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Great Deal

Customer review by Redbird

5.0 stars 1/18/2017 by Redbird
by Redbird
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.

I had no problem ordering the ink online because my regular Sam's was out of it. I like being able to get the three XL cartridges.

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Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
Black Ink Cartridges in quantity

Customer review by Lea

4.0 stars 1/13/2017 by Lea
by Lea
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.

I have been purchasing HP cartridges in the multipacks because it saves money and I will always have ink. They stay good for a long time and that's important to me

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Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
Ridiculously short life

Customer review by yomarymo

2.0 stars 1/27/2011 by yomarymo
by yomarymo

I am very disappointed with all the ink cartridges I have purchased for my printer. The printer itself is fantastic, but the number of cartridges it goes through is unbelievable. I have owned other HP printers that were awesome when it came to output, but my B209a is costing multiple times more than its original cost just to keep producing. I recently was only able to make 20 small photographs (nothing elaborate or bright) and the colors were already running "low." The black hasn't done much better. I am certain I didn't even get 100 pages out of it. Let me add that I even set my copies to the most efficient settings. After reading other negative reviews regarding the lives of these cartridges, I only wish I had known this before I purchased my printer. I did buy an extended warranty...maybe I'll explore that avenue to get some satisfaction. It is just the pitts because I really like the printer.

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I wish I could find the photo-size black cartridge

Customer review by MommG

4.0 stars 10/28/2016 by MommG
by MommG

Finally found the correct size. It's not available in the stores I frequent.

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Customer review by KSRON

2.0 stars 10/1/2010 by KSRON

Having a bunch of printing to accomplish yesterday, I purchased four 546 Black ink cartridges figuring that I could do at least 800 or more letters. The 564XL which I had originally purchased with the printer had just run out of ink. No, I didn't change it when it said it was running out of ink, it actually did not print any more. The first new cartridge only printed 85 pages in about 20 minutes then ran out of ink. These copies are all black with no other color involved with only approximately 50 short words in BOLD. So far, I have printed 135 pages with the second cartridge. Hopefully I can get closer to the 200 - 250 mark with the other cartridges otherwise I will have to reconsider this HP printer which is a Photosmart Plus I have had for about 2 months. It is a great printer and fast but don't think I can afford to keep it in ink. I haven't even tried the color printing yet.

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Cartridge Fits Poorly In Printer

Customer review by perrin53

1.0 stars 5/20/2011 by perrin53
by perrin53

Be careful when ordering this product! I just purchased four HP photo ink cartridges from Apple to use in the C309G printer. (This is an original product with the model number shown on the package above - it is the new thin model which is supposed to fit into the middle of the double photo slot). Three of the four do not fit in the photo slot, even after reading HP's advisory on fitting it in the middle of the slot (it does not seat in the slot at all and does not click into place properly) - it did fit loosely in the black single slot (did not click into place) but would not fit into the photo slot at all. This is the same model as shown on the package above. Now I will not be able to use the printer unless I can find an original larger size cartridge somewhere. Of course these products could be defective but three of four is unlikely.

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ink hog

Customer review by hlotis905

2.0 stars 1/30/2012 by hlotis905
by hlotis905

I have tried several types of paper and got same results. Any of these 5 cartridges lasts only 2 weeks on average, I get 50-60 sheets per cartridge. I have purchased more than 35 cartridges in the past year.. More than the price of the HP photosmart printer. I would not recommend this printer and cartridge combination. While the printer has many features, it eats you out of house and home, when it comes to new cartridges. I wait until the colors go faint, and not much difference. I use 2-3 sheets a day. Good thing I can order online and get the new cartridge quickly. Also being wireless, the printer has connectivity problems. Too many jobs fail to print resulting in a loss of paper. It teaches you to be patient.I have a high speed internet in the same room. The PC never has a connectivity problem. This HP printer often has this problem.

wash dc
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Out of Ink too soon!

Customer review by HattiesMom

1.0 stars 3/8/2011 by HattiesMom
by HattiesMom

I just bought this printer (HP Photosmart Premium e-All in one). It is for home use, so I don't print many documents. I haven't had it for a month yet and I am already out of Black Ink. The yellow is just about gone as well. This is my second Photosmart printer. I can't afford to keep buying ink cartridges.I chose HP based on my experience with my former printer. But this one doesn't hold a candle to my previous one. Also, it is extremely difficult to load a new cartridge. Having arthritic hands, I have to find someone strong enough to snap off the orange protector. If no one is around...I'm out of luck! Then trying to line the cartridge up just right to snap it in can, at times, be frustrating. I am not happy with this Printer. It doesn't print as many documents and it is difficult to change cartridges. I would NOT recommend this.

Fredericksburg, Virginia
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Very disappointed

Customer review by disappointed10

1.0 stars 5/14/2016 by disappointed10
by disappointed10

I purchased 2 ea 564 combo pack, then I purchased 2 ea. 564 large black cartridges. When my new HP printer said I was out of ink, that's when I discovered that the combo packs did not come with a black PHOTO cartridge, and I had to go buy more. When I inserted the old HP PHOTO cartridge just to get my work done, I received all kinds of messages about counterfit cartridges. It seemed HP was more worried about that than they are about helping me keep my business needs going. I tried to let HP know about how disappointed I was, I was sent an email to products but nothing ever happened. Please include the black PHOTO in your combo packs is my suggestion.

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WOW! Wonderful

Customer review by DocSandy

5.0 stars 7/28/2016 by DocSandy
by DocSandy

I was stupid for thinking I could save money on ink at the big box stores. HP online is the easiest, fastest, cheapest way to go. Love love love the freeshipping and how fast you get the ink. Wish I had done this sooner.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
564 Photo Ink

Customer review by Photoink

5.0 stars 7/23/2016 by Photoink
by Photoink

My printer uses 564 Photo ink and I cannot find it around here. I love I can get the original HP ink and know it is original from you.

Norwood, MO 65717, USA
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HP Changed Product, Left Name the Same??

Customer review by Unlucky1

1.0 stars 1/17/2013 by Unlucky1
by Unlucky1

I have HP Photosmart C309a that I purchased in 2010. I have been buying ink from Sam's Club since my purchase. However, the 564XL Black cartridge was @ 1" in width, double the physical size of the other color and black photo cartridges. It came in a pack of 2 cartridges and the item # was 817691. Imagine my surprise when I purchased my last 564XL Black cartridges and found that they were now the size of the color cartridges and now contained 3 cartridges. I'm not sure if Sam's Club is aware of the difference, but the small cartridges DO NOT fit in the black cartridge holder of my printer. I need the bigger size. The product is labelled the same name. What gives????? I have not been able to contact HP directly about this.

Comment from Buying Team - 11/5/2013

Hello, We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing a problem with your ink carts not being able to fit into your printer. We would like to discuss this issue with you further and offer you a solution to having this issue resolved. Please contact me at the number below. I look forward to your response. Regards, Scott B. Hewlett-Packard Company Executive Customer Relations 800 756 0606 option 7

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Age:55 - 64

Customer review by billhov

2.0 stars 11/27/2012 by billhov
by billhov

At least every two months my wireless printer goes off line and it takes me hours (sometimes) of reintalling it to get it working again. Also the many anoying "POP UP WINDOWS" it throughs up when I am in the middle of working is just not right, I wish I could turn them off !!! I do not need to be reminded to buy ink every few minutes, once theses windows start they just don't stop !! Plus the ink cart. are way to small and expencive!!! Also the "PHOTO BLACK INK" is hard to order your web store is very vauge on this product!! I have ordered this and gotten the large "Regular Black Ink" many times, in fact I have enough of the reg. ink to last me several years because of this. I will never buy a wireless printer again!

NY,NY 11766
Would recommend to a friend? No
poor performance

Customer review by redhawkf

2.0 stars 3/18/2011 by redhawkf
by redhawkf

I have had my Photosmart Premium All-in-One for 3 weeks. I've gone thru 2 564 black ink cartridges! Way too fast and not the rated of pages! I have loved HP products in the past and bought this printer out of past experience and brand loyalty. I moved to this one from a Photosmart C6150. That printer's cartridges lasted much longer than this printer. there seems no difference in quality of printing between the 2, the only difference I see is that the Premium printer has the bells and whistles of wireless connection and e-printing, both of which are not essential to my home use. I'll likely take this new printer back for a refund and keep using my older printer! The Premium cartridges are just to small!

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Black ink cartridge for C309a

Customer review by Seaview1

2.0 stars 10/27/2010 by Seaview1
by Seaview1

I agree with Tweetness52's review of problems encountered attempting to replace a black ink cartridge in my HP printer. It's just about impossible to contact an HP rep to find out how to order a "large" cartridge. I ordered 2 Photo Value Packs and 2 - 564 black ink replacements. The black ink cartridges were not the ones I needed so I ordered two 564XL Photo black. Wrong ones again! So now I have 4 "small" black ink cartridges. I could not contact HP to ask why there are two black ink cartridges in the C309a, and if the printer uses the "small" cartridge and automatically uses the "large" when one or the other runs out of ink. This is my 3rd HP printer combo, but will probably be my last..

Would recommend to a friend? No
Ink was to low

Customer review by Shalmali

3.0 stars 5/30/2016 by Shalmali
by Shalmali

I just inserted new ink 3 cartridges in my hp photosmart5520 I just printed 2 photo in hp advanced photo paper So the new cartridges ink is showing extremely low now. I am really not happy with it. I just opened new cartridges of in pink yellow and blue color. It is so dissopointing.

Auckland, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
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Questions, No Answers

Customer review by BlueCat57

3.0 stars 1/8/2011 by BlueCat57
by BlueCat57

There are three 564 Black ink cartridges. The 564, 564 XL and 564 Photo. So what is the difference? From what I can tell: 564 - Standard cartridge, approx. 250 pages 564XL - Large cartridge, approx. 800 pages 564 Photo - For use when printing photos. Although the product description doesn't explain why, or how it is better, or how many pages/photos to expect from cartridge. Why don't the color inks have photo versions? Maybe the explanation is in the user manual for the printer. Or maybe somewhere else on this site. Or maybe someone from HP marketing could expand the product description to explain why we should buy this much more expensive ink to print our photos.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
HP ink is the best.

Customer review by dejay59

5.0 stars 6/7/2016 by dejay59
by dejay59

Good quality prints. Lasts well. Easy to install.

Holden, MO 64040, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Ink last long time

Customer review by vicster

5.0 stars 3/26/2011 by vicster
by vicster

I just read interviews from others who most say ink doesn't last a long time.I find it to last a long time. My black ink expired before I could use it up. I don't print hundreds of photos a day but some times more than other days. I use bo5h the standard and the XL except black because it expires bebore I can use it up. I get great photo copies with this ink and my printr. I have 2 photo printers and use the older one for general pictures I can use my memory card from. Not hookedup with computer.People I have given pictures to have said the pictures are really good and the color is really good. I never use outside company for my pictures any more.

Painesville, OH
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Fast service

Customer review by BigBrownDachshund

4.0 stars 5/16/2016 by BigBrownDachshund
by BigBrownDachshund

I like how the cartridge is shipped quickly and it's cheaper than buying locally. But generally speaking, these HP cartridges don't last long.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 281 total reviews
1-20 of 281 reviews