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Customer review by RocketMonster

5.0 stars by RocketMonster

This might sound strange but I dont use these for my hair. I use them for my teeth. lawl I know I know. I want braces but my teeth are perfectly straight so I use them as clear braces. So I give them credit for staying on my teeth. =)

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LAWL, California
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Age:18 - 24
Ownership:Longer than one year
Usage:Every few days
Great Price!

Customer review by 1DisgustedAngel

5.0 stars by 1DisgustedAngel

The online price is great compared to the price when I checked them in the store and almost bought them. I saved more than $3.50. I bought a package of 75 of all the same size in the store and ended up paying more for them than I did for this package because I didn't want to pay the price they wanted in the store for this package. I wish I had checked the site first before buying the smaller package but now I have plenty for cheaper than the store price for this package even with having bought the smaller one in the store. I like having different sizes for the different ways I do my hair and that they are clear. They stay in place really well.

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Newburgh, IN
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Age:45 - 54
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every few days
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Verified purchaser
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Perfect for kids

Customer review by Jenark

5.0 stars by Jenark

These are my go to bands for pulling up the top of my daughter's hair. I like that they don't pull her hair and they're clear so if she becomes bowless you can't see the band. Also, these are small which is a big plus. I don't want to wrap a ponytail band around a small grouping of hair.

San Antonio, TX, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
ouchless elastics

Customer review by Granny

3.0 stars by Granny

These work great on my granddaughters hair.The problem is they come packaged with three different sizes and all I ever use is the smallest ones.Could you please make it where you can buy only the tiny elastics in a package?

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Use to be a great product but not anymore!

Customer review by Jess

3.0 stars by Jess

Haha, I thought it was just me having an issue with these, or I just bought a really bad box, until I came to write an email to the company and I saw the other reviews and decided to write one too. They used to be the only thing that would actually hold up in my hair, but now, after a bit, it will randomly snap on me. They NEVER used to do that to me. I will not be buying anymore of these until they make them thick and sturdier again.

Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by Catherine

2.0 stars by Catherine

I faithfully buy thes for my girls because they do no break the hair and they do not break. They are reuseable, but the last box I bought everyone that I use they have been breaking. Please let me know that you have not changed your product. As of know I would not recommend this product.

Mississippi, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
Hit or Miss

Customer review by jhanvr

2.0 stars by jhanvr

The first time I bought these hair ties I was extremely unsatisfied. I don't know if it was a quality control issue or they purposely reformulated their product but the first box was very poor. They would randomly break in my hair, or even in my hand when I'm trying to tie my hair up. I usually had to replace it 2 or 3 times a day. The second box I purchased however was much better. The ties were actually extremely difficult to break (To the point where it may break the skin before breaking the band if you stretch it). I could reuse and reuse if necessary and not worry about it breaking. Now the 3rd box... Just like the first. Poor quality, break randomly and stretches out almost instantly.

Would recommend to a friend? No
They were the best but not anymore

Customer review by annso

2.0 stars by annso

These elastics are the only one i wear, they used to last long, they never broke my hair and they really were aouchless. I had them in brown and clear, but recently I but other packs and i was really dissapointed to notice right away they had change. They are way thinner, they hurt and they are alike the clear elastics we buy in dollar stores. I'm so sad because they were the only one I liked. Please bring the old ones back!! (1 star for these ones, 5 for the old ones)

Used to love these!

Customer review by lexi

2.0 stars by lexi

I used to love these hair ties and they were the only ones I'd ever use. I bought a new box a couple of months ago and they are terrible! They are thin and break very easily. I have had several break when I was just sitting here doing nothing. Sometimes I use two at a time just to make sure my hair will be up.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Bring back the old elastics!!

Customer review by Jenineclaire

1.0 stars by Jenineclaire

I bought this 2 weeks ago and noticed the packaging looked a bit different but thought that was it. No, the elastics literally snap out of my hair after being in a ponytail for only and hour. The old ones were so durable I could get more than one use out of them. I am on the hunt for any store with some old packaging. I HATE these new ones and I have purchased the old version of this product for 5 years. If I can't find any that are the old kind I will be switching brands.

AZ, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by Vanessa

1.0 stars by Vanessa

I've used these bands for YEARS and always loved them. I have long hair that's pretty thick, but these ALWAYS held it in place and I could even use them as just a ponytail holder if caught in a bind. The package looked different last time, but I figured new marketing or something. The new material is HORRIBLE. It breaks SO easily. I bought a 2nd pack thinking that it was just a bad pack, but it's definitely the new way they're made. I thought I was crazy until I read the reviews below. I used one to secure my hair half up the other day and had a clip around it. Someone have me a HUG and the elastic broke! How does that happen? I don't care if it's "ouchless", I want a quality hair product! The fact that I'm putting a RUBBER BAND in my hair implies it won't be painless, at least it works! Very, very disappointed.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Bring back the old elastics!

Customer review by ANSC

1.0 stars by ANSC

We have used the Goodies elastics in my daughter's hair for several years. I recent bought a new package and while the numbers on the package are still the same, the product is *different*! We HATE the new elastics! They are way to stretchy and much harder to get in my daughter's hair. At least every other day, the new elastic breaks. The old product, we could use for 3-4 days and it still didn't break! I will be looking for a new brand. So very disappointed that Goodie changed this product. The old product was far superior and will be very missed!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Quality gone down hill

Customer review by Megan

1.0 stars by Megan

I have been buying these for years and the recent pack I bought is terrible. Now the elastics stretch too much and wont hold my ponytail. They also break all the time. I am a runner and these elastics will no longer hold my hair like they used to. Very disappointed.

Portland, OR
Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by Marissa

1.0 stars by Marissa

These used to be the best on the market, they have been changed and are now completely useless. I have purchased every Goody elastic tie and they are all now horrible.They will not hold a pony tail and when stretched they snap and break. A waste of time and money. Do NOT buy these. Goody, please go back to the old design that actually worked.

Would recommend to a friend? No
USED to be a great product, NOW terrible

Customer review by MarisaM

1.0 stars by MarisaM

I have very thick hair, and my daughter has very fine hair. The clear elastics used to be the only bands that would stay put for both us. Now these bands are terrible. IF you can actually get one to hold a pony without breaking first, they will now break randomly a few minutes later. I even tried wearing two hoping that might help. NOPE. I am so beyond disappointed in the new version. I bought a second package at a different store thinking maybe I got a bad batch, and it appears that everyone else is noticing the same problems. Time to find a new brand I guess.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Dislike Greatly

Customer review by teaforgirls

1.0 stars by teaforgirls

There are three females in our house that have used this product for years and I just bought my fourth box of elastics this month trying to find the old school strong usable ones but to no avail. The new ones are useless. The ones that don't pop when putting it in your hair stretch to the point that we have to put 2-3 of them in our hair to keep everything in place. Once taken out of your hair they are no longer usable and must then be thrown away. On the hunt for a better brand. Goody listen to your customers and go back to the old ones.

South Carolina, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
Bring Back the Classic Elasitcs

Customer review by singh

1.0 stars by singh

I used to love these elastics, but I just bought a new pack and they are way different. The new elastics are way weaker and do a horrible job of holding my pony tail. I had to grab three different elastics till I found one that wouldn't break.

Kitchener, ON, Canada
Would recommend to a friend? No
I use to LOVE these, why did you change them?

Customer review by BreA

1.0 stars by BreA

I have been using these elastics for over 7 years and LOVED them! I have 4 young daughters, and loved these elastics for the creations in my daughters hair. I buy one or two packs a month. Your product is more expensive then other brands, but because the quality was so much better, I was willing to pay the extra. I have been SO disappointed that you have changed your product! Now they are no different then your competitors, they don't hold the hair tight, they are much to stretchy, and may times my daughters, half-way through the day, have broken elastics, which is so frustrating when they are at school, and nothing can be done to fix there hair. I know that one person is not going to make a difference, but sadly I will no longer be buying your product. I really wish you would go back to the original way you made these. They were my favorite.

Idaho, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
Why change a good thing?

Customer review by Colorado7

1.0 stars by Colorado7

These used to by my go-to hair tie. They were sleek, strong and a great price. Now they break in my hair while I'm sitting at my desk, or walking down the street, what a disappointment! I can tell that these aren't made the way that they used to be. They stretch out, they break and they feel really thin. These hair ties are absolutely horrible. I'm on the hunt for a new way to keep my hair in a pony tail.

Denver, CO, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
Used to love, now I hate!

Customer review by hsoud120

1.0 stars by hsoud120

Please bring back the old ones! I know consider the new ones "one time use only" as they break while in my hair and sometimes even before I can get them in my hair. I have not been able to use them more than one time.

Akron, OH, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
1-20 of 174 total reviews