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22.5" GMC Denali 700c Men's Road Bike, Black/Yellow

22.5" GMC Denali 700c Men's Road Bike, Black/Yellow

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4.2 out of 5 Stars
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Excellent road bike for starters

This is the right road bike for someone thinking about getting into bicycling and on a budget. Stock setup with Shimano parts is very nice and adds a sense of stability and reliability. Being a former military person and was always in good shape and health, after being out for years and becoming one with the couch, with this road bike I am inspired to ride. Not only does the revo shifters shift smoothly for me, it makes it easy to ride up hills and on long stretches I have been able to reach 28.5 mph on flat stretches and 32 mph down hill. Also recommend a bike computer as well. I added a Bell Wireless for under $20. Yes maybe that isn't fast for many, but for me for now it is fine and probably all depends on your weight as the bike weighs in on the heavier side of 27lbs. This bike isn't made for professional competition, but it has been said over and over again in forums that it will perform well in events like Tour de Cure for local races. I haven't yet been able to enter in one, but I will soon. The main thing is I am off the couch and exercising, building stamina and conditioning my body. Sharp color scheme almost looks like the 2010 Cannondale SuperSix model/color. Sure there is no comparison from $1000 road bike and a less then $200 road bike, but let me tell you it stands up to it and performs like a champ. Tweak it if you like with different pedals such as caged pedals or clipless (you will need special cycling shoes), but you will see how much potential this road bike has to come. My only upgrade that I am thinking about is changing the pedals to caged pedals. The yellow and black color with the sleek Vitesse racing seat and Vitesse Lite racing rims, turns heads from other riders that I pass. It is almost like when I pass them they have to speed up and pass me to get another glimpse. I have owned this road bike for 3 weeks now and have put on it over 100 miles and loving it! Overall, this entry level road bike is a diamond in the rough and all it needs is for you to purchase the bike and get out there and ride. Soon you will see what I see and it shines! So come ride like me and do it "Denali Style".

Really can't be beat for the price

I drive a isuzu trooper which gets about 9 mpg and i wanted to start biking to school and work instead of burning my money away on gas. So i went to a couple local bike shops in town and found two i liked. my favorite was a hybrid trek bike, but it was $480!! Im a broke college kid with stingy parents, so i was on my own. With this bike, i was thinking with the price, it must be junk.. I was very much mistaken, when i got the bike, i was very pleased. The bike looks good in the pictures, but its even more pretty in person. Im used to riding mountain bikes, so the set up with this road bike is very different. i didnt know that the seat was supposed to be level or HIGHER than the handle bars. for me it was weird at first, but i got used to it pretty quickly. so dont think the bike is too big for you, im 5' 10" and it fits me perfect. After a couple weeks of riding the bike, i took of the GMC stickers so i could put on my own.. bad idea. it looks like they dont completely finish the paint job under the bigger stickers, so i dont recommend it unless you have nicer looking big stickers to cover it. out of the box, it is very easy to assemble. Just attach the seat post, front wheel, and handle bar stem. The only negatives I would have to say is; the seat is kind of hard for long trips, (but what would you expect), a couple of the parts that come reassembled came loose within a couple times of riding (so dont assume whatevers assembled in the box is nice and tight) and- it might have been just mine, but the first time i rode my bike to school (7 miles downhill) when i got to school, walking into my first class i heard a "pssssssshhh" and the tube in my tire released allll my air. luckily theres a bike shop across the street that checked it out and said it was a defective tube, not really the bikes fault but just be aware of that small stuff. the PROs: very smooth shifting up and down hill, I can hit 40 MPH going downhill and still have enough tension on the pedals to go faster, the lowest gears allow very easy climbing for steep uphills, and the best thing- its really sexy! its a really good looking bike, GREAT for the money, and it seems like it will last me a looong time. so if your on a budget and cant afford a 500 dollar road bike, or you just want to give it a try, i really recommend this bike. its very fun, great value for the price, and very efficient.

Decent for light riding and interested looks.

As in all things, you get what you pay for and you pay for quality. This bike is fitted with low-pressure Kenda tires, thin inner tubes, poorly-indexed Shimano Revo grip shifters intended for mountain bikes, and finicky derailleur cages. I used it 5 days per week for a 10mi round commute, as well as on weekends for 25+ mi rides for 8 weeks. During that time, I cleaned it every third day, lubed all spinning parts, adjusted derailleurs & brakes as needed and kept my tires right at 85 psi (specs as on sidewall). The left Revo broke some internals after frequent use and rendered the three chainrings useless (left me with just the 38 tooth middle ring), the front derailleur would not stay adjusted despite being well set, the rear brakes were soft at every level of adjustment. Not everything was bad, though. The front brakes were exceptional for the price, using a vertical pull, single pivot cantilever. The frame is incredibly heavy (about 23 lbs without wheels) but is durable and stable while cornering. If you're between 5' 10" and 6' 3" the bike is an excellent fit, the saddle is firm (good for longer rides or faster cadences), the bike accepts a rear rack well, and the knurled pedals are good for tennis shoes. Don't expect to get race-ready with this bike, or to commute quickly every day. But if you'll take it slow, maintain it faithfully, and have reasonable expectations, the bike will turn lots of unknowing heads. A poor buy for me, who got a road bike to train for a triathlon, but a great bike for someone looking for something different and no aspirations to race.
1st night

My son bought this bike for me.

This bike "GMC Denali" is awesome and was practically already assembled.
Awesome Bike...

Good bike for the money

I purchased this bicycle late spring and have put many miles on it. One could spend twice the money and not get what this bicycle has to offer. If there is one downside it is you need to bring bicycle to a bicycle shop for a good tune up. This bicycle is made by Kent which bought out schwinn and it's got the quality of a schwinn.

Great price and possibilities

I got mine for the holidays. I wanted something light and simple so I did some modifications.

Broke down.

1st 15 mile ride, bike did ok. Noticed the pedals slip a few times. Second ride the gears completely stripped after 8 miles. Had to walk 8 miles back to car.
2nd ride turned it into a clunker!

Great deal

I have been looking at this product while researching others costing much more for some time now, including on Ebay and Craig's List. The price is incredible, so I was suspicious of the quality, difficulty in assembly, etc. I kept coming back to this product, however, primarily to read the reviews and remind myself of its features. The features and, most importantly, reviews finally convinced me to make the purchase. I picked it up last night at about 9 p.m. and then assembled it in about an hour. (It comes nearly assembled out of the box and only slightly nocked down.) The instructions are thorough, but to be candid (and I am not a big biker), I didn't need to more than glance at the istructions once to assemble the bike. Then, with some really easy adjustments to the brakes, it was all ready to go. I took it out on the road today, and it worked like a charm. Gear changing was a breeze. I thank all the prior reviewers who steered me to this steal of a product. Looks great and feels reliable too.

Pretty Good

My feelings toward this bike are conflicted. I only paid $100 for it, and I have to say that for 100 bucks I can't complain at all. I have put a little over 300 miles on the bike just riding once a week a little over 25 miles each. I just got in to biking, and this bike got me hooked. I am now looking to upgrade, but not because of any great flaw in this bike. I simply need something with the capability to attach aero bars for triathlon purposes. I am probably way too short for this bike to be honest at just 5'7", but I was able to make some seat adjustments and body position adjustments and it worked just fine. Most of the time i was blowing by people on bikes that were upwards of $2000. I attached one of the handle bar computers to clock distance, speed, and time and have hit a max speed of 37 mph. Not too shabby. This bike is going to be just fine for a beginner, and honestly people that aren't obsessed with the name on the side of their frame. I will be upgrading to the Triace here soon.

Awesome value!

I bought this bike with site to store shipping, and it arrived a week earlier than it estimated. As soon as I got the bike, I had it set up by a bike mechanic. He got the brakes and derailluer's dialed in. We set the stem and seat height up for me and were done. My first impressions of the bike were great. I've ridden older road bikes like schwinn's and peugot's, and I instantly liked the GMC more than both. The bike is fast and comfortable. My first 8 miles have been smooth and I can already tell my cardio will improve with this bike. My only complaint with this bike is the handlebar setup. It isn't necessarily uncomfortable compared to traditional handlebar setups, but it definitely takes a ride or two to get used to it. I would 100% recommend this bike to anyone interested in getting into the sport. It has some bad reviews in forums, but I would expect people with $2000+ bikes to talk down on this bike. But honestly, your getting the same enjoyment as them, spending 10% what they paid. You wont regret buying this bike!

A Really nice bike for the money.

I fell in love with this bike on and when I saw it I had to have it. At 6'1" I can get by, but this bike is really built for riders over 6'2". It is well put together and weighs in at 30lbs. ready to ride. So far I really like the bike, but I've only begun to ride it because of inclement weather since I bought it. Here are my opinions so far: the seat is very hard and became uncomfortable after only a few minutes of riding. I will have to change it out for a higher quality one. The brakes seem very good to me, though a person answering a question on this site said his were terrible on his '09 model. I do not like the quality of the shifting. The shifts are not positive and seem to take too long to accomplish. I know this is an entry level bike, so I'm willing to cut it some slack. I have not missed a shift thus far. Over all a really nice entry level touring bike. Just be aware that when riding this bike you will be bent over at the waist in a racing posture. If that's not what you want to do, then consider a hybred, with upright seating.

Not bad, Not Great

Install was very easy, only had a little trouble adjusting the brakes but nothing too bad. The first real problem I found was that the crank was not entirely straight causing slight chain rub on the front derailleur. The derailleurs were both very difficult in my attempts to correctly adjust and I eventually gave up and took it to a shop. Once on the bike, it is a huge improvement from the last beat-up mountain bike I had but still no where near as smooth or solid as my 5 year old trek that I got for about the same price. Overall, the components are the lowest quality you will ever find on a road bike but the price does reflect this. My biggest reservation in recommending this bike is that if you do your homework and spend some time shopping, I think you could find a better used bike (old) for around the same price. Just my opinion. Oh and you should be at least 5'10" to feel comfortable with this tall bike.

Great Value

The main reason I purchased this bike was the PRICE, plus I liked the colors. So far I am satisfied on my purchase. I have ridden a total 25 miles so far and the bike works well. I am 6’5” and am glad to say this bike fits me perfectly. I have the seat about 3/4ths of the way up and the handle bars at the minimal insertion line. I am not a professional rider but the bike is a great starter bike. Out of Box: The majority of the assembly was easy since the back half of the bike was pre-assembled. After you assemble it you more than likely will need to bring it to a bike shop to have them tune it. The bike was way out of whack I couldn’t even ride it, I had to being it to them because I never adjusted a derailleur before and do not know how to true the wheels. I paid $40 for them to adjust the brakes, adjust derailleur, true the wheels and tighten everything (including what the factory assembled). The previous posts made comments on the brakes. They are acceptable, by that I mean they will stop you but the brakes are cheap, hard plastic so I will soon be upgrading them so I can stop better. Stuff you should know: This bike does not include the pedals that you can use cycling shoes (the ones that lock). Be prepared to make adjustments for the bike to be right. This bike does not have quick releases for seat and wheels.

Fantastic.Double check everything. DO IT.

Bought this bike on February 22nd 2013. I'm 6'4 225 pounds and did a couple bike rides (nothing more then 2-4 miles.) just to get a feel for it. On March 1st 2013 I rode the bike from Livermore to Mount Diablo. First things first. IF you buy any bike from walmart. PLEASE. PLEASE. For the love of god, get the bike checked and double checked. Half way up mount diablo the handle bars started to loosing up( I had forgotten my alan wrench.) So I could not pull on the handle bars at all for any climbing(leg power baby) After the 61 mile trip this bike was very impressive (other then the handle bars.) I felt like it was a fantastic value for the money. (I don't have thousands of dollars to spend on a road bike, If you're like me you'll get pure joy passing those dudes on those expensive bikes on this baby.) The major con of this bike(which hasn't happened yet) I've bought 5 bikes from walmart. All of them had something break, or go wrong within 5 months. So buy the 2 year service plan. its worth it.

Well worth the money

I bought the bike last December and have ridden the bike over a thousand miles (avg. 15-40 mile rides)with the only maintenance cost was tires and C.0. 2 air inflater so far. There are a lot of reviews on sites that criticize the quality of the bike and i would say most of them have never even ridden the bike. I had not ridden a bike in many a years so i did not want to invest a large amount of money that they charge at the bike stores just to find out that I was stuck with something i would never use. I am 6'2" 260 so i am rating the bike as high as i can for the money you can't go wrong. There are plenty of videos on line that will help you set the bike up(tune up) or you can take it in and have and have them set the bike up for you. The bike i have was already assembled. Before you take the bike to a shop you might want to do a safety check set your seat and handle bars to a setting that is comfortable for you the shifting was a little stiff at first but i found that the the cables stretch out and it shifted fine with no further need to adjust for quite a while. The bike is heavy and the gearing ratio is not going to let you when any races, but if you need a bike to ride and enjoy for training and exercise i would highly recommend it. It has been an excellent started bike for me. The only other things i might recommend get a speedometer ($10.00) and helmet ($20.00) also C.0.2 air inflation tire repair kit ($30) extra tire tube($5) ( schrader valve is required) and enjoy the fact that you are getting the most bang for your buck. Hope this review is of some value to you.

best road bike under $200

The bike is under $200. There is no other road bike that can compare to this bike for under $200. The bike is fast light and sturdy. The ride is smooth. My advice is if you get this bike make sure you get it fine tuned. The brake pads dont stop the bike well. Walmart has brake pads for five bucks and they work great. The tires are a little wide but that is good because you can ride over rocks and small glass in the road without getting a flat. The bike is not really light but it is light enough to lift with one hand. The gearing is smooth if adjusted properly. overall i am very happy with the bike. I put a cell phone mount on the handle bars for my android phone which has an app that is a cycling computer. I added lights to my tire valves head and rear lights too. And toe straps for extra speed and torqe. She looks real good and is a head turner. Also got a trunk rack on my car. Now i can park and ride my bike through out philly baltimore dc and new york. One other thing put slime in your tires and you may never get a flat

Parts quality is poor

After 1 day of riding (~12mi) the freewheel started to produce clanky sound while rotating pedals. Of course I tuned both derailers well, so it was specifically from inside the freewheel while I rotate pedals. After 3 days of riding (~36mi total) the crankset started to produce a clanky sound too. When I swang the crankshaft - there was no play, so it happened only under heavy load and the cone nut was tight enough (it is not a good idea to overtighten it). So it is probably low quality of ball bearings in the bottom bracket, or wrong adjustment (though I do not understand how it could be wrong). Returned it. Another thing to notice: they write "Shimano" on the frame, though really only derailers are Shimano, the freewheel and the bottom bracket are not Shimano... If it was the same bike, but with all moving parts from Shimano - it'd be a different story, and by the way it would not be much more expensive.

Amazing Deal! Great Bike!

I bought this bike at walmart for 99 bucks. It was the only one left on the bike rack so i quickly snagged it. I wasnt even into biking, since i had just bought a mountain bike from the same store a few weeks earlier. Ive been riding a bike since i was little of course, but havent been into the major distance racing that long. Only like a month. I rode 107 miles in 9 hours, 45 min. on my mountain bike one day. I ride everyday for at least 30 miles. So i wanted something faster and more stylish. The bike is made by GMC which is amazing. The bike runs great. The tires havent popped on me yet, and the chain hasnt slipped. When i first got the bike, the tires would lose air quickly, but for some reason hold very well now. I was expecting a low quality bike but instead i got professional. Hopefully its good enough to race with. It is a fantastic built bike and i would recommend it to any cyclist.

Solid and meets reasonable expectations

The bike is solid and the components all work fine with only a minimal need for adjustment. The Good: The paint is attractive The tires seem fine The shifters look nice and work well Seat is comfortable Good price wheels are fairly straight and true...especially for the price. The Bad: The decals are not well laid and I expect some to peel soon The inner tube on the rear went flat from a defect upon adding only 40 lb of air The shifter location cause you to have your hands on the upper part of the bar away from the brake levers so frequent hand placement changes are sometimes needed. - A pair of retro shifters with the dual levers would be a great improvement. No quick release wheels A little on the heavy side for an aluminum frame

Great bike, don't trust assemblers

First of all this is a great bike for someone that has common sense; by that i mean... This is not a $500 bike it is a $169 bike. If you want top of the line equipment buy the $500+ bike if you want good solid reliable and good quality equipment buy this one. I bought this bike knowing the quality of most chain store "techs" is marginal at best. I did not even sit on the "ready to ride" bike before checking it over. The tires were at 20 psi (rec. 50-75 psi) and the front derailer cable was not even tight enough to try working, after a good check and tuning ,the gears are good to go. However much like the shifter style this bike is geared for some serious hill climbing or someone who likes their feet moving at the speed of light, me i prefer more top-end minded gears even in the hilly area i ride. The brakes are a hard compound that work good on hilly rides but if you only have short city commutes go to a softer compound. The bar wrap is nice but you may want gloves for padding. Over all this is an excellent bike for the price, even after the $45 most folks will have to pay to have the bike tuned and wheels trued, its not the lightest or fastest but for a serious weekend warrior or a cheap serious rider its most certainly a good choice.
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