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Love this product!

Customer review by GotAngie8400

5.0 stars by GotAngie8400

This last summer I had a SEVER case of flea infestation. I had never in my life had my house infested with fleas. I didn't know what to do. It was so bad that my daughter and I were getting bit by about 10 to 15 fleas every night. Mind you a flea bites 3 times in a row ~so we were getting 30 to 45 new bites a night. However, the husband and my two sons, never got one bite~lucky men. My daughter and I have scars on our ankles, legs, arms and waistline where they like to bit because your veins are closer to the surface there! My cat had just had kittens so I could not treat her or the kittens. I took them to the vet and they gave me some Adams flea mist stuff that I could mist the Mom and the kittens with, but that did no good. I bought bombs and spray every week and bombed my house every seven days. And sprayed my house down daily. After about a month of doing this and no end in site, I finally removed the cats from my house because I was thinking maybe that was why they weren't going away because the cats weren't treated. So another month went by of me doing bombs every 7 days and spraying my house down daily~ (fortunately I have no carpet!!). I read so much on fleas, I could be a flea expert I am telling you, I would spend hours and hours researching their life cycle, span and more importantly how to kill them. I tried home remedies and anything you could think of to get rid of them. Then on my weekly shopping trip to get my bombs and more spray I say the Raid Fogger for Fleas and the purple can of spray for fleas by Raid and decided to try it. I fogged my house, sprayed down beds, couches chairs and every where you could think of. That night when I went to bed, I was praying not to get a bite..and it was the first night in months my daughter and I didn't get bit up. Knowing that their is not a single product out their that will kill fleas while they are in the larva stage, I knew there were more in my house just waiting to attack. So 7 days later I turned my heat all the way up (even though it was summer time) and vacuumed each room for about 20 minutes. I did this because heat and vibration will make a flea come out of the larva. After spending most the day vacuuming my hard wood floors and heating the house up, I sprayed every spot in my house and fogged with the raid flea foggers. I never had a problem with fleas since. I have treated my cats that I kept and brought them back into the house. I will however, being using this product every summer in my house just to prevent them from coming back because this product lasts up to 4 months and that will get me through the flea season here!

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Age:25 - 34
Ownership:5 - 6 months
Usage:A few times per year
It works, just be patient.

Customer review by Gamgrl11

4.0 stars by Gamgrl11

I have only had a flea problem one other time in all the years I've owned dogs and/or cats so I was very worried about what to do. I have hardwood floors so it's not like I can spray them down like you can with carpeting. I did my homework and found that the main ingredients in this product; Pyrethrins and Methoprene, kill fleas and help stop part of the reproductive cycle of the flea. You can get more info on those chemicals at This product is cheaper than the products that are sold in the pet isle and have the same ingredients too. I applied Pet Armor to all of my pets and then fogged my home almost 2 weeks ago and immediately noticed a significant drop in the amount of fleas and flea dirt I find on my pets. When I do find a flea it acts very lethargic. Other insects that get in the home are found dead too. I haven't mopped my floors since then so that I can be sure the chemicals keep killing. I know that sounds gross but it can take a couple of weeks for the full flea life cycle to complete so I'm not taking any chances. I am vacuuming like crazy and have a flea collar placed in the vacuum bag that kills fleas & stops eggs from hatching. I am also washing all bedding weekly. Because there is a pupa stage that no insecticide can touch I am going to fog once more to be sure I get them all. I will probably fog at the beginning of the flea season every year from now on as well. I do recommend this product. Just keep in mind that fleas go through several life cycle stages and it takes time to kill them off. No product is going to rid you of fleas overnight.

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Age:35 - 44
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Once per month
Not Fabulous

Customer review by StarsGoBlu

3.0 stars by StarsGoBlu

Let me start off by saying that this product does do what it says it's supposed to do, however it wasn't enough. Less than a week later I had to deal with the fleas again, because this product doesn't kill the eggs. So I ended up having to go somewhere else and got something that did kill the eggs.

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Age:25 - 34
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Once per year
Only temporary

Customer review by 6minions

3.0 stars by 6minions

We had a kitten who brought fleas into our home. We spent days experimenting with natural remedies and traps for fleas that we found online. When nothing worked, we turned to chemicals. We bought 6 boxes of this and set of these bombs in every room of our house. We came back 4 hours later and cleaned for hours. When we finally sat down, a flea jumped onto my foot. The flea was alive and didn't seemed injured at all. Yes, there is less biting and appearance of fleas than before, but didn't fix the problem. We are calling an exterminator tomorrow.

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Age:18 - 24
Ownership:1 week or less
Usage:Once per year
exellent product.

Customer review by chabellie

5.0 stars by chabellie

I put this products 2 time in a week. 1 bottle for room it really worked for me , vacuum everyday.

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long branch,nj
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Age:45 - 54
Ownership:1 week or less
Usage:Every few days

Customer review by LEGUT

1.0 stars by LEGUT

I used one of these bombs in each and every room of my apt just to make sure it reached every inch of it and nothing! I would say it even got worse, before I only saw a flea every other day or so but now it's daily and I can't get rid of them. Also bought the spray because it's supposed to be better to spray on areas this bomb could't reach and also nothing! RAID didn't work at all!!! I'm moving on to the next product I guess.

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Age:25 - 34
Ownership:1 week or less
Raid Fleas Be Gone

Customer review by indiegal1

5.0 stars by indiegal1

I Moved Into a New Apartment that had the carpet replaced Because of a Heavy Flea Infestation. Needless to say? They Did Not Exterminate when they replaced the carpet and I became over-come with fleas, both cat & dog fleas. Horrendous !! I Used High End Foggers for the 1st couple of months. Had Mopped, vacuumed, treated both animals .. ( In November-December-January !! ) Topicals on both animals also. Spent $350. Then? Decided to try the Raid Flea foggers. I Put 1 in Each Room. (Went through the Same Routine Before Fogging) Came back in 4 hours. My son came in 1st, dropped his clothes at the door/put them in a bag I had placed there, took a shower, texted me in the parking lot, I came in, did the same. Repeated this every 2 weeks for 3 months. Plus? Used the Raid Flea Carpet & Upholstery Spray on Furniture and in Hard to reach corners where I knew the fogger would not get to. Raid Worked !! It is a continuous, monotonous ordeal, but? This Product Works. IF done correctly. Don't forget to Take Every Piece of Fabric/Clothes/Drapes, to the Laundry mat. I can honestly say? The Raid Products Work. Much Better/Cheaper, Then the high end stuff so Don't waste your money on anything else. It is a Tedious ordeal, no different then if you had a head lice problem. It Takes time & Energy.

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Des Moines, Iowa
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Age:45 - 54

Customer review by familyroomjock

1.0 stars by familyroomjock

This product is terrible, I used 2 packs ( 6 cans ) in my 1400 sq. foot home, and now the fleas are worse now than before, this product seems to have made the fleas angry. I wish I could get a refund, will never buy again !

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Mentor, Ohio
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Age:65 or older