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don't waste your money

Customer review by merrywidow86

1.0 stars 1/30/2017 by merrywidow86
by merrywidow86

leaves the floor too wet. I have had other steam mops in the past and my floors dried as you use them. this one just left a wet floor.very disappointed with Bissell

Comment from Rick - 1/31/2017

Thanks for giving the mop a try! If the floors are appearing too wet, try pressing the steam trigger less - that should help to reduce any excess moisture on your floor.

new york n.y.
This product is easy to use.

Customer review by Merrycruiser7321

5.0 stars 1/3/2017 by Merrycruiser7321
by Merrycruiser7321

I got this as a gift and the first time I used it I was impressed by how easy it is to use. My wood floors look fantastic. It is simple to use and it can be done in a timely manner.

Las Cruces, NM, USA
One of best purchases I've made

Customer review by CleaningAgain

5.0 stars 6/9/2012 by CleaningAgain
by CleaningAgain

I've had this mop for 5 years. I was impressed from day one with the quality of the product, and still remain impressed. After five years, I truly believe that this item will last my lifetime. I use it on wood and tiled floors, and only use distilled water. I vaguely recall this recommendation. Prior to using this item, I use my Bissell FeatherWeight Bagless. Another smart item, which I've had for 10(?) years. Its the old 'electric broom' that I grew up with. I remember having a really hard time finding a simple 'electric broom', when I located this item. It was a floor sample, the only one left, and I snagged it. The Bissell SteamMop is tied with the SpotBot Pet (which I recently purchased) for my favorite cleaning tool. Love it, love it, love it. No complaints about this product... except... my darn cat recently took off with the black cap that secures the tube in the reservoir (my own fault... I knew she would grab it if I left it loose). Of course, I can't find it! Can I just buy a cap? Thank you, Bissell.

Comment from Joe - 6/12/2012

You can order the cap and insert with the tube in it. Also, don't forget to get new filters and our Eucalyptus Mint Scented Water. Here is a quick link to get to them:

Concord, OH, USA

Customer review by shebb

5.0 stars 4/5/2012 by shebb
by shebb

I initially used a box of steel wool, 5 buckets of soapy water and a lot of hard work to clean the kitchen tile floor and grout when we moved into this house 5 years ago. We thought the grout was brown--turns out it's beige! Since i have gotten the steamer-no need for steel wool or hard work! The steamer cleans the tiles and grout as if I had! I bought mine about one year after painting this same kitchen. I had never bothered to get the paint off the tile floor behind/under the fridge. The steamer took off all the dried paint that had been sitting for a year! I used it to clean up after painting the dinning room and it removed all the tiny paint spatters and some ancient stains on the hard wood floor--from a standing position!!!! Lovely! I too experienced a problem with leaking and puddling of water-it turned out the water container was not inserted into the filter mechanism properly--works fine when connected properly.

ontario, canada
Attention Single Menz

Customer review by Kewlzter

5.0 stars 3/30/2013 by Kewlzter
by Kewlzter

This should be in every man's toolbox. As a single guy, i never liked mopping floors (kitchen/Bath). Till now!. This mop makes cleaning a breeze. No gimmicks just easy cleaning power. You wont realize just how dirty your floors are till you use this mop, and use it you will. There is only two negatives about this mop. First is that carpet cleaning attachment, it doesn't stay on or i'm not using it correctly. Second is it's ability to get edges takes a bit of work. I imagine this is a draw back of all steam mops. So if you are going to get a mop. this is It. This mop has a little weight to it, good surface contact makes sure you cleaning even the toughest grime and dirt. Super easy to use, and it's of good construction. Light enough to hang on the wall with it's wall hanging attachment and a nice natural color that matches any decor.. So take the guess work out of cleaning, and get this baby right here.

Big Bear, CA, USA
Love my Steam Mop

Customer review by JL Blanc

5.0 stars 10/15/2016 by JL Blanc
by JL Blanc

I finally splurged and bought this excellent product. My floors are clean in minutes. There is no waiting for puddles to dry. I know that the surface is clean. I can feel confident that the solution is environmentally sound. Happy Customer!

JL Blanc
Pacific Coast
Deluxe Steam Mop & Vacuum

Customer review by Dan

5.0 stars 6/15/2012 by Dan
by Dan

I have used 3-4 different Brand steam mops, they have not done the job like the Bissell. My floors have started to look like when they were laid 14 years ago. I have used 50% soft water and 50% vinegar with great success. I was thinking of using 50/50 of water and hydrogen peroxide to see if that would even be better. Let me know what your thoughts are. The only thing about ordering online with Bissell is that it is doesn't seem to be an easy task. I gave up on your website and I have been working with computers for over 40 years with much more complicated challenges. The other product we bought in the last 30 days was the 84G9 Bissell Vacuum with the rewind cord. 1st the vacuum is extremly loud and hurts our ears. 2nd the cord rewind works only if you hold on to the cord and feed it back into the rewinder. Then it stops 4-5 times, and you have to pull the cord to restart it again.

Comment from Joe - 6/18/2012

Please note, only water or our Eucalyptus Mint Scented Demineralized Water should be used in this machine. Other products used in this machine void the warranty and can harm the internal components. Here is a link to our recommended Eucalyptus Mint Scented Water:

Las Vegas, NV
This product is a must have

Customer review by Mom of four

5.0 stars 12/22/2013 by Mom of four
by Mom of four

This is the second steam mop that I have the pleasure of owning. The first one gave up the ghost after more than 10 years. I just love that we don't need chemicals to get a perfectly clean floor. The mop is light weight and can get under most furniture pieces that you can't even get a broom under. I used the mop once before a party and one particular guest did not want to get his new white socks soiled but guess what the floors were perfect and he didn't get a spot on them when the party was over. Since I must speak on the negative too I would also mention that I too find the pads too much to spend in addition to the initial purchase which you should do to save on S&H. The old pads work fine still and they are more than 10 years old too so I would say there is value for money here for sure.(I bought new ones just in case the old ones did not fit.)

Mom of four
Whitehouse, Readington Township, NJ, USA
New Steam Mop Deluxe - leaks around filter and water bottle

Customer review by MountainSide

3.0 stars 8/22/2014 by MountainSide
by MountainSide

We use steam mops to clean our hardwood floors, they work great when they work. We started with a Shar** unit until it finally gave out. Along the way, we learned that you have to use distilled or demineralized water or they will plug up. Nonetheless, after the Shar** died, we wanted to try a better unit and so choose the Bissell 8482 Steam Mop. It worked great for several months. Now it make that water runs...from the area where the water bottle attaches to the filter or from where the filter attaches to the main body. We've ordered a new water bottle, a new filter, cleaned the nozzle, cleaned the mop head sprayers and continue to use only distilled water. After a few uses, it starts to leak again. Very disappointed in Bissell, as an engineer, I can tell you there is a design flaw here.

Comment from Lisa - 8/28/2014

Thanks for your review. You have worked hard to get your machine to stop leaking. We can help you. Please click at the link, so we can help with warranty replacement.

Bonita Springs, FL, USA
Ira's steam mop

Customer review by dianegail

5.0 stars 8/9/2016 by dianegail
by dianegail

I love this product on our wood floors and ceramic kitchen floor. Really cleans and removes stains with just water. I add a little eucalyptus water for a fresh smell. I use distilled water too. The mop pad gets very dirty and I put it in the laundry.

White Plains, NY, USA

Customer review by Smell that smell

3.0 stars 4/13/2012 by Smell that smell
by Smell that smell

Ok, so I have read all of the reviews and agree with some and really disagree with others . I think that if you use the mop correctly and make sure that you use distilled water and you keep the "port" clean overall its a good product to use between deep cleanings. I have over 5,000 yes 5,000 square feet of hardwood floors alone not counting all 6 bathrooms, 2 large Dogs and 3 kids this miracle mop has helped out GREATLY ! with the slobber marks or the mud that's drug in by eight paws and 6 tiny feet. The only problem I have had is from time to time it can smell a little fishy and I'm not sure why? I'm going to try and purchase extra pads to see if switching them out more often when cleaning will help. Overall, I think that this a a good product.

Comment from Joe - 4/17/2012

Thanks for the review. Your idea about switching the mop pads may help. Also, you can use bottled distilled water and add our Euchalyptus Mint water: Finally, make sure to change the water filter when the bright green grains turn blue. I hope this helps.

Smell that smell
St Louis, MO, USA
I love the mop and problems can be solved!

Customer review by Kleening Karen

5.0 stars 2/23/2013 by Kleening Karen
by Kleening Karen

I just bought my second steam mop, I've had my first one for about 4 years and it's still going strong! I have a cleaning service now so I bought the second one and because of the special price Bissell was offering. I've seen the negative reviews on of my clients has one that leaked terribly, but after tightening the cap tighter than I usually would, LEAK FREE! Also the fish smell, never had that problem until recently. I replaced the filter smell is gone! I also went back to my practice of NOT leaving the water dispenser full or on the mop when not in use. Wet floors....don't keep pressing on the steam button continuously and change pads frequently. All these tips work, and I love this machine and so do my clients!

Kleening Karen
Roanoke, VA, USA
Overall, I cannot recommend this product. It's a mop at best with very little steam action.

Customer review by Nan

1.0 stars 1/31/2012 by Nan
by Nan

After owning two of the competitor's steam cleaners and not satisfied with their customer service, I decided to try the Bissell Steam Mop based on the company's reputation. However, I think it's misleading to call it a steam mop. I have to continually hold the button to get any steam. Then it leaves too much water on the floor and it takes much longer for the floor to dry. It takes numerous attempts to get the water tank inserted properly; otherwise, there are continual drips. The power cord is almost freakishly short. I have an average size kitchen with an island and must move the plug-in to do the room. The boxy style of the mop doesn't get into corners. Cannot be used on hardwood floors so I'm only using it on the tiled floor.

Comment from Joe - 2/13/2012

Thanks for your feedback. The ‘steam on demand’ trigger does not need to be held the whole time, as this may be causing the oversaturation and excess water on the floor. Try intermittently depressing the trigger. This should help.

leaking is minor nuisance

Customer review by pugmom

4.0 stars 3/13/2013 by pugmom
by pugmom

I bought my Steam Mop about 2 years ago and it still works very well. I do have some minor leaking issues but I don't find it's a problem. I just stop depressing the trigger and the drips get mopped up as I go along. I've had no issues with streaking or bad smells. I bought a steam mop to clean my home greener. I like the idea of no chemicals. I don't have babies on the floor so I don't feel the need to sanitize my floors. And when the kids were little they played on the floor with the usual amount of dirt and germs and are probably healthier adults for it! I haven't needed to buy distilled water but use the filtered water from the fridge door dispenser. All in all I'm satisfied with my purchase.

Wakefield, MA, USA

Customer review by Colleen

3.0 stars 10/1/2012 by Colleen
by Colleen

I received rave reviews about the steam mop deluxe how ever when i bought one myself i have not been completely satisfied. My first issue is that the mop leaves the floors soaked and streaky, i have to go over the floor again with a swiffer to clean up all the water. I change the pad everytime i use it so not sure what else would help. My second problem is that the tank constantly leaks, this is the most frustrating of the problems. The mop does a great job cleaning the floors but causes more work because i then have to get down on my hands and knees and sop up the extra water. Help! I have only had the mop since May 2012 and dont think it should be malfunctioning this soon.

Comment from Joe - 10/4/2012

Colleen, sorry that you haven't had good performance out of your Steam mop. We recommend only pressing the trigger intermittently as holding the trigger could lead to over-saturating your floor and streaking. The unit shouldn't leak though. You may want to look at the following areas after unplugging the machine from the outlet: Filter -Make sure the filter is securely pushed into the body of the unit and that there are no cracks anywhere on the filter. - Ensure the thin black o-ring is attached at the bottom of the filter. If this is not present or if the filter is cracked, the filter needs to be replaced. If the o-ring is in place, check for deformity. (Products such as vinegar or other non-recommended solutions can cause deformity of the o-ring). - If the connector the o-ring attaches to is broken inside the receiver, this needs to be removed. Tank - Check the tank and cap insert for damage and to ensure the tank is securely pushed into place on the unit. If needed, a replacement cap insert assembly can be ordered online at this link, I hope this helps.

Virginia, USA
Near Perfect Cleaning for Hard Floors

Customer review by Mr. Clean Jr.

4.0 stars 5/24/2015 by Mr. Clean Jr.
by Mr. Clean Jr.

The Bissell Steam Mop Deluxe will: Keep your household floors clean without the trouble of typical mops, buckets, detergents/cleaners, and without the residue left behind from whatever cleaning product using the above method. The steam and microfibre cloths really do remove virtually everything on the floor, afterspotting. What this product will not do is remove some of the dried on gunk that's common on kitchen floors, sometimes after several passes. Here and there spotting will be necessary. But, those with chronic back and joint pain should not hesitate with this. It really does make doing the floors so much easier.

Mr. Clean Jr.
I hate using

Customer review by Almanec

1.0 stars 8/14/2013 by Almanec
by Almanec

The first time I used it I know its not gonna work for long. Water started dripping from the reservoir connecting to the filter. I checked everything but nothing is working. I think it's loose or something but I don't know where to start. Even though it's leaking the steam is still working so what the heck. This is only the 5th time I used it since my husband bought it and every time the leak seems to get worst. Now, while mopping it would be wet all over the floor like you won't believe it! I have to wipe it with dry towel after using the Bissell. From the very beginning I told my husband it looks flimsy. And it is. I hate it.

Comment from Lisa - 8/16/2013

Thank you for your feedback; we're sorry for the trouble with your Steam Mop. We can help you; please check out the link for tips to try:

Miami, FL, USA
Good mop

Customer review by BackInSac

4.0 stars 10/22/2012 by BackInSac
by BackInSac

I have had my Bissell steam mop for several years. It has saved my back. Physically, I could no longer mop my floors on my hands and knees nor with a standard mop so I purchased this steam mop. This mop was a lifesaver for me and cleaned my hard surface floors even better than the old traditional ways I was using! Unfortunately, it recently stopped steaming and the body is severly overheating. I tried the troubleshooting tips in the owner's manual and could not get the steam operating again. I may upgrade my next purchase to a better quality Bissell steam mop in the hope that it would last longer. I would recommmend this brand.

Comment from Lisa - 10/23/2012

Sounds like you got many good years out of your machine. Take a look at this new steam mop.

Sacramento, CA, USA

Customer review by Jane

1.0 stars 9/1/2013 by Jane
by Jane

This is by far the worst product I have ever purchased. THEY DO NOT WORK!!!!!! My first one I had less than 2 months because the water would not come through the bottom. I called the company and they sent me another one. The second one worked for the first 3 times I used it, and then did the same thing. On the second time using it, It did not work for close to 45 minutes of plugging it in. So when I tried again a month later I had it plugged in for 45 minutes and still nothing. I just threw the entire thing in the trash. I NEVER write a review, but this is the worst product ever and I would never recommend it to anyone.

Comment from Joe - 9/6/2013

Sorry to hear that Jane. If you have hard water any steam mop will work best with distilled water. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help

Louisville, KY
It's ok...

Customer review by LauraKay

2.0 stars 3/6/2012 by LauraKay
by LauraKay

My understanding is you need to hold the steam mop in the same spot with the steam on for 15 seconds for it to actually disinfect. Not only would this take a long time to disinfect your floors, they will be soaked. I have all hardwood flooring in my house. This mop leaves behind too much water when just passing over the floors, not even trying to disinfect. It also leaves water spots... I am using distilled water as recommended. Not sure of any benefits of this mop at this time. I was hoping it would be as fantastic as so many people had said in their reviews. Unless I can get it to work better I will be returning it.

Comment from Joe - 3/6/2012

Thanks for the review LauraKay. That's right, you would do that if you wanted to sanitize an area. By holding the Steam Mop in place for 15-20 seconds, you can sanitize your floors by killing germs such as E. coli and salmonella. It isn't necessary to do this when mopping, but when you have specific areas you may want to sanitize. During regular mopping you can intermittently use the steam trigger long enough to wet the mop without over saturating it. I hope this helps you.

Huntington Beach, CA
1-20 of 219 total reviews
1-20 of 219 reviews