skin feels super soft!

Customer review by Marie

5.0 stars by Marie

This product is fabulous, does wonders for your skin. I am a woman and I love using it in my personal care routine to shave my legs, underarms ... It is very good product. I highly reccomend!

San Juan
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My skin looks and feels healthy!

Customer review by Laura

5.0 stars by Laura

This I started to use my husband and he loved how it worked in your skin, then use it decided to shave my legs with this gel not bury me hairs and does not cause me itching or burning and leaves my skin super soft, really I'm surprised with this product IS FABULOUS ... Now I have included in my beauty ritual that is great. My husband is also happy with Aveeno products. Thank you, please never discontinue!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Oily
The best shave gel I've ever used!

Customer review by bigshorty

5.0 stars by bigshorty

This is simply the best shave gel I've ever used, and I've used just about all the major brands and most of the generic ones too. (Lol) With Aveeno, I have no irritation or razor bumps and I use it to shave both my head and my face. I used to have major irritation on my head using other brands that were supposed to be for sensitive skin but I always ended up with some form of irritation. My first time using Aveeno was a few months ago and I was amazed at how smooth my shave was with absolutely no irritation. I was doing everything the same as before: same razor, same stroke; the only change was that I was using Aveeno shave gel. Just to be sure I wasn't imagining things, I used my old gel one more time and experienced irritation. From here on out it's only Aveeno shave gel for me. As an African- American male, I have had problems with razor bumps and irritation and I'm grateful for the effectiveness of this product.

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Best shave gel i ever used

Customer review by SAM63

5.0 stars by SAM63

all i can say to Aveeno is--keep on making this great shave gel. i have recommended this shave gel to others and they all agree--its the BEST.

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The Best

Customer review by Jules

5.0 stars by Jules

So I started using this a year ago. It was so perfect that I forgot I had a very sensitive skin. I decided to use another brand. The worst mistake of my life, my skin was so rough and I was so embarrassed. So I'm running back to aveeno. I'm praying it will repair the damage

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1-20 of 29 total reviews