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73 reviews | 4.4 out of 5

4.5 stars

73 reviews | 4.4 out of 5

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1-20 of 71 total reviews
1-20 of 71 reviews
it leaves my hair so fresh and clean

Customer review by mamichasita33

5.0 stars 3/12/2015 by mamichasita33
by mamichasita33

I love this shampoo & conditioner! not only did it help with the flaking but it smells so so good and it leaves your hair looking amazing.

Would recommend to a friend? No
A Super clean and fresh hair

Customer review by kikicw

5.0 stars 8/25/2014 by kikicw
by kikicw

This product is awesome. I receive this shampoo as a complimentary product from Head and Shoulders. I washed my hair and I saw awesome results. With other products I got dandruff and flakiness at the next day of washed. But with H&S is different. After I washed my hair with H&S I hadn't seen any flakiness on my head. The cap of the product is awesome because is easy to clean. It has a really fresh smell. Leaves the hair with a great fragrance. I recommend this product.

Very effective

Customer review by RLA452

5.0 stars 8/25/2014 by RLA452
by RLA452

My hair feels soft and clean and no flakes. Scalp isn't dry and itchy at all. Washes out clean and helps you feel refreshed.

Rapid City, SD
Love Head and Shoulders

Customer review by mxyrealm

5.0 stars 8/25/2014 by mxyrealm
by mxyrealm

Before this bzzcampaign, I've already been a fan of Head and Shoulders for years. I love the fact that I received the classic where I can tackle on my dandruff problem. I use it everyday and it keeps my scalp clean with little dandruff. I can see the difference, because once I stop using it, my dandruff come back. I have very oily scalp. H&S does work! I see that there are other scents, too, but I don't mind just sticking to the classic one because it's not very heavy for those who are sensitive to smell.

Pasadena, CA
The results took me by surprise

Customer review by dorge67

5.0 stars 8/25/2014 by dorge67
by dorge67

When I first received the shampoo from Head & Shoulders, I was a little skeptical of what it would do for me. I don't suffer from severe damage, but I do have irritation on my scalp which causes visible red bumps. I have been using the shampoo for two weeks and I was surprised at the results. I have no more visible bumps and the irritation is gone. Any flakiness has disappeared and I am not embarrassed to cut my hair short for the summer. If you're looking for a shampoo to get rid of all of your embarrassing dandruff or signs of irritation, this is it!

Ypsilanti, MI
Amazingly Shiny and Soft Hair!

Customer review by dcoufal

5.0 stars 8/25/2014 by dcoufal
by dcoufal

After the first use, my hair was radically different - becoming shiny and soft instead of my "normal" dry and difficult to comb. I really dislike shampoos/soaps that have a strong smell as they tend to trigger a headache for me. Not this shampoo! The label is real - it's just a nice "fresh scent" - not overly like perfume, not "chemical", just a nice fresh scent. This is my new "go to" shampoo - it's a real "keeper"! If you're not happy with your current shampoo - or even if you are - give this shampoo a try -- you'll be glad you did!

Temple, TX
Works great!

Customer review by andycampy

5.0 stars 8/25/2014 by andycampy
by andycampy

I used this Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioner on both my hair and all 4 of my kids. Being Asian we all suffer with dry scalp. My daughters is the worst and we loved the results after about 2 weeks of using Head and Shoulders the unattractive flakes that garnished her dark brown/black hair were nearly all gone! Thank You

Overland Park, KS
Not your grandpa's shampoo

Customer review by NaterTot0729

5.0 stars 8/25/2014 by NaterTot0729
by NaterTot0729

I must admit. I was quite skeptical indeed before starting this campaign. I associated Head & Shoulders as something only old men use (both my grandfathers and father are loyal users) and tended to shy away from the brand. Not anymore!!!! The shampoo is the same flake-fighting stuff it has been for generations, only now it has a new scent, and doesn't seem to burn the eyes as much. (Yes, I'm that guy who seems to ALWAYS get the shampoo in his eyes somehow). I live in a dry region and have been recently growing my hair out longer. After three weeks of using Head & Shoulders there is not a flake in sight. The conditioner was genuinely a new experience for me. I had never used Head & Shoulders conditioner in my life, but now with my hair a bit longer it became clear I needed the conditioner. I LOVE IT! Not only does it smell nice, make for nice, soft hair, but it also is helping in the ongoing battle with flakes! Overall I would recommend Head & Shoulders to anyone having trouble with dandruff. There's a reason the brand has been around this long. IT WORKS!

Boulder, KS
not my grandfathers shampoo

Customer review by mmoistscf

5.0 stars 8/25/2014 by mmoistscf
by mmoistscf

I've fought the battle with dandruff for many years, trying many products and settling with lackluster results. I had always avoided Head and Shoulders, as it literally was the shampoo that my grandfather used and I viewed it as a tired old brand. This opportunity proved how wrong I really was, giving me results like no product I've ever tried. Firstly, it smells great. I've come to expect that familiar medicated smell from dandruff shampoo, but this Classic Clean leaves nothing but great smelling relief. Secondly, this stuff works fast. After one week of use, I was no longer dealing with the symptoms and agony of dandruff. Finally, its not just the shampoo that makes this awesome. The conditioner seals the deal. It keeps the fight going and made my hair feel great. Thanks Head and Shoulders for giving me this product to try, you've made me a believer and a life long user.

Orlando, FL
Like the smell

Customer review by jacobykandace

5.0 stars 8/25/2014 by jacobykandace
by jacobykandace

I received this product as a sample to try. I regularly use head & shoulders. If I don't my head gets itchy and sore. But I had never tried the conditioner. Both products work and do what they are intended to do. The smell is clean and fresh and the nice thing is it is unisex. I am a loyal customer!

Kelso, WA
Free head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner

Customer review by EllisWayne12

5.0 stars 8/25/2014 by EllisWayne12
by EllisWayne12

I love the classic clean Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioner! I got a free bottle of each from head and shoulders, through BzzAgent! I would recommend it to anyone, it leaves your scalp feeling nice and clean, and smells really good too! It is definitely the best of them all! Try some to test it out for yourself!

Waverly, OH
Gender nuetral scent with great foam action

Customer review by Tigres13

5.0 stars 8/25/2014 by Tigres13
by Tigres13

I really liked this shampoo actually. The bottle was easy to hold and because the consistency of the shampoo wasn't too thick or thin, it dispensed nicely. It has a very gender neutral scent, not too floral or fruity yet not masculine enough to have females shy away. It created a nice rich lather that cleaned my hair thoroughly and quickly. It rinsed away easily and didn't leave any noticeable residue. The scent left on my hair after drying off was subtle yet refreshing. My hair has great shine, bounce and is flake free. This is by no means the old school Head and Shoulders that I was used to.

Cape Coral, FL
Head and Shoulders

Customer review by ashaoak

5.0 stars 8/25/2014 by ashaoak
by ashaoak

Wow, I haven't used head and shoulders in a long time. I tend to go for more earthy scents than I've found in this brand's products, and while the scent is nice, it's not something I'd buy based on scent. The shampoo lathers nicely and rinsed without residue. I could feel immediately while rinsing that my hair was cleaner, and it's nice and shiny, even before brushing and with air drying.

Springville, NY
Head & SHoulders not just for flakey hair anymore

Customer review by pudda54

5.0 stars 8/25/2014 by pudda54
by pudda54

I got my box with shampoo and conditioner from Head and Shoulders. So I grew up on the old version of Head & SHoulders and remember the blue color and the medicine smell. I open the shampoo and noticed it was white in color and I smelled the shampoo it smelled clean and not like medicine so I thought I will give it a try since I live in the desert and that is when I get dry itchy flakey scalp more than winter. I have been using head & shoulders every day for 3 tries now and I put my regular shampoo and conditioner up to give it a try so now I have my old shampoo and conditioner in the guest bathroom I am using head & shoulders from now on so is my husband he likes it too and my hair feels soft and shiny I have told 4 of my friends now

Chaparral, NM

Customer review by asianboi18

5.0 stars 8/25/2014 by asianboi18
by asianboi18

Smells good, but I like the way my hair feels after using this in the shower. I guess it did help tackle the dandruff.. My dad especially loved it. However, it just wasn't for me. I look more for less moisture for my short hair, and I found this to be a bit drying.

San Diego, CA

Customer review by db2878

5.0 stars 8/25/2014 by db2878
by db2878

I love the classic clean Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioner! I got a free bottle of each from head and shoulders, through BzzAgent! I would recommend it to anyone, it leaves your scalp feeling nice and clean, and smells really good too! It is definitely the best of them all! Try some to test it out for yourself! These bottles sits with the cap on the bottom so the product is ready to dispense every time. The consistency was perfect; not too thick and by no means runny. I was able to apply it evenly without fear of it sliding off my fingers as I worked it through my hair. The scent was light and refreshing. I didn't have to let it sit long in my hair at all, 2 minutes top, before I rinsed it off. It rinsed out nicely and left my hair noticeably softer than before. After drying off, I could smell the product slightly not a over powering smell. It didn't leave my hair weighed down or greasy feeling at all. I really liked this shampoo actually. The bottle was easy to hold and because the consistency of the shampoo wasn't too thick or thin, it dispensed nicely.My hair has great shine, bounce and is flake free. Day after my hair is still shiny clean and smells great.

Nashua, NH
Head and Shoulders Perfect Fit

Customer review by cjenkin2

5.0 stars 8/25/2014 by cjenkin2
by cjenkin2

I received a sample of the fresh scent formula from Head & Shoulders. I love the product. The smell itself is not over-imposing and is pleasant. I noticed a drastic decrease in my dandruff as promised. Not only that, I use the shampoo as a body wash in a pinch. It works wonderfully for someone that generally has oily skin. Give it a shot. It is a definitely a versatile product that delivers on all its promises.

Celina, OH
Multi Use for the Head and Shoulders Shampoo

Customer review by fletcherforte

5.0 stars 8/25/2014 by fletcherforte
by fletcherforte

I absolutely love the Head and Shoulders dandruff shampoo. I used it and immediately noticed how clean my scalp was. The clean refreshing scent was an added bonus. The lather was thick and soothing. I enjoyed the tingling sensations which appeared to massage my scalp. I definitely would recommend Head and Shoulders dandruff shampoo as the solution to your hair care needs.

Pensacola, FL
Love my new shampoo

Customer review by jsingleton84

5.0 stars 8/25/2014 by jsingleton84
by jsingleton84

I got the Head and Shoulders classic clean and love the smell and love the way it works. I have used it for a little over a week and I can already see results. The head and shoulders shampoo will definitely be my new choice of shampoo.

Barnesville, OH
A head above the rest!

Customer review by Howdy32

5.0 stars 8/25/2014 by Howdy32
by Howdy32

I tried the head and Shoulders Classic Clean shampoo. The first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle was the scent. It's just as the label describes; classic clean. It has a nice neutral scent that can be used by a man or a woman. The scent is nice and clean and best of all, not overpowering after your shower. The shampoo started clearing the flakiness of my scalp up after about a week/week and a half. The itchiness was cleared up in just a few days! I really couldn't believe it! With the itchiness being gone right away, the redness follows because I'm not scratching my head all day. I would honestly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from a dry, itchy scalp. This product has really improved my life. I don't have to worry about flakes on my shoulders or itchiness any longer.

Waverly, IA
1-20 of 71 total reviews
1-20 of 71 reviews