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I very recently purchased this food processor and feel it is the best product out there for the money. I am very picky and have returned three processors in three days trying to find a great one for the price. Most of the new processors out there have a complicated locking mechanism on the large feed shoots making it a true pain in the behind having to stop between each piece of vegatable. This machine is so simple and easy to do veggies fast. The motor is very quiet in comparison to others. It cuts beautiful the blades are very strong and thick and SHARP. (beware of that). All pieces fit neatly inside the bowl when I am finished. It cleans nicely , all i had to do was rinse it with no messing with small stuck pieces in corners. The machine is also very attractive on the counter. I have zero complaints and would recomend this to anyone wanting the best quality they can find for the money. Did I mention 500 watts of power to the motor? This machine feels and behaves like a 300 dollar model.

outstanding deal

First, I am not a professional food preparer. Just trying to enhance my kitchen and simplify+beautify meals. Let me start, If you shop for a product such as this you will find quite a few companies. But believe me, products like this, wear down. So be careful not to spend a great amount of money, especially if you don't have much experience. my pro about this food processor: The size of the container. The look on counter top Black with nice blue lights. The options; dough,cutter, and slicer/shredder. The wattage is 500Watts: pretty strong for my needs. This thing is supper fast in my experience. Finally, the price vs Oster is about $10 cheaper. But that is nothing; it came with a warranty for 2 years***** that is what sold the product to me. cons: I have not been able to find any supply of blades for this product. I wanted to be able to make french fries. and maybe a thicker slicer. Or be able to replace the blade in the future but it is sold no where. The Quality of engine is acceptable; it is very quiet. but it stopped working for me after some use: but this is not a con really as it has a warranty. Conclusion: when I started out in my shopping for one of these machines: I had my eye on Cuisinart. But my the price is just unjustifiable for my budget. Then I settled for a lower price Oster; Oster supplies parts. But when I arrived at walmart, This GE had a nice wide mouth, big bowl, 500W motor, and the most shocking it had a warranty.

Everyone should get this!

Large 14cup capacity. I don't know how I have done without it! I love it. Sleek design. The cord wraps on the bottom so out of sight for cleanup. Has foot grips so does not move around on the counter which is very important for disabled people as myself. Has a large chute. The manual has some recipies in it. Will make many pizza doughs, salsas, cookie dough, breads, smoothies, just about everything. I Love this item! Great quality and has timers on it, works great and not loud at all. Very quiet! Every kitchen needs this item!

Excellent Product I love it.

Wow I was so impressed with this processor. I love it. I made bread crumbs, corn meal, sliced and dices onions, made shredded potatoes for hash browns, shakes, slurpies and more. I haven't tried the bread mixer blade yet but I have confidence it will do just fine. Great product for the money. It is slightly bigger than my coffee maker. I am going back to GE products. I have seen the commercial for other new GE things I am going to check them out too.

GE 14 Cup Digital Food Procesor

I have owned 2 restaurants and have gone through many expansive machines ranging from $200 to $1400 and this $49 unit runs circles around the aforementioned units. I know now I will never even consider an alternate unit. The G E is everything it states and more. I have used it every day since I got it without as much as one skip. I have ground meat (a very tough task) chopped and pureed veggies, made cookie & bread dough all without even the slightest flaw. As I stated I just got this however I noticed that my stove, refrigerator, microwave are all GE product. Simply stated "Excellent Quality"

Excellent value for money

Its a great product and don't worry about the quality. I was a bit skeptical initially due to the low price, I am new to US and did'nt have much idea about the processors here. Initiall I went for the bullet express , ordered it from their site, they charged me the shipping and the cover broke in a day on top of that it was really clumsy. Then after hunting online and visiting almost all the stores, this was the best product I found at half the price I paid for my previous processor. I wanted a plastic jar and a dough blade and no other product offered these two things at this price and quality. The chute and jar are big enuf still its so easy to apply the lid ,unlike the previous processor. Its easy to assemble and wash. I have'nt used it long so can't b sure about how durable it is, but till now it seems good and the plastic does'nt look cheap. Overall a good product for money.

worked great 2 times

* performed great the 2 times I used it. *features are great, love that the cord is stored underneath the machine, and the design of the machine. It was fairly quiet. *The 3rd time machine would only come on and not do anything else. I checked everything and tried to get it to work for about 20 minutes. * the product was not in stock so I could not try another one, so it was returned. * I noticed in the reviews prior to my purchase that another customer had the same problem but everyone else loved it so much that I thought for the value I would purchase it too. *Maybe if more come in stock I will purchase one more time and then write an update review.

Read this if it stopped working!

I haven't seen this in a review and the manual doesn't mention this... The metal rod coming up through the center of the machine MUST be clean to have a good connection with the metal rod in the cover. This is the safety mechanism to keep the blade from running without the cover on. One drop of tomato sauce on the metal will stop operation. Simply wipe off the metal contacts and you're back in business. This thing rocks! Chopped onions, sliced cucumbers, made mayo no problem. Probably won't use the dough blade. The only con is that I wish it had another blade for finer shred and bigger slices.

A Delightful Surprise!

First, let me say that I have always wanted a Cuisinart Food Processor, but have never been able to afford one. I've looked on eBay, but even the used ones are rather expensive when you consider you have to add shipping. So, when I saw this GE Food Processor advertised at Wal-Mart for $49.95 (last fall), I had to check it out. After reading some of the online reviews, which were very helpful, I decided to buy it. I must say, that I am very glad I did. I don't bake, and I don't cook a lot, but it has performed admirably for what little I have used it for. So far, I've shredded and grated parmesan cheese, made bread crumbs from plain white bread, made a garlic/cream cheese spread, and made a wonderful viniagrette (which also required that I use the processor to mince the onions and garlic). My only complaint would be that it did not do a good job of uniformly grating the crouton-size bread pieces "after" they had been toasted. The next batch I did, I grated the bread into crumbs first, then toasted them. Much better!! Oh, and by the way, the suction cups on the bottom are very strong, so there is no danger of it tipping over or 'dancing' across the counter. At the current online price of $37, you can't beat it. I feel I've already gotten my money's worth.

good product

does the job very quickly.

Used it twice - broke

Unbelievable - we used it twice. One. Two. Break. The buttons freaked out and it would not start. This is why I like to use stuff a lot when I first get it - so I don't spend $50 on useless garbage - off to the store we go to get another model food processor.

Very Very Happy Camper

I have had my eyes on this processor for a long time. I have had others before (usually smaller) and they have not done what I hoped they would. I finally got a chance to pick this up for myself just in time for Holiday Baking. WOW = first the set up is a breeze and the feet are awsome, they keep the unit from moving all over the place. Love the extra large shoot, makes cutting easier since you can use bigger pieces. Clean-up, a breeze, a rinse under water and you are good to go or just throw it in the dishwasher to clean/sterlize.

Great first time food processor

This is my first time owning a food processor. Yes, I chopped the old fashion way, but I up graded. This processor was very easy to use. Need a firm hand to take the lid off, but it is well worth the money. Changing the chopping blades is a snap. So far I love it.

Light weight time saver

I found the cost reasonable. I was surprised the item had so much power. Very light weight. I would like to get a french fry slicer for it. The blades are super sharp, so caution to all. The wide mouth makes it easy to insert whole potatos. I just love it to death. I was so used to cutting and slicing by hand, I have to remind myself that I bought it for this purpose. Very impressed, I feel item has and will paid for itself.

GE Digital Food Processor is AWESOME!

This thing is amazing!! I had to chop up a whole bag of potatos, so I decided to try out the machine and see how it did with them. I was done a whole 5lb bag of medium sized potatos in under... 4 MINUTES!!!! And cleanup was a breeze! Took it apart, washed it, put it back together - nothing to it!!!!


When I saw the size (14 cups) and price of this food processor I thought it might be a misprint. I was amazed when I opened the package and saw it. So far I have used it to make raised yeast dough for Christmas breads (it did a terrific job) and chopped and mixed ham, onions and seasonings for ham salad sandwiches. As soon as I got the food processor I arranged to get another like it for my daughter. I like the touch controls--they don't gather crumbs, etc. like push buttons would.

Is big better

This has a huge workbowl so if you are grating and don't put quite a lot of food in it, you may find that some food doesn't get finely grated because it can lay under the blades and not pulled up and into the cutting area.

mine died too

I used this food processor I think 3 times. first 2 times worked great; I even made bread dough with it. The next time I tried to make dough, it died on me. I thought maybe it was just over heated so I put it away and let it rest. next time I took it out, nothing but blue lights. It's hard to find a 14 cup food processor that won't break the bank, but if it doesn't work, doesn't matter how big it is. I thought perhaps the other reviewers had defective models, but apparently, the motor on this thing is not built to last.

GE 14-Cup Food Processor

My old GE food processor (had it for about 30 yrs.) gave up the ghost just after Thanksgiving. Birthday money in hand I began my quest to buy a Cusinart. Alas I could only afford a model with a small bowl. On a whim I checked out what was available at the SuperWalmart about 20 miles from home. They had the 14-Cup GE in stock. I thought that I was settling for a less expensive model with fewer features, but I am thoroughly delighted with the GE's I save about $130. The Cusinart I was looking at was on-sale at about $180! I have made bread, chopped nuts, made cranberry relish, chopped veggies for filling, etc. It performs like a champ.

GE is awesome!

I received two food processors for Christmas. This one and then a Villaware which was much more expensive. I like this one better. One of the best things is that the blades store inside the unit when not in use. The Villaware doe not have this feature. Also the bowl is wider and the shoot is wider. It grond nuts in seconds and grated chees in a flash! Love it!
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