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12002 reviews | 4.8 out of 5

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Great Product

Customer review by nano

5.0 stars 9/17/2016 by nano
by nano
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Verified purchaser
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This is a great food, with lots of protein. My cat is very healthy and has eaten this all of his life. Purina makes my cat stay healthy and that keeps smiles on everyone's faces.

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No more stinky cat

Customer review by ForReal

5.0 stars 8/23/2016 by ForReal
by ForReal
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Verified purchaser
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It's the only cat food that doesn't upset my cat's stomach and make him f@rt. I'm very thankful for this cat food.

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Keeps him in a shiny coat and lovely eyes

Customer review by Catsave77

4.0 stars 5/9/2017 by Catsave77
by Catsave77

Since changing to Purina products my 16 year old cat has had a wonderful change. His mangey coat is now smooth and shines, and the eyes that didn't always look like there was a shine left in them. Are looking like his old self. I really think this is helping my cat stay with us a little longer [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Plymouth MI
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Saved my cat's life

Customer review by chell21

4.0 stars 12/25/2013 by chell21
by chell21

I recently changed my cat's food over to Iams, well I should have stayed with the Indoor cat chow. I adopted sisters Thelma and Louise when they were 6 weeks old and promised them I would do anything for them. They just turned 10 and I thought is would be a good idea to upgrade their food, boy was I wrong. Thelma did not have any issues but Louise started to act different . She started to have seizures the Vet did not know why it was happening and gave her a shot. She was okay for a couple days but then they started up again, I did not know what to do. I finally found someone who had gone through the same thing, she said to go back to they old food. It has been a week and she is back to her old self, no fits at all. There is too much protein in the other food for her to handle. Even the vet was shocked when I told them so the moral of the story is Purina Indoor Cat Chow Saved Louise's life and now Thelma and I have our baby back. Thanks Purina I will never leave you again.

Mechanicsville, VA, USA
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Excellent food for your "lazy" cats :)

Customer review by NurseBunnie

5.0 stars 9/2/2009 by NurseBunnie
by NurseBunnie

This is much better than the Friskies brand in that it doesn't stain your carpeting/bedding/flooring if the cat happens to vomit. I found with the Friskies that it would leave a red-orange stain behind due to the dyes in the food. The Cat Chow Indoor also seems easier for my cat to chew since the pieces are a bit smaller as well and she does have a tendency to gulp at her food.

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Hutchinson MN
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Usage:Every day
Ownership:Longer than one year
Age:25 - 34
Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula

Customer review by ABCDE

5.0 stars 5/13/2014 by ABCDE

This is a complete and balanced diet. I am a vet tech student and have learned so very much about the nutritional content of food as far as ingredients and labeling. The important aspects of this food: Turkey is the #1 ingredient. Cats are obligate carnivores and need meat, so this is good. Brewers rice and poultry by-product meal are NOT fillers. These ingredients are actually very nutritional for your cat! And most importantly, the AAFCO feeding label. EVERY pet food product should have an AAFCO label and if it doesn't, do not feed it to your pet!! This can be found under the ingredient list. Looking for this: "Animal feeding tests using Association of American Feed Control Official (AAFCO) procedures substantiate that (product name) provides complete and balanced nutriton for maintenance of (growth stage)." THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART OF THE FOOD LABEL! Ingredient come secondary to this labeling. Purina meets all the requirements needed for a vet tech to feed this to her own cat :)

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Fur is so much softer using Indoor Cat Chow!

Customer review by AshleighB13

5.0 stars 10/26/2015 by AshleighB13
by AshleighB13

Using Indoor formula vs regular Cat Chow we've noticed our 3 cats are so much softer than before! Their fur coats are so nice & not course....which we thought was a cat thing but when a relative told us about the fur difference she noticed, we made the permanent switch to Indoor! Our 3 cats are indoor/outdoor & have always had Cat Chow dry food products. They 'free feed' always having a full bowl then once a day they share a can of wet food (which we've found also has differences as 1 cat pulls fur when eating the brand that starts with an F...) We are very happy to continue our cats on Indoor Cat Chow! There is no price checking or waiting for a sale - this food is what my cats love & they deserve what they want....speaking of price though the large bags are always our choice & are very reasonably priced! In addition to the softer fur, they don't bomb the cat box as bad as brands we used 6-7yrs ago! Lol TMI but with 3 cats that is a big deal! Having Cat Perks is just a BIG bonus!

Mesa, AZ, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Indoor Formula worked for me

Customer review by Dannielle

5.0 stars 6/1/2014 by Dannielle
by Dannielle

I have to feed our four cats Niggy, Sierra, Tom, and Sugar, but I don't always have a lot of money. So after trying multiple brands of cat food at mid-level prices, I finally found Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula. My cats, like almost all cats, have sensitive digestive systems and they get hairballs a lot. The kind of cat food you buy will definitely have an effect on hairballs and upset stomachs. All of the other cheaper indoor cat food won't control their stomachs as well, this is the only cheaper brand I have found that they can eat without it coming back up on occasion. Purina makes other more expensive cat food tat is even better, but if you are trying to make ends meet this kind is half the price with about the same quality. They carry this product at every major retailer and grocery store, or you can buy it many places online. Make sure you give this product a try before you waste your money on other similarly priced and comparable brands. It is the only value brand my cats can eat.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Already recommened

Customer review by babydee

5.0 stars 10/22/2015 by babydee
by babydee

I have been using Purina products for years and always seen how much my cats loved it and they were always healthy even there weight was good. About 5 years ago I adopted 2 cats brother and sister from the same litter. The girls had no problems at all but my boy had a sensitive stomach and the shelter told be he can only tolerated small hard food something easy to digest. So I bought chat chow indoor and they both loved it. I later switch to cat chow gentle it is even more gentle on his stomach. Well I have a friend who has 3 cats and she was complaining how her long haired cat always has hairball and they were all over the house. She would get her trimmed but it keep happening. The groomer recommended to her to try and change her food to something for hairball but her cat didn't like any of the expensive brands. So I took a bowl of cat chow indoor over to her and the cat loved it. So she purchased a large bag because all the cats love it and she said the hairball are not as bad.

Allentown, PA, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Hairballs No More

Customer review by SammyMantha

5.0 stars 2/5/2015 by SammyMantha
by SammyMantha

I recently brought home a kitten and purchased Purina Kitten Chow for her. What I didn't expect was for my 8 year old cat to want to eat the kitten's food- Bella is a long haired cat and gets terrible hairballs, so she'd been eating a special, and expensive, formula to help combat them. When she began eating the kitten's food, she starting getting hairballs again. Nothing we did would get her to eat her own food, so I decided to mix the kitten's Kitten Chow with Purina's Indoor formula, which also says Hairball control. I'll admit I wasn't sure it would work, but since Bella has started eating the Kitten Chow/Indoor Formula combination, she's had significantly fewer and smaller hairballs. I have no doubt that once the kitten's old enough to stop needing the Kitten Chow, and we have only the Indoor Formula that Bella's hairballs will be even fewer and far between. If you have a long-haired cat who gets hairballs, I strongly recommend this product- it's effective but also easy on the wallet.

Myrtle Beach, SC, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Perfect for my indoor and less active kitties...

Customer review by RE4Lisa

5.0 stars 8/28/2014 by RE4Lisa
by RE4Lisa

I have been using Cat Chow Indoor formula for 10 years or so for my indoor cats. I only feed wet food to dose Cat Chow kibble is it. There have been occasions that my store was out of Cat Chow and I would instead purchase a high priced temporary replacement...the results are always the same; my cats barely eat the replacement food and I end up going to another store within a day or two to get Cat Chow. They just love the way it tastes! Another reason I faithfully use and recommend Cat Chow is the proof of how nutritionally complete this formula is. The majority of my cats die of old age because they stay healthy for the most part. I can't tell you how many times a vet has done blood work on one of my senior cats to "show" me why I must switch their food to one of their high priced brands, to find my cats blood work comes back perfect. Enzymes, cholesterol and organs all functioning normally. This speaks volumes to me and has made me a loyal Purina Cat Chow user! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Gainesville, FL, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Crunchers

5.0 stars 1/11/2015 by Crunchers
by Crunchers

Baxter is entirely an indoor cat. He absolutely loves his Cat Chow Indoor Formula, which we call his "crunchers". In fact, Bax prefers his crunchers to even the best wet food we also give him. We leave a bowl of crunchers out for him during the day, so after a busy morning of watching his birds and squirrels through his special window, and an afternoon of playing hide and seek, he can go get a snack of his favorite stuff before contentedly going off to power nap for a while. Bax is also very time conscious. He knows when certain activities should take place during the day. About 10 minutes before we eat dinner, he marches around, singing, to make sure we make our way to the kitchen on time. Then, after he has us where we belong, he sits down at his crunchers bowl and joins us for dinner. We are not sure if he really wants to share dinnertime with us, or if he is in a hurry to get some more of his Cat Chow Indoor Formula! We know he loves us, but he loves his crunchers, too!

Saint Charles, MO, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great product!!

Customer review by Tonyvwv

5.0 stars 4/22/2017 by Tonyvwv
by Tonyvwv

I bought this for my cat, and she just couldn't get enough of it! I would recommend this to all cat owners! As soon as I put it into the bowl, she attacked it, and started purring and meowing! My cat is very finicky, and her eating this, is definite proof, that this is an excellent product! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

West Virginia
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great product and my cats love it!

Customer review by Esmeagn

4.0 stars 4/20/2017 by Esmeagn
by Esmeagn

My cat loves it! Good for her sensitive tummy! We've tried many different brands and we always come back to Purina. She was born with a hiatal hernia (now fixed) but still has a sensitive stomach. Thus is the food she prefers. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Good Cat Food

Customer review by Katchzen

5.0 stars 8/13/2009 by Katchzen
by Katchzen

My kitties just love this. I haven't tasted it, but for cat food, it smells pretty good and doesn't give my cats bad breath, which is nice.

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Usage:Every day
Ownership:Longer than one year
Age:18 - 24
i cannot complain...

Customer review by iheartMilks

3.0 stars 8/19/2014 by iheartMilks
by iheartMilks

MY cat ,Milks definitely loves the taste . I love the price and convenient availability. I honestly would prefer her eating a more quality nutritious (expensive) less processed ,whole, health beneficial cat food, [because whole real not processed diet DEFINITELY PROVIDES A HEALTHY QUALITY OF LIFE, fact]. Milks is a finicky kitty [would turn her nose up at milk or cheese!] So until I can set a good example on eating better myself, or being able to consistently provide expensive healthy cat food for her to try until we find the one she likes; she will continue to eat Purina indoor formula cat chow- like she has for the past 5 yrs. Thanks you for price and convenient availability, but no thank you to the empty processed un nutritional quality of ingredients. (Not meant to offend or complain) it's just a fact (whole, real live unprocessed diet = life longevity & quality ; processed by products ,fillers, artificial & preservatives = aged life, health problems and no nutrition for proper organ &body function)

Mesa, AZ
Would recommend to a friend? No
Purina cat chow Indoor immune health blend.

Customer review by LeeH50

5.0 stars 4/10/2017 by LeeH50
by LeeH50

I have been buying this cat food for awhile know, Indoor Immune Health Blend. My cats do not get sick and enjoy eating it, spoiled kitty's, they will not eat any other flavors only this type of hard cat food. I would recommend this cat food to anyone who is looking for a quality indoor cat food and my neighbors cat likes it to. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Fontana, KS
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Two Paws Up

Customer review by Twiggers96

4.0 stars 11/25/2014 by Twiggers96
by Twiggers96

I have four indoor cats (two of which were ferals I've taken in) and several neighborhood strays that I feed. Contrary to popular belief a starving cat will not eat just anything. Yes, they might rip through the garbage can and scarf down the piece of chicken breast that's been in your fridge for the past month - but when it comes to dry cat food they have their limits!! All my indoor cats and stray cats really enjoy the Indoor Formula. I have one adult cat, Judge Mathis, who has a severe skin allergy should she obtain even one flea bite. Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula is one of the few brands that I have found to bring relief to her sensitive skin when she has a reaction. I haven't had hairballs in FOREVER and there is no horrid scent from their poo in the litter box: Just as with humans, garbage in - garbage out. And garbage smells. This is good stuff for their bellies and bodies and the proof is in their coats and behavior.

Arcadia, FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Convert Outdoor cats to Indoor cat

Customer review by jd0018

5.0 stars 3/9/2015 by jd0018
by jd0018

I have used the Purina Indoor Formula since 2005 we had to relocate because of Hurricane Katrina and we went back to the Gulf Coast to rescue stranded Cats & Kittens. We found a cottage that was surrounded by woods in Kentucky and did not feel comfortable with the cats being outside in unfamiliar surroundings. We bought the Indoor formula and the cats that had been hanging around the doors waiting to escape or howling to go outside, stopped. They just settled down and became completely indoor cats. We have rescued 41 cats over the past 9 years had them neutered or spayed all shots and rehabilitated those that needed help. We try to keep no more than 6 to 12 cats in our home if possible and the same amount at another family in Tennessee. We adopt them out mainly to Veterans and Disabled Veterans for therapy cats. I buy only Purina products for my cats and occasional dogs that come here for a better life. We always recommend that our animals stay on this product.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
16 pounds gone

Customer review by Old1cat

5.0 stars 4/9/2017 by Old1cat
by Old1cat

Our two cats devoured the bag. I have noticed less hairball remnants on the carpet so this has got to be a good sign. No weight gain seems to be a side benefit I would surely recommend this product to folks with indoor cats. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Derby Line, VT
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 10000 total reviews
1-20 of 10000 reviews