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Hoof Hands Kick the Habit Nail-Biting Deterrent, 0.5 fl oz

Hoof Hands Kick the Habit Nail-Biting Deterrent, 0.5 fl oz

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<li>Helps stop nail biting instantly</li><li>Lessens thumb-sucking</li>
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Excellent Product!!!

Roughly 10 years ago I found this product at Wal-Mart. For a couple of $$ what the heck, anything that will help me stop this nasty habit! Within a few weeks my nails were starting to grow and I found myself actually stopping before I put my fingers in my mouth. On a humorous side, I would laugh and joke about not being able to eat finger foods for a while as the point of the polish was to keep your fingers away from your mouth. (ha-ha) I have had few slips here and there during nervous or upsetting times but if I just reapplied the product it was not hard to get back on track. I anyone thinking or even considering trying out this product... You will not be disappointed. Just as with any bad habit; it takes will power, but this product will most defiantly works. Not a great pic but my nails are very healthy now. I don't keep there extremely long just a decent length.

Excellent way to break the habit!

I'm a lifetime nail biter! I've tried to quit many times without success. This was exactly what I needed. It's also clear and not noticeable. I'll attached a photo from day 1!

Amazing for finger sucking child!!!

Wow! This stuff works. My three year old daughter has been sucking her index and middle fingers since she was very little. I can see that her front teeth are moving forward and she talks with a lisp. I knew I had to do something because I knew if I didn't kick the habit now she could suck her fingers after her other set of teeth come in, and since I can't take her fingers away I didn't want her to have an overbite. I did a little research and found this product. I decided to give it a try. Let me just say this. This stuff taste horrible and it lingers in the mouth. The first night I put it on my child she immediately was like aaawwwww yuk yuk!! Of course being a first time mom I felt horrible but knew it would be better for her in the long run. So after the second day of using it I watch her and notice she put her fingers in her mouth and immediately took them out with a sour face. Now its been five days and she doesn't even attempt to put her fingers in her mouth because I think she remembers the taste!!! YaaaYYY!!!! I am so thankful for a product like this!!!

Worked like a charm!

My 4 year old was constantly chewing his nails to the point of bleeding. It only took a few days with this product to completely stop the behavior! If he even gets his hands near his mouth all I have to do is threaten to put it back on him and he stops immediately. It tastes terrible and it the bitterness lingers for quite awhile. I accidentally got some on my hand the first time I painted it on his nails and I covered my mouth when I sneezed and about a minute later when I licked my lips I almost gagged. I now understand why the first time he got it in his mouth he literally licked the wall trying to get the taste out :)

Worked for 2 year old finger sucker

My daughter always had her index finger in her mouth so much so that it was pushing her teeth crooked . We tried bribing , bandaids but she would just suck them off at night . After a week using this product she hasn't sucked her finger in over a month. The taste is horrible and probably not good for you if you swallows it but it works and I'm glad I can take a picture of my daughter without her finger in her mouth.

Wish I would have found it sooner!

Bought this because I have 2 daughters one who's 6 and has sucked her fingers since she was born and my 3 year old who has sucked her thumb since birth I have struggled trying to get them to stop so I bought this as a last effort before buying hand and mouth guards. I put this product on both girls about 2 weeks ago and it was an instant success neither girl will put their fingers in their mouth I continue to reapply every couple of days just to make sure they don't start back up but I say this product is absolutely amazing it tastes horrible and definitely deters them from finger sucking I would recommend to anyone!

Very effective

Bought this for my sons, ages 3 and 5 both of whom bite their nails. My 5 year old quit the habit immediately. I kept the polish on him for 3 weeks to make sure. My 3 year old hasn't been bothered enough by it though. The product definitely works, the only variable is the people. You need to reapply every 2 to 3 days.

Spreads to whatever you touch

Being a cashier who touches at least 500 things in an hour, I need to kick the habit. Two coats twice a day is definitely an overkill. I did two coats in the morning one day and it lasted for about a day and a half. It does its job for sure, however, if you touch your lips, expect the taste to linger for the rest of the day. Don't even think about eating foods that require you to handle it!

Mixed feelings

Giving it 3 stars because it helped my 9 year old with his thumb sucking, however it did nothing for my 3 year old. As soon as you put it on he licked it right off. It does have a funny taste, I guess he rather sacrifice his taste buds just to suck his thumb. (sad face) I had high expectations about this product because of the reviews. I guess I have to start my search all over again to find a product for my 3 year old

Not for toddlers

I got this to stop my toddler from biting her nails and it didn't help at all. She actually bites her fingernails and toenails so frequently that she caused her toe to become infected. After using this she seemed confused about the taste, but quickly went back to biting. With my child's age I would not recommend it.

Worked great to stop the thumb sucking

My 2 year old loved the fact that he got a chance to paint his nails :). He was supper excited to apply it. It took 1 week for him to give up the habit. We applied it everyday for first week. Now the frequency has changed to 1-2 times a week.

Nail bitter

love this - my 9 year old son's fingers are always in his mouth. Other products I have tried only last for hours but this lasted a whole week.

This works!!

I didn't think that there was anything that would ever prevent my daughter yet alone myself from biting but this stuff really works! One taste of it and you'll regret ever attempting to bite lol. I definitely recommend!

Better than all the others

I have been a nail biter for years. I tried some other nail biting products, but I was able to adapt to the taste of the other products on my nails. That (adapting to taste) is impossible with this product. It tastes awful and the taste will linger. As at least one reviewer mentioned, it does ruin the taste of foods one eats with fingers like popcorn, chips, grapes, while wearing the product. A little of this product goes a long way. I have not bitten my nails in 11 days. Who knew a $3 product would work this well. Love it.

Effective but not lasting

The product is effective and does taste bad. However, I have used similar products that tasted worse (theoretically should deter you more) and also required less frequent application. This nail polish requires at least one coat a day to maintain the bad taste, which you have to continue if you hope to break the habit. Nonetheless, I would still recommend it. I've been biting my nails for over 15 years. Let's hope this works!

Bummed it didn't work

After reading all the great reviews about this product working well, I was really excited to give it a try for our 2 year old who constantly sucks her thumb while simultaneously sucking her hair... I painted her thumbs with this and she turned her nose up after tasting it the first time but I guess it didn't phase her because she was back at sucking her thumb soon after... Maybe I didn't paint enough on there??

Works as described

I have 2 sons that are constant nail biters. This stuff has done wonders in just the week we've been using it. They tasted it the first time and it was not pleasant so they think twice now before putting their fingers in their mouths. It goes on like nail polish but dries to be fairly unnoticeable which is important for my boys. They can pick it off so that's why it's important to apply every day or every other day.

Works but ..

Works ... but i cant het this taste from my mouth and even my lips . And i cant even think if i touched my face . I take a shower and washed my face and the water taste like it now too. Like its rolling off my lips . I can say i never want to put my nails to my mouth again . I also put this on my 5,6 year old girls who have picked it up from me . And i havent heard them say much about if it tasty nasty . Good product but i cant even get it off with nail polish remover !!! Ugh

Its really profitable

I am using 2 times a day .


works but it goes away when they swim. You need to put it again.
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