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90 reviews | 4.1 out of 5

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90 reviews | 4.1 out of 5

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1-20 of 89 total reviews
1-20 of 89 reviews

Customer review by Joe889

2.0 stars 1/5/2017 by Joe889
by Joe889

The Sprunch Mousse that was discontinued was called "Style" and it was the best product I ever used. The product they replaced it with does not compare. I did find "Curl Lock" Sprunch at the Family Dollar store. It's the best of the mousse Aussie has, but still not as good as the "Style" Sprunch that is gone. Out of all their products, they did away with the BEST one. I don't get it.

Amherst, NH
Would recommend to a friend? No
Left my hair soft, shiny, & frizz free!

Customer review by Isobel

5.0 stars 12/26/2014 by Isobel
by Isobel

I have naturally thick, wavy, and frizzy hair. I've tried a lot of products over the years to stop my hair from poofing up, and have finally discovered the magic that is sprunch - it's so good, I can take a shower, use this mousse, and leave the house right after without worrying at all! I use it after showering when my hair is damp, and make sure to use it pretty generously on my ends - my hair frizzes a little as my hair is drying, but all I have to do is run my hands through it a few times when it's almost dry - multiple people asked me where I had gotten my hair blown out! I'd say start with a minimal amount of mousse, and experiment with using more as you feel it out and see what's right for your hair. I honestly can't believe how much money I've spent on expensive products in the past, when sprunch was here this whole time. As someone who has had a lot of frizz insecurity and really thick unpredictable hair, I cannot express how happy I am about this easy to use, inexpensive, and delicious-smelling product! Get on it, guys.

Oakland, CA, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Sadly not the same product.

Customer review by Curls

1.0 stars 5/2/2016 by Curls
by Curls

Very disappointed in the formula change. The online product information still says leave in conditioner but the product itself no longer does. As a motorcycle rider with long curly hair I search a long time for a product then found and used the Aussie Mouse + leave in conditioner and loved it because it kept my hair from severe tangling and dryness. I'd referred many others to the product and they loved it as well. Our only complaint then was the local stores could not keep it in stock. I truly felt that was a sign of and excellent product. However since the product change we've all had to seek out another source of leave in conditioner. I've tried other Aussie Mouse products and they don't compare. I hate to switch brands so let me know when you change the Aussie Mouse + Leave In Conditioner back to the way it was and I'll gladly come back to Aussie.

North Dakota
Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by Schip22

3.0 stars 10/4/2016 by Schip22
by Schip22

These is a great product but since you changed the ingredients and added aloe, I can't use this brand now. Please reconsider your products ingredients.

Flint, MI
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
What happened to the original?

Customer review by Hillie

1.0 stars 9/17/2016 by Hillie
by Hillie

This is NOT the same product - I absolutely HATE the replacement - you had a winner Aussie and you ruined it....

Would recommend to a friend? No
Excellent product for my hair tipe

Customer review by Rosey

5.0 stars 8/28/2016 by Rosey
by Rosey

So bad Is very hard to find in my country, because is excellent

Ponce PR
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Hold that moves.....

Customer review by Lovie

4.0 stars 2/27/2014 by Lovie
by Lovie

I wear spiral curls daily and this stuff keeps my spirals defined while still allowing them to bounce and move. I LOVE how easy this mousse is to dispense. You don't have to press the button hard at all. With a gentle press, it comes out very, very easily in a thick, luxurious foam - not watery like some others that I've tried. No strong scent. My suggestion. Use the "Flexible Hold" for dry days and the "Strong Hold" for more humid days. You can be generous with your application. It doesn't get flaky or gummy. Of course, there's a time and a place for a really stiff, hardcore hold. This product won't do that. This mousse is for a hold that's soft and bouncy. Great for date night! I'm going to stock pile this stuff, because I NEVER want to be without it.

Maine, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
On A Hot Day U Can C 4Ever

Customer review by Aussome75

5.0 stars 4/25/2016 by Aussome75
by Aussome75

There are many leave in conditioners on the market but not too many leave in conditioners with mousse.Now why would you need both?Humidity of course!This product has just enough mousse to stop humidity in it's tracks but not too much that your hair feels tacky or weighed down.A little goes a long way.I use the size of a quarter in my hand and rub it through my hair then comb,lightly blow dry and brush.It makes my hair feel soft and fluffy.It's wonderful on hot days where my hair would normally frizz out.This product keeps your strands in place and out of your eyes.My favorite leave in conditioner!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Not the same product

Customer review by Carol17

1.0 stars 7/15/2016 by Carol17
by Carol17

Why, why, why change a formula that was perfect. This was the ONLY hair product we found that removes the tangles from my granddaughter's hair! We have spent years looking for the perfect product and now must start again. Bring back the old formula, please!!!

Bow Island, AB
Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by Brenda

1.0 stars 7/5/2016 by Brenda
by Brenda

Why oh WHY did you change the formula? This is regular old mousse, this is not the mousse/leave in like it was. The original kept frizzies at bay while making your hair super soft, this stuff just makes your hair crunchy! I will not buy any of your products until you bring the original back !

Would recommend to a friend? No
Bring back old formula please

Customer review by misslauraleigh

1.0 stars 6/17/2016 by misslauraleigh
by misslauraleigh

My two daughters and I all have curly hair. We had been using the Scrunch Mousse forever. We loved it. We have thick hair so we went through quite a bit of it. My daughters and I noticed the change in product (not just appearance) the first day. We are so sad. We will have to find a new mousse to love. Please bring back the old formula.

Huntingdon, TN
Would recommend to a friend? No
Why change a great thing!

Customer review by Petra

1.0 stars 6/7/2016 by Petra
by Petra

I am very disappointed. This is not the same fantastic product it used to be. Please Aussie, bring it back.

Inverness, Florida
Would recommend to a friend? No
Sprunch Mousse with LEAVE IN CONDITIONER

Customer review by Lindalu

1.0 stars 6/4/2016 by Lindalu
by Lindalu

this product is NOT the same as the Sprunch Mousse with leave in conditioner....Please bring it back.....

Shreveport Louisiana
Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by Knick

5.0 stars 3/28/2016 by Knick
by Knick

This is great stuff for my hair! I can wash it and put this in and let it dry and it is not crunchy AT ALL!!! Or I can blow dry it and my curls are aussome!! :) without ANY frizz. I have medium to thick hair with medium curls.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
best mousse ever

Customer review by Katie

5.0 stars 12/2/2012 by Katie
by Katie

my friend recommended this mousse to me a few years back. i have wavy hair and at the time was using gel to tame it and hold the wave. after i switched to aussie, i never looked back. it is just the right amount of hold and my hair always feels soft and light, never crunchy, heavy, or flaky. also it's super low maintenance. all i do is shower, brush my hair, scrunch in the mousse when wet, let it dry, and i'm good all day! so highly recommended

California, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Perfect, Long Lasting Curls!

Customer review by JLynn

5.0 stars 10/21/2014 by JLynn
by JLynn

If you are looking for a product that will keep you with soft curls all day then this is your product!! I recently starting using Aussie products and I will never go back... I put a little in my hair after my shower and it was like magic... no curling iron or hairspray needed for nice, soft curls. No other products have been been able to do that for my thick hair!! I love it and couldn't be more impressed! Thanks Aussie!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Milwaukee, WI
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Aussie sprunch with my natural hair

Customer review by bgriff88

5.0 stars 10/17/2014 by bgriff88
by bgriff88

I got my hairspray yesterday. I used it after I got out the shower. After my hair was already wet I sprayed my hair and scrunched my hair up. And after a few minutes I stared getting sum nice looking curls and I didn't have to put sprints in my because it harden the curls.which was great because sprints makes my hair turn colors. Will definitely use this product again and I recommend it for people with short natural hair. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Jacksonville, FL, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Stuff. Can't live without!

Customer review by NShira

5.0 stars 10/26/2015 by NShira
by NShira

I love this product. I have been going crazy looking everywhere for it. I have been using it forever. I have natural ringlets and this is the only stuff that helps control the frizz and keep my curl. HELP! I have tried other brands and nothing works.

Detroit, MI
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
I really dislike this product

Customer review by citygirl

1.0 stars 4/15/2013 by citygirl
by citygirl

I have long, curly frizzy hair and at one time it was easy to find Aussie's Instant Freeze mousse, which was fantastic, but that product may have been discontinued because lately I have not been able to find it. I decided to give this Aussie Sprunch mousse a try and I am very dissapointed. It just weighs my hair down and within an hour my hair will dry into a big ball of frizz!

Sugar Land, TX, USA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Love this stuff

Customer review by Robyn

5.0 stars 7/26/2015 by Robyn
by Robyn

I plan to go back to the store and stock up on this stuff because we love it so much. It smells great, it's affordable, it defines/conditions my daughter's curls without being sticky or crunchy, it dries soft and holds her curls in tack even in hot humid Texas summer weather. It works for my curly hair too! :)

Fort Worth, TX
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 89 total reviews
1-20 of 89 reviews